Planned Parenthood Abortions for HUMAN HYBRIDS –

IN 2019, Project Veritas did an expose on the selling of aborted baby parts via Planned Parenthood.   While these bioscience and research institutions that buy the parts claim they use the baby parts for disease research, it is quite possible there is a more nefarious application.   Hybrid creation and cloning.

Animal/Human hybrids are created by injecting stem cells into animal embryo’s.   Having success with sheep and pig chimeras, these grand science harbingers of death have moved to monkeys the closest DNA match to humans.   What better stem cell to inject into an animal embryo than the ‘fresh’ stem cells of an aborted baby embryo.   Stem cells from baby heads, arms, legs, liver, lungs, and heart.

And somehow these hybrids will benefit mankind within the guise of ‘disease research’…

Everybody knows…

Hybrid humans is in the second phase of experimental trials. Trials always begin with animals.   The human composition is next, but aborted babies proved cheap given the failure rate.   The next phase will require children and adults.

Remember Governor Cuomo ceremoniously digging mass graves for coffins?   Unclaimed people.   People who had no name.   People who were never identified.   Was there anyone inside those coffins?   Or were their fresh body parts sold for ‘disease research’, aka hybrid human experiments.

Everybody knows…

Exactly how could the creation of a chimera help fight against disease?   Especially given that many diseases are created in a laboratory, not in DNA.   What better way to globally catalog everyone’s DNA than through a voluntary DNA test wherein each person must submit their name, address, phone number and genetic abnormalities?   That would be the CoVid PCR test.

In China the Uyghur’s are disappearing.   During the Syrian War there were accounts of makeshift hospital rooms set up to perform amputations on live subjects.   In the US, Biden has ramped up the importation of children who are now considered orphaned. Test subjects?

Currently, due to regulations in the US, all US funded Human Hybrid chimeric projects are conducted in China with the Salk Institute and NIH.  The Salk Institute develops – vaccines.

Ultimately, the true desire for human hybrid success is genetic manipulation, as in remove a part of their natural given DNA and replace it with perfected DNA.   The same concept behind MRna.   “Only the strong will survive.”  That was Bill Gates warning.   But there is still yet another possible explanation.

Biden has announced the release of the UFO report this June.   Sitings have increased significantly in the past five years.   One could assume these UFO’s are piloted by other beings. Technically they would be identified as – illegal aliens.   Technically, due to their sophisticated means of travel, one can hypothesize they are significantly more advanced and that earth’s atmosphere is not conducive to their requirements.   Therefore a Human/Alien hybrid might solve that technicality.

One such cult exists that celebrates occultism through the rites of Raelianism.   Founded in France in 1970, their logo is the Jewish Star of David with a Nazi Swastika impregnated in the center.   Called a New Age Religion, they hold to their codes as Scientific religion as opposed to theocratic religions which they conclude are mysticism.   They believe that earthlings were created by aliens, and these aliens are unhappy with what has become of their project.   Therein, an Age of Apocalypse is upon us.   They believe that Elohim is an alien and that unless earthlings become tolerant and peaceful, Elohim will destroy Earth.

In light of that, in 1997 Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, a follower of Raeliaism, created a company called Clonaid.   Clonaid claims it has already perfected a means for cloning humans. With its headquarters seemingly in Korea, their subsidiary is BioFusion Tech. According to Biofusion’s LinkedIn page; “BioFusion Technologies, LLC. provides exceptional customized surgical instrumentation, tissue transplant products, orthopedic hardware, human tissue recovery, and consultation services to multiple organizations both domestic and international.”    Its website has been taken down.

George Seidel of Colorado State University claims that cloning a human embryo would not be too difficult and completely feasible today with ‘directions’ posted in published scientific literature.

The Rael’s are huge proponents of attending and infiltrating into protests and riots on behalf of women’s rights and the bare breast agenda in France. They believe that a world without work or money is our coming utopia. Does AOC – come to mind?

Personally, I keep thinking about an old Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man”. The Kanamits, a race of 9-foot-tall (2.7 m) aliens, land on Earth as the planet is beset by international crises. As the Secretary-General announces the landing of aliens on Earth to the worldwide public at a United Nations news conference, one of the aliens arrives and addresses the assembled delegates and journalists via telepathy. He announces that his race’s motive in coming to Earth is to provide humanitarian aid by sharing their advanced technology.   Soon, humans are volunteering for trips to the Kanamits’ home planet, which they describe as a paradise. Kanamits now have embassies in every major city on Earth. With the U.S. Armed Forces having been disbanded and world peace having been achieved,

Later, it is discovered that the book the aliens leave behind detailing their benevolence is actually a ‘Cookbook’ about how to Serve Man!

Ultimately, the research into human hybrids and cloning for disease prevention would seem ridiculous at best and potentially a human cookbook.

And – Everybody Knows!

Warren Buffett Philanthropy Donates $3.6 billion – to Support Abortion

Warren Buffett continues to boast of his philanthropic agenda. Most recently he announced that he would again donate $3.6 billion to five charities that have benefited from him in the past:   Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sherwood Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Howard G Buffett Foundation and Susan Thompson Foundation.   With the exception of the Gates Foundation, the other four are controlled by his children. In essence, he is transferring his estate without paying estate taxes…

The top estate tax rate is 40%.   By comparison, IRS rules for 501©(3) charitable distributions levies a minimum requirement of 5%.   If a foundation fails to distribute this 5% minimum an excise tax penalty will be assessed at 30%.

Buffett’s NoVo Foundation paid $5.153 million for ‘Consulting Services’ in 2017.   The largest recipient of such consulting fees was the Raben Group – $2.177 million. Clients for this organization have included; Open Society Foundation, United Nations Foundation, Gates Foundation, Arnold Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, etc…   Their primary purpose is to influence, mold, and lobby through government affairs, Mass Media, Entertainment, and through the creation of culture changing ‘movements’.

In 2014 The Howard Buffett Foundation gave $10 million to Catholic Relief Services.

Catholic Relief Services has been embroiled in criticism for violating its underlying ethical purpose, ie donating millions to finance contraception and abortion.  They have supported CARE International, which claims to be a charitable organization fighting ‘poverty’. However, in reality they are a major proponent of contraception and ‘climate change’ agendas. Other charities they have supported include CORE Group and MEDICAM – both advocating abortion and population control.

The Susan Buffett Foundation is worth over $2.7 billion.   Its largest grant was to MSI-US whose stated purpose is to provide abortion services – 2017 grant $47.9 million.   Other contributions include NAF – National Abortion Federation – $31.8 million. And Population Services International whose ambassadors include Ashley Judd and Debra Messing – $34.4 million. It’s most recent charity review by GiveWell stated that: “The evidence we have seen does not clearly show that PSI has the impact it intends” while at the same time praising PSI for “(a) focusing on programs with proven impact and (b) monitoring whether these programs are implemented effectively.”

Phil Harvey has been instrumental in many of these abortion organizations including Population Services International, CARE, DKT International and Marie Stone International. Marie Stone was infamously named in a lawsuit citing forced sterilization on women in Africa.  Harvey was instrumental in challenging President Reagan’s policy that disallowed NGO’s from receiving government grants for abortion as well as explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking. The policy was removed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, re-imposed by George W. Bush in 2001 and removed again by Barack Obama in 2009.

DKT International filed a lawsuit challenging the Reagan ruling. They were defeated. Then in 2013, the Alliance For Open Society International (George Soros) and Pathfinder jointly filed a lawsuit.  Chief Justice John Roberts declared that “the government cannot force a private organization to publicly profess a viewpoint that mirrors the government’s view but is not held by the organization itself.”

Despite many of these ‘sexual health’ NGO’s claiming they are working to prevent HIV, the number of infected people globally has steadily risen each year with statistics revealing that as of 2017 that number was approximately 37million – an increase of 30% since 2000.

While these NGO’s spend billions each year on abortion in order to reduce population, it is unusual that statistically HIV continues to increase despite thousands of NGO’s claiming they are eradicating it.

Abortions and HIV are not the only combatant:

TB is the leading cause of death among persons infected with HIV, it is also one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.   According to the CDC, one fourth of the world’s population is infected with TB.   The TB vaccine is not recommended for adults because it is ineffective.   Antibiotic treatments are available but they are expensive and require a six month round of medication which can have severe side effects.

In the US 70% of all TB cases are attributed to non-citizens. The states with the highest rates of TB are California, Texas, New York, and Florida.   Since 1980, the rate of TB cases has more than doubled worldwide. In 2017, there were 10million new cases of TB and 1.6million deaths.   Globally, the highest instances of TB include India, China, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

While population control has been at the forefront of Bill Gates, it would also seem to be the primary focus of Warren Buffett and the various Foundations awarded his children. Of course, avoiding estate taxes would also seem to be his philanthropic venture having distributed $34 billion to his own Foundations since 2006. Given a 40% tax rate, he saved $13.6 billion – of course he encourages higher tax rates – claiming the rich won’t flee… but then most already have their offshore accounts in tax free havens, so what’s another $13 billion?

PELOSI: White Suffragists… Left Abortionists

The Women in White at the SOTUS event would like to claim that they are simply “Suffragettes” fighting for the rights of women against Trump, who they claim represents their demon.  While the Suffragettes wore white ‘on occasion’, it was also a symbol of the KKK, and the pedophile, rapist, faith healer John of God who demanded everyone who entered his temple of healing in Abadiania, Brazil wear only white. 

The Suffragettes of the US and Uk in early 1900’s had one calling demand, the right to vote.  There were two factions, both included only white women, one faction employed radical, chaotic means, and the other faction promoted peaceful protest and written appeals.   The militant suffragettes used physical violence, arson, and damage to support their cause which ultimately led to hurting the Liberal Party’s reputation and losing their cause.   When WWI began, the movement was tabled completely as women focused on the war effort.  It wasn’t until four years after WWI that suffrage was partially granted by the UK to women over 30 and not until 1928 that all women were granted the right to vote.  In the US the right was granted in 1920 under then President Wilson.  Wilson was bedridden as of October 1919 due to a severe stroke which greatly affected his health and mental acuity.  His wife, Edith, became the defacto ‘president’ and the granting of the power to the right to vote was likely her doing.

Since the abolition of the Suffrage Movement, women have appealed for a variety of rights including ‘reproductive rights’.   It is this right that is frequently quoted as the bain of Trump and all conservatives, and the squeal of all Spocialists and Liberals.   The World Health Organization defines reproductive rights as follows:

Reproductive rights rest on the recognition of the basic right of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing and timing of their children and to have the information and means to do so, and the right to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health. They also include the right of all to make decisions concerning reproduction free of discrimination, coercion and violence.”

Nowhere in this definition is ‘abortion’ defined as ‘reproduction’, because it quite simply isn’t a part of the act of reproduction.

When and where did abortion gain traction?

Interestingly, it was introduced in Russia during WWI with the Bolshevik Revolution.   Under Bolshevik rule, Russia became the first country in human history to provide free abortions in state run hospitals as of October 1920.  In the US, Socialist Margaret Sanger has been labeled the mother of abortion as she was the founder of Planned Parenthood.  In fact, it was Mary Calderone, a physician who worked at PP in the 1950’s, who advocated for abortion, sex education for children as young as 5, and sexual promiscuity earning her the award as Humanist Of The Year by The American Humanist Association in 1974.  Her husband, Frank Calderone, was chief administrative officer at the World Health Organization.  The American Humanist Association is a non-profit that advocates secularism and advances the concept of ‘the greater good’ which is a Socialist/Communist meme.  Its past president, David Niose has been a writer and blogger for Psychology Today, Washington Post, BBC, Salon and Huffington Post.

Neither Sanger or Calderone actually conducted abortions at Planned Parenthood.

It wasn’t until 1970 when then Planned Parenthood president, Alan Guttmacher, opened the first legal abortion facility in New York.  The facilities were called abortoriums.   As the president of The Eugenics Society, Guttmacher’s primary concern dealt with a means to correct over-population.  Prior to the legalization of abortion, Planned Parenthood had about 42 centers, however, with legal application the number of facilities jumped to 100 with Ellen Fairchild and Dr. Jeff Penfield having the ‘honor’ of conducting the first legal abortions for Planned Parenthood. Their goal was to perform 100,000 per year in New York City.

The initial funding came from the Rockefellers, The Scaife Mellon Trust, and an anonymous donor.   But it wasn’t long before government funding from Health and Human Services was added to the burgeoning budget in 1971 by Richard Nixon under the premise that government funds would not be allocated to abortion, but instead to family planning and birth control.  Today, Bill Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Buffett Foundation and the Turner Foundation make sure abortions are liberally covered.

During the Obama tenure, Planned Parenthood received tremendous grants from the government with the caveat that they help promote Obamacare.   Follow The Money.  And despite finding that Planned Parenthood was indeed selling human body parts, the courts under Obama and the Socialist Liberals determined that it was not illegal because they did not make a profit.  Within their non-profit 501©(3) status, they are prohibited from spending funds on any political campaign.  Not to be deterred, they simply set up a PAC, fund it liberally, and spend upwards of $6-$7 million per year on Democrat candidates.

Ironically, sitting Chair for Planned Parenthood is Joe Solmonese, former president of Human Rights Campaign.   Cecile Richards, formerly Deputy Chief of Staff to Nancy Pelosi is a former president of Planned Parenthood, and current president, Leana Wen, who served as a fellow for World Health Organization and The Department of Defense, and like David Niaose, Wen blogs for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post.

In essence, this is the white Suffragist Movement of the Nancy Pelosi Party today – a party that feels they represent ‘all women’ and wear the KKK white to prove their solidarity and female nationalism, rooted in Bolshevik Ideology – Socialism – Eugenics – De-Population – Secular Stoicism – and Sexual promiscuity.

Planned Parenthood – FOCUS on Reality

What is this support of Planned Parenthood? Where does it come from?  Somehow, the point has become entirely lost!   This is not about std testing or cancer testing, or any other service performed by Planned Parenthood.  This is a straight focus on ONE issue – harvesting of fetus body parts for sale!  Period!

The disgust is not with ‘women’s rights’, it is with the fatalistic, disgusting notion that selling body parts is okay.  Is it okay to harvest adult body parts without consent? What if we start subjecting our elderly to harvesting of their parts when we simply decide we don’t want to care for them any more? They have over-stayed their welcome on this planet and need to do something worthwhile – give us their body parts for “science”. Doesn’t matter if they want to die, because, well, the government says they have over-stayed. It is – time.  And euthanasia dictates…

Far fetched?

Really? All things lead to further allowances, further pushing of boundaries. All we need to see is the euthanasia that has led Norway into a state of murder. Children don’t want the burden of their parents – that’s okay – euthanize!

It’s not about fantasy – it is about having boundaries. Boundaries are necessary in a relationship and they are necessary in a society. Without boundaries, a marriage dissolves into divorce and a society into chaos. Why is it that we can relate to one – and not the other?

They are forever interlinked. Lose one and you lose them all.

Why is continued funding of murder and body part harvesting even considered?  What could possibly be the rationale? A few women protesting the ‘right of women’ to sell the tissue and arms and legs of their aborted fetuses? Do they want a part of the $$$? Is that their motivation? A new industry: get pregnant, sell the aborted fetus, and get pregnant again – it’s a living…

When we declare it a ‘right’ to kill a fetus, is it any different than a right to kill a dog, a cat, a child, a homeless person, an immigrant? Where is the boundary? It is a hazy gray area that has no justification in morality. But if society ‘says’ it’s okay, then the masses flock in agreement without having even the most remote concept of ‘what they are doing’.

Do not judge them for they know not what they do!

But society does know. The media does know. And they attempt to aggressively block this Truth that could be available through ultrasound, through counsel, through compassionate dialogue. Why? Because it does not further the almighty cause of material dollar – a Ferrari, whatever. Because the Truth might cause a percentage, a group that represents $$$ – to change their mind.

Planned Parenthood has been called out – to the forefront – without panties, and they are running in circles, blaming a few, scraping the barrel to clean up the mess and disassociate themselves from anyone who might bring them down further. But they have a staff of idiots, and their response has been feeble, unprofessional, and purely pathetic.

Who supports this ‘charitable organization’ that receives huge federal funding? George Soros, Bloomberg, Mostyn Law Firm, Goldman Investments, Bonanza Oil, Trace Foundation, etc… some oddities include; Monterey Bay Aquarium, Tiff Advisory Services, Museum of Modern Art, Barbara Lee Foundation, etc…

And to clarify! No one objects to the OTHER services performed by Planned Parenthood. The objection is very specific. The objection is a moral one, and the objection is rationally motivated. No one objects to their cancer screenings, their std screenings, their services that have a positive purpose and outcome. The ISSUE – is the illegality of specific procedures. Period! Do not lose sight of the obvious, the focus, and you will come to understand. No one is attacking Planned Parenthood for the value they do have in ‘other’ aspects of their services. This is specific. It is focused. It is heinous.

Address the issue rather the 50 other arguments that have no bearing whatsoever on the allegations.

Planned Parenthood – An Abortion Expose

Planned Parenthood has come under fire again, this time for its practice of selling aborted baby parts to biotec companies for cost or profit – either one is equally despicable. The defenders claim that the cost $30 – $100 per part is simply a recovery of expenses and therefore of no consequence. With an average of 1 million abortions per year in the US alone, Planned Parenthood admits to about 1/3. A $30 cost per ‘part’; liver, heart, lung, head, legs and arms (8 parts per fetus) would benefit Planned Parenthood to the tune of $80 million at an intake of $30 each. At $100 per part the rake would amount to $280 million per year potentially.

Total revenue from all sources for Planned Parenthood was about $1.2 billion in 2013, of which, $500 million came from the government. Expenses totaled $1.15 billion. While the federal government is prohibited from granting money for abortion, the clinic steadfastly claims that is only a small portion of it’s service, but if we extrapolate mathematically, the potential income from body part sales could be nearly one half it’s entire budget!  Not the disproportionate amount they claim.

So far, the defense on behalf of Planned Parenthood have four claims. One; the body parts qualify as ’tissue’ and therefore are not regulated by law. Secondly; they claim that the tissue donation provides lifesaving scientific research. Thirdly; they claim the video and report comes from a discredited pro-life organization. Fourth; they claim that they get the consent of each and every woman before extracting the ’tissue’ through ‘partial abortion’ methods.

ONE:   What is ’tissue’? There are four types; muscle, epethilial, nervous and connective. To extract these ’tissues’, entire organs and limbs are severed from the body. While organs and limbs are ‘made up’ of tissue, they are not defined as tissue for the purpose of medical use. To define more explicitly; embryonic cells are cells that have been fertilized in in-vitro fertilization clinics and then donated for research. Cells from a woman’s body are specifically excluded. Although even this method is considered contemptuous by Christians.

More plainly, extracting tissue involves extracting ‘cells’, not entire body parts. As in, a tissue sample to determine cancer does not include severing a leg to analyze and biopsy.

SECOND: This is not really a claim at all, but a justification and is of no consequence because it is against the law.

THIRD:  The organizations that are attempting to discredit the Center For Medical Progress (Who made the video/sting) include Media Matters, funded by George Soros, Daily Kos, funded by George Soros, Think Progress, funded by George Soros, and New York Times journalists who are radically liberal. They attempt to denounce the investigation as unfair because it was a ‘sting’. and denounce the maker of the video because he is an advocate for pro-life and has been for many years. But that hardly discredits him or the video any more than we would discredit a police sting because they are biased for law. The logic is bizarre.  Everyone has a belief o some sort, a belief does not make them not credible.

But the contention goes on to implicate and discredit The Center For Medical Progress founder by associating him with previous sting operations including the ACORN debacle from 2008. Of course, given that the founder of the center for Medical Progress would have been about 18 at the time is noteworthy. Again the ACORN controversial history was justified and cleansed by – Media Matter’s George Soros.  The discredit isn’t based on truth but an innuendo of something completely unrelated.  The entire transcript and video WERE released without edit.

FOUR: The fourth claim by Planned Parenthood states that every woman who donates ’tissue’ gives prior consent. But no such consent form is on the Planned Parenthood site – at least not yet!

I visited the site for Planned Parenthood and tried to find the consent form that specifically addresses the ’tissue donation’. When I tried to open the pages for Texas and Louisiana laws, I received an error 503 service unavailable message…It did come back online, but the consent form made no mention of tissue donations whatsoever.

Planned Parenthood is rife with past controversies; teaching sex education in California, post-birth abortions, their opposition to over-the-counter birth control, their 2013 Susan B Komen controversy and stem cell research, and not to mention the controversial law which prohibits the government from funding abortions and Planned Parenthood’s justification by stating they perform other procedures as well.  A former employee estimated that PP profited about $350 per abortion. They have ‘acknowledged they perform about 335,000 per year – at $350 profit = $117.5 million ‘bottom line’.

Please note: Profit is not Revenue – it is pure bottom line AFTER expenses. The actual Revenue/Cost for an abortion ranges from $1000 to $1500 which would then generate about $400 million in actual abortion revenue, or roughly 57% of total revenue before government grants.