EPSTEIN SCANDAL Could Break The Banking Cartel

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead – but his pedophilia legacy lives on and on and on!   Cindy McCain explains how everyone (in the government) were well aware of his predilections and vagrant behavior but did nothing because they were afraid…   JP Morgan is now to be even more entrenched than originally believed as it attempts to fight the Virgin Island Lawsuits.   And Jamie Dimon, in the midst of the lawsuits is calling for the governments across the globe to ‘seize private property’!

But let’s talk Trump Indictment…. Distraction.

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are the Defendants in 3 lawsuits alleging the banks knowingly gave Epstein unlimited access to funds to grow his sex trafficking business with Ghislaine Maxwell.   JP Morgan is denying any knowledge and instead is claiming a former executive, Jes Staley, was to blame. Jes Staley claims he is the ‘scapegoat’.

I am not too old to remember the days when employers were responsible for the conduct of their employees.  

The top two banks used by billionaires are Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase “Private Client”.   Largest individual shareholders of JP Morgan include Jamie Dimon and CEO, Mary Callahan Erdoes.  If JP Morgan is indicted – will Biden Bail Them Out?

Between 2020 during the height of the Pandemic to October 2021, JP Morgan’s shares ‘doubled’.   Could it be a ‘new Epstein’ is being bankrolled?    According to JP Morgan’s latest Balance Sheet their Net Equity is a mere 7% on gross assets. On a pure debt to equity – they are twallete water.   In addition, asset valuation typically involves a bit of ‘creative accounting’ and does NOT include unrecognized losses.

Deutsche Bank may look good at first glance with assets under management in excess of $1.3 trillion, but upon closer scrutiny Net Equity on Assets is just 5%. Bank of America’s Net Equity is just 9%.   Credit Suisse, which is in bankruptcy merger negotiations, has a Asset to equity ratio of 8%.

HOUSTON We Have A Problem.   Banks are in Crisis.

While banks maintain a higher debt to equity status – they also are routinely being bailed out due to poor performance and management.  Those bailouts are paid for by Taxpayers as the losses are absorbed.   Taxpayers are also on the line for all NGO’s that receive Federal Funding.   Americans are thus funding Soros, and funding the Trillions in taxfree receipts these NGO’s enjoy!

The Epstein Lawsuits levied against JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank could throw them under the bus of the banking cartel and collapse the entire banking Industry as a dominoes ripple effect.   Too Big to BAIL.

If all of congress was more than aware of the illegal trafficking within the Epstein conclave, that would mean the CIA, FBI, and all other 3-letter agencies were aware.   The fact that they did ‘nothing’ makes them accessary.   The prison sentence for a pedophile is relatively minor given the extent of injury – 6 years.  However, The Purge would empty DC and Langley. The huddle to protect that nomenclature arrangement is backed by $$$trillions.

Whether there is ever any justice is dependent on bringing to light evidence attached to names that is concrete.   Given that the blackmail runs deep and far and wide encapsulating thousands of perps – many will die of old age before being disgraced.   The Jimmy Savile and Franklin Scandals are the ‘historical evidence’ that no one will be prosecuted or named until they are dead. Theresa May promised and yet never even touched on the extent of politicians involved.

It would be interesting to know who is now running the Epstein show – for we all know, The Show Must Go On!!!

TAIWAN & UKRAINE: Shared License for Biolabs and Child Sex Trafficking

Taiwan is central in western government’s claim that China is usurping its powers in absorbing the island.   Biden’s WH has declared that should China make advances on the island we would respond in a hawkish manner.   So what is Taiwan’s history?   Basically, Taiwan was settled by farmers from China approximately 6000 years ago before it was occupied by the Spanish and Dutch in various brutal wars beginning in the 1600’s.   Occupation was then assumed by Japan in the early 1900’s after defeating the Dutch.   After WWII, the US and UK decided that Japan could no longer make claim to Taiwan and gave the island to – China.  

And now – the US and UK have declared that China occupation is akin to war.

Like Hong Kong, the economy of Taiwan became enormously profitable ultimately earning both country’s seats among the “Four Asian Tigers”.   The rise of the four Asian economies was attributed to:  low taxes, minimum welfare, and export oriented policies, ie nationalism.  And the US & UK governments had established a financial interest in each of these Tigers.

But what else could possibly be a motive for the US and UK to demand Taiwan remain a prefect of the Queen’s colony?

Child and Sex Trafficking. The same motivation that served to install a regime in Ukraine.   A motivation that reaps $billions annually for the Cult/Mafia including Pedo Peter.   Key players in this include: US, UK, Japan, and Australia.   Possibly the same underage girls who continue to surface in the 4Chan release with Hunter, Pedo Pete, and others.   Globally, Taiwan is a Tier I designation.

No one cares if they disappear. No one cares if they are tortured and raped.

Ukraine wasn’t just about it’s sex and child trafficking hub, it was also a source of US Big Pharma BioLabs operating without US oversight.   Taiwan is also a source of ‘research’.

TiaMed Biologics was formed in 2007. Its founders include: Aaron Diamond, Director & CEO of AIDS Research Center.   Irene Diamond – professor at Rockefeller University. LanBo Chen – Professor at Harvard.   Ing-Wen Tsai – former president of Taiwan. They work in conjunction with Genentech.   You couldn’t possibly find more corruption!

AIDS Research Center is a program of NIH.

In fact, Taiwan has 22 level 3 and level 4 biolabs in operation.   They operate under the auspices of China, CDC and NIH.   And like Ukraine Taiwan labs could be a global apocalypse should the US believe a war with China over Taiwan was beneficial.   Even the corrupt Rockefellers, Harvard, Pharma and NIH are aware that such a confrontation could become our global demise.  Insurance.

Instead these two countries, Taiwan and Ukraine, have been operating within the law of the Order of Academia wherein trials and truth have been relegated to Satan.   Those structures include: FDA, MIT, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Science, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, California Institute of Science, and Academia Sinica (China).

China is thus working in a sort of collaboration with the US in Taiwan to produce mass pandemics. While the US, UK, Germany, etc… work in collaboration with Ukraine.   And ALL take their cue from child sex trafficking to forge the necessary blackmail.

Taiwan is NOT a victim any more than Ukraine was.

The US and UK GAVE Taiwan to China post WWII.   Therefore, China is NOT invading or colonizing what is already theirs! And the narrative is simply a distraction from those Mafia/Cults who have been running the world’s governments

For Decades.

Hunter Biden is simply another blackmailed perp who rankled deals between China and Ukraine and the US.  Who was responsible for the UK rankling is not as transparent.   But the Royal Society would likely be front and center!

Bill Gates gave Taiwan an A+ rating for their response to the CoVid Pandemic Malfeasance.   The rating would appear interesting given numbers are of little value in our world of Wonderland.   Taiwan claims an 80% vaccination rate – utilizing their own vaccine – amid a death rate that grew to 20% in 2022 – well after the administration of the VAX.

Once again we are made privy to manipulated narratives, a China-US alliance in Taiwan, the subduing of biolab warfare, and who is in control. Hunter’s Cloud has revealed his abject hatred of both his father and sub-mother.   The fact that he learned the pedo trade from his father.   The fact that he is a psychotic abuser whose psyche is an erupting volcano.

And the Fact that BOTH Ukraine and Taiwan are child & sex trafficking hubs where the Peter Family among most of US and EU politicians partake their sex fantasies and where the NIH/Gates determine their Pandemic priorities.