Muslim Dual Citizenship; The Lawsuit Awards We Pay

A small protest in Canada was said to be against Trudeau, high taxation and an award that the Canadian government gave to Omar Khadr in the amount of $10.5 million. Antifa showed up and caused a ruckus claiming that the protest was racially motivated by white supremacists, the new go to for ‘everything’. 

There was exactly ‘one’ media article to this regard. Granted it was copy/pasted to a select few outlets, it read verbatim. Not exactly journalistic material.

But the point regarding monetary awards was worth researching. Citizenship is the marker.

Every year in the US upwards of nearly 100,000 Muslim immigrants are naturalized wherein they care given ‘dual citizenship’. Within that marker, they can freely travel back and forth between any and all Muslim countries for years at a time while enjoying the welfare and benefits provided by the US and socialist Canada.

Case in point – Canada:

Ahmed Khadr moved to Canada from Egypt, called Pakistan his home, was a known Al Qaeda affiliate, and fought for the Taliban in Afghanistan. When his son Omar was 15, Ahmed took him to fight alongside Al Qaeda with him. While in Afghanistan, Omar allegedly shot and killed an American soldier, was captured and taken to Guantanamo Bay. He pled guilty to the charges believing that Canada would rescue him given his age. They didn’t, he ultimately sued and won $10.5 million from Trudeau.

This is just one case that illustrates the entire point of Trump’s Travel Ban. And again, the Hawaiian judge who shot down the ban? There are NO MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS in Hawaii.

Similar case, lots of money, Maher Arar. Only he wasn’t born in Canada, but immigrated with his ‘unknown’ parents and took dual Syrian/Canadian citizenship. He too was awarded multi-millions after he was deported to Syria by the US where he was imprisoned for 10 months before being freed to Canada. He too was issued a judgment for $10.5 million.

The problem with these cases is multiple, however the backers of both Khadr and Arar have a common focal – Soros. The backers include; Alliance For Justice, Center For Constitutional Rights, Campaign For Liberty, International Justice Network, Center For Justice and Accountability, Human Rights Advocates, and Center For Victims of Torture.

What these ‘nonprofits’ seem to be targeting are lawsuits against the US and Canadian governments on behalf of Muslim citizens who have acquired ‘dual citizenship’. And the number of lawsuits is becoming quite staggering.

In 2015 two Muslim truck drivers sued because they were fired for not delivering beer citing religious liberty – with the help and intervention of Obama, they won $240,000.

CAIR has filed a class-action lawsuit against the US government claiming that ‘terror watch lists are discriminatory’.

A Muslim teen claimed Abercrombie and Fitch discriminated against her because she was required to wear appropriate clothing. She won – millions.

A lawsuit was filed in NY Federal District Court against the police claiming that stings and infiltrating Muslim neighborhoods as plainclothes officers was illegally targeting, and religious profiling.

Who is filing these lawsuits?

The Brennan Center For Justice, whose president, Michael Waldman worked under Bill Clinton, is one. They have also lobbied extensively for raising minimum wage, oppose voter ID laws, and advocate for public funding of elections. They have also represented detainees from Guantanamo.

Another organization is the Iranian Alliance Across Borders, who receives it’s funding from the PARSA Foundation, whose Board members include Matthew Symonds from “The Economist”, a Rothschild agenda, and Vartan Gregorian who also sits on the board of “Human Rights Watch”, a Soros agenda child.

The irony is the fact that ultimately US and Canadian taxpayers are paying millions of dollars in lawsuits perpetrated by the Soros/Rothschild cabal, in order to monetize the Muslim community. I imagine those funds are then deposited into the Soros Hedge Fund wherein they will grow quite nicely…

While all the nasty white supremacists are left holding the tab.

VOTER FRAUD – Widespread and Growing!

Isolated voter fraud… An interesting justification for something that is actually quite rampant!

The latest to arise is the accidental discovery by of 83 ballots all registered to the same address with fictitious names, the actual resident at the apartment being an 89 year old woman who lives alone. Of course despite the ballots being given to the voter registrar, who seemed to think it was all just some rather annoying mistake, I think most people would not take this so lightly.   This was the one ‘discovered’, how many more?  

They did not release who these 83 non-people voted for, nor did they release any indication that anything would be done. But then – this was in California.

And while the media would have us believe this is just normal – according to a Pew Research study, 1.8 million registered voters are dead and 2.8 million are registered in two or more states. And of course Florida has the dubious reputation of having an election turnout of 134% … But that’s considered just normal. Or the dozens of Districts that had 100% of the votes for Obama in the last election. Maybe a fluke of – one, but dozens?  What are the odds – betting people?

Colorado and Kansas have already reported double voting. A Miami election worker has been indicted for marking up ballots. Another case in Florida of a worker registering dead people. Chicago continues to lead the pack with fraudulent votes and voters. In addition, some people were being ‘paid to vote for Hillary’. Of course these cases are ‘under investigation’ – which may be resolved sometime in the year 2020, if we’re lucky!   Indiana and Iowa have cases where people are voting more than once. Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania are having error issues including machines in Texas over-riding votes and defaulting to Hillary and Kaine. Gee, those Democrats are busy!  And Virginia has voter forging in addition to fraud, dead people, and a muck of mire.

But HEY! It’s all normal according to the media. Yet, even dating to the JFK win in 1962, voter fraud has been a contentious issue without ANY resolution. And we continue to require other countries be monitored by ‘our honest, truthful, and above the law election police’. Really?

Of course it is also rather interesting to note that the voter fraud nearly always favors the Democrat candidate.  Coincidence?  Nah.

In 2012, Obama won the election with 5 million votes over Romney. In 2008, Obama beat out Hillary with less than a margin of 300,000 votes. Bush vs Kerry was decided by 3 million votes in 2004. And Bush vs Gore was decided by about 500,000 votes. So the margins are not necessarily as vast as thought. But by far one of the closest was Kennedy vs Nixon which was decided by about 80,000 votes.

Voter fraud can obviously sway a win.

Whether it is simple naivety, or manipulation, or stupidity, the Washington Post has released an article in which they state; 1) “ …in-person voter fraud is incredibly rare…” and 2) “ the national vote is, in fact, not being rigged, the amateur sleuths dispatching themselves across the country may not know what they’re looking for.”

In making such statements, they are ignoring the facts, and actually placing an absurd blame on those people who uncover the fraud.  The indictment of bloggers and ‘sleuthers’ instead of the perpetrators is telling given we are the victims, The People – . So in essence, the victims are being chastized for telling the truth. This shows how ridiculously low the Washington Post has relegated itself in journalism.

A video, proof positive, released by Project Veritas shows Democrat primary election workers stuffing ballot boxes. I guess, according to the Washington Post, this is just normal… and a video is not sufficient evidence.

According to the Brennan Center For Justice, voter fraud is a myth, and all the dead voters and multiple voters and ballot stuffing and disappearance of ballots – is all just a silly baseless mistake that happens to the democrats in – every election. Pish-Posh!

Who is the Brennan Center for Justice? Why they are a ‘non-partisan’ advocacy group of NYU attorneys who deny voter fraud exists and are heavily funded by – Soros. They support public funding of elections – as in a tax and The Washington Post lauds them, as they laud themselves. The organization’s president is Michael Waldman, former director of speechwriting for – Billy Clinton.

In other words – the same organizations denying voter fraud are themselves pro- Clinton and funded by Soros – how is that ‘non-partisan’?

What does ‘non-partisan’ mean? Not supporting one political party or group over another.

Good Grief Charlie Brown – I’d say they are about as partisan as an organization can get!

In Pennsylvania, police have raided a Democrat nonpartisan organization, Fieldworks, for potential voter fraud. There are other locations in Pennsylvania that the police are expected to raid as well.

Fieldworks was an Obama organization funded by Soros that paid protestors, and has been suspected of voter irregularities/fraud. Analyst Institute and Catalist are firms supported by the Obama campaign and the Clintons. Catalist, headed by good buddy, pal and friend Harold Ickes, who was Billy’s chief of staff, identifies over 230 clients including: “50 Members of Congress, Planned Parenthood, Rock the Vote, the Democratic Governors Association, AFL-CIO, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, Emily’s List, Sierra Club, Families USA—basically the entire inner circle of the Left.

They are a for profit DC corporation that operates a voter database for Democrats. Additional funding is provided by Democracy Alliance (Soros), and American Federation of Teachers (afl-cio). At least they don’t consider themselves ‘nonpartisan’. 

Harold Ickes was instrumental in Hillary’s loss in 2008, and De Blasio’s win in New York which garnered him a coup of ‘pay to play’ status in the real estate and business markets of New York. A coup that would seem to be much grander in the Clinton Foundation allegations and ongoing investigation. A coup – that the players feel is perfectly fine and dandy – for them, and certainly not illegal!

In the end, voter fraud is expansive and widespread, it is real, it does exist, and it can make or break an election. Buyer Beware.