A Catalonia COUP? Money & Politics

Spain is headline news – at least in Europe where protests, heavy handed politics and police are not taking Catalonia’s independence with ‘grace’. And the media is quick to defend unity with who they call the silent majority of supporters who deny the right to sovereignty. It is interesting to note exactly ‘who’ the protestors are and who they support;  Ciudadanos of the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC), the former Socialist minister Josep Borrell, the former PP Foreign Minister Josep Piqué (by videolink), and Paco Frutos, the former general secretary of the Spanish Communist Party.

 In other words the call for unity is coming from the Communists and hard left Socialists.

Reuters and CNN and the Washington Post would tout that ‘over one million’ in favor of unity were protesting over the weekend. The Spanish police claim the number is closer to 300,000, but exaggeration is newsworthy. The only reason the mainland Spaniards would even care is the fact that the Catalans are a primary source of revenue – as in ‘share the wealth’. Except for that one detail, no one would care.

California has considered similar options wherein the uber wealthy would split from the welfare block. But the schism of political parties is significant because the party determines ‘how the wealth is shared’. And while Communism is about a dictator having all the wealth, and everyone else sharing what is left, The People currently holding the wealth aren’t liking the deal any more.

Unfortunately, Spain is refusing to negotiate, instead they are attempting to bully, force, manipulate and coerce.

Like the UK, the Royal Budget to uphold a relatively useless monarchy in Spain runs nearly 10 million Euro per year. Still, the budget pales compared to other EU countries supporting an outdated flow of regents. France tops the list at over 100 million Euros, UK is second at roughly 40 million, followed by Holland, Norway, Sweden, Demark, Belgium – then Spain.

Perhaps it is long overdue time to phase out the monarchs of the EU. They serve no purpose. And they spend like – well, Monarchs. The US should follow course by eliminating the post presidency budgets completely. The idea that multi millionaires who have spent 4 to 8 years representing our country should be entitled to annual budgets in the millions is shameful.

The US shells out $3-$4 million per year for past presidents whose respective net worth spans ridiculous numbers; Clintons combined = over $120 million, Bush Sr. = estimated $35 million and Jr. = roughly $25 million, Obama has an estimated $52 + million, and Carter, by far the poorest of the lot touts a piddlin’ = $5 million.

The absurdity of paying these people anything after 8 years of service is disgraceful. The fact that they would accept the money is sheer greed and begs the question of how can they not ‘share their wealth’?  Isn’t that their entire political premise?

Worse, these net worth figures are most likely relatively low given the Swamps penchant for offshore hidden assets, hidden foundation monies, monies in their children’s names, etc….

Countries have vied for their independence from other countries for centuries. Eastern Europe is rife with such changes. The Roman Empire to the south became the Ottoman Empire, became Turkey. Bulgaria was siphoned off into Yugoslavia and Albania. Ukraine was Russia.

Today, the Spanish government has filed a lawsuit against the leaders of Catalonia claiming sedition, rebellion and embezzlement. It sounds like third world games, hardly the actions that would be likened to a respectable European country… Of course, the charges are meant to inject fear and potential prosecution, aka jail, also a third world manipulative tactic.

The mere fact that the Spanish government would approve a ‘takeover’ of Catalonia, smells decidedly coupish given that a legitimate vote of The People of Catalonia decided that Independence was indeed their choice.

Coup: A sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover by force.

Opioid Epidemic – Trumps’ Problem? Or Big Pharma?

Opioid abuse has been a problem for more than two decades, and yet, somehow Trump is being touted as a failure by both left and right because in his first ten months of office, he hasn’t fixed it. Even Ann Coulter is aboard the bash team.

A New York Times opinion piece would have us believe that Obama’s eight years don’t count in the fight because he did – nothing, and Bush’s eight years don’t count, Billy, Walter, huey and puey don’t count, all that matters is the fact that Trump hasn’t fixed it, and that’s what counts.

Of course, opinions and advice flies from all directions, but most of it isn’t about fixing the epidemic so much as re-medicating the addicts.

What is the “Cause”?   It’s root stems from Big Pharma and weaves to doctors and hospitals who take a spiff for every pill they dispense and are only concerned about profit, not patient. That’s it. Easy. Just stop it at the source, the drug dealer. When it comes to illegal drugs we understand that nuance completely, arrest the dealers. When it comes to prostitution, we get it! Arrest the pimps. For some reason, pundits would have us believe that the way to tend to the opioid epidemic is to subvert billions of dollars from the federal budget and use it for ‘emergency response and treatment’.


So their version of a cure is to create a new oversight committee to create federally funded facilities that will be tied to reams of bureaucracy and provide treatment which entails weaning in-house patients off the drug by giving them other drugs, medications and counseling.   In the meantime Big Pharma, doctors and hospitals will continue to dispense with unabated urgency because now they are losing money on the addicts in treatment. So they’ll push more – harder. Except they will make money on the antidotes that will be freely dispensed like hard candy at a lollipop store!

The simplistic answer is you simply knell and prostrate yourself before Big Pharma and hospital executives and ask them pretty please will they stop pushing opioids and take a 10% hit on their bottom line profits… Or maybe you get a consortium of retail executives to cut a deal whereby they provide an incentive for the money spent on opioids to revert back into retail spending by giving Big Pharma a retail spiff.

At any rate, the core problem won’t change unless you – change the core.

The reality is there are a lot of people making big bucks off the opioid crisis and simply setting up treatment does absolutely nothing for the problem.   The US has a significant ‘drug’ problem and opioids are just a part of the crisis.

As of 2013, 78.7 million Americans were on some form of psychiatric drug including 1 million children under the age of 5, of which 275,000 are infants under the age of one on prescribed medication for psychosis. The bulk of infants on psychotropic’s are on ‘anti-anxiety drugs’. How is that even possible? Who puts an infant on a psychotic medication?

Infants born to drug addicted moms.   But according to statistics that may account for roughly 24,000 births. Why would the remaining 250,000 infants require psychotic drugs? The overwhelming answer would seem to be – laziness. It is no different than adults looking for a pill to make them skinny, make them young, make them happy, make them better, healthier, sexier. Pushing the pills on children is the new easy way out when your child doesn’t seem to measure up to Mary’s or Martha’s.   Infants are prescribed ADHD drugs. And the psychiatrist is only too happy to comply because that’s another spiff in their pocket.

Today, the role of a psychiatrist is mostly to act as a pill dispensary. As a result, most psychiatric practices are a secondary specialty. With neurology or internal medicine their primary. They don’t actually treat the patient, instead they prescribe medication and then send them to a ‘real therapist’ for counseling therapy.   But how can a therapist know if their counseling is working if the patient is drugged?

And so the circle goes.

There are legitimate reasons to prescribe psychotic drugs. But if Big Pharma is only treating a few hundred thousand, the profits aren’t worth the manufacturing cost. It’s like the vaccine hysteria. Unless millions of people are required to partake, it isn’t worth the effort. It’s like the attitude parlayed by the vaccine industry in pushing vaccines for things that are relatively benign – chicken pox. “You don’t want your child to suffer do you?” Is the guilt.

So you want Trump to fix it?  

Someone has to suffer. That’s just the way it works. But turning everyone into a whimperdoodle isn’t going to cure anything.  You want to stop the opioid epidemic? STOP PRESCRIBING OPIOIDS.

Soros Collaborates With China’s Xi?

Independence. Sovereignty. Nationalism. These ideals are the antithesis to the Globalization, One World Order, Open Society, Socialist agenda instituted through the Soros/Rothschild cabal. BREXIT. Catalonia. South Ossetia. Crimea.   And Northern Italy’s two richest regions, Veneto and Lombardy, are voting not on secession, but on more local control of tax revenues for which they contribute the majority for the country.

Similarities and difference abound, but the overall theme is away from a centrist communist control and the desire to have more independence.

Russia plays an interesting protagonist role. Blocking the worldwide spread of globalization consumes Putin’s influence. And he has shown himself an interesting and forthwith opponent to the vast power of the cabal. While Trump’s swamp is in Washington, Putin’s swamp has traced Soros’ tentacles throughout Europe, South America and Africa. Leaving Trump to deal with the US, Putin has set his sights on a more massive scale.

Or are they really working together to undermine this coup?

Certainly, setting Bannon free of the Washington scrutiny was quite purposeful. But with Macron floundering, Trudeau whining, Maduro threatening war with Trump, Brazil’s Temer facing corruption charges, and Merkel wagging a finger in the face of arrogance, it would seem that world globalization/domination is crumbling. The Middle East oil power is waning, and with it their ability to support their weapons purchases.

So who is left?

China has managed to keep itself out of the media. What happened to the South China Sea conflict? Did China wave a white flag and surrender to the European and US call to stop? Of course not, China will do what China wants to do and could care less what anyone else thinks, demands, or bullies.

February 2016, Soros was in attack mode, readying to stall China’s economy and bludgeon Xi. Then in December 2016 Soros dramatically flipped his stance and announced that China should be ushered in as the Leader of The New World Order, stating that it would be “just as the United States has adopted the Order by a Washington consensus”. So why would Soros attempt to usher in China as a leader? Because that would be the only way China would even consider the adoption of a global government, and because China already follows Communist rule, a huge advantage for ushering in the New World Order.

Could China attain global power?

Their army is relatively small ranking 16th in the world with roughly 300,000 active personnel and 4.8 million ‘fit for military service’.   While Xi has succeeded in lifting their economy significantly the last five years, they face some very untenable barriers, the largest being – water.

Water consumption doesn’t merely refer to the tap, China’s steel industry uses 12 trillion gallons of water per year. Nuclear power plants use 8 times more water as natural gas plants and 4% more than coal. Clean energy comes at a cost. Coal is their main source of energy with hydroelectric taking second, both consume and require massive amounts of water.

China has quite a bit on its plate preparing for the future sustainability of its population. Conquering other countries, emerging as a Globalization Leader might be a bit more difficult and extraneous at this point in China’s current agenda. However, China has a tortoise view of running the race and with Xi quietly being elected to a second term yesterday, his address to journalists was imbedded with innuendo; ‘a new era has dawned’, important junctures and signposts lie ahead, a pledge to ‘open’ itself wider to the world, and the building of a global community with a shared future.

Greed and power have a way of changing the very core of a person as we have seen in Hollywood, Washington, and sports. If Rothschild dangled supreme kingship before Xi would he take the leap? Would he fall prey to the puppeteer? Could he be the latest victim envisioning glory?

Is there really honor among Thieves? I doubt it.

TRUMP vs The Whimperdoodles!

Flake is going down. McCain has an on-camera meltdown in which he berates a reporter. The Trump dossier is now a DNC/Hillary culpable fraud. Comey is caught lying. GPS Fusion takes the 5th. Hillary’s Uranium/Russia deal deepening in corruption. Bill wants no part of the ‘limelight’ of Hillary. Weinstein going down. More Hollywood sexual predator allegations rising.   Obama’s FBI linked to fraud and cover-up.   Opioid use is up. Psychotic drug use up. Cops are barreling down on gangs and sex traffickers. Blacks hate whites more than ever. Trump is proposing a tax overhaul. Trump issues Executive Order to make health insurance competitive so as to drive down spiraling rocketing fees. Podesta’s brother is in Big Trouble. Oh, and Colin Kaepernick has signed a $1 million book deal with Random House’s only black editor… because no one in the NFL wants to handle his hot potato temper. Oh, did I mention Hollywood is going down the proverbial ‘tubes’, right along with the NFL greed hawks.  

Less than a year in office, and I would say Trump is more than performing on his promises! He is upending the Swamp with all the ferociousness of Aslan, the Lion in CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.

So what do the whimperdoodles plan to do about it? They are going to hold a ‘scream in’. Well, I’m sure that will accomplish a lot… Nothing like going for a viable solution, but that isn’t taught in our Universities or Mainstream schools any longer, solutions are considered white supremacist and not tolerated by the tolerant because it is intolerable. Instead, they riot, destroy, create mayhem and chaos in the name of tolerance.

Democrat tempers are unfused and unrelenting, they have unleashed without control or boundaries and as such reverberate like wicked elves in Oz.

The unraveling is happening and, as promised, it ain’t pretty, it’s darkness is losing, and like a soured ego, rage is the solution. Even Krauthammer has shifted gears and is beginning to see and respond to the layers upon layers of true corruption that is being unveiled.  It isn’t just Obama. It goes back many presidents from both parties, hence the swamp isn’t a party, it’s a coup that took control without The People even understanding what hit us.

Drugs are a part of the ultimate cull. People in a stupor will not fight. It includes a moral decay within the sexual trafficking/pedophilia gamut that has become the throne of politicians, Hollywood, sports figures and anyone with too much money and no values. We are witnessing a revolt to be sure, but not the one that the swamp wanted, a revolt that Trump has bulldogged his way through in a very short period of time like a true Special Ops Leader.

The outlets are afraid to admit their team is losing. Instead they play the screams and shrills of the Shrews of Politics as though they represent Truth.

Is our country Perfect? Not by a long shot. But I’d rather be here than there. My neighbors shared their propaganda experience from the 1980’s when Poland became Communist.   The government took countless pictures of grocery store shelves to prove they were well stocked, only the only item on the shelves was ‘ white distilled vinegar’.   The waiting list to get an apartment was seven years, and a car was 7-10 years, although you had to pay for it upfront.

Whimperdoodles don’t have a clue. Mommy and daddy are footing their bills, their meals, their cars, their insurance, and still they ‘scream’. And the Shrews in Washington think their ‘voice’ is worthy of a listen.

Have you noticed the absolute silence that has suddenly overcome most of Hollywood since the Weinstein scandal broke. All those shrewlettes and sherlocks have suddenly backed into a cave and taped their mouths shut.   “Don’t get involved” is the agent mantra – silence is golden. Careers are being broken. And like the residents of The Capital in The Hunger Games, their game – is being broken. The only difference is the fact that in real life, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the heroine Katniss, she is Effie Trinket – not too intelligent, gets basic facts wrong, vacant, and having no moral value structure…


Can’t wait for the Trump Sequel!

Russia’s Female Macron! Sobchak.

A new candidate for the presidency of Russia just announced ‘her’ candidacy, and it would appear she is the female Macron; young, beautiful, empty, and devoid of any political background or education. An actress, a socialite, Ashkenasi Jew, jaunting about on private jets to the EU, US and back, she has an interesting link. Rothschild/Soros.

Running on the fumes of her notoriety, Ksenia Sobchak has been described as the Russian version of Paris Hilton. Groomed? It would appear so.

Up until 2012, she was the ‘partner’ of Ilya Yashin, a renowned political activist and leader of the Peoples Freedom Party, or PARNAS. PARNAS was created by the merger of four organizations:   Russian People’s Democratic Union, Republican Party of Russia, Democratic Choice; and certain members of the Solidarity movement.   They are considered a liberal democrat party with ties to Alexei Navalny, and a collective organization termed, The Other Russia, which supports liberalism, socialism and communism. Dissolved into PARNAS in 2010, The Other Russia was the brain child of chessman, Garry Kasparov.

Sobchak was an active anti-Putin protestor alongside Ilya Yashin. Her mother, Lyudmila     Narusova, is an active politician and member of the ‘A Just Russia’ party which advocates for a welfare state and New Socialism. This party is also an amalgamation of a number of other parties, merged into one in 2006.

For decades Soros and the Rothschilds have been attempting to gain control of the Russian government. Having established numerous offshoots of The Open Society and Rothschild banking institutions, in 2015 Russia obliterated them all and expelled both Soros and Rothschild from Russia and issued an international arrest warrant.

That didn’t go over well.

In 2012, Sobchak quite suddenly switched gears and married Maxim Vitorgan, also an actor, had a child, and remained rather low key until she suddenly emerged as a candidate for presidency.

One of Ms. Sobchak’s most vocal stances regards Ukraine, stating that “from the point of view of International Law, Crimea is Ukrainian”, despite the fact that 96% of Crimeans voted in the referendum to reunite with The Russian Federation.   Despite the people’s choice, Ms. Sobchak believes that Law not People takes precedent citing a violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum.

The Memorandum protects the sovereign rights of Ukraine against US, Irish, UK and/or Russian threat or use of force. Russia claims that the US and UK instigated a coup which constituted ‘force’. The US and UK claim Crimea was annexed.

Partnering with Navalny, who is disqualified from running for presidency of Russia, Sobchak has declared that she is his ‘stand-in’, calling herself a ‘mouthpiece for all those who cannot become candidates’. This leads to the inference that she is simply a pawn with a well known name running on behalf of – Navalny.

According to Khodorkovsky’s blog, in an interview in 2015 he endorsed his support for his ally, Navalny, against Putin.   Khodorkovsky is also a political activist and former billionaire in exile in Switzerland. Khodorkovsky headed the Open Russia Foundation on behalf of George Soros.   And so, the pieces of the puzzle would seem to lead to the quite plausible conclusion that Sobchak is in fact an appealing face with two parents whose names are familiar in the political sphere of Russia, working in conjunction with the Soros/Rothschild cabal to trounce Putin and replace him with their marionette whose strings will then be manipulated by Navalny from within Russia, and Khodorkovsky from afar. Like Hillary, we can assume that all decisions will ultimately come from the ‘true mouthpiece’, George Soros.

One of the more common forms of dissent coordinated and praised by Navalny, Khodorkovsky and Yashin has been violent protests… another earmark of the Soros rule of law – Divide and Conquer! It is also worth noting that support for Navalny and Khodorkovsky is repeatedly declared by; The New York Times, Washington Post and The Economist.

While MSM would have us believe that Sobchak is affiliated with Putin via her late father who mentored Putin, given her radicalization with Navalny, and Yashin, it is much more likely she has been chained to the Soros factory.

Muslim Dual Citizenship; The Lawsuit Awards We Pay

A small protest in Canada was said to be against Trudeau, high taxation and an award that the Canadian government gave to Omar Khadr in the amount of $10.5 million. Antifa showed up and caused a ruckus claiming that the protest was racially motivated by white supremacists, the new go to for ‘everything’. 

There was exactly ‘one’ media article to this regard. Granted it was copy/pasted to a select few outlets, it read verbatim. Not exactly journalistic material.

But the point regarding monetary awards was worth researching. Citizenship is the marker.

Every year in the US upwards of nearly 100,000 Muslim immigrants are naturalized wherein they care given ‘dual citizenship’. Within that marker, they can freely travel back and forth between any and all Muslim countries for years at a time while enjoying the welfare and benefits provided by the US and socialist Canada.

Case in point – Canada:

Ahmed Khadr moved to Canada from Egypt, called Pakistan his home, was a known Al Qaeda affiliate, and fought for the Taliban in Afghanistan. When his son Omar was 15, Ahmed took him to fight alongside Al Qaeda with him. While in Afghanistan, Omar allegedly shot and killed an American soldier, was captured and taken to Guantanamo Bay. He pled guilty to the charges believing that Canada would rescue him given his age. They didn’t, he ultimately sued and won $10.5 million from Trudeau.

This is just one case that illustrates the entire point of Trump’s Travel Ban. And again, the Hawaiian judge who shot down the ban? There are NO MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS in Hawaii.

Similar case, lots of money, Maher Arar. Only he wasn’t born in Canada, but immigrated with his ‘unknown’ parents and took dual Syrian/Canadian citizenship. He too was awarded multi-millions after he was deported to Syria by the US where he was imprisoned for 10 months before being freed to Canada. He too was issued a judgment for $10.5 million.

The problem with these cases is multiple, however the backers of both Khadr and Arar have a common focal – Soros. The backers include; Alliance For Justice, Center For Constitutional Rights, Campaign For Liberty, International Justice Network, Center For Justice and Accountability, Human Rights Advocates, and Center For Victims of Torture.

What these ‘nonprofits’ seem to be targeting are lawsuits against the US and Canadian governments on behalf of Muslim citizens who have acquired ‘dual citizenship’. And the number of lawsuits is becoming quite staggering.

In 2015 two Muslim truck drivers sued because they were fired for not delivering beer citing religious liberty – with the help and intervention of Obama, they won $240,000.

CAIR has filed a class-action lawsuit against the US government claiming that ‘terror watch lists are discriminatory’.

A Muslim teen claimed Abercrombie and Fitch discriminated against her because she was required to wear appropriate clothing. She won – millions.

A lawsuit was filed in NY Federal District Court against the police claiming that stings and infiltrating Muslim neighborhoods as plainclothes officers was illegally targeting, and religious profiling.

Who is filing these lawsuits?

The Brennan Center For Justice, whose president, Michael Waldman worked under Bill Clinton, is one. They have also lobbied extensively for raising minimum wage, oppose voter ID laws, and advocate for public funding of elections. They have also represented detainees from Guantanamo.

Another organization is the Iranian Alliance Across Borders, who receives it’s funding from the PARSA Foundation, whose Board members include Matthew Symonds from “The Economist”, a Rothschild agenda, and Vartan Gregorian who also sits on the board of “Human Rights Watch”, a Soros agenda child.

The irony is the fact that ultimately US and Canadian taxpayers are paying millions of dollars in lawsuits perpetrated by the Soros/Rothschild cabal, in order to monetize the Muslim community. I imagine those funds are then deposited into the Soros Hedge Fund wherein they will grow quite nicely…

While all the nasty white supremacists are left holding the tab.

The Resiliency of The Love of A Child

The love a child has for a parent is so amazingly resilient; it is a beacon of forgiveness. I have witnessed so many relationships completely torn and yet, sometimes with the slightest of changes, no matter the age, the entire relationship can be refused, reignited, as though the past never happened. It should be a message to us all that we learn from our children, despite all our worldly wisdom. It could serve our world and our society well.

A child is willing to lift the veil on a drop of kindness. The power the parent wields is immense, it has the ability to create a wondrous life filled with compassion, love, giving, and it has the power to fill a wondrous life with bitterness, desolation and hate.

We are the creators of our children’s psyche. They are our responsibility – good, bad or indifferent. To reject that responsibility, is to reject yourself. A child’s psyche is directly correlated to family first – friends and society – second. If a family chooses to have their child raised by society, that is the family choice and their responsibility. I believe in a mother raising her child…(ren).

If a child cries for help, then it is first to the parents to come to the plate. No one else. Friends should be second. The warmth that a family can embrace is beyond anything else. It is unbounded.

I speak because I experience.

Whether it is politically correct or not doesn’t matter when it becomes – personal. The power that a father has with his boys is absolute. The power a mother has with her daughters is absolute. This does not negate the power of mothers and sons and daughters and fathers, it simply is a truism. It is an ingrained genetic. It is the natural course as it should be.

I want to be father and mother to my sons, but I can’t. I can only be what I am, even in the age of feminism, it is the natural way of life. And so I cry for what I cannot be.

So many miracles I’ve learned from my children, I cannot convey. But a powerful one just slapped me in the face, and as a parent, a mom, I have to be a voice.

Our kids, like us, are bound to screw up. Such is life. But if we don’t remember our own failings, we can tend to be too harsh on theirs. It is the Biblical ‘log in thine eye’ syndrome that we sometimes fail to observe when it is closest to us – our family. It is much easier when pointing an arthritic finger at someone we don’t even know.   But when it comes to family, the potential for a reverberation is too scary and thus sometimes we shy away.

I have always harped on the notion that we must travel 3000+ miles away to help and evangelize the poor, when the poor are a ten minute drive down the road. And sometimes, the poor are family.

If my son falls, I take it personally. In my opinion, it is my responsibility and reflects on what I have taught him.   In my opinion, that is the role of a parent. It isn’t easy. But then, we, each of us, made this choice, and must now accept the consequences. And sometimes, those consequences don’t go according to plan, or wish, and we can NOT drop the ball.

And so I say, with all sincerity, to all my boys, I am so sorry for all the things I have done that were wrong, self absorbed, and without heart that may have contributed or led to your own heart-aches. Please forgive me and please, learn from my mistakes, as I did from my mother ( my dad was perfect!!!).

I love you from the depths of my heart.  Find sustenance in that – please…

Hate Crime in US – statistics of blame

There is no better place to find fodder for a blog, than in a Blog or even the Liberal commentaries within a Blog.

When the Blog begins with the notion that ‘blame’ is wholly Hypocritical and a male thing, or a Republican thing, or a Christian thing, the uh-ohs begin. Because ultimately, the Blog will find a place to place – the Blame – without understanding that the hypocrisy has come full circle.

Commentaries are even more ridiculous. When a commentator has nothing to defend their point, they immediately revert to defamation of character. And they don’t beat around the bush – they go for the gut and glory.

One such Blame I have found is that Trump is the cause of the ‘spike in hate crimes’. Actually, hate crimes against Muslims began a steady rise in 2012, during the Obama Presidency.   It is also worth discussing who is committing the hate crimes, against whom, and why is it that hate that is targeted against white people is NOT counted as a hate crime?  At least not by the Liberals.

No one would say they support hate crime, but it is important to maintain a level head regarding statistics: The number of incidences in 2013, as reported by the FBI, was 5,928. Out of a total US population of 330 million, that would represent .0018% of the population. Of those hate crimes, 3407 were racially motivated 67% per perpetrated against blacks, but 52% of those were white offenders. So now we can extrapolate that .0003% of the white population is responsible for some sort of a hate crime.

‘Hate Crime” is defined within multiple categories:  assault, rape, intimidation, property theft/damage, and murder. Of the total number of ‘hate crimes’ that resulted in murder, the percentage is .1% – or five people. Again no one is condoning crimes, it is just about showing the statistical divergences and disproportionate attention.

Despite these extremely low statistics, somehow, Hate Crime represents Trump and all other white people in the US…

According to the same FBI, in 2013 the number of blacks killed by whites stood at .77 per 1 million. By contrast, the number of whites killed by blacks was 9.83 per 1 million. Ten times more.   In 2007, there were 14,000 assaults on white women by black men.  Versus ALL total hate crimes = 5,928.

The problem with statistics, is they actually reveal truth.

The number of hate crimes committed by whites ‘pales’ in comparison to the total crimes committed against whites by blacks. But diverting this focus to an agenda of ‘hate crime’ serves two purposes: Division. Hate.

It extends a justification for blacks to commit more crime. It subjugates whites. And it sets up a nation for an even greater agenda – civil war. Unfounded in statistics, but energized by shadows who see the fall of the US as an end game.

The writer of this fodder article takes it a few steps further blaming Trump for the ‘cold blooded murder of Muslims, ICE agents rounding up Latinos, and threatening Jews with the oven! WOW! None of this occurred until Trump was President… WOW!

According to the FBI, the number of religious motivated hate crimes involved 1223 victims. Of those, 61% were Jewish, 13.7% were Muslim, 6.1% were Catholic, and 3.8 were Protestant. That means that a total of 167 Muslims were the target of hate crimes… compared to 746 Jews. What we don’t know is who were the perpetrators in these cases.   Were Muslims targeting Jews?

Lastly, this woman alleges that what we have today is “Trump’s America” and a Revolution is a means to vengeance.

The statistics I cited were Obama’s America. The causes have been inflated way out of proportion.   But the anger has most definitely been incited, the bitterness is overwhelming, and the desire to destroy profound. All in the name of Peace.   I see it so often cited by people who define themselves as pacifists, lovers, embedded in tolerance, embracing, kind, and yet – somehow they can’t see the mirror, the reflection that they promote is far different. Death threats are justified. Assault is justified. Because it comes in ‘their name of peace’.

Unfortunately, many, if not most of these outlets promoting victimhood, are also promoting Dissent and Revolution. Which fuels conservatives to ‘buy more guns’ out of fear of these peace loving revolutionaries who just want us all – dead.

IRAN Nuclear Deal – A Sham

Was the Iran Nuclear Deal more about finding a means for lifting sanctions than curbing their nuclear production? Was it more of a corporate decision in order to profit on the economy of Iran while unfreezing potentially $100 billion in assets, which could be used to pay for the greed of corporate products? Maybe it was to legalize all the ‘waivers’ that had been extended despite the sanctions!

The US had already apparently granted some 296 waivers, allowing various business to operate, trade, and service in Iran – prior to the Iran Nuclear Deal. All granted during the Obama regime.

Waivers were given to a host of biomedical, agriculture, and medical device companies, but they were also given to institutions like Harvard, New York University, HSBC, BNP Paribas, GE, genetics companies, etc…

BNP was cited for illegally doing business with Iran, Sudan and Cuba despite sanctions in place. They were fined nearly $9 billion by the US, and then issued a waiver – to do business in Iran. BNP is also the largest nuclear investor bank in the world with $13.5 billion on the line.

Since the Iran Nuclear Deal became effective, the share price of BNP Paribas has risen 67%.

So what is the point of sanctions if waivers are the norm?

And who is denied a waiver? How much does it cost to buy a waiver? Where is the waiver money deposited, because I don’t see it as a line item under the Federal Revenue Budget?

Nothing is ever as it seems, and the Iran Deal is no exception.

Playing with the sanctions in Iran has been rather self fulfilling as periodically specific sanctions were lifted. In 2000, sanctions were lifted on ‘caviar and carpets’, obviously to accommodate the appetite of the uber wealthy.

With a failed attempt to colonize Ukraine, was Iran the next largest prospect? Cuba?

Iran is much more westernized than other Middle Eastern countries. The Burqua is not required.   Luxury brands from the EU and US are popular. They have copycat markets for burgers, pizza, and even Starbucks. Victoria Secrets, cigarettes, Dell and Apple products are everywhere.

Legalizing what has already been done under the table is only a part of the agenda.

Israel. Israel and Iran despise each other. Lifting the sanctions releases a pressure valve ramping up Israel’s defensive character. The Iran Deal also sends a message to Israel that – you aren’t important, business is – and isolates Israel from virtually the rest of the world given the P5+1 signed off on the New Deal. P5+1 is Russia, China, UK, US, and France, the +1 is Germany, an after thought… why not make it the P6? Too easy.

The notion that scrapping the Iran deal will somehow spur Iran to greater nuclear capacity is rather naïve. Iran has yet to be transparent, we really don’t know – or aren’t saying – their true nuclear capabilities. Despite the IAEA politely asking for pretty please permission to see all of Iran’s facilities, the request is not always granted. This same IAEA organization claims they will conduct ‘oversight’ to maintain that Iran stays within the confines of the Iran Nuclear Deal… But of course, how can they possibly when they don’t even know where all the sites exist and aren’t allowed access?

Allegations about facilities have abounded, and sometimes shelved. When denied access, the IAEA simply shrugs. With a budget of roughly ½ billion euros, what exactly do they do and where does their money come from?   Apparently the revenue is generated via ‘contributions from member states – perhaps why Germany was made a quasi member, to ante up. And the bulk of expenses are for staff, travel and consultants.

According to staff at the IAEA, their inspectors don’t have the expertise or knowledge to properly inspect and identify whether a machine is being utilized for military capabilities or not! Hence they require outside consultants. So why have the IAEA if outside consultants can perform the job at 1/20th of the cost?

The IAEA doesn’t have a clean bill of health in their performance having been called out for improper samplings and techniques in Syria. Even Democrat Feinstein has stated that the IAEA needs to be substantially overhauled if we are going to rely on their oversight.

Littered with oddities from the beginning, the Iran Nuclear Deal really had little to do with curtailing Iran’s nuclear capabilities and more to do with opening a floodgate for Corporate wealth – and putting Israel on notice.

Bannon’s War! Southern Poverty Law Center

Bannon left the White House precisely because he would be free of the liberal media scrutiny and free to do and say what he wanted to do and say while in the White House – but couldn’t. His hands were tied. No more.

He has created an agenda; The Swamp Cleaner.

There was an old movie in which Harvey Keitel played The Cleaner. His job was to come in when a hit had gotten messy and clean up the mess. Frequently that meant additional hits as well as literally wiping clean all evidence. Bannon was a target from the getgo from the Liberals, and the liberal media. The New York Times vehemently hated him and badgered him relentlessly. Because he was a spokesperson for Trump the targeted badgering reflected on Trump negatively.  Exit stage left, Enter stage right.

Now, outside of the confines and constricts of the White House, he is free to do what he wants which entails cleaning the Swamp of both GOP fuddy-duddies and Liberal weeds.

While the New York Times has bashed Breitbart News, aka Bannon, citing The Sourthern Poverty Law Center (which is a front for yet another George Soros web) which refers to Breitbart as “a white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill.” Because apparently, today, if one is white, one is a racist and supremacist.  But wait!

It is interesting to note that the Board of Directors at the Southern Poverty Law Center is comprised of; 1 black man, 2 women, and 10 white supremacists! Aw Shucks! And in teaching “Tolerance” and love, they have devised a “Hate Map” on which they pinpoint what they refer to as Hate Groups around the US whose activities include; criminal acts, marches, rallies, meetings, leafleting, publishing and speeches. Well, that’s hateful.

They have identified 663 antigovernment hate groups in the US who they define as opposed to The New World Order. Christians are considered a ‘hate group’, are thus not tolerated and must be extinguished…   In total they list over 900 Hate Groups. If it wasn’t crazy, it might be a funny spoof movie with Leslie Neilson.

Their teaching tools, which they distribute to schools ‘for free’, perpetuate a communist view. No surprise. Everyone must be the same. No one can be different. No societal class, no wealth, no poverty, no color, no religion, just absolute homogeny. Ommmm.  I think it’s called Communism.

A 501©(3) charity with a budget approaching $80 million, they somehow manage to operate at a net loss. According to their 2014 990, their 10 officers rake in about $2.3 million, another $17+ million is paid for employees, benefits and payroll taxes, occupancy/rent is $1.4 million (nice digs), and the publications that they give away for ‘free’ cost them over $14 million. They bought their building and equipment for about $35 million. They are sitting on roughly $6 million in cash and cash equivalents, and over $330 million in investment securities!!

That’s a LOT of Moula!

I guess hate maps make a lot of money. But they also make money by ‘seizing the assets’ of ‘hate groups’ they cripple? Really?

So how is it that a non-profit can have so much cash and investment income? Doesn’t that make them a profit? Because right now, it’s all – TAX FREE.

The company also passively notes that they have ownership interest in several ‘foreign corporations’ which they are not required to list, and they are indirect owners in several passive foreign investment companies… While the names have not been disclosed, their locations bear witness; Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Bermuda – all tax havens. Golly.

In addition, their principle campaign organization, Grassroots Campaign, which generated a net fundraising loss for them of over $1.2 million, is apparently affiliated with the Democrat National Committee and Moveon.Org. Other prominent clients include; Planned Parenthood, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and ACORN. That didn’t go well…

The organization is routinely quoted by the media to prove a point, to certify that a company or person is a hater, or to defame those who do not support the agenda of a New World Order.

All the while they quote the meme, “Don’t fight hate, with hate.” Which of course, is exactly what they are doing…