Algorithm Statistics – From Population to Death Rates – Lies and Damned Lies

To Populate or Depopulate?  That is the question.   Elon Musk has come under divisive scrutiny for the fact that he has now fathered nine children – so far.   The fact that Pelosi has five children and nine grandchildren is off limits for discussion because, well, she’s a Democrat.   Soros has five children.   So how many are ok and how many are too much?   The fact that birthrates have been plummeting across western nations is part of the reason illegal immigration is politicized.   Countries need workers – and the between rising death rates and low to middlin’ birth rates, Houston We Have A Problem!

The US birthrate of 3.5 in the 1960’s tanked below 2 to 1.75 by the early 1970’s.   Free Love, Free Sex, abortions on demand, and contraceptives made ‘birthing’ unpopular.   Death rates had also been on a steep decline between 1950 and 2007, then suddenly rates began climbing hitting the same point it was in 1875.   The UN has predicted that the rate will continue to climb through 2050’s.   Without explanation.

That being said, businesses will likely fail at an exponential rate as well.   While thee Vax which is now administered to 3 year olds has been found to contain sterility displays according to a Swedish study, Gates’ future pandemics are also a factor.

While the Biden WH has claimed that payroll expanded significantly in June, that number is subject to some rather bizarre math.   1.   Shortage of laborers,   2.   Vast number of vax deaths and adverse events making people disabled,  3.   And ADP suddenly making the claim that they won’t provide payroll numbers because they are ‘retooling’ their algorithms.

You see, the world of AI has created algorithms based on estimates, guesses, predictions, and Ouija Boards to provide our statistics.    The White House is desperate to provide some faith of ‘good news’ and thus conjured a payroll statistic.   The same sort of algorithmic statistic Gates used to predict the number of CoVid deaths the first two months as – well over 2 million…

The SAME algorithmic methodology that claimed inflation was 4% when gas and food prices had risen 100%.  Algorithms are not just Flawed – they are purposefully Faked.

Our 2020 election had a 120% turnout…   CoVid deaths were based on faked death certificates.   Vax deaths are under-reported by as much as 99%.   Once upon a time a Statistician was highly educated, ranked in highest quadrant of IQ, and were in high demand!   Oncce upon a time doctors were revered – they could do nor say anything wrong.   A form of worship was levied.

The CDC doesn’t have a clue how many people die of any particular disease because they have been guesstimating these numbers for decades.   Our Birth Rate?   Our Death Rate?    Inflation Rate?  Employment rate?   Worthless.  Merely Tools.

These Tools have been used to manipulate the markets.   And to manipulate the people.   To create a ‘global mindset of what is reality’.   To this hypnosis, Soros has created the Center For Effective Altruism.  Like every NGO, their vision and mantra begins with the same phrase,  ‘we want to build a radically better world’.   Of course – they haven’t, but that would be a yawn.

However, what the Center does accomplish is Group Think.   Everyone is fed the exact same propaganda that may or may not have anything to do with reality.   They moderate discussion and provide speakers who all curate a collective truth.  Their focus is UK, US, Germany, Australia, and Singapore.  And their focus is ‘exclusively’ on young people.

The end result will be a new generation of mental robots.

They have set up their own Effective Altruistic Fund which is funded by Open Philanthropy (Soros), GiveWell, 80,000 Hours, Farmed Animal Funders, Open Wing Alliance  and two oddly named sources:   Center for Human Compatible AI and Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

All of these would appear to divert much of their funding to various enterprises run by – Bill Gates under the guise of effective altruism in global health and development.  In addition, they gave $6.5 million to Patrisse Collors, the BLM founder who used the money to buy mansions and pay her boyfriend.  Most of these NGO’s were founded by Holden Karnofsky a Harvard graduate whose degree was in ‘social studies’.

Effective Altruism:   William MacAskill began the ‘movement’ in 2016 with the concept that doing good centered on causes that benefited health and the global poor.  Their Open Philanthropy 2018 IRS Form 990 revealed they had spent $-0- on anything other than one salary and had $30.87 million Undistributed – not exactly ‘altruistic’.   It would appear 2018 was the last time they filed their required form 990…

Center for Effective Altruism:  Form 990 for 202 revealed $9+ million in grants on over $20 million in revenue!   The money simply went to other organizations either affiliated with CEA or Other organizations in which circular funding maintains a tax free status while enriching executives.

Not altruistic unless the good one derives is for self and/or the other selves already enriched by other do-gooding…   But the constant stream of new NGO’s raising money for each other and distributing it thru salaries, benefits, travel and elaborate offices somehow benefits Mankind.  All within the encapsulated shield of manufacturing global crises, coups, and depopulation…

Statistics Don’t Lie – But the ones making the algorithms to produce the statistics – THEY LIE.

World Health Organization: A Deep State Agenda

Who is the head of WHO?

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Born in Eritrea, he is the first head of the global health organization who is NOT a medical doctor, but a PhD with degrees in immunology and research most specifically in malaria.   He was appointed to the Ministry of Health by the Ethiopian government in 2003 by then Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.   During that time he developed strong relationships with Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

He served on the Board for the Gates NGO, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.   He was also on the board for the Stop TB Partnership, founded in 2000. This organization basically fell off the earth when in 2011 GiveWell declared their usefulness was questionable and stopped all funding.

Other interesting relationships include the UK’s Labour Leader, Gordon Brown, and of course – Harvard.

During Tedros tenure as Health Minister there were three massive outbreaks of cholera in Ethiopia which Tedros wrongly stated were simply diarrhea issues and thus left thousands untreated.  Between 2000 and 2016, according to WHO nearly 66,000 died from cholera.  It is relatively common and yet, despite this knowledge Tedros dismissed the cases as diarrhea.

During his subsequent position as Minister of Foreign Affairs for Ethiopia, he claims to be responsible for the document in which attending countries developed and upheld the Sustainable Development Goals.   These goals are the underwriting of the UN Agenda 2030 as derived by the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers. According to their latest meeting in 2019, Julia Walker, Head of Government and Industry Affairs for Refinitiv, has stated that the funding for Agenda 2030 and the Paris Climate Accord should equal $6.9 trillion in annual investment by 2030 – primarily directed toward Africa’s infrastructure.

Founded in 2018, Refinitiv is owned by the Blackstone Group and Reuters.   First year revenues were over $6 billion.   Blackstone is currently chaired by the former CEO of bailout Lehmen.  The current CEO of Refinitiv, David Craig, was a former partner at McKinsey & Company, a consulting firm that made it’s mark in the post WWII ‘consulting’ business primarily for governments and defense.

During the Hong Kong riots, under pressure from the Chinese government, Refinitiv filtered and censored over 200 stories by Reuters covering the protests. Their operations also include running fintech data analytics. Fintech, Financial technology, utilizes World-Check to identify and automate financial transactions including cryptocurrencies, AI, blockchain and Chatbots.  Basically they spy and undermine global financial markets.

Despite these relationships, or perhaps because of these relationships, and a history of blunders, Tedros was somehow instituted as Head of  World Health Organization.

Tedros has identified that his greatest priority at WHO is Universal Health Coverage.   In 2017, Tedros announced that he had chosen President Robert Mugabe as the Goodwill Ambassador for WHO to help tackle non-communicable diseases.   Mugabe was a Marxist Socialist revolutionary with a bachelors degree in Art History who hated white people and called for the confiscation and redistribution of white owned farms in Zimbabwe. After the confiscations, Zimbabwe’s agriculture tanked, poverty increased exponentially, and the country’s economy went into a tailspin.   Shortly after the appointment he was deposed in a coup.

An interesting choice to head WHO as Goodwill Ambassador.   Obviously – revealing.

But it does reinforce the Agenda of WHO:   annihilation of white people and the institution of Marxism paid for by EU and US taxpayers through a variety of NGO’s.

The World Health Organization is NOT our Friend.

Current Chairman of the Board for WHO is Dr. Assad Hafeez, a Pakistani who ‘represents Pakistan for WHO, and graduated from the Army Medical College specializing in Pediatrics.  How is this helpful to anyone else?

Known controversies within WHO date from the 1950’s and most dramatically regard ‘experiments utilizing vaccines’ – the predominant agenda today of Bill Gates!   These ‘experiments’ include: West Nile Virus, Ebola, Malaria, HIV, Swine Flu, Cancer Research, etc…   In particular, the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic was said to be exaggerated significantly and created panic!   The Swine Flu is a virulent of H1N1 the same virus that emerged as the Spanish flu of 1918.    Death estimates of the 2009 pandemic vary by about 5000%.

If we extrapolated that variance to today’s ‘pandemic’ that would mean that of the total WHO estimates claiming a death rate by the virus in the US – 6300, a 5000% error rate would mean that the real death rate was actually – 31.5.

Why would WHO, an African, Pakistani organization want to create world panic?

Because as I have revealed, WHO is an organization bent on 1.  Universal Health Care,   2.   Marxist ideologies,   3.   Pandemic to create chaos,   4.   A central focus of trillions of dollars on Africa thru the UN Agenda 2030

Why Africa? 

Because they are financially the poorest with the richest resources and thus have the most to gain for those bent on profit and power.

FYI Note:   In the past few weeks – Pelosi’s Twitter account and media appearances have not been so much about the virus as they have been about Obamacare and Universal Health Care…   Coincidence? Hardly.

Agenda? Follow The Money.

Coronavirus Spikes! Not Statistical!


Truism?   Yes. No.   It is a more complicated perspective of statistics.

Coronavirus began its spread in China sometime in the beginning of December – although possibly as early as November.   But it wasn’t identified. It wasn’t labeled. It wasn’t revealed. Thus the actual numbers could be hugely skewed by people who had the virus and were never diagnosed.

Fast forward to the US and Europe.   Testing wasn’t done until recently.   The test kits have been said to be plagued with false positives and false negatives.   There is no uniform ‘test kit’ by country.   And finally, given the virus can mimic the flu or the cold, it is likely no one even bothered to go to a doctor or hospital until recently.

Therefore, in fact, there could be thousands of cases unreported because the person simply addressed it like the flu or cold, recovered and went about their business as usual.

The so-called ‘Spike’ in cases, is really a direct correlation of testing.   If you have no testing… you have no cases!

And then there was the dastardly claim that the CDC wasn’t producing enough test kits…   And suddenly, today, Amazon and Bill Gates have announced they will produce the kits – available via Amazon. Voila! We have a new money maker!   By the two most capitalist elites on this earth: Bezos and Gates.

So apparently, if you missed the non-news headline, the CDC announced that the test kits prior to February 28 were – ummm, not factual.   But the new and improved ones are.   So where does that put Bill Gates? How is it that he can produce a test that is factual when the CDC could not?

And if the CDC is such a great entity deserving of an additional $2 billion over and above its already bloated $2.57 billion budget, why would we believe that they are capable of anything of relative benefit?

But even more concerning is the fact that Bill Gates has for over a decade advocated for a ‘reduction in global population’.   How could one thus feel that ‘his’ version of a coronavirus test kit would benefit the population?

It aligns with the old adage about the fox guarding the chicken coop.

February:   CDC claims its test kits are not working.   WHO states it will send 250,000 test kits to labs around the world.   Chinese laboratory claims it has developed a rapid test that will confirm infection within 15 minutes.

March:   CO-Diagnostics announces it has test kits available for laboratories in the US. It’s stock price sails – 35%. At that time 87 people had died in the US.   70% of the deaths are among those over the age of 80 with previous health issues.

Who is profiting?

This is truly one of the more perverse Ponzi schemes perpetrated against the Global Population in history.   YES. People are infected with a virus that is virulent.   But the statistics are only as good as the historical knowledge and laboratory claims!

For example:   If you had no knowledge of the Coronavirus and got a cold or flu that came and went – would you report said virus to your local CDC official?

When President Trump claims this is a media hype, look to who will gain monetarily?   Follow The Money>>>>

Bill Gates, the Progenitor of population reduction hypes vaccines and now a coronavirus kit….   Amazon’s, Bezos, a diehard capitalist who supports socialist agendas for thee not me, it onboard the capitalist kit!

SO how much does this ‘Kit’ Cost?

Anywhere from $1300 to $3000 apparently. A nice tally for a virus that has infected (not killed) .03% of the US population.

Could it possibly be a simple means of capitalistic corruption and fraud perpetrated by the liberal elites who advocate for Armageddon?


Looking more and more likely as the truth unfolds…

Warren Buffett Philanthropy Donates $3.6 billion – to Support Abortion

Warren Buffett continues to boast of his philanthropic agenda. Most recently he announced that he would again donate $3.6 billion to five charities that have benefited from him in the past:   Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sherwood Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Howard G Buffett Foundation and Susan Thompson Foundation.   With the exception of the Gates Foundation, the other four are controlled by his children. In essence, he is transferring his estate without paying estate taxes…

The top estate tax rate is 40%.   By comparison, IRS rules for 501©(3) charitable distributions levies a minimum requirement of 5%.   If a foundation fails to distribute this 5% minimum an excise tax penalty will be assessed at 30%.

Buffett’s NoVo Foundation paid $5.153 million for ‘Consulting Services’ in 2017.   The largest recipient of such consulting fees was the Raben Group – $2.177 million. Clients for this organization have included; Open Society Foundation, United Nations Foundation, Gates Foundation, Arnold Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, etc…   Their primary purpose is to influence, mold, and lobby through government affairs, Mass Media, Entertainment, and through the creation of culture changing ‘movements’.

In 2014 The Howard Buffett Foundation gave $10 million to Catholic Relief Services.

Catholic Relief Services has been embroiled in criticism for violating its underlying ethical purpose, ie donating millions to finance contraception and abortion.  They have supported CARE International, which claims to be a charitable organization fighting ‘poverty’. However, in reality they are a major proponent of contraception and ‘climate change’ agendas. Other charities they have supported include CORE Group and MEDICAM – both advocating abortion and population control.

The Susan Buffett Foundation is worth over $2.7 billion.   Its largest grant was to MSI-US whose stated purpose is to provide abortion services – 2017 grant $47.9 million.   Other contributions include NAF – National Abortion Federation – $31.8 million. And Population Services International whose ambassadors include Ashley Judd and Debra Messing – $34.4 million. It’s most recent charity review by GiveWell stated that: “The evidence we have seen does not clearly show that PSI has the impact it intends” while at the same time praising PSI for “(a) focusing on programs with proven impact and (b) monitoring whether these programs are implemented effectively.”

Phil Harvey has been instrumental in many of these abortion organizations including Population Services International, CARE, DKT International and Marie Stone International. Marie Stone was infamously named in a lawsuit citing forced sterilization on women in Africa.  Harvey was instrumental in challenging President Reagan’s policy that disallowed NGO’s from receiving government grants for abortion as well as explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking. The policy was removed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, re-imposed by George W. Bush in 2001 and removed again by Barack Obama in 2009.

DKT International filed a lawsuit challenging the Reagan ruling. They were defeated. Then in 2013, the Alliance For Open Society International (George Soros) and Pathfinder jointly filed a lawsuit.  Chief Justice John Roberts declared that “the government cannot force a private organization to publicly profess a viewpoint that mirrors the government’s view but is not held by the organization itself.”

Despite many of these ‘sexual health’ NGO’s claiming they are working to prevent HIV, the number of infected people globally has steadily risen each year with statistics revealing that as of 2017 that number was approximately 37million – an increase of 30% since 2000.

While these NGO’s spend billions each year on abortion in order to reduce population, it is unusual that statistically HIV continues to increase despite thousands of NGO’s claiming they are eradicating it.

Abortions and HIV are not the only combatant:

TB is the leading cause of death among persons infected with HIV, it is also one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.   According to the CDC, one fourth of the world’s population is infected with TB.   The TB vaccine is not recommended for adults because it is ineffective.   Antibiotic treatments are available but they are expensive and require a six month round of medication which can have severe side effects.

In the US 70% of all TB cases are attributed to non-citizens. The states with the highest rates of TB are California, Texas, New York, and Florida.   Since 1980, the rate of TB cases has more than doubled worldwide. In 2017, there were 10million new cases of TB and 1.6million deaths.   Globally, the highest instances of TB include India, China, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

While population control has been at the forefront of Bill Gates, it would also seem to be the primary focus of Warren Buffett and the various Foundations awarded his children. Of course, avoiding estate taxes would also seem to be his philanthropic venture having distributed $34 billion to his own Foundations since 2006. Given a 40% tax rate, he saved $13.6 billion – of course he encourages higher tax rates – claiming the rich won’t flee… but then most already have their offshore accounts in tax free havens, so what’s another $13 billion?

Zika in Brazil – A Vaccine Fraud

Towards the end of 2014 Brazil mandated a Tdap vaccination for all pregnant women. The vaccine is made by GlaxoSmithKline in the UK and is called, “Boostrix”. Despite the fact that the safety of Boostrix in pregnant women has not been studied, despite the fact that the only study (one) was done on pregnant rats (according to their own reports), Boostrix became a required vaccination in Brazil. The recommended time for the dosage is between the 27th and 36th week of pregnancy.

Zika virus has been reported in 29 different countries including Central America and the northern region of South America. The only state making a claim of rising microcephaly cases is Brazil. While microcephaly exists throughout the world, the only true data available for incident rates is in the US with 28,000 – 30,000 (1 per 9803 births) annually, and the UK with about 6100 annually (1.02 per 10,000 births). The actual rate in all other countries is ‘unknown’. But the US and the UK have the HIGHEST incidence worldwide.

Linking the spike in Brazil to a virus that has been around for 60 years instead of the absolute factor change – the 2014 mandated Tdap – is beyond reckless and borders fraud, corruption and more. It would not be the first time that the Tetanus shot was linked to disastrous consequences. In the 1990’s Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines reported that vials of the vaccine were laced with hCG, causing ‘failure to maintain a pregnancy’ or sterility. Three vaccine manufacturers were involved; Connaught Labs and Intervex – both from Canada, and CSL Labs from Australia.

The recommendation for the pregnancy Tdap? Comes straight from the CDC: The guidelines state a dose of Tdap be administered during each pregnancy, regardless of the patient’s previous history of receiving Tdap.”

The CDC recommendation for Tdap initially came as whooping cough cases rose with over 2700 in the US in 2011. Not exactly an epidemic statistic! The FDA classified the Tdap vaccine as a Class C Drug – “Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks.”

In fact, another class C Drug according to the FDA is SSRI’s, or anti-depressants. According to a study in The Netherlands, taking anti-depressants during pregnancy led to ‘delayed fetal head growth’.

If 29 countries have the Zika virus, why is it that Brazil is the only country claiming a causal relationship with Microcephaly?

Coincidentally, an Indian Pharma lab, Bharat Biotech, has already developed two potential vaccines for Zika stating they have been working on it for over a year despite the fact that no cases of Zika have ever surfaced in India. The issue with the vaccine is whether it will become ‘mandatory’ or ‘recommended’, and can it be administered to a pregnant person safely?

To make matters stickier, in 2015 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated over $300,000 to the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program to study the immunicological effects of Tdap on pregnant women. If the vaccine was considered safe according to the CDC in 2011, why was it’s safety being researched AFTER it’s use was mandated? The other funder of the Vanderbilt Research Program? The CDC who gave $1 million. Currently, 250 pregnant women have donated their bodies and their babies to this experiment.

According to Karen Broder of the CDC, “Previous studies support the safety of giving Tdap vaccines to pregnant women.”

What studies?

Apparently, all the studies that have been done to support the safety of Tdap were ‘mathematical studies’ as opposed to epidemioligical or ‘real life’ evidence. The study to support the mathematical conclusion was done on ‘Baboons’. There are NO human trials that support Tdap – yet. Therefore, the statement made by Karen Broder of the CDC is not only reckless, but without ANY true evidential support that can be verified. Personally, I would never voluntarily allow myself to be vaccinated based on Baboon and mathematical theories.

In addition, from a Truth and mathematical accuracy standpoint – of the over 4000 suspected microcephaly cases in Brazil, only 270 have been ‘confirmed’. While that number may change, it is false reporting to state otherwise.

The bigger fear? Is this simply a ploy to reduce procreation, population, and in effect create a false epidemic with another ‘new vaccine’?

Bharat Biotech. A Private Company, according to their website they are funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and partner with the CDC. As in – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – working fervently to reduce global population…

What will be the ingredients in this Zika vaccine? Too many coincidences to be sure. An agenda – to be sure. Truth? Not even microscopic…