TRUMP vs The Whimperdoodles!

Flake is going down. McCain has an on-camera meltdown in which he berates a reporter. The Trump dossier is now a DNC/Hillary culpable fraud. Comey is caught lying. GPS Fusion takes the 5th. Hillary’s Uranium/Russia deal deepening in corruption. Bill wants no part of the ‘limelight’ of Hillary. Weinstein going down. More Hollywood sexual predator allegations rising.   Obama’s FBI linked to fraud and cover-up.   Opioid use is up. Psychotic drug use up. Cops are barreling down on gangs and sex traffickers. Blacks hate whites more than ever. Trump is proposing a tax overhaul. Trump issues Executive Order to make health insurance competitive so as to drive down spiraling rocketing fees. Podesta’s brother is in Big Trouble. Oh, and Colin Kaepernick has signed a $1 million book deal with Random House’s only black editor… because no one in the NFL wants to handle his hot potato temper. Oh, did I mention Hollywood is going down the proverbial ‘tubes’, right along with the NFL greed hawks.  

Less than a year in office, and I would say Trump is more than performing on his promises! He is upending the Swamp with all the ferociousness of Aslan, the Lion in CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.

So what do the whimperdoodles plan to do about it? They are going to hold a ‘scream in’. Well, I’m sure that will accomplish a lot… Nothing like going for a viable solution, but that isn’t taught in our Universities or Mainstream schools any longer, solutions are considered white supremacist and not tolerated by the tolerant because it is intolerable. Instead, they riot, destroy, create mayhem and chaos in the name of tolerance.

Democrat tempers are unfused and unrelenting, they have unleashed without control or boundaries and as such reverberate like wicked elves in Oz.

The unraveling is happening and, as promised, it ain’t pretty, it’s darkness is losing, and like a soured ego, rage is the solution. Even Krauthammer has shifted gears and is beginning to see and respond to the layers upon layers of true corruption that is being unveiled.  It isn’t just Obama. It goes back many presidents from both parties, hence the swamp isn’t a party, it’s a coup that took control without The People even understanding what hit us.

Drugs are a part of the ultimate cull. People in a stupor will not fight. It includes a moral decay within the sexual trafficking/pedophilia gamut that has become the throne of politicians, Hollywood, sports figures and anyone with too much money and no values. We are witnessing a revolt to be sure, but not the one that the swamp wanted, a revolt that Trump has bulldogged his way through in a very short period of time like a true Special Ops Leader.

The outlets are afraid to admit their team is losing. Instead they play the screams and shrills of the Shrews of Politics as though they represent Truth.

Is our country Perfect? Not by a long shot. But I’d rather be here than there. My neighbors shared their propaganda experience from the 1980’s when Poland became Communist.   The government took countless pictures of grocery store shelves to prove they were well stocked, only the only item on the shelves was ‘ white distilled vinegar’.   The waiting list to get an apartment was seven years, and a car was 7-10 years, although you had to pay for it upfront.

Whimperdoodles don’t have a clue. Mommy and daddy are footing their bills, their meals, their cars, their insurance, and still they ‘scream’. And the Shrews in Washington think their ‘voice’ is worthy of a listen.

Have you noticed the absolute silence that has suddenly overcome most of Hollywood since the Weinstein scandal broke. All those shrewlettes and sherlocks have suddenly backed into a cave and taped their mouths shut.   “Don’t get involved” is the agent mantra – silence is golden. Careers are being broken. And like the residents of The Capital in The Hunger Games, their game – is being broken. The only difference is the fact that in real life, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the heroine Katniss, she is Effie Trinket – not too intelligent, gets basic facts wrong, vacant, and having no moral value structure…


Can’t wait for the Trump Sequel!