ELECTION 2024 Trump & Kennedy? Or The Cartel’s Great Depression?

Wading into the 2024 fray of candidates, the most striking intrigue is Bobby Kennedy Jr.   Displaying all the good and some of the not so good characteristics of the Kennedy family, Bobby Kennedy’s decision has the potential to completely obliterate the democrat party as it is currently defined.   In reality, of course, there is absolutely nothing democratic about the Democrat Party and they should reclaim their roots as the Communist Party of Bolsheviks.   Kennedy is old school Democrat Party…

Marianne Williamson is not a viable challenger to a Biden run, but before Kennedy, she was the ONLY challenger.   Whether Biden is allowed to run by his handlers is likely determinant on the degree of destruction that the Cartel wants to and can invoke on America.   If they feel content with their chaos, Biden will bow out. If not, they will clatter back to their internet derived hack election in order to run a tally of 335 million votes all directed for Biden…

That is the degree to which they find this all so very amusing.   Bobby Kennedy in the election ring could be their Russia.   He likely knows more about Congressional Politicians than they do.   He knows their dirt and their lies.   He also knows the Cartel will be relentless in its purveyance of MUD and the importance of sheltering his children from the posse.

A good man with good intentions, is a breath of sea air – fresh and buoyant.  

The collapse of moral society in America is not over.   BLM was activated to destroy blacks.   Antifa to destroy young overly privileged lost souls.   Gays became an acronym of LGBTQRS….   Trans persons were suddenly elevated to demonization levels. And the next chapter is the ‘legalization of pedophilia’.   Promoted by the agency that claims to be: “the world’s only truly universal global organization, the United Nations” ~ per their website.

Your children or your life?

One man acting as President of America cannot recreate our moral depravity – it takes a town.   A village that is headed by two men;   Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr.   A town wherein the people support prosperity and growth.   Where old school ideologies come together.

Kennedy is already finding the wrath of the CIA in following his father’s and uncle’s footsteps.   That wrath should grow exponentially as they fear the damage that he could impose in unseating the entire agency.   Of course most CIA agents would simply move to their counterparts –  NED and CSIS as they await instructions.   USAID would increase the budgets for these two heavy weights unless USAID was also dismantled.

More importantly for 2024 is how to secure the election?   It would appear that city and county voting offices are staffed with crazed agents of corruption and fraud.   Perhaps necessitating police observers.   ID’s should be photographed and uploaded into a computer system for verification.   Creating such a database should be relatively easy – starting with the IRS.

Still the Cartel has much planned to squeeze in before the 2024 election:   another pandemic, a solid recession, UFO panic, more bank failures, food shortages, chaos in the streets ( I am reminded of Star Trek’s Landru), and the final collapse of city dwellers.  

The Great Depression is cited as having many causes with most claiming the stock market collapse as the impetus.   But what caused the stock market crash, how was it handled by the Federal administration and why did it last for ten years?

The Federal Reserve.

WWI was over.   The economy was good. And the Stock market was in its infancy still.   Everyone was making money!   Those who had none borrowed against anything and everything they owned.   Suddenly the Federal Reserve decided that people were making too much money and incurring debt so they raised interest rates.

As a result, of normal market fluctuations, margins were called.   Debts were called.   And selling was the only solution. Driving more selling until banks began to lose. When the banks lost, the Federal Reserve increased interest even more. Selling turned to panic by the time the Federal Reserve had doubled the interest rates over a relatively short period of time.

The Market loss was untenable – but still a Great Depression had not arisen.   Companies had to layoff workers – no jobs led to high unemployment and a recession.   However another man-made cause was erected: The Smoot Hawley Tariff Act.

This Act killed international trade. And the rest is brutal.

In this vein – the WEF Klaus Schwab has detailed his vision for people to live through another Great Depression.   Because this created cycle is how billionaires are made. This is what they are preparing behind the façade of the social morality collapse.   Suffering is their utopia. Whether the Cartel can achieve this end by the 2024 election is on the table.

While pushing the economy harder into a parallel of The Great Depression, the time frame keeps moving with the goal posts –   We are now told that a recession will definitely hit this year – not 2024 as was originally speculated.   However, making it a global Depression is hampered by the rise of the BRICS.   Hedging their bets, most NGO’s and Congressional stooges are betting on China as their safe haven.  

VISA’s For China and corresponding VISA’s issued between China and US are good for ten years… If Kennedy and/or Trump make it to the White House it will be a long haul road ahead…

EPSTEIN SCANDAL Could Break The Banking Cartel

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead – but his pedophilia legacy lives on and on and on!   Cindy McCain explains how everyone (in the government) were well aware of his predilections and vagrant behavior but did nothing because they were afraid…   JP Morgan is now to be even more entrenched than originally believed as it attempts to fight the Virgin Island Lawsuits.   And Jamie Dimon, in the midst of the lawsuits is calling for the governments across the globe to ‘seize private property’!

But let’s talk Trump Indictment…. Distraction.

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are the Defendants in 3 lawsuits alleging the banks knowingly gave Epstein unlimited access to funds to grow his sex trafficking business with Ghislaine Maxwell.   JP Morgan is denying any knowledge and instead is claiming a former executive, Jes Staley, was to blame. Jes Staley claims he is the ‘scapegoat’.

I am not too old to remember the days when employers were responsible for the conduct of their employees.  

The top two banks used by billionaires are Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase “Private Client”.   Largest individual shareholders of JP Morgan include Jamie Dimon and CEO, Mary Callahan Erdoes.  If JP Morgan is indicted – will Biden Bail Them Out?

Between 2020 during the height of the Pandemic to October 2021, JP Morgan’s shares ‘doubled’.   Could it be a ‘new Epstein’ is being bankrolled?    According to JP Morgan’s latest Balance Sheet their Net Equity is a mere 7% on gross assets. On a pure debt to equity – they are twallete water.   In addition, asset valuation typically involves a bit of ‘creative accounting’ and does NOT include unrecognized losses.

Deutsche Bank may look good at first glance with assets under management in excess of $1.3 trillion, but upon closer scrutiny Net Equity on Assets is just 5%. Bank of America’s Net Equity is just 9%.   Credit Suisse, which is in bankruptcy merger negotiations, has a Asset to equity ratio of 8%.

HOUSTON We Have A Problem.   Banks are in Crisis.

While banks maintain a higher debt to equity status – they also are routinely being bailed out due to poor performance and management.  Those bailouts are paid for by Taxpayers as the losses are absorbed.   Taxpayers are also on the line for all NGO’s that receive Federal Funding.   Americans are thus funding Soros, and funding the Trillions in taxfree receipts these NGO’s enjoy!

The Epstein Lawsuits levied against JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank could throw them under the bus of the banking cartel and collapse the entire banking Industry as a dominoes ripple effect.   Too Big to BAIL.

If all of congress was more than aware of the illegal trafficking within the Epstein conclave, that would mean the CIA, FBI, and all other 3-letter agencies were aware.   The fact that they did ‘nothing’ makes them accessary.   The prison sentence for a pedophile is relatively minor given the extent of injury – 6 years.  However, The Purge would empty DC and Langley. The huddle to protect that nomenclature arrangement is backed by $$$trillions.

Whether there is ever any justice is dependent on bringing to light evidence attached to names that is concrete.   Given that the blackmail runs deep and far and wide encapsulating thousands of perps – many will die of old age before being disgraced.   The Jimmy Savile and Franklin Scandals are the ‘historical evidence’ that no one will be prosecuted or named until they are dead. Theresa May promised and yet never even touched on the extent of politicians involved.

It would be interesting to know who is now running the Epstein show – for we all know, The Show Must Go On!!!