Coronavirus Spikes! Not Statistical!


Truism?   Yes. No.   It is a more complicated perspective of statistics.

Coronavirus began its spread in China sometime in the beginning of December – although possibly as early as November.   But it wasn’t identified. It wasn’t labeled. It wasn’t revealed. Thus the actual numbers could be hugely skewed by people who had the virus and were never diagnosed.

Fast forward to the US and Europe.   Testing wasn’t done until recently.   The test kits have been said to be plagued with false positives and false negatives.   There is no uniform ‘test kit’ by country.   And finally, given the virus can mimic the flu or the cold, it is likely no one even bothered to go to a doctor or hospital until recently.

Therefore, in fact, there could be thousands of cases unreported because the person simply addressed it like the flu or cold, recovered and went about their business as usual.

The so-called ‘Spike’ in cases, is really a direct correlation of testing.   If you have no testing… you have no cases!

And then there was the dastardly claim that the CDC wasn’t producing enough test kits…   And suddenly, today, Amazon and Bill Gates have announced they will produce the kits – available via Amazon. Voila! We have a new money maker!   By the two most capitalist elites on this earth: Bezos and Gates.

So apparently, if you missed the non-news headline, the CDC announced that the test kits prior to February 28 were – ummm, not factual.   But the new and improved ones are.   So where does that put Bill Gates? How is it that he can produce a test that is factual when the CDC could not?

And if the CDC is such a great entity deserving of an additional $2 billion over and above its already bloated $2.57 billion budget, why would we believe that they are capable of anything of relative benefit?

But even more concerning is the fact that Bill Gates has for over a decade advocated for a ‘reduction in global population’.   How could one thus feel that ‘his’ version of a coronavirus test kit would benefit the population?

It aligns with the old adage about the fox guarding the chicken coop.

February:   CDC claims its test kits are not working.   WHO states it will send 250,000 test kits to labs around the world.   Chinese laboratory claims it has developed a rapid test that will confirm infection within 15 minutes.

March:   CO-Diagnostics announces it has test kits available for laboratories in the US. It’s stock price sails – 35%. At that time 87 people had died in the US.   70% of the deaths are among those over the age of 80 with previous health issues.

Who is profiting?

This is truly one of the more perverse Ponzi schemes perpetrated against the Global Population in history.   YES. People are infected with a virus that is virulent.   But the statistics are only as good as the historical knowledge and laboratory claims!

For example:   If you had no knowledge of the Coronavirus and got a cold or flu that came and went – would you report said virus to your local CDC official?

When President Trump claims this is a media hype, look to who will gain monetarily?   Follow The Money>>>>

Bill Gates, the Progenitor of population reduction hypes vaccines and now a coronavirus kit….   Amazon’s, Bezos, a diehard capitalist who supports socialist agendas for thee not me, it onboard the capitalist kit!

SO how much does this ‘Kit’ Cost?

Anywhere from $1300 to $3000 apparently. A nice tally for a virus that has infected (not killed) .03% of the US population.

Could it possibly be a simple means of capitalistic corruption and fraud perpetrated by the liberal elites who advocate for Armageddon?


Looking more and more likely as the truth unfolds…

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