Liberal Word Manipulation

It was less than a decade ago that the definition of religion was the ‘belief in God’, or ‘gods’.   The criteria was important for many reasons one of which was status as a nontaxable entity.   And then sometime in the morphology of propaganda, religion was redefined and few seem to have noticed. Scholars have thus created a virtual monster with Emile Durkheim infusing this rather convoluted definition: “a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say things set apart and forbidden – beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a church, all those who adhere to them.”

As a result the limits of rationale were pushed to the extreme when the church of spaghetti claimed they filled this criteria. They wore a colander for a headpiece and worshiped – spaghetti.

Another form of Word Art is the creation of an entirely new use for a word such as ‘protectionism’.   Utilized to further condemn Trump, the concept states, “Most of the US trading partners consider its trading policies as manifestations of protectionism.”   Everyone assumes this must be a bad thing and move on without having the most basic understanding of how this statement is grossly manipulated.

“Protectionism is the economic policy of restricting imports from other countries through methods such as tariffs on imported goods, import quotas, and a variety of other government regulations.”

How could ‘tariffs’ be attributed to Trump?   Tariffs were first imposed in the US in 1789. They were the largest source of government revenue prior to the 1913 declaration that called for a federal income tax under Woodrow Wilson, the father of the precipitated fall of income equality.

At one point tariffs were imposed at the rate of 51% in Great Britain, Russia climbed to 73%, Germany was 40% etc…  Trump had yet to be born.  And Protectionism was a global institution.

According to the World Bank, Africa is the largest practitioner of ‘free trade’. The World Bank also states that as a direct result Africa is less industrialized than it was four decades ago.  Oops!

Balanced Trade is Trump’s agenda.   The Balance of Trade is essential in order to maintain comparative absolutes. The US Trade Deficit has grown from $-0- to $891 billion between 1950 and 2018. That deficit has a significant wobbling impact on the US economy while lifting other economies, specifically;   China and Germany. This deficit is partially funded by an imbalance in tariffs.  An imbalance that Trump is diligently working to correct.

So, protectionism was actually at the forefront of Germany, France, Canada, Mexico and China until Trump.

Another nuance that has gone unnoticed is the fact that Global Warming morphed to Climate Change, morphed to Climate Science. Science was likely a creative means to apply legitimacy to a highly charged manipulated ‘bubble’.   That ‘bubble’ has made a few individuals vastly wealthy on its propaganda, including Al Gore.   The Socialists and Progressives clamored aboard the con man’s wagon and began touting the elixir. But few understand where the $$$$ go to ‘fight Global Warming/Science.  Africa is the dominant beneficiary of those $$$$, a continent where there are no global warming ramifications… And the absolute hypocrisy is somehow – lost.

‘Reproductive Rights’ is another bastardization of the English language.   Reproductive means to reproduce which requires the mutual consent of a man and a woman in order to create a child.   Once that child is created, one is no longer desiring the right to reproduce because it has already occurred.   It is no longer a reproductive right, it is now a human right.

The ‘Right’ was initially coined in 1968 by Tehran in which parents were legally allowed the right to determine the number of children they wanted to have and the spacing between.   It wasn’t until 1994 that Cairo, in the midst of an HIV/AIDS crisis, declared that Reproductive Rights were extended to include care for sexually transmitted diseases, and post-abortion care.  In 1995, Beijing made their own determination and stated that the definition was about reproduction and any forthcoming child was the responsibility of both the man and woman involved in said reproduction.

IN 2002, the UN put it’s proverbial arse on the line after being accused of advocating coerced abortions.  The reason for the coercion?   Quite simply – Depopulation.  In order to cleanse that abuse, Women’s Right’s were rewired to emphasize the right to an abortion.   And in essence the coercion became a propaganda tool in which women were the target. And they fell for it.

As a result, the emphasis of Reproductive Rights became – abortion on demand which has absolutely nothing to do with Reproduction Rights, Human Rights, or Women’s Rights.

There are a host of other words that have been artfully redefined; judgment, patriotism, nationalism, and even – Socialism, which has been regurgitated to be defined as:   “an economic and political system where the ways of making a living (factories, offices, etc.) are owned by the workers who run them and the people who depend on them, meaning the value made belongs to the people who make it, instead of a group of private owners.”

In London, the first consciously Socialist movement was lead by Karl Marx and Mikhail Bokunin, both of whom were Russian Jewish anarchist revolutionaries. Their ideology instituted the Paris Commune in which the concept of Separation of Church and State was instituted to squelch religion and promote secularism. Within 2 months, Paris defeated the principles.

WWI ushered in Socialist Doctrine in the former Tzarist Soviet Russia. Nazi Germany was built on the Socialist Party platform by Hitler. And the EU Commission indoctrinated 28 countries into a massive propaganda wherein an individual, a city, a nation, were subject to the rule of a bastardized monarchial totalitarian select few.

In essence, the rule that leveled the Soviet Union into economic collapse was subsequently modeled by the EU. Thus, the definition was altered from Communist Marxism to Equality and Rights.

Word Art – it isn’t really Art at all, it is simply another tool of manipulation that has been parlayed for the purpose of indoctrination.   And like sheeple, the people baaed and fell onto their backs – caste.

Planned Parenthood – FOCUS on Reality

What is this support of Planned Parenthood? Where does it come from?  Somehow, the point has become entirely lost!   This is not about std testing or cancer testing, or any other service performed by Planned Parenthood.  This is a straight focus on ONE issue – harvesting of fetus body parts for sale!  Period!

The disgust is not with ‘women’s rights’, it is with the fatalistic, disgusting notion that selling body parts is okay.  Is it okay to harvest adult body parts without consent? What if we start subjecting our elderly to harvesting of their parts when we simply decide we don’t want to care for them any more? They have over-stayed their welcome on this planet and need to do something worthwhile – give us their body parts for “science”. Doesn’t matter if they want to die, because, well, the government says they have over-stayed. It is – time.  And euthanasia dictates…

Far fetched?

Really? All things lead to further allowances, further pushing of boundaries. All we need to see is the euthanasia that has led Norway into a state of murder. Children don’t want the burden of their parents – that’s okay – euthanize!

It’s not about fantasy – it is about having boundaries. Boundaries are necessary in a relationship and they are necessary in a society. Without boundaries, a marriage dissolves into divorce and a society into chaos. Why is it that we can relate to one – and not the other?

They are forever interlinked. Lose one and you lose them all.

Why is continued funding of murder and body part harvesting even considered?  What could possibly be the rationale? A few women protesting the ‘right of women’ to sell the tissue and arms and legs of their aborted fetuses? Do they want a part of the $$$? Is that their motivation? A new industry: get pregnant, sell the aborted fetus, and get pregnant again – it’s a living…

When we declare it a ‘right’ to kill a fetus, is it any different than a right to kill a dog, a cat, a child, a homeless person, an immigrant? Where is the boundary? It is a hazy gray area that has no justification in morality. But if society ‘says’ it’s okay, then the masses flock in agreement without having even the most remote concept of ‘what they are doing’.

Do not judge them for they know not what they do!

But society does know. The media does know. And they attempt to aggressively block this Truth that could be available through ultrasound, through counsel, through compassionate dialogue. Why? Because it does not further the almighty cause of material dollar – a Ferrari, whatever. Because the Truth might cause a percentage, a group that represents $$$ – to change their mind.

Planned Parenthood has been called out – to the forefront – without panties, and they are running in circles, blaming a few, scraping the barrel to clean up the mess and disassociate themselves from anyone who might bring them down further. But they have a staff of idiots, and their response has been feeble, unprofessional, and purely pathetic.

Who supports this ‘charitable organization’ that receives huge federal funding? George Soros, Bloomberg, Mostyn Law Firm, Goldman Investments, Bonanza Oil, Trace Foundation, etc… some oddities include; Monterey Bay Aquarium, Tiff Advisory Services, Museum of Modern Art, Barbara Lee Foundation, etc…

And to clarify! No one objects to the OTHER services performed by Planned Parenthood. The objection is very specific. The objection is a moral one, and the objection is rationally motivated. No one objects to their cancer screenings, their std screenings, their services that have a positive purpose and outcome. The ISSUE – is the illegality of specific procedures. Period! Do not lose sight of the obvious, the focus, and you will come to understand. No one is attacking Planned Parenthood for the value they do have in ‘other’ aspects of their services. This is specific. It is focused. It is heinous.

Address the issue rather the 50 other arguments that have no bearing whatsoever on the allegations.