WHY Does America Support Israel?

China has once again become the hare in the narrative about the Tortoise & The Hare.  At this point, they appear to be the ONLY nation NOT engulfed in WAR.   Sitting on the sidelines watching the insanity.   Besieged in yet another war, the US has sent in warships – not really to defend anyone – but to kill everyone.    The rally cry blindly demands the end times for Muslims.   Most of those making the call are not Jews or Christians religiously, they are secular, atheist, agnostic and pretenders.

They are the politicians who call for death because it is the politically correct answer to get re-elected.   They are media pundits selling the story of the year utilizing their magic act of Propaganda.   And they are the wolves gathering the sheep for slaughter.   Death to Muslims because they are all ‘terrorists’.

In my lifetime, I have known a fair share of Iranians, Egyptians, Turks, Ethiopian, and Pakistani. I’ve sat down and had incredible conversations wherein we discussed topics from fashion to politics to philosophy.   They were not heathens. They were not terrorists.   They did not demand that all Americans die because of ANTIFA.

Many of the people calling for death to Muslims are on the receiving end of the call for “re-education, and death to Magats” – as perceived domestic terrorists.   Take Magats property and put them all in concentration camps…  Magats are terrorists – compared to Hamas, Hezbollah…   Yet we know that is false.   But the rally cry does not change.

Does that make you angry?   The Depopulation Agenda is Thick.

The US put Japanese Americans in concentration camps – out of fear.   Did any one of them present a threat?   There were women and children in the camps. Over 2,000 innocent people died from lack of shelter and malnutrition.   Does that make you angry?

The Democrats have imprisoned over 700 American Patriots because they adhere to the MAGA Party.   Not because they did anything wrong.   Not ONE politician is trying to protect them as they languish, beaten, tortured, in solitary.   Does that make you angry?

The American warships on the coast of Gaza – aircraft carriers – jeopardizing not just the men onboard but the escalation it would cause across the globe.   The Middle East and North Africa will unite.   Their weapons have not been depleted.   And Europe will be at their mercy.   Does that seem like a ‘sound decision’?    Or does it convey maniacal evil?

Are you willing to come to the plate and send your sons and daughters to fight another forever war?   Like Afghanistan? Like Vietnam?   Vietnam death estimates range from 1.2 million to nearly 4 million.   Body counts are never actually available – they become estimates, algorithms, a guess.   Does that make you angry?

Propaganda is a tool.   The point of it is to create a highly charged ‘emotion’.   When used in politics it produces anger – when used in war it produces – rage!   Babies!  Women! Rape!   Designed to justify the rage that justifies murder of innocent peoples.  Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton…  Many have been killed in this Israel War.  How many?  We don’t know.  We never know.   The Ukraine propaganda was quickly disseminated.   The CIA called out.   The Truth exposed.   The fakery.  The videos.   The green screens. AI.   Ahhhh, we get it!

And in one day – we forgot.

The same tools being used to incite rage toward MAGATs.   Trump raped so-and-so!   Forty years ago…  We have already forgotten –

Why do we support Israel?   Is it for their Biblical faith?   Maybe it is for their economic support?   Maybe because Israel has cared for so many Americans?

In 2021, the US exports to Israel amounted to $12.8 billion on imports of $18.7 billion – a net loss of $6 billion. This amounts to .7% of the US trade. When discussing the ‘value’ of Israel as a partner, the circle ultimately reverts to security as in military industrial complex, via weapons and intel.   On top of that we give Israel $3 billion annually for absolutely no reason.   In other words – the benefit derived from Israel is little to none. Yet we MUST give more money to Israel because they are at war… Why?

They are the Good Guys…!

Israel has been at war every 4-6 years since its inception.   Not including relatively brief ‘incursions’ wherein many people die – mostly civilians.   Hillary Clinton adamantly supports Israel.   Soros and Rothschild support Israel.   Larry Fink of BlackRock supports Israel.   And conservatives ignore this odd Uniparty hawkish faith.   Mike Pence and Nikki Haley front and center literally screaming for DEATH!

ALL the same bludgeons excised against Russia – blindly.   In support of Nazis.  Now revert to Israel.   BLINDLY.

The CIA is sitting back laughing – patting each other on the back exclaiming gleefully, “We DID IT!”   Because they were finally able to ‘break Magats’ by dividing them utilizing the blind support of Israel.  Christians supporting  the Jews.

The Bible wasn’t about Jews.   It was about Hebrews who followed in God’s faith through the House of Israel, ie Jacob, descendant of Abraham.   Today’s Israel is 58% to 63% Secular – ie, no belief in God.   When Israel is inhabited by the followers of God’s will, the descendants of Jacob – the state becomes the land of Israel as decreed in the Bible.  Until then – it is simply another secular state.

We are NOT in end times.   That justification has been used literally hundreds of times in history, including The Dark Ages of chaos and death.  

Rage is an emotion. It causes uncontrollable violence, fury, and the conquest for chaos.   Triggering rage is a tool used by the Darkness to initiate a Godless response. It is a cousin of moral depravity.   It is the father of disorder.   It is believing in Propaganda instead of adhering to logic and rationale and critical thinking.

Just a week ago – the realization was taking hold – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.   My enemy is NOT a country or a civilization.  My enemy is a state of mind that abhors a people simply because they exist – my enemy is the spirit of darkness that wants a Great RESET because they have collapsed our economy within the span of 100 years.   My enemy is a Cartel Mafia that practices satanic worship, pedophilia, child trafficking, slavery, and the destruction of everything of value in America.

When We Forget This We Allow The Dark Forces To AGAIN Take Control.

ISRAEL Supreme Court – Balance of Power Lies in Weaponry

160 Jewish Actors, along with Alex Soros, have sent a detailed letter to “Joe Biden” to adopt a more US Cartel approach toward Netanyahu.   Alex Soros claims he represents all American people who have united behind him in horror as the Netanyahu government ‘assaults democratic norms and institutions’.   As a result, they declare that a separate US Embassy in Jerusalem to represent the West Bank, Palestine, in order to force compliance with the American Cartel.

The Conservative Treehouse refers to the liberal mania as The Great Pretending.  Suddenly actors with 8th grade educations are climate tzars – war tzars – moral tzars – and ethic tzars, and Alex Soros is all too willing to defer to them.   By comparison, his daddy, Gyorgy, aligned himself with the military and banking Industrial Complexes.   Not a good look.

These secular Hollywooder Jews, not surprisingly, side with Palestine.   What Netanyahu is attempting to deter is a government parallel to the US.   He has watched how the judicial system in the US has been completely eradicated and replaced with unelected ‘dorks’,     He sees the rule of dictatorship take hold and has taken means to assure that won’t be the future of Israel. He changed the rules and the US Cartel immediately sicced their internal proxies into a frenzied, massive protest mania across Israel – for months.

The protests didn’t work in the Cartel’s favor, so they called upon their benign Hollywood puppets to write a nasty letter of demand to Biden, The Puppet.   Logical.

In addition to inserting a US/Palestine embassy in Jerusalum without proper authority, the letter demands that Biden; “appoint a new U.S. ambassador to Israel and ensure Israel meets all requirements before considering its admission into the visa waiver program.”   The most damning point of contention in the letter is to require the UN to hold Israel accountable for war crimes.

Simultaneously, the US is attempting to force a US, Saudi, Israel Tripartate agreement wherein Saudi Arabia would recognize Israel in exchange for US Taxpayer MONEY and security guarantees.   In other words – a bribe. In the quagmire, the US labels both Bin Salman and Netanyahu as the LEAST trustworthy leaders in the world…

How to NOT make friends.

The reality of the tripartate is more about driving a wedge between these two Middle East governments and China & Russia in line with US Cartel Dictates.   The US desperation to block China and Russia from having any trade alliance has been Blinken’s focus as countries across the globe splinter.   The entire Middle East initiative is aimed at the destruction of economies.   Bin Salman and Netanyahu have both ground in their heels and see no need to hurry.

The Military complex in Israel is nearing a ‘game changer’.   An iron-beam or laser system that can cook rockets, missiles, drones, jets, etc… from a distance is in its final stages of development.  The point of the laser is to cook its target. This interception beam defense system is expected to be launched as of 2024. It’s retaliatory capabilities are phenomenal.    The Cartel is NOT happy.

The impact of these “Directed Energy Weapons” or particle beams is along the lines of a nuclear warhead in the destruction capabilities.   Just look at the US Military’s showcase in Lahaina!   A spectacle to scare US enemies into submission and bring them to their knees.

April 2023, the US Army began soliciting customers who were interested in testing their directed energy systems at the US Army laboratory in Alabama.   The facility claims that customers can have their directed energy efforts modernized and customized to specifications.  Fun!   So any ‘partner’ aligned with the US military Cartel is being offered the ability to own their own COOKER.    And like nuclear bombs – they have the capacity to destroy earth as we know it.   Share and share alike!

The entire overhaul that Netanyahu is slated to enforce which has brought to the table The Letter – is to curb excessive power of ‘unelected judges’.   The irony is that these same unelected judges will hear petitions against the new law that affects them… the police policing the police.

Netanyahu claims the current supreme court has the power to overrule government decisions based on the term , ‘reasonableness’. A word that is clearly subjective.   In the US, reasonableness is based on The Constitution. Israel has no constitution, leaving the word in a veritable state of limbo legality.

In Israel:

Judges are selected by the Judicial Selection Committee which is composed of nine members: the Minister of Justice (Chair), another cabinet minister, the President of the Supreme Court, two other justices of the Supreme Court, two Members of Knesset, and two representatives of the Israel Bar Association.

They serve until they are 70.

Given Israel’s election history – a stacked court is a fatal flaw. Witnessing the chaos in the US, Netanyahu wants to assure this will NEVER happen in Israel.   The Cartel is desperate and has declared this law disrupts the ‘balance of power’.   As we have come to realize, there is no balance of power in any government.   It is simply another carnival mirror affectation.

And the Balance is Based on Weapons – NOTHing Less.

What is; The Purpose of the UN, NATO, WHO, Federal Reserve?

**What is the Purpose of the United Nations?

The UN was created after WWII’ to replace the ineffective League of Nations.   It was based on the Four Major allies of the globe; Soviet Union, US, China and UK under New Deal aspirations magistrate – FDR. The UN Charter which was signed by 50 countries was officially penned in 1945 with the addition of France as a Major Allied Nation.   Not Germany. Why? Because Germany was the evil axis that had initiated both WWI & WWII.

It was the UN that partitioned Palestine to create Israel. It was the UN that partitioned the Soviet Union.   Effectively redistributing entire land mass countries according to their design.  Including Ukraine.

As their ‘peacekeeping missions’ continually fell short and had little to no effect, they redesigned themselves. They had lost luster and their purpose diminished continually.   By the 1970s, the UN budget for social and economic development was far greater than its peacekeeping budget.

They waned.  Albeit temporarily.

President Reagan actually withdrew monetary support of the UN in 1984.   By 1988 as Bush took the presidency from Reagan for a reign in January 1989 – UN monetary support reversed.   Suddenly, the powers exponentiated!   The UN became embroiled in conflicts from Salvadoran War, Khmer Rouge, US led Iraq invasion of Kuwait, and apartheid in South Africa.

Between the Bush and Clinton era’s, the UN became the Global Government.

**What is the Purpose of NATO?

NATO was established in 1949 after WWII to protect France and the UK against an attack by Germany or the Soviet Union.   Given the Soviet Union no longer exists, technically that would mean NATO’s purpose is to protect European countries from – Germany. It’s purpose was specifically delineated to be defensive – to deescalate situations in the promotion of peace.  Key Word – DeEscalate.

Oddly, their missions have been offensive in:   Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Kosovo, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and Kuwait.   ALL in the guise of the Partnership For Peace.

Today, NATO has unilaterally redefined themselves as:   “partners through military-to-military cooperation on training, exercises, disaster planning and response, science and environmental issues, professionalization, policy planning, and relations with civilian government.”

Civilian Government?   Who could that be?

**What is the Purpose of WHO?

World Health Organization was launched in 1948 as a ‘subsidiary of sorts’ of the UN at the behest of – China.  Its Logo was the symbol for ‘Healing’.   At the time, the diseases rampant included: malaria, TB, and STD’s.   But maternal and child health in terms of ‘nutrition and hygiene’ were also control vectors.

In 2020, WHO announced there were 600 million new STD’s with the US having the highest rate among developed countries at the rate of 124 among 100,000 people.   And despite all their eradication & healing efforts, 630,000 die each year – among 241 million annual cases.

While WHO considers these numbers a great accomplishment, it should be noted there were no aggregate global disease numbers in 1950, 1960, 1990…   or even 2020 for comparison.   WHY?   Because no one reports these diseases in Africa or India!   And thus, WHO creates back-estimates, present guesstimates, and future crystal ball numero’s in order to create a fabricated statistical chart.

Anybody who ever studied statistics in the foregone age of real learning institutions, they were the bastion. If nothing else you had – statistics. Truth. Real.   No more!   (In my mother’s world, etiquette according to the authority of Ann Landers was your ‘statistic’ go to in the event of well, anything…).

Statistics have gone the way of polls and surveys, and critical race theory.  And WHO has failed to eradicate diseases from 70+ years ago and HEAL.   

*What is the Purpose of The Federal Reserve?

In 1913 when the Fed was founded, its principal function was to make sure the U.S. banking system could endure bank runs created by unforeseen financial shocks.

The means of achieving this was determined to be the task of making loans to its member banks when the banks needed more liquidity. These loans were to be paid in Federal Reserve Notes, a new banknote that the Fed was given the legal authority to issue.

Economist, Milton Friedman, declared that it was the Federal Reserve that created the 1929 Great Depression! Years later in 2002, Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve stated that Friedman was correct and apologized for causing the Great Depression.

Their usefulness is obviously – greatly exaggerated.

The Federal Funds Rate did not exist until 1954 – post WWII.   A chart delineating annual inflation since 1929 and Federal Funds Rates since 1954 reveals the correlation is nonexistent.   Their Monetary Policy – does NOT exist.   And thus – the entire concept of Monetary Policy – is an Illusion.

These cornerstones of our current, present economy have not achieved their purpose since their inception – 109 years ago to 70 years ago – and yet they continually empower themselves unilaterally – without citizen votes or input.

The point?   NONE of these organizations have usefulness.   On the contrary, they have revealed incompetency, fraud, corruption, and a narcissistic proclivity as pathological liars.   Still, they believe they are the coming Global Power that will rule via their Sustainable Development Plan – The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great RESET.

This is why Democrats and neo-conservative Republicans are fleeing Congress – they have been told there will be no more – elections. The Committee Government has risen.


It is the official Memorial Day that is a dual day of celebration and mourning where stories abound of the ravages of war.   The damages. The cost of lives a bitter end.   There are some veterans who refuse to pay tribute because it reignites phantom memories they would rather see buried. I’ve known some who can’t be around July 4th because the constant barrage of fireworks triggers those horrific days in a violent manner.  

Psychologists would have these veterans in group therapy or on drugs, spilling their visions over and over again until the toll is unbearable.   In my dad’s day the philosophy of thought was never ever talk about it – to anyone. Ever.   And that was a sacred trust that we shared.

Once, when asked by my sister to provide an account of his time in the military for a school project he drew a map of every continent with lines depicting his detachments across the globe.   It was like a flight pattern.   And that was all he would offer.

From that silence, I realized the only way to crawl out of the trench imposed by the military and the elitist betrayal of life was to live life to the fullest.   The best revenge!   Much like the best revenge in a divorce is to be happy!   And this is how my dad ultimately found peace.

He was not the sort of General that Hollywood typically depicts. In fact, none of the Generals we grew up with were anything at all like those caricatures on the celluloid screen.   They were fun, they loved to party, rarely did they get angry, and they all hung together as a unit owning a shared history.

There was no sinister psychopathic attitude, that was reserved for the nonmilitary elitists who gained control of the Pentagon and turned it into a roiling pool of toxic waste. It was this revelation that led to retirement en masse.   Those who were raised with honor, integrity and respect saw the depravity within.   An awakening.

While troops died, while men and women were struck down, the masses turned on them and the media portrayed them as the enemy.  Men and women who gave everything, who believed in freedom, who believed in sacrificing themselves were suddenly hated.

Today, it is even worse as we witness the cosmic Jokers who have done nothing, whose lives are a pitiable pallor in comparison, liken themselves to our troops.   Compare their fears to being in the midst of a war.   Disgusting. Completely denigrating.

Shame on THEM!

While my father did not die in a war, he died as result of the military’s use of men as guinea pigs.   He was a part of the Nevada nuclear testing in the 1950’s.   Officers were required to stand and observe the fallout of the bombs while enlisted men had some cover in trenches.   Time after time they stood and ‘observed’.   All of those officers died young some 20 years later riddled with cancers contracted from being nuked.

He called each of us to his side separately to say good-bye. I was the first, and so I got to spend his last days still home and somewhat active when the pain was endurable.   I spent one of those days swabbing the deck of his sailboat, Gestalt.

GESTALT:   The perception of patterns. Putting oneself as fully as possible into the experience of the other without judging, analyzing or interpreting while simultaneously retaining a sense of one’s separate, autonomous … Presence. 

I imagine that was not merely a coincidental name for his sailboat.

My father was thus deprived of what should have been his final years. But even in death he was resolute and stated that it was not the fault of the military – he had made a choice to serve, and the consequences of that service were emboldened in him.

RIP Daddy!


It would appear we may heading for a tumultuous ride the 19th and 20th – we have been told to stay home, stay out of harms way, don’t be a martyr, don’t be stupid!   I pray – and you should too – that what I am hearing is actually true – because it is our LAST VESTIGE of hope against a communist takeover!   And Lord help us if they implant their Agenda.

Turkey Bombs Syria – while the MSM world blames Trump

Trump is pulling US troops out of northern Syria and according to Germany’s Deutsche Welle, the US is guilty of abandoning its friends the Kurds and allowing ISIS to re-infiltrate Syria.   What DW does not say is that friendly relations with Turkey extend throughout most of Europe including Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, France, the Holy See, etc…   So it would appear the Kurds have no allies in Europe.  But it is all Trump’s fault…

In fact, Germany’s Kurdish population is estimated at 1.5 million, whereas the US population hovers closer to 20,000. So why isn’t the EU defending the Kurds? The EU Commissioner has ‘affirmed their commitment’… The same EU that bombed Syria.

What is the real story?  

Syria has released a statement asking the EU, UN and other human rights agencies to take action against Turkey – no mention of the US.   In the event that Turkey continues its offensive, Syria has announced its intentions to defend itself. That could indicate a brutal uprising, and securing US troops from a central position in this front would be a responsible action. The number of troops affected is estimated to be between 50 and 100, not a battalion.   The US was not positioned to withstand a new offensive war.

Saudi Arabia has stepped up to the plate to take over the defense of the northern Syria Kurds. Given the relationship between Trump and Prince Muhammad bin Salman, it is likely an agreement was instituted wherein the Middle East would take care of their own.   The majority of Kurds are Sunni.  And the US needs to concentrate its resources on the US – for a change.

In an interesting twist, Russia, one of Turkey’s most vocal allies, has condemned Turkey for violating Syria’s sovereignty and called their attacks ‘criminal’.  Iran opposes Turkey’s aggression.   Greece and Cyprus have condemned the belligerence. Turkey has found itself with NO ally, instigating violence, and will likely find itself at the center of retaliation.

In the midst of this bizarre implosion, Erdogan has stated that 3.6 million Syrian refugees currently in various camps across the country, will be replenished. With Germany warning of a massive influx of new refugees, it would appear the true equation is more clear.   Turkey is going to unleash a new swathe of immigrants descending on the EU and they are miffed because the US isn’t stopping the invasion by declaring war on Turkey.

The EU has no army. And Germany is already spending over $10 billion Euro’s annually to support its current influx of refugee population.   There is no money left. And so, our once upon a time ‘ally’, that never really was, is further alienating the US by attempting to vilify Trump. That would be Merkel’s version of asking for help before another 3 million refugees descend.

Still, the Liberal war mongers in DC and the media are using this ‘reassignment of troops’ as a point argument of Trump’s incompetency.   We The People, both liberal and conservative have long demanded the US get out of the Middle East conflicts. Yet, the politicians are not listening. Trump is!

While the MSM is busily derailing Trump, the real story surrounds the absolute idiocy of Erdogan in pursuing this assault. Without an ally, Turkey is subjecting itself to severe consequences the likes of which could erupt in mass exodus, civil riots, and human rights violations that could easily spiral the country into chaos.

The US is not responsible to act in the capacity of global police on behalf of the inept EU, but that message seems gray when the liberal peacemakers choose to decry Bomb em ALL!

India and Pakistan – at War?

While the elected and paid Democrat officials who have apparently done absolutely nothing of consequence since being elected are busily using Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, make a jack of himself while spouting character assassinations, a war erupted.  Syria and ISIS have stabilized, Venezuela is a Socialist nightmare, but another nightmare, one that could escalate rapidly within a blink, is erupting.

Pakistan and India are bombing each other – and few seem interested enough to take notice before it becomes a thriving cancer.   But they should be – both these countries, which have despised each other for centuries, possess nuclear weapons.

Jaish, a terrorist group that is an offshoot of Al Qaeda and resides in India’s Kashmir is defiantly working diligently to separate their Kashmir from India and create their own Pakistan aligned, sharia law statehood.  It is a stronghold, and it was divied up after WWII by the every arrogant – British.

The land is jointly owned by India, Pakistan and China. India’s portion is occupied and ruled by its historical Hindu and Buddhist community.  Pakistan is Muslim.  While China controls roughly 20% of the land area.  No one has any intention of relinquishing one hectar – ever.

Historically, Kashmir was Hindu/Buddhist until Muslim rule in 1339.  Since then it has been conquered and ruled by Turks, Afghans, and Sikhs again, in the 1800’s.  In 1846 the British took over and later partitioned the country between Pakistan and India completely ignoring China’s possession. Thus skirmishes and wars have erupted  since.

Jaish was formed as an adjunct to the Pakistan military in the late 1990’s and subsequently has been a lead terrorist group in over six attacks including the most recent suicide bombing over India in which 40 security personnel were killed.

India retaliated unleashing a payload of bombs over Jaish strongholds in Kashmir.   The strike caused Pakistani air forces to scramble.  Pakistan’s Prime Minister has issued a statement that they will“respond decisively and comprehensively to any aggression or misadventure” by India.

Pakistan is well aware that Kashmir is a Jaish stronghold, and has done nothing to mitigate this terrorist group.   Historically, funding has surreptitiously been made through principles from Saudi Arabia and the US, particularly under Bush and the former Monarchial Cabal of Saudi Arabia.  Bush is gone and the Saudi Cabal was ousted and sanctioned by Prince Mohammed Bin Salmon who recently visited India and pledged to fight terrorism alongside India.

It is another shift in the allies that were, and the allies that are now in place under regime changes in both the US and Saudi Arabia. 

Numerous information outlets have previously alluded to collusion and funding between various terrorist organizations and Israel’s Netanyahu, Qatar, Saudi Arabia under a legion of rulers including Muhammed Bin Nayef, Mugrin, Salman, Nayef and Sultan, all of whom died in 2011 except for the Crown Prince’s father, Salman, as well as the US under Bush and Obama.

Jaish included.  Why?  To foment chaos, war, and disrupt the balance so as to create a Cabal unified.

Both Prime Ministers are tense with dialogue a possibility, although none has been established.  The primary issue is the fact that Pakistan continues to protect Jaish despite their terrorist label, and despite their repeated skirmishes against India.   As such, India believes Jaish is a representative of Pakistan.

Reminiscent of the Israeli/Palestinian regurgitation of hate; bombs are levied, casualties are now civilian, and there is no one who wants to intervene and take sides.

But this is what happens when boundaries are redrawn… and allotments are arbitrarily contrived.  It is why Africa remains under-developed, corrupt, and slaves within their own governments.  This is what the Cabal wants to create in the US, the EU, India, etc…   Only slaves can be ruled under a Dictatorship.  Only a Dictatorship can support Socialism and Marxism.

Peace, Truth and The Peacemakers Calling

We are called to be ‘peacemakers’. But what is Peace? How is it defined? Is it the absence of conflict or is it the aggressive actionable stance of creating relationship?

We are all ‘a chip off the block’, fragments of God, with jagged edges and jigsaw puzzle pieces. But when we come together as a family, with mother, father and children, we smooth these edges and become more like God. The pieces fit together to make a larger more whole piece closer, more like, the image of God. When we fragment the family, our edges are sharper, more pronounced, and our piece withers in a kaleidescope of warped imagery.

Peacemakers do not avoid conflict they confront it with love and compassion, they resolve it and use the strength of God to absolve the issue each and every time. To hold it like a knight, not a coward, to seek the truth within the conflict and make it known. This world we live in is an example of what it means to not face the truth, because it is the truth that will create peace. Taking responsibility. Owning what is your sin. Looking at the log that gauges your eye.

The UN was created in 1945 to end conflict and bring peace to the world. But it has failed miserably. In fact, between 1946 and 2013, there were 331 incidences of armed conflict. Why? Because the method, the rationale for prevention is not rooted in the core cause – individual emptiness, a Godlessness that permeates the very heart and soul of humanity. How can we possibly stave off conflict if we don’t address the truth of the cause?

When I Googled, ‘how to achieve peace’, most of the entries were Buddhist in nature and reflected a desire for inner peace. There were a few political adjuncts that claimed peace was achieved through freedom and a barrage of solid rules imposed by government. Other sites stressed ‘the avoidance of war’ as a means of peace. Still another site claimed that satisfying one’s own desires first will ultimately lead to peace with others. YIKES!

But men are flawed, and when they rely on their own person to achieve that which has never been known to mankind, they will fail. Again and again. And yet, we continue to believe that man is the solution. That avoidance is the solution. That independence is the solution. That if we avoid conflict, it will disappear.

Ten thousand years later, it still has not worked. So why do we keep butting our heads against this wall of thorns when it has never worked?

The false premise is that since man is the creator of chaos, man must be the source of peace. From the outside. But it cannot happen when the outside is ruled by pride and arrogance and vengeance and immorality. It simply will not work.

Then of course, there is the step-by-step instructions on how to achieve peace with ‘no compromising’ being fundamental to the doctrine. But ‘no compromising’ begs pride, arrogance, rightness, the moral depravity that creates the conflict in the first place. It is a very naïve approach to a very complicated issue. Recently, my husband invoked the ‘Christians don’t compromise’ doctrine in the midst of a fight. Really? I had to look that one up.

The first problem came up in the definition of compromise. Some believed it to mean ‘caving in’, while others observed that it was a give and take, a leaning in and out. I suppose they are both right in a sense, but circumstances are so diverse and broad, an absolute is definitely NOT the rationale.

Biblically, the phrase, “Christians Don’t compromise”, is addressed in the Bible, but it is in the context of there is no compromise with regard to God. No compromise with regard to the commandments of God. And no compromise with regard to sin. It’s a bit like the statement, “I’m sort of pregnant”. You can’t be in a gray area within these black and whites. But that does not mean that there aren’t vast gray areas of issue to mediate within Christianity that are a product of individual circumstances. So to make the statement in the context of a marriage dispute is somewhat …well, out of context.

My husband attempted to invoke ‘truth’ as his and his alone within the frame of not compromising. Truth belonged to him and no one else.  Uh oh…   And in so doing completely missed the point. There are hard truths, absolute facts, and then there are perspective truths, subject to interpretation. By invoking his truth, he was avoiding conflict (his fallback) by refusing to hear me. In so doing, we had no peace, what we had was a dictatorship rule.

While this earth may never find worldly peace, we are still called to understand that we must try. We are called to try as peacemakers.  Not peace as a form of government rule and protocol and doctrine and punishment and judgment, but peace that is based on the values and morals and integrity and spirituality of God and His Word.

And ultimately, Peace will only be had when we have Truth – not your truth or my truth – but THE Truth.

Drones – Civilian Casualties A Moot Point

Battles used to be fought on foot with soldiers staring icily at their foe across a field waiting for the cry to “GO”. They saw the whites of their enemies eyes and the ensuing battles were horrifically bloody and psychologically devastating. Many stories rose of soldiers realizing that they were killing another human being whom they didn’t even know and questioning the order.  More soldiers lived a nightmare that never ended.

Now we use drones. There is no psyche involved because the act now takes on more of a game-like phenomena. Piloting a drone from a distance takes away the reality. And taking away the reality alleviates the ethical and moral feelings that are associated with killing.

The biggest, most controversial consequence of drones is the civilian casualties. No one really knows any true ‘count’, the numbers are simply not available, but we do know that it is a common occurrence. We can be sure that numbers released by the government have been well scrubbed. The offsetting argument in favor of drones is that fewer soldiers are injured or killed. But drones are hardly as accurate as we are led to believe and frequently target the wrong people. That’s called ‘human error’. And sometimes, entire peace loving families become the unintended casualty.

The media rarely report about the negative aspects of the the drone program. It’s called censorship.

Two drone targets: Ayman Zawahiri and Qari Hussain. Two attempted strikes on Zawahiri left 76 children and 29 adults dead. Casualties. Zawahiri is still alive. Six drone strikes on Hussain have left him dead, but additional casualties included 115 adults and 13 children. Sacrifices? Or sacrificial lambs? Either way you look at it, these people were according to Hillary Clinton’s heart wrenching compassion – ‘casualties of war – it happens’.

In Pakistan, in Yemen, in Somalia, the strikes are reported but rarely are the ‘casualties’ identified. As of November, attempts to kill 41 ‘targets’ resulted in the death of nearly 1150 civilians. It’s easy to sit in the White House and offer condolences, but the Play Station module is making death a robotic unemotional act. As for the media, each time a drone targets a particular ‘Player’ the press release states that the ‘Player’ is dead, only to have him come alive again – oops.

Because the strikes need to be supported, the government and the press don’t discuss the misses, the children, the women. Instead they merely relay the information from a purely war worn statement indicating ‘target’ or ‘signature strike’ or some such military definition. Convoys are typically targeted, but wedding parties have become the casualty as they resemble a convoy from thousands of miles away in a small room where Play Stations take out their orders.

And while breaches in information have given us some insight into the killings, there is still much more that is not disclosed. A few legalities have surfaced in that drones have accidentally killed a number of Americans, but shouldn’t the legalities extend to ALL casualties? Shouldn’t concern be more widespread? How many have died? We don’t even know, we have no names, but we can be sure it is multiple thousands. Injuries are not even tallied. Maiming.

The other casualties are the homes, the farms, the oilfields, the animals, the infrastructure, the antiquities, the historic. Cities lay in ruble. Livelihoods are decimated. Food becomes scarce. Water a shortage. Deaths rise as these costs take their toll as well. But we don’t think about it because it isn’t happy news, it isn’t in our neighborhood, it isn’t our children.

At $6.5 million for the Reaper drone, they are roughly 1/3 the cost of their piloted counterpart. But that doesn’t bear the entire picture. Engines of drones, like all aircraft, have a lifespan. Drone hours logged in are spectacular, for example the MQ-1’s have logged in over a million hours of flight time. The newer MQ-9 Reaper has logged in over 220,000 hours already. To put that in perspective, the operational lifespan of the Predator drone engine is 1080 miles. Between 2009 and 2011, 31 drones crashed due to ‘joystick’ errors. The cost per hour to fly a drone ranges from a low of $3700ish to a high of nearly $50,000 for the RQ-4B Global Hawk Drone. Perspective: on the low side, 1 million hours of flight time for one class of drones x the lowend cost of $3700 per hour = $3.7billion.

Lastly, while the US is ignoring the casualty losses, the countries hit are not. Anti-American sentiment has grown considerably. And one military advisor to the WH speaking at a Congressional hearing stated that drones will never win a war, only troops on the ground.

War is supposed to be horrific so that we learn it must be avoided at all costs. That’s changed, and the casualties are the fault line.