Election 2024 is going to be poisoning!   Democracy will never recover.   Bolton claims Trump’s campaign is ‘poison’.   The Economist claims 2024 will be poison.   Biden says Trump echoes Hitler.  Trump’s lies have meant threats, harassment, and a poisoned dog.   FEAR is frothing at the rabid mouths of the Liberal Media and Rhino bases in a desperate attempt to relinquish responsibility for an abject FAILED economic dystopia.

The media is toasted.   Sparring over inconsequential terms, they resort to childish playground bully pits to invoke their gnashing of teeth.  The better truths include:   Argentina’s Milei victory could upend Western control of the whole of South America.   The Ukraine War is over and the West lost against their arch enemy – Russia.  Global support for the secular Israel tanked overnight with a rogue Netanyahu jeopardizing the Secular Ashkenazi Cabalists’ Hologram image.

The beasts are screeching.

Argentina’s economy had at one point paralleled that of America, albeit at a lower level, until debt collapsed the growth trajectory resulting in a debt restructuring to survive.   Punished by America, inflation peaked at nearly 55% in 2019 before the “Pandemic” destroyed global economies.   The Socialist president, Fernandez, managed to increase inflation to 100%, institute tax hikes, price freezes, debt default and excessively high poverty rates.

Fernandez ran Argentina utilizing the same policies as the Biden Handlers with the express authority of Pope Francis.  It appears President Milei intends to completely overhaul the government, diminishing its oblique power structure, and returning a form of nationalism until the economy can be rebuilt.

Milei’s 2014 exposure to The World Economic Forum is being asserted as his disqualification, however, the mention could simply be a press release and nothing more.  He has denounced the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, climate change mandates, and cultural Marxism.  According to the Jewish Chronicle, Milei is reading the Torah within a Sephardic rabbinical Community – as opposed to the secular Zionists.  Ultimately, his actions will speak.

The Economist has already declared the Ashkenazi Cabal will vehemently fight this Argentinian reformation.

Lloyd Austin made a surprise trip to Ukraine today to reassert the need for a military overhaul, and deter the possibility of a Zelenskyy coup by the remaining population.   Military defectors have made the pilgrimage to Russia en-masse.  Austin is desperately pronouncing Kyiv as a clear War Win because Russia did not reduce it to rubble highlighting this grand achievement is the best the West can offer as a media Parlay.  The fact remains, Kyiv was never the target for Russia as they stipulated from the onset – Bioweapon Labs, The Minsk Agreement Diplomacy and Nazi’s were their issue.

Despite Ukraine’s Azov Battalion’s Nazi history, Israel’s Netanyahu adamantly supported Zelenskyy in the Western backed incursion against Russia.  While Israel did not provide weapons, it is likely due to their pre-emptive ongoing bombing raids of Gaza and the West Bank.   A military cost that could drive Israel’s economy into stagnation and debt.

After the 2014 Maiden Coup in Ukraine, 1.5 million Ukrainians fled to Russia.  An additional 2.8 million have fled since the 2022 incursion representing the largest refugee destination.  A boon for Russia given a declining population.

Netanyahu’s PR campaign utilizing AI imagery and false claims is falling flat.   The Biblical references justifying the genocide of Palestinian Semites are heresy when spewed from the secular mouths of pagans.   And a deep schism has been unearthed that was NOT the game plan intended by the Cabalists.  Netanyahu’s popularity in Israel has plummeted to just 4% and leaders across the globe are calling for him to resign and be charged criminally by the ICC.

But ego fuels Netanyahu and he is staunch in his ‘right’ to genocide.

According to an analysis by CSIS, Center For Strategic $ International Studies, Israel has the potential of ‘losing’ the war due to their justification assertion and failed PR.   The infrastructure devastation in Gaza resembles end world scenarios.   Rebuilding is not possible.  Netanyahu’s attempt to muster sympathy continues to be shred as new revelations emerge that the IDF may be responsible for many if not the vast majority of Israeli deaths as they utilized Apache helicopter ‘carpet bombing’ on the ‘festival’ and the bombing of “Hamas” tunnels which purportedly house the Israeli ‘hostages’.

The attempt to claim that the IDF soldiers were in fact Hamas wearing IDF uniforms has proven to be false.   Instead, the focus is on the barbaric massacres implemented by the IDF.  And the CIA/Mossad PR attempts are continually revealed as fake.  The end result will find Israel estranged from global nations, and the US government on par, further moving the election away from the Democrats and the pro-Israel independent – Kennedy.

On a lighter note, the Brazil government is investigating former president, Bolsonaro, on charges he harassed a whale while riding a jet ski dating from last June.  The charges stem from a complaint by Human Rights Watch, a Soros organization bent on harassment of – well, everybody.   Bolsonaro’s response, “the only whale that doesn’t like me on the esplanade is the one in the ministry,” reportedly referring to Brazil’s minister of justice, Flavio Dino.

Foster Care & Group Homes: What’s Happening To Our Children

FOSTER Care – the good, the bad and the ugly.   For the most part, foster care is a temporary situation.   Approved by Social Services, a shortage of foster care givers has plunged the system in crisis.   Shortages mean the government departments start allowing critical measures to fall short.   In Australia alone the shortage is estimated to be roughly 40,000 homes.   In Sweden “Social” has been accused of taking children without the proper authorization having simply relied on a ‘snitch’ or Karen to then remove children from their homes. In the US 1 in 17 children enter foster care.

Foster Care is a revolving door. Children arrive with a small bag of belongings and leave months or years later with a small bag of belongings.   Often deadened to their fate, these children grow up with psychological disorders and different brain development.   In Mexico, the foster system was dissolved completely as a result.

Once a child turns eighteen – they are deposited on the street. Homeless.   They are either picked up by a gang or turned into prostitutes.

Migrant children coming into western countries seeking a home are further burdening an already strapped system.   And many simply ‘disappear’.

A relatively new study of prison populations found that 85% grew up without a father.   By the age of 26, 70% of former foster children are arrested.   The importance of a family can not be underscored.   The decaying of the family in favor of state owned or controlled children is exasperating the already burgeoning crime stats within western countries.

According to the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, more than half of foster parents quit within the first year and by the second year only 40% remain.   As a result, children are disposed into psychiatric institutions and group homes where they can become sexualized.   As children transition from home to home they become more hardened to their reality and can act out aggressively making adoption an impossibility.

Although Social Services claim to ‘train’ their foster parents – too often the level of trauma experienced by a child is NOT compatible with the training.   And Social Service departments are negligent in relaying the necessary background information to prospective foster parents. Leading to a failed home environment.

In Mexico, orphanages are the primary means of homing children who can no longer live with their biological parents.   Most are privately funded – and all must register with the government.   What they provide that a revolving foster care environment does not is stability.

The US no longer provides orphanages.   They have been replaced with adoption and foster care/group homes. After WWII the government began funding foster care. As a result, by the 1950’s orphanages began to phase out in favor of group homes, foster care, and psychiatric institutionalization.   Yet foster care is in crisis. Group homes have been implicated in trafficking.   And the children are left behind in one of the world’s leading societies.

There are roughly 430,000 children in foster care in the US with only 100,000 eligible for adoption and half of those being adopted.   Group homes are a type of orphanage.   But group homes aren’t necessarily only for orphans and can include drug addicts, juvenile delinquents, and impaired children.   Thus the exposure is significantly different than a traditional orphanage.

Follow The Money:   Group Homes are funded by HHS and State governments reaping the rewards of over $10,000 per bed… per month.  But these homes have come under their own crisis model involving abuse, lack of staff, untrained staff, assault, negligence, and neglect.

Foster Care homes are paid upwards of $40-$100 per day aggregating upwards of $14,600 to $36,500 per year.   By comparison, in a new 2022 study done by Brookings, the cost to raise a child is roughly $18,.000 per year.

The obvious conclusion is that Government initiatives are pushing children into expensive group homes to the detriment of permanent foster care protection.   There are 8700 group homes in the US.   They are considered ‘businesses’ operating for profit.   Each group facility houses upwards of 12 children each year or roughly 104,000 total.   That would translate to upwards of $12.5 billion in Group Home government and charitable spending.

In 2013, an FBI statistic stated that 60% of trafficked children in the US came from group homes. Children that had gone missing.

In 2018, the Trump administration introduced Family First Prevention Services Act to limit federal funding of group homes to two weeks per year with specific exceptions.   In Colorado, 35% of foster children are still living in group homes permanently.

While we are led to believe all these children are better off, in places like Australia and Sweden, children can be taken from their parents for minor issues.   And some are taken for nefarious purposes.   The taking of children is not always related to instances of abuse or neglect.

Many reports in Sweden indicate that the vast majority of ‘taken children’ are from immigrants.   In Australia, over 50% of indigenous children make up the demographic of group homes.  A form of government genocide.  The rates may be significantly higher given that as of 2019:   State and Territory jurisdictions have aligned with a new national definition of out-of-home care which excludes third-party parental responsibility orders.

They are not counted.

In both Sweden and Australia, there are numerous reports stating foster children are not allowed contact with their parents or siblings. A form of Child Abuse! In Sweden immigrant families take their children and flee!

A family of five reportedly fled Sweden in 2019 fearing their 3 children would be confiscated by the Swedish authorities over a legal dispute. They found refugee status in Poland.   Today the family escaped Poland over fears of reprisal and sought refuge in Russia!

State Control of our children isn’t just thru school indoctrination ideologies, or runaways, it is inherent in the government system.   When the orphanage concept of Foster Homes and Group Homes becomes a for profit enterprise – the criminal logic is to fill every available trench with a child.