Ashkenazi Jewish Khazars – a Heritage of Babylon

The UN has been ‘ending poverty’ for 78 years.   Amnesty International has been ending human rights violations for 62 years.   WHO has been ending malaria for 75 years.   The Federal Reserve has been ending boom bust economies for 110 years.   And for the oddest reason, nothing has – changed.   In fact, everything is – worse.   How is that possible?

The Red Cross is in Maui staying at rooms that cost $1000 per night, eating filets and bon-bons, while the residents of Lahaina have no food.   Under Amnesty International, the human trafficking, drug trafficking, organ trafficking and child trafficking businesses have grown exponentially garnering more annual revenue than the US Budget.   The response?

Malaria, once eradicated, is now returning to the US under the name ‘wild Malaria’.   Just like ‘wild polio’. Just like ‘wild CoVid’.

Jeffrey Sachs is a Jewish, Harvard graduate, Soros affiliate, American economist who is known for his work on ‘sustainable development’. In fact, he is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University.   The same Colombia University where Obama was enrolled and never once attended.   At least not in America.   Because, at the time, Columbia had an affiliate in the Soviet Union – teaching Marxism and Communist ideologies…

Obama’s father was a communist, his mother was a Marxist.   A match made in the Nether World. Everyone asks the same question over and over – where did these evil people come from.   Some have made the determination that they come from the soviet Bolshevik convention.   But who were the Bolsheviks? Where did they come from?

Ashkenazi Jews who were/are the Bolsheviks are not the ancestors of the ancient Biblical Hebrews, but the ancestors of the Khazars. To find the heads of the Globalist pyramid, one must peel thru the vast network of Ashkenazi/Khazars and go further into ancient history.

When profiling the 20th century Ashkenazi’s, their singular common characteristic is their parents or grandparents emigrated to the US just prior to the 1917 War in Russia wherein Nikolas and his entire family were slaughtered, Lenin and Marx took control and Stalin’s Jewish Communists ultimately obliterated what was once – Russia.

When Reagan freed the Soviet Union from its tyranny of Bolshevik Communists, Russia was globalized by the new Bolsheviks, via the American Economic Association founded in 1911. The same year that Rockefeller opened the Rockefeller Institute for Vaccines in the US.   The same Big Pharma vaccine that created the Spanish Flu Epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands globally via a bacterial infection caused by Rockefeller’s vaccine.

The NEW brainchild of Ashkenazi economists who would shape America under their Marxist dystopian ideology adopted by Karl Popper – Soros protégé.

The American Economic Association was founded in 1885 by Marxist socialists whose alma mater included Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Heidelberg Universities.  Their studies of importance included eugenics, anti-God, progressivism, socialism, and advocating against ‘private property’. And most importantly – the suppression of truth.

Truth.   As it applies to history, religion, and mythology stand in the shadows of the stage. Our governments routinely tell us we are incapable of being able to comprehend, or absorb, or justify, truth.   Only the select few are privy.   And thus truth is a confiscated property.   Yet those who harbor its waters are borne of the Babylonian heritage.

The Rockefellers and Rothschild’s had already set the stage, but they required a cult following who would swear their life to the cause. Today, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland is home to this cult. They are not Jews. They are not Hebrews.   In fact, their ancient heritage DNA has been tracked to the Scythians.

The Scythians were expelled from Iranic land to Ukraine and southern Russian, specifically Crimea and the Danube, sometime between the 8th and 9th centuries BC. They were warriors expelled from Asia by the Iranic people of Medes . Their religion was based on mythology.   Their ideology was death.

Their territory included what would be in modern day: Ukraine, southern Russia, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Armenai, Azerbajjan , as well as Turkey, Georgia and Iran. But let’s go back even further:

The Scythian people were descended from Babylon. Babylon was the city ultimately destroyed by God for the wicked ways of its people. The Babylonians had perverted every grace that was God. Every morality. God hated the Babylonians for they were the descendants of the Nephilim who were the dark angels coveting the earthly women created by God.

DNA evidence has revealed that the Ashkenazi Jews have no Hebrew heritage and are a fake and false hybrid of Babylon. Their souls are ancestral glue affixed to a hatred for God for allowing their genocide. It is the source of their need to destroy Iran, make conquest of all southern nations of Russia and to elevate Ukraine and their proxy governments under an Ashkenazi banner. The Ukraine of 600 BC.

We didn’t research far enough.   Stopping at the 1900’s forge of Bolshevism does not expose or lay bare the root – Babylon.   A people without God, who sought to raise satan as the leader of Globe and all people and things earthly. The anger that lives inside their souls comes from God’s ire and destruction of Babylon.   Revenge is their mantra.

The ancient Babylonians are believed to have come from the Sumerians of 1475 BC. The same Sumerians of Mesopotamia who obliterated the Minoans.   The Minoans being the possible descendants of Noah.

In other words, we are fighting the same enemies that our ancient ancestors have been fighting since the beginning of Biblical time.

Today, the UK, US, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Algerian ‘militants’ declared that they would conduct military drills in the Black Sea and the Danube region. The same regions the Babylonians occupied 2600 years ago. Despite Russia declaring any ships in this region would be destroyed. Despite and because their goal isn’t to murder people – but to murder GOD.

These Ashkenazi non-Hebrew are taunting a WWIII. Just as they have throughout all of ancient history.

What do they want? A Scythian Empire ruled by satan and his worshipers.

The ONLY way to fight satan is within God.   Atheists, agnostics, false gods have no value, no power, no place.   This is a war between God and satan.   We are simply copper pennies in the mix. But we are given a choice.   A choice of sides.   That choice is permanent.   Don’t betray that choice.

When I read the various twitter threads of what we term rhinos or progressives or communists, these people have made a concertive choice to support satan. They have proverbially and literally – sold their soul.   Many/most for money. Some out of ignorance.   But what is most glaring is WE Are Given A Choice.   Do you stand with GOD – or do you stand with satan?   That’s it.   That’s – IT.

Foster Care & Group Homes: What’s Happening To Our Children

FOSTER Care – the good, the bad and the ugly.   For the most part, foster care is a temporary situation.   Approved by Social Services, a shortage of foster care givers has plunged the system in crisis.   Shortages mean the government departments start allowing critical measures to fall short.   In Australia alone the shortage is estimated to be roughly 40,000 homes.   In Sweden “Social” has been accused of taking children without the proper authorization having simply relied on a ‘snitch’ or Karen to then remove children from their homes. In the US 1 in 17 children enter foster care.

Foster Care is a revolving door. Children arrive with a small bag of belongings and leave months or years later with a small bag of belongings.   Often deadened to their fate, these children grow up with psychological disorders and different brain development.   In Mexico, the foster system was dissolved completely as a result.

Once a child turns eighteen – they are deposited on the street. Homeless.   They are either picked up by a gang or turned into prostitutes.

Migrant children coming into western countries seeking a home are further burdening an already strapped system.   And many simply ‘disappear’.

A relatively new study of prison populations found that 85% grew up without a father.   By the age of 26, 70% of former foster children are arrested.   The importance of a family can not be underscored.   The decaying of the family in favor of state owned or controlled children is exasperating the already burgeoning crime stats within western countries.

According to the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, more than half of foster parents quit within the first year and by the second year only 40% remain.   As a result, children are disposed into psychiatric institutions and group homes where they can become sexualized.   As children transition from home to home they become more hardened to their reality and can act out aggressively making adoption an impossibility.

Although Social Services claim to ‘train’ their foster parents – too often the level of trauma experienced by a child is NOT compatible with the training.   And Social Service departments are negligent in relaying the necessary background information to prospective foster parents. Leading to a failed home environment.

In Mexico, orphanages are the primary means of homing children who can no longer live with their biological parents.   Most are privately funded – and all must register with the government.   What they provide that a revolving foster care environment does not is stability.

The US no longer provides orphanages.   They have been replaced with adoption and foster care/group homes. After WWII the government began funding foster care. As a result, by the 1950’s orphanages began to phase out in favor of group homes, foster care, and psychiatric institutionalization.   Yet foster care is in crisis. Group homes have been implicated in trafficking.   And the children are left behind in one of the world’s leading societies.

There are roughly 430,000 children in foster care in the US with only 100,000 eligible for adoption and half of those being adopted.   Group homes are a type of orphanage.   But group homes aren’t necessarily only for orphans and can include drug addicts, juvenile delinquents, and impaired children.   Thus the exposure is significantly different than a traditional orphanage.

Follow The Money:   Group Homes are funded by HHS and State governments reaping the rewards of over $10,000 per bed… per month.  But these homes have come under their own crisis model involving abuse, lack of staff, untrained staff, assault, negligence, and neglect.

Foster Care homes are paid upwards of $40-$100 per day aggregating upwards of $14,600 to $36,500 per year.   By comparison, in a new 2022 study done by Brookings, the cost to raise a child is roughly $18,.000 per year.

The obvious conclusion is that Government initiatives are pushing children into expensive group homes to the detriment of permanent foster care protection.   There are 8700 group homes in the US.   They are considered ‘businesses’ operating for profit.   Each group facility houses upwards of 12 children each year or roughly 104,000 total.   That would translate to upwards of $12.5 billion in Group Home government and charitable spending.

In 2013, an FBI statistic stated that 60% of trafficked children in the US came from group homes. Children that had gone missing.

In 2018, the Trump administration introduced Family First Prevention Services Act to limit federal funding of group homes to two weeks per year with specific exceptions.   In Colorado, 35% of foster children are still living in group homes permanently.

While we are led to believe all these children are better off, in places like Australia and Sweden, children can be taken from their parents for minor issues.   And some are taken for nefarious purposes.   The taking of children is not always related to instances of abuse or neglect.

Many reports in Sweden indicate that the vast majority of ‘taken children’ are from immigrants.   In Australia, over 50% of indigenous children make up the demographic of group homes.  A form of government genocide.  The rates may be significantly higher given that as of 2019:   State and Territory jurisdictions have aligned with a new national definition of out-of-home care which excludes third-party parental responsibility orders.

They are not counted.

In both Sweden and Australia, there are numerous reports stating foster children are not allowed contact with their parents or siblings. A form of Child Abuse! In Sweden immigrant families take their children and flee!

A family of five reportedly fled Sweden in 2019 fearing their 3 children would be confiscated by the Swedish authorities over a legal dispute. They found refugee status in Poland.   Today the family escaped Poland over fears of reprisal and sought refuge in Russia!

State Control of our children isn’t just thru school indoctrination ideologies, or runaways, it is inherent in the government system.   When the orphanage concept of Foster Homes and Group Homes becomes a for profit enterprise – the criminal logic is to fill every available trench with a child.

THE CARTER CENTER: Creating Disease While Hording MONEY

The Carter Center is working throughout Africa and Asia to eradicate disease with partners: Bill & Melinda Gates, Open Society, Abbott, Prince Alwaleed – of the Clinton Foundation scandal, Pfizer, CDC, USAID…   The diseases they are busily eradicating seem to be gaining traction with measles cases spiking in 2019 and 2020,   Cholera also spiked in 2017 and 2019 – predominantly in Asia.   In 2020, a new outbreak of polio in Sudan, Chad and Cameroon was linked to the oral vaccine. The same oral vaccine that was banned in the US as of 2000.   Is the Carter Center and its partners causing diseases?

A biolab in Khartoum Sudan has been overtaken by one of the military juntas as war is raged   The lab holds samples of:   cholera, measles, and polio.   Funding for the lab comes from The Carter Center and its affiliates.   It was built in 2017.    Why is the US building biolabs all over Africa, Asia, and Europe?   Why does increased disease seem to follow the labs?

As of 2020, The Carter Center reported $35 million in annual investment income on on $1,178,000,000 investments – a 3% return.   NET Assets are $1.24 billion – and diseases are worsening in Africa…   Interesting correlation between a tax free NGO and its purpose – eradicating disease while accumulating vast sums of money.

Eradicating Disease now seems to be code for – mass genocide.

The Economist article “Quantifying The Rise of America’s Far Right” is an essay into Topsy-Turvy proportions of propaganda.   Extremism. Magat’s must be Eliminated.   The article claims that between 2010 and 2022, mass killings were more pronounced by far right madmen.   “A research centre that is part of the Anti-Defamation League, an ngo, showed that all 25 extremist-related murders in its database from 2022 had connections to the far right.”

There were 23 mass shooting in 2022:

Gang Shootout – 2

Prior Criminals – 3

Black No reason – 5

Unsolved – 1

Mental Health Background – 5

Asian Hate – 1

Bullied Child – 1

Revenge – 3

Gender dysphoria – 2

Not ONE identified as a white supremacist right wing wanger!  

The Economist lied.   For no reason other than pathological psychosis.   America’s Far Right now includes basically everyone – including far lefties…

Running after the lies is still important.   Complacency is rooted in false perceptions. When truth is unraveled, as humans we are then grounded and can mitigate the illusion.   See no evil – Hear no evil means we are complicit in evil.

The radical Ukraine propaganda provided by the Pentagon and CIA in coercion is designed to support War.   Just as the 9-11 assault was created to unite against a shared enemy.   Or the Iraq War – or the Syrian War – or the war in Yemen.   Palestine vs Israel promotes the Military Industrial Complex.   Missiles exchanged near daily cost $$$$$$$$.

The UN Peacekeepers who trafficked young girls after raping them was deemed acceptable by the UN.   No criminal charges.   No freedom for the girls trafficked.

The War on Drugs in Colombia is now 52 years old and the drug problem has worsened significantly!   Why? Because there never was a war on drugs there was simply a changing of the guard. The CIA saw the profit margins and took over the drug market.   For fifty years we accepted the illusion, the CIA version as a truthism. Now we have to question their role in ‘everything’.   When an employee goes rogue – they are fired.   When a company goes rogue – they crash their business.   When a country goes rogue – the globe teeters…

The values that create a growing society – trust, honor, integrity and security are core and yet every one has been breeched.   Our government, military, medical industry and every NGO are compromised.   Their actions are rooted in a singular intent – fraud.   Defrauding for the purpose of personal elevation – a disease – a sickness – that is mimicked by liberals whining and screaming and looting – and Killing. Learned.   Not prewired.

When crime is glorified and justice no longer exists, people become The Law.  

The GREAT Society BEFORE The Great RESET

THE GREAT SOCIETY – before the Great RESET – was created by Lyndon Johnson after the assassination of John F Kennedy who wouldn’t bow to the CIA.  The Corporation For Public Broadcasting was created in 1967 to control the entirety of Media for Americans.  In 1970 CPB formed NPR with 88 subsidiary outlets.   Their purpose was ‘content’.   In 1979, NPR expanded to London solidifying the alliance between the CIA and MI6.  By 1983, NPR was operating on a budget deficit despite continued expanded funding from US Taxpayers.

The two largest benefactors of NPR in the 2000’s were Soros Open Society Foundation and Joan Croc who donated $225 million in 2003.   At this point NPR became well known as a left leaning to far left broadcaster embroiled in bias.   And the Great Society Deal which was supposed to be a reincarnation of FDR’s New Deal was busily recreating America’s internal political landscape.

A transition that would forever change our landscape.   Likely – irreversibly.

Both the House and the Senate enjoyed a liberal majority which included the jewish vote which had become a prominent constituent.   Johnson took advantage of every loop, corner, and free crossing to enact 100’s of ‘committees’ and ‘agencies’ to study every aspect of society in order to recreate it.     Committees and Agencies that did little, accomplished less, and ate money like 1000 PacMen on steroids.

The Great Society initiatives and Johnson’s Cabinet set about to expand government exponentially – creating federal funding for Education, Medicaid, War on Poverty, The Voting Rights Act, Food Stamps, Upward Bound, Medicare, Head Start, HUD, Endowments, Department of Transportation, and a host environmental laws.  EVERYTHING was highly regulated and all businesses were required to comply with Federal rules or face the proverbial guillotine.

State Sovereignty no longer existed and the Feds kept expanding their control and irreversible POWER.

While various statistics claim poverty rates in 1960 were 22%, there was no common means of measuring poverty until 1965.    At which point it had been declared by the government to be 9% for whites and 35% among nonwhites – 15% weighted average – before the Great Society took effect.  The New Federal Government decided to ignore that fact and declared that poverty had been halved because 55% of households now had incomes over $7000.   Of course Taxpayers were funding $4,000 of that increase in the form of entitlements and welfare.   Thus the statistic is wholly and completely fabricated.

What Johnson succeeded in creating was a ‘well to do welfare class’.

It was the beginning of income redistribution and the decline of middle class.

This era of The Great Society also brought about the beginning of Federal Deficit spending.   And The Decline Of The Dollar!

Using government data since 1960, inflation has surpassed 916%, mostly due to Federal Reserve initiatives.  It now takes roughly $34 to buy what $1 bought in 1913.   The elimination of the gold backed dollar greatly increased the polarity and devaluation as paper flooded the markets.  Today – Housing is unaffordable, middle class income means over $150,000, and a new car is going to cost $60,000 to $100,000.   A $350 monthly payment will buy a $15,000 car.    America has actually become poorer.

So if the FDR New Deal and The Johnson Great Society were created to make American’s more equitably wealthy, WHAT HAPPENED?

The short answer – they lied.

Obama subsidies increased the ‘value of welfare’ to $69,000.  Biden just hiked that number by an additional $11,300 for a family.   This does not include the shoplifting of food, appliances, clothes, equipment and toys that is allowed by every major democrat run city without consequence or prosecution.   Welfare is a lucrative Business.   We could privatize it and then we’d call it The Mafia!

These voluptuous subsidies have required an ever ending mountain of more debt which is the responsibility of Taxpayers who have no say in any spending initiatives.   US Debt now sits at $33 Trillion.   Since 1960, debt has grown from 45% of GDP to 120%.   As the dollar continues to tank – that debt becomes more and more costly – until at some point the US will not be able to make payments and a debt default will crash our economy.   MAJOR Banks are now sitting on net equity to assets of just 5-6%.   A soluable bottom is 20% – and a healthy bottom is 50%.

Should a banking solvency begin to fray overtly poverty will apply to just about everyone.   The New Green Deal and The Great Society will have completed their task.   The Great RESET – which was slated to be a global establishment – will absorb western economies only.   Economies that have moved away from the dollar will thrive.   Those economies are the BRICS.   

Elon Musk,  “But what’s the point”?


GLOBAL/African POVERTY: Plundering Africa’s Resources

Why haven’t the UN, World Bank, WEF and all the global charities solved world poverty and starvation?   That was their intention, right?   Nearly a hundred years of endless goals, endless constraints, and trillions of dollars – and nothing has changed. WHY?

Could it be that all these Global Agencies and Charities have no intention of stopping the poverty, because the poverty culls the population? And culling the population of undesirables is necessary in order to achieve unlimited wealth and power?

John Kerry was recently in Africa telling the governments they were not “Allowed” to drill for oil or use coal for their energy because an energy independent country is a thriving country!   Africa’s oil and gas reserves are vast.     Over 40% of all new gas discoveries were in Africa.   Yet they continue to have rolling blackouts – WHY?

The vast majority of African governments are Communist – including Nelson Mandela.   Communism doesn’t “BUILD” anything.   Soviet Russia was an 80 year example.   Communism thrives on poverty and death.   When an entire society can barely thrive, they become more and more dependent on their corrupt government out of sheer desperation.

That Model is exactly what the WEF envisions as the Great RESET for ALL developed countries. Living on less than $2 per day.

Africa’s resources are vastly greater than the US and EU – yet they have been systematically driven deeper into poverty with the assistance of the organizations claiming their goal is to eradicate poverty.

There is no reliable statistical information for any African country, because they don’t gather statistics – instead The World Bank creates numbers.   These numbers are then used by Statista, Macrotrends, Statistic Times, etc… to give the illusion that the numbers are a reality.

Gas Reserves are determined through formulas and geological estimates.   When a science or government agency declares reserves have changed up or down – their determination is based on guesswork – because there are no field experts running around Africa doing geological studies!

Only 33% of Africa’s oil and gas production is controlled by Africa.   36% is controlled by Europe, and the remainder by Asia and North America.   In essence, the Communist governments have sold out the African people in favor of Europe and Asia.   Thus poverty will never be quashed.

As Germany is noting, fossil fuels equate to industrialization. Industrialization equates to wealth. While Germany invokes its own communist roots in denying its own citizens energy, manufacturing and retail businesses are collapsing.   Germany’s solution?   Wear a beanie.

The top five African countries producing oil include:   Angola, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt.   EXAMPLE:   Angola has a 40% employment rate, 70% living on less than $3.20 per day and 15% inflation rate. 90% of Angola’s oil production is controlled and exported by BP (UK), Exxon (Rockefeller), Chevron (Rockefeller), Total (France) and Eni (Italy).   Despite the abundance of reserves, because foreign oil companies take the majority of oil, Angola is a net importer of oil.

IF western nations were really intent on net zero and Green Energy – why do the major oil companies steal Africa’s Oil and Gas for western nations? While turning around and making US taxpayers foot the bill for annual aide packages to Angola to ‘lift them out of poverty’.   Apparently that would be a portion of the $3.20 a day to 70% of the citizens who reap zero benefits from OIL!

The mining industry is exactly the same. The three largest mining companies in Africa are Anglo America plc, a British company that absorbed DeBeers, BHP Billiton out of Australia, and Rio Tinto out of London.

The WEF platform is about the ‘redistribution of wealth’.   Africa’s wealth is ravaged and raped by western corporations – the same corporations that aim to become the global governance entities.   The same corporations which pay nothing to Africa for their ravages and instead use US and western taxpayers to prop up the payment schematic that keeps a healthy flow of worker bees alive but in poverty to extract their billions in profits.

While corporations couldn’t achieve this without having governments in their proverbial pocket, the means to achieving that weighted pocket is via regime change, aka coups.   Another means is the creation of divisive chaos through terrorism such as ISIS, al Qaeda, BLM, Antifa, etc..

From a historical perspective, plundering has been a global mainstay for thousands of years:   Romans, Germanics, Napoleon, Ottomans, etc…   Those faces were known.   Today the plunderers hide their faces, they are cowards.   They create illusions to promote their plundering and worship money.   God’s wrath will prevail.

Humanity as Stewards: A Different Kind of – RESET

So often there is a focus of the consequences of war that goes without acknowledgment and compassion…. The rescue operations of animals wild and domestic who are victims of the same horror.   Dogs are used to sniff out humans from the rubble – but there are organizations dedicated to saving animals as well.   Animals are a great comfort to their human companions.   When chaos envelopes and bombs literally fall leaving tornado like damage in their wake – when all possessions and loved ones are killed – these pets can be the only attachment left to reality.    

When fires lit by arsonists ravage hundreds of thousands of acres of land and trees, the billions of animals killed is rarely even mentioned.   The worst was the Australian fire in which the Koala’s became a focus as they walked ‘into’ the fires to release their immense pain.   Death was more humane than the untenable ferocious misery they were enduring….   We sometimes forget – we are not the only victims.

It is as though we have become immune to the effects of bombs – of killing – of chaos.  Media likens a bomb to a justifiable action to ‘deter and protect’.   But the reality is too often bombs are levied for one purpose – to kill as many citizens as possible.   To wreak as much damage as possible.   To annihilate ‘the enemy’.    An enemy that may not even exist.

And forgotten is the fact that people are NOT the enemy.   Governments create militaries to hate militaries to fight on their behalf to create a vacuum for – Power.

A story:   Two years ago a blast hit the port city of Beirut.   The blast was extensive and hundreds died immediately while thousands left to live were maimed with incomprehensible injuries.   One such man had four cats in his apartment when the blast hit.   His injuries were catastrophic and required hospitalization for months.   But all he could think about were his cats…   are they safe?   Can someone feed them?   Can someone find them?   Where are they?

Neighbors rallied on his behalf and left food, water and a litterbox outside the building hoping they would return.   Three did.   The fourth never returned.

An NGO, Animals Lebanon, rallied after the bomb blast and began a search and rescue effort for pets trapped beneath the ruble.   It was grueling.   The VP of the NGO said there were thousands of carcasses.   Everywhere she looked.  

They were determined and foraged through the devastation finding those pets still hanging on to life.   Their only focus was to tend to their wounds and return them to their owners… if they were still alive.   Adoption for those whose humans had passed.   Over 350 people joined this rescue effort.  Together.  Humans.

Being Human.

While nations frequently claim their bombs and bombing raids target specific enemy installations, it is likely another piece of propaganda.  There is no proof Bin Laden was killed – yet there is reams of proof thousands of citizens died…

We have routinely been hypnotized into thinking a government is an enemy and therefore ALL the people are enemies as well.   Pakistan is such a country.   Cells of terrorists exist in the country.   But they also exist in literally every country including the US, Germany, Canada, etc…   And yet within the confines of this country, Pakistan, the majority of citizens are simply people.  People who grow flowers in their gardens.   People who tend to their children.   People who simply want to be left to their own devices without interference, coups, and war.

Still, the US seems unable to step away from this conquest of eternity.   We are bombing Syria, bombing Somalia, bombing Sudan, bombing Russia, inciting bombing in Chile, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and now China.    Why?

Using the rationale that we are ‘saving people from their evil government’, we kill 10x more than we save.   And in the process continue to deplete land value, agriculture, water resources, and sustainable existence.

Every media provocation seems to style the same scenario, thwarted.   The possibility of an attack justifies an offensive response.   And so the world is brought to believe all bombings are justified to save us….

In this sense, the concept of a RESET is inevitable.   In the context of insurmountable debt, a RESET is inevitable.   In the context of corrupt governments, a RESET is inevitable.   In the context of peace, a RESET is necessary.   It just isn’t the RESET envisioned by the world according to Klaus and Soros and Gates.

MOST of our ails can be eradicated by the return of power to ethics and morality.   A RESET wherein NGO’s return to charity – where taxation of profits is enforced.   Where a flat tax is levied at 10%, where education is returned to the people, where the medical community must ‘cure’ a patient in order to be paid.   Where morality is once again an ethic, where crime has  consequence and entertainment is a common labor of love not money.    Where empires no longer exist and nations are sovereign to their own.

We know from history it is possible.

We are the stewards of life.  All life.   Animals.   Oceans.   Each other.   Yes, a RESET is overdue.   The People outnumber the corrupt governments and corrupted NGO’s  100,000 to 1.    Good can overcome evil.   The Great Deception is that we are in end times.   Satan wants us to prepare to die!   God wants us to actively LIVE!  

Hollywood And The Creation of Fakery & Illusion For Societal Freefall!

I was looking at a picture of Ava Gardner during her hey day – which took me to the other sirens of Hollywood;   Marilyn, Gina, Mansfield, Bardot, Rita, Grace Kelley, Novak, etc… and while they may have not been the most stellar actresses – they had a presence that no longer exists in these Stage Lights.   The only insight we really had into their celluloid lives was marriages and divorces – and an occasional sighting at some fabulous lux nightclub!  

They were NOT behind blaring bullhorns screeching about politics and The Constitution, they were not rasping violent rageful rhetoric in front of their adoring worshippers.   And they were NOT plastered across magazines in vitriolic poses of drug induced comatose free-falls of society.   Trashy mouths were better left in solitary confinement.

Why would Hollywooders want their trash liquidated for the entire world to disseminate whilst grimacing and shuddering at the extent of depravity?   The adage that bad publicity is still publicity has an ad campaign strategy, but there are ‘limitations’.

I know many share my opinion that once an actor or actress becomes a vomit of frogs and locusts, I have absolutely no remote desire to ever see that face in any role on the screen – EVER!   To date, the number of ‘stars’ that are forever blacklisted from my television leaves few left – which is why I pander to movies, and shows from a decade or two in the past.

At some point, Hollywood became so narcissistically brash that they truly believed they could eshew every disgusting aspect of their personal and private lives and the public would have no qualm.   Perhaps it was ‘reality tv’ which I have never watched, or the ‘survivalist’ which I have never watched.

The survivalist concept was quite bizarre; a person or group of people would be dropped off on an island to survive in the wilderness while a television crew follows them and creates fake scenes of wildebeasts which are not real – but they pretend they are in order to make the fake survival appear real – when in fact it is simply another Hollywood stage…

That led to the Kardashian phenomena whereby television audiences are captivated by people who have done absolutely  nothing noteworthy, will never do anything ever, and their lives are up for grabs as elites because that’s the reality of the fakery.

And we wonder how it is that our entire society, political venue, and morays are simply another Hollywoodfest? Without a shred of reality.

Listening to the mantra of ‘reality’ within Ukraine has as much narcissistic brash.   NOTHING, absolutely nothing has a shred of reality. Instead a caustic AI version is promulgated through the media entertainers dutifully reading scripts, dutifully exhorting rage and anger, dutifully spewing venom and hate.

They are no longer referred to as journalists or reporters, they are ‘entertainment news readers’.

Obama desperately wanted to be a Hollywood star!    Hillary desperately wanted to be a global regal Queen whose subjects bowed and scraped in her presence.   Bloomberg wanted to be King on a two foot tall soapbox.   Clinton wanted to be a porn star.   And the continuum frame was a nuanced version of ‘Hollywood’.   Obama is a dull script reader.   Hillary is old and cringey.   Bloomberg has no sauvé.   And Clinton will forever be remembered as the painting of Clinton dressed as Monica Lewinski… at Epstein’s Manhattan boudoir.

The newest Biden appointee to Disinformation Tzar came from United Talent Agency.   AOC never went to college and has the IQ of a toddler.   Kamala has to be heavily medicated when in public given her psychotic behavior.   And the entertainment news readers dutifully read their adoring scripts hailing these abject incompetents as though we are living in some alternate universe!

Supposedly, the average IQ in the US is 100.   In fact, that average has not varied since the IQ standardization was established in 1905 by a French psychologist Alfred Binet.

Binet was a lawyer who dabbled in psychology as a hobby. He had no formal training in the medical field, the psychology field, or anything remotely involved in his creation of an IQ test whereby individuals would be cubbied according to his laws of intellect. A FAKE psychosis…

Why does no one question the fact that an intelligence test was not created by intelligence statisticians, mathematicians, or scientists – but by a lawyer who identified as a fake psychologist?  In 1905, the average IQ was – 100.   Meaning – in 120 years the IQ average is exactly the same…   Isn’t that odd?

Despite Industrial Revolutions, no one has gained a point average.

How is that possible?   Statistically – it is NOT.   Some might argue that the test itself has morphed over time to absorb changes in society and intellect capacity.   Or perhaps, the education system has continually devolved decade after decade to the point where today high school graduates read at a 7th grade level and are proficient in math at a sixth grade level.

And the POINT?

The media portrays ALL millennial’s via gif’s as complete idiots.   They would appear to have the mental acuity of a peasant in the 1600’s without the abilities to forge any means of a livelihood.   In that sense of ‘IQ’ todays millennial are LESS educated than their counterparts from 600-1000 years ago.

YET.   I personally don’t know one millennial who is not either successful or driven.   So why would the powers-that-be want us to hold to the perception of a society that is wholly, totally incompetent, insane, and intellectually challenged?

Because it exists as a Hollywood Stage Drama!

  • Pharma peddles FAKE medicine.
  • The Federal Reserve is a FAKE Bank.
  • Congress has NO Useful purpose holding FAKE dramatized Hollywood sessions of Games.
  • And the weave is always to distract from reality.

I was reading a blog by Livingston wherein the reality of medicinal cures has been fraudulently dismissed as quackery.   This was the Rockefeller agenda beginning created to supplant medicinal cures with Big Pharma dependency as a means of infinite wealth during WWI. FAKERY.

Hollywood’s first film was in 1908. Seven years later, it became a motion picture haven!     By 1915 the Big Five studios dominated!   And court jesters were elevated to ‘status symbols’!

Fantasy and illusion dominated society telling them who was beautiful, who was a stellar actor, who was a good politician, who was powerful – while simultaneously destroying medicine, health, intellect, and growth. This illusion of reality now dominates our globe.   And it is manifested by virtually every government official.

In her waning years, Ava Gardner lamented that everything she was – no longer existed with age.   She had – nothing.   Her beauty had faded.   Her lovers were grains of sand, and her life had no purpose.   She was destitute.   Financially, and spiritually.  And all The Kings Horses would never ever put them together again…

METAVERSE: Our Virtual Reality FUTURE

The Economist has declared that the war in Ukraine will continue for years – or until Putin dies…   Zelenskyy has declared that all Russians are evil and must die.   And sanctions are imploding!   The EU has upped the ante in approving zero Russia Gas while sacrificing their own citizens.   Essentially, the same attitude taken by Zelenskyy when instead of brokering and negotiating, he chose devastation and chaos.   The ‘same attitude’ utilized in the US to destroy the economy ushering in starvation and the mass murder of citizens. These manics of death see everyone in Africa dying of starvation – followed by the Middle East.

And they say it is because of Climate Change.  What IF they know something massive they refuse to reveal to the public at large for fear of a colossal uprising!?

Obama’s arrogance as he meandered thru the White House touting the great success of The Affordable Care Act drove needles thru my eyes.   He is obviously gloating – accomplishment.   That accomplishment isn’t the ACA – it is death and destruction. Since it’s inception, the Affordable part of the Care Act has risen 300%+.

While Tucker focuses on ‘Biden creating this boondoggle’, why then is the entire world in the twalette?   Because it was orchestrated – and the only mutant militant cell in the cancer that was not predicted is Russia.    Which is why The Economist needs Putin to die.

The Economist operates as the ‘brain child’ for all media.   They are the wizard behind the curtain creating the talking points that the media entertainers/jokers spew in unison.   Rarely does anyone flub their script. Except for Biden and Kamala.

In so doing, they become the ‘weak link’.  Expendable.

What the death chaos and destruction reveal is the purported need and value of the Metaverse – a virtual reality created by Various techs including Microsoft and Facebook. A person could live in a literal box – but the virtual reality of Metaverse would create an alternate reality wherein the mind believes they are skiing down a mountain – or being caressed by a beautiful woman.   It could also be hacked to take a person on a journey through Hell.

In 1983, nearly 40 years ago, Bruce Rubin wrote the screenplay for the movie Brainstorm starring Natalie Wood (her last film) and Christopher Walken.   The movie was about a sensory virtual reality wherein a persons feelings could be recorded into the Brain and downplayed into someone else’s conscious and be absorbed as their reality.   It didn’t end well because the emotional responses were real and invoked that reality onto the ‘someone else’.

Then in 1993, 30 years ago, Neal Stephenson coined the term Metaverse in his science fiction novel Snow Craft. In the novel, humans are programmable Avatars who interact with each other and algorithms in a virtual space that uses the ‘metaphor’ of reality. The concept is not new and was being developed by Microsoft before Zuckerberg used the media to insinuate Meta was his brainchild.

While the average person is still in the darkness of reality, the new world would be called – Metaverse.

According to JP Morgan, Metaverse will be a $1 trillion annual revenue stream.

There would seem to be no boundaries as to the world of virtual reality within the Metaverse universe.   Everything is being photographed and preserved from natural reality such as;  Vail mountain to Bali beaches to the Grand Canyon.   Preserving reality is an essential ingredient of the cocktail that will be supplanted by a created virtual world where Avatars exist, where your own virtual prototype exists, where ultimately nothing real will be necessary – except sustenance.   And of course, even that will be genetically modified.

On the surface, it sounds rather intriguing, insane, and colossal all at once.   And it fits the mantra “you will own nothing and be happy” – because you will ultimately become a virtual reality.   Or an Avatar.   You won’t need clothes, you won’t need beauty, you won’t need cars or even a house.   You won’t have friends, or family, and your ethics and morality will have absolutely no worth – because ‘anything’ goes in virtual reality.

The Dark side of our worst nightmare would be the ultimate outcome as bodies wither and minds have no purpose. In essence people would become ‘Data’.  

So who would be left to support our nothingness?   Who would grow our food, deliver it to warehouses, or prepare it for consumption?   No one.   The Glitch. Perhaps our Avatar bodies will no longer require food because once we submit our human bodies and our human minds – we are no longer human.  So who will update and maintain the Cloud of Virtual Reality?   Obviously these guys are not getting Vaxxed!

And for some bizarre reason, these worldly Klaus Schwabs believe this is – OKAY.

One thing we can be certain of is the fact that this technology has existed well before Microsoft or Zuckerberg. The CIA and tech have been working in collaboration with Hollywood for decades to test public response to ‘our future’.   The Feed. The Psychological Impact.   The madness that would ensue.   And the death of humanoids as a species.

The stages that would be required to initiate the full breadth of such a shift would be the equivalent of a ‘sci-fi’ series.   Forty years in the making – likely 40 more to be fully functional.

Is it predicated on the knowledge that our world as we know it will no longer exist and we will be forced to live underground?   Knowing that psychologically we as a species would never survive beneath the earth.  

Could it be that Klaus Schwab, in some twisted way, thinks this altered reality will save mankind?   And that depopulation is necessary – not because we haven’t enough earthly space – but because there are not enough underground bunkers to support all of mankind.   So the compassionate version of Klaus and … Gates believes that simply exterminating most of mankind will be the kinder future?

LOVE’S Missive in a Loveless World

Sometimes I wonder whether in all the men I’ve known, have I ever known and shared ‘love’.? I think maybe twice – but then as I look back at the person that was me, I doubt if I knew. And just went along.   A lifetime looking back.   I had a lot of fun!   And wouldn’t want any of that to be absent.   But somehow, I missed, that one true love! That perfect union.   And it made me feel my life was worthless.

Worthless in the sense that I had failed the ultimate purpose for which God placed us on this Earth – the union of one man and one woman. The rejoining of the Yin and Yang, of the divided soul that was One in God.   And I failed. I don’t get another chance.

I believe this joining is akin to the Buddhist ultimate Enlightenment. For the basis is achieving the severed parts of God.   We just have a propensity to say it all wrong – and we become confused…in our rightness.

I believe all religions are Babel.

AND – I believe that this earth is inhabited by evil and good.   And we can’t WIN if we don’t join the fight.

~Happy Valentines Day…