A Catalonia COUP? Money & Politics

Spain is headline news – at least in Europe where protests, heavy handed politics and police are not taking Catalonia’s independence with ‘grace’. And the media is quick to defend unity with who they call the silent majority of supporters who deny the right to sovereignty. It is interesting to note exactly ‘who’ the protestors are and who they support;  Ciudadanos of the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC), the former Socialist minister Josep Borrell, the former PP Foreign Minister Josep Piqué (by videolink), and Paco Frutos, the former general secretary of the Spanish Communist Party.

 In other words the call for unity is coming from the Communists and hard left Socialists.

Reuters and CNN and the Washington Post would tout that ‘over one million’ in favor of unity were protesting over the weekend. The Spanish police claim the number is closer to 300,000, but exaggeration is newsworthy. The only reason the mainland Spaniards would even care is the fact that the Catalans are a primary source of revenue – as in ‘share the wealth’. Except for that one detail, no one would care.

California has considered similar options wherein the uber wealthy would split from the welfare block. But the schism of political parties is significant because the party determines ‘how the wealth is shared’. And while Communism is about a dictator having all the wealth, and everyone else sharing what is left, The People currently holding the wealth aren’t liking the deal any more.

Unfortunately, Spain is refusing to negotiate, instead they are attempting to bully, force, manipulate and coerce.

Like the UK, the Royal Budget to uphold a relatively useless monarchy in Spain runs nearly 10 million Euro per year. Still, the budget pales compared to other EU countries supporting an outdated flow of regents. France tops the list at over 100 million Euros, UK is second at roughly 40 million, followed by Holland, Norway, Sweden, Demark, Belgium – then Spain.

Perhaps it is long overdue time to phase out the monarchs of the EU. They serve no purpose. And they spend like – well, Monarchs. The US should follow course by eliminating the post presidency budgets completely. The idea that multi millionaires who have spent 4 to 8 years representing our country should be entitled to annual budgets in the millions is shameful.

The US shells out $3-$4 million per year for past presidents whose respective net worth spans ridiculous numbers; Clintons combined = over $120 million, Bush Sr. = estimated $35 million and Jr. = roughly $25 million, Obama has an estimated $52 + million, and Carter, by far the poorest of the lot touts a piddlin’ = $5 million.

The absurdity of paying these people anything after 8 years of service is disgraceful. The fact that they would accept the money is sheer greed and begs the question of how can they not ‘share their wealth’?  Isn’t that their entire political premise?

Worse, these net worth figures are most likely relatively low given the Swamps penchant for offshore hidden assets, hidden foundation monies, monies in their children’s names, etc….

Countries have vied for their independence from other countries for centuries. Eastern Europe is rife with such changes. The Roman Empire to the south became the Ottoman Empire, became Turkey. Bulgaria was siphoned off into Yugoslavia and Albania. Ukraine was Russia.

Today, the Spanish government has filed a lawsuit against the leaders of Catalonia claiming sedition, rebellion and embezzlement. It sounds like third world games, hardly the actions that would be likened to a respectable European country… Of course, the charges are meant to inject fear and potential prosecution, aka jail, also a third world manipulative tactic.

The mere fact that the Spanish government would approve a ‘takeover’ of Catalonia, smells decidedly coupish given that a legitimate vote of The People of Catalonia decided that Independence was indeed their choice.

Coup: A sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover by force.

Soros Collaborates With China’s Xi?

Independence. Sovereignty. Nationalism. These ideals are the antithesis to the Globalization, One World Order, Open Society, Socialist agenda instituted through the Soros/Rothschild cabal. BREXIT. Catalonia. South Ossetia. Crimea.   And Northern Italy’s two richest regions, Veneto and Lombardy, are voting not on secession, but on more local control of tax revenues for which they contribute the majority for the country.

Similarities and difference abound, but the overall theme is away from a centrist communist control and the desire to have more independence.

Russia plays an interesting protagonist role. Blocking the worldwide spread of globalization consumes Putin’s influence. And he has shown himself an interesting and forthwith opponent to the vast power of the cabal. While Trump’s swamp is in Washington, Putin’s swamp has traced Soros’ tentacles throughout Europe, South America and Africa. Leaving Trump to deal with the US, Putin has set his sights on a more massive scale.

Or are they really working together to undermine this coup?

Certainly, setting Bannon free of the Washington scrutiny was quite purposeful. But with Macron floundering, Trudeau whining, Maduro threatening war with Trump, Brazil’s Temer facing corruption charges, and Merkel wagging a finger in the face of arrogance, it would seem that world globalization/domination is crumbling. The Middle East oil power is waning, and with it their ability to support their weapons purchases.

So who is left?

China has managed to keep itself out of the media. What happened to the South China Sea conflict? Did China wave a white flag and surrender to the European and US call to stop? Of course not, China will do what China wants to do and could care less what anyone else thinks, demands, or bullies.

February 2016, Soros was in attack mode, readying to stall China’s economy and bludgeon Xi. Then in December 2016 Soros dramatically flipped his stance and announced that China should be ushered in as the Leader of The New World Order, stating that it would be “just as the United States has adopted the Order by a Washington consensus”. So why would Soros attempt to usher in China as a leader? Because that would be the only way China would even consider the adoption of a global government, and because China already follows Communist rule, a huge advantage for ushering in the New World Order.

Could China attain global power?

Their army is relatively small ranking 16th in the world with roughly 300,000 active personnel and 4.8 million ‘fit for military service’.   While Xi has succeeded in lifting their economy significantly the last five years, they face some very untenable barriers, the largest being – water.

Water consumption doesn’t merely refer to the tap, China’s steel industry uses 12 trillion gallons of water per year. Nuclear power plants use 8 times more water as natural gas plants and 4% more than coal. Clean energy comes at a cost. Coal is their main source of energy with hydroelectric taking second, both consume and require massive amounts of water.

China has quite a bit on its plate preparing for the future sustainability of its population. Conquering other countries, emerging as a Globalization Leader might be a bit more difficult and extraneous at this point in China’s current agenda. However, China has a tortoise view of running the race and with Xi quietly being elected to a second term yesterday, his address to journalists was imbedded with innuendo; ‘a new era has dawned’, important junctures and signposts lie ahead, a pledge to ‘open’ itself wider to the world, and the building of a global community with a shared future.

Greed and power have a way of changing the very core of a person as we have seen in Hollywood, Washington, and sports. If Rothschild dangled supreme kingship before Xi would he take the leap? Would he fall prey to the puppeteer? Could he be the latest victim envisioning glory?

Is there really honor among Thieves? I doubt it.