Speaker Mike Johnson – A Wolf of the Rhino Uniparty Cabal

Speaker Mike Johnson has stated that Israel will be supported by the US unconditionally both financially and morally.   A Christian endorsing secular paganism.  Unconditionally.  Pouring money into the Cabalist Pot while the US languishes in poverty, debt, and an illegal crisis costing taxpayers $451 billion.   America is Falling!   The American People Do Not want another dime going to ANY country – much less the pockets of the Cabal via Ukraine and Israel – where are the true Christians?

Mike Johnson also declared that sending more money to Ukraine is a priority of The People.  Speaker Mike Johnson is neither Christian or pro-America, he is simply another puppet doling out taxpayer funds according to whim.

Many Christians believe that anyone who ‘identifies’ as Christian is a good governmental leader.   Disregarding any other criteria, the label of Christian becomes a hijacked farcical delusion that supports the idiotic idea that Pelosi and Biden are Catholics.   Albeit aligned with a fake Pope who has turned the Vatican into a carnival of clowns.   I’m sure Trump will be blamed for another rhino dominating within the US government – Mike Johnson, a Christian communist.

Speaking in Sarasota, Florida, Johnson was flanked by Vern Buchanan a tax avoider, rhino in bed with the Bushes and Romney.   Also accompanying Johnson and Buchanan was Dan Newhouse who voted to impeach Trump.  In 2009, Democrat governor, Christine Gregoire of Washington, selected Newhouse, who ‘identified’ as a Republican, to head the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

In other words, Johnson is backed by a delegation of rhinos and has preyed on the American People with false ideologies and promises.   A Wolfe.

ANY politicians sponsoring Israel and Ukraine have no intention of Saving America!

Perspective:   Your Household is in debt $500,000 with no means to payoff the debt.   Your wife decides to take a loan out in husband’s name in order to give her best friend $100,000 to buy a Porsche.   Same logic.   Zelenskyy uses the $$$$$gift to buy lavish real estate in Italy and Netanyahu, worth over $80 million, will use the money to buy himself a yacht. 

And US Taxpayers pay for it.   At the behest of Mike Johnson and his crony rhinos.

Truth Social – the Trump Train – is awash in demanding the annihilation of Palestinians, colonizing their entire land and giving it to the secular Ashkenazis in the name of The Bible.   Death to the barbarians is now a call to action.   I decided to read a part of the Covenant of Hamas – not cabalist ‘selected excerpts’, but the translated narrative.  Their protocols.   In contrast to Israel’s secular paganism, these Muslims believe in God, believe in Jesus Christ, and take exception with those aligned within the Cabal – The Rothschilds, aka Zionism.  This is why the Sephardic and Hasidic Jews align with Palestine, they share God.   And Zion hates God.

Too often the governments of the West, justify Israeli settlements as a protocol of the Balfour Declaration.   There were four authors of The Balfour Declaration;  Walter Rothschild, Arthur Balfour, Leo Amery, and Lord Milner.  Politicians and South Africa colonialists, these four declared Edmond Rothschild the righteous authority to occupy Palestine.   Signatories absent in this Declaration?  Palestinians.

The Israeli Declaration of Independence was signed in 1948 by Zionist Ben Gurion.  Absent signatories included Palestinian authorities and the entire Arab World.  The Declaration gave the Rothschild Ashkenazis 56% of Palestine w/o Jerusalem.   Today, over 90% of Palestine is under Zionist Rule.

Perspective:   Xi Jinping makes a deal with the Zionists to colonize America.   The Zionists agree, for the price of $1 Trillion and 10% of all present and future resources.   China pays.   China moves into America and citizens are given the opportunity to leave – or be killed.  Anyone of any faith must immediately deny their faith – leave or be killed.

In 2022, Zelenskyy, a secular Ashkenazi, began cracking down on Ukrainian parishes and announced a ban on religious organizations that had any religious affiliation with Russian Orthodox churches.   Before Zelenskyy, the bulk of Ukrainians were Orthodox Christians affiliated with the Russian Orthodox church.    Subsequently, raids were conducted wherein priests were arrested and tortured.

March 2023, Zelenskyy raided an Orthodox monastery, opened criminal cases against the clergy and took control of the monastery complex.   Zionists hate God.   But Speaker Mike Johnson, a Christian, wants to give Zelenskyy more – money!  And his fellow Rhinos line up for a piece of the profits.

Winter is upon Ukraine.   Most of the US weapon inventory sent to Ukraine is out-dated and does not work in the severe cold of the region.   60% of the committed funds for Ukraine were actually redirected to The Pentagon for new procurements from our Military Industrial Complex – not sent to Ukraine.   Of the $113 billion committed already, only $75 billion has been spent – leaving a pot of money still sitting – or already distributed to the Cabalists and their rhino’s at large.   The long war wherein the US and UK orchestrators refused any peace agreement, is an abject failure of intelligence and strategy – via the CIA, DoD and MI6.

Ukraine is simply another Afghanistan, another Syria, another VietNam.   And The Powers are busily securing a propaganda campaign that will realize this War as an American Win.   Much like the Israeli propaganda attempting to dehumanize Palestinians along the same trajectory as Russians, as Syrians, as Iranians.

Enemies are essential… 9-11.  

“Five Israelis were filmed dancing with glee as the Twin Towers Fell.   They were detained by the US government and ‘deported to Israel’…  Their names were;   Sivan Kurzberg,  Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari.   Their statement to the police/FBI – “ We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”   The internet is scrubbed of any additional information regarding these “IDF or possible Mossad operatives” and Israel takes over additional land belonging to the Palestinians.  

Did these Israeli Mossad take care of ‘our problem’, aka the documentation of The Pentagon’s unaccounted for Trillions that was located in the Twin Towers?  Tit-For-Tat – did Israel ask the US to eliminate Palestinians?   Was that the Deal?


Pre-Earthquake, Erdogan was adamant that he would not approve of Finland and Sweden joining the NATO ascension throne.   Post earthquake, Erdogan has given his approval for fast-tracking.   In addition, despite a contractual agreement with Putin, Erdogan allowed five Azov Battalion Nazis free from their Turkish prison. The agreement with Russia stipulated that once the war was over, the five Nazis could be freed to Ukraine.

Is the Russia-Ukraine war over?   No.   But the obvious threat to Erdogan was a repeat of the earthquake multiplied by ten.   And the threat-makers are likely at their desks in Langley.

From Russia’s standpoint, Sweden and Finland were already well entrenched in the socialist Marxist ideology.   And the award ceremony is mere pomp and circumstance. While Finland borders Russia, Sweden does not.   Typically, the reason by western mobsters would be to use Finland as a human shield for the front of an EU war.   A Sacrificial Lamb – if they embraced God. But they don’t.

Finland’s membership in the Cult is not even 3 months old and the US is putting together a contract for multiple military bases and fultime deployment of US troops.   The official briefing, “The presence of US forces will help strengthen Finland’s defensive potential”.   The unofficial commentary – A)  the US spends anywhere from $80 billion to $160 billion annually (Pentagon Math) to maintain current overseas bases.   B)   the military is short-staffed to the tune of 25%   C)   the military weapon stash is depleted.   D) the cost to build a new base is roughly $800 million – and the US is proposing multiple bases in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Sounds eerily like a military takeover of three European countries simultaneously.

It also wreaks of US allowing Ukraine to completely fall to Russia while they reconnoiter efforts to the North for a future offensive. That would mean Soros and the Cartel have been sufficiently compensated for their various trafficking enterprises that were stalled by the Russian incursion via aide packages that never went to Ukraine.

On that note:   Today Biden opposed an independent audit of Ukraine aid to date.   Surprise!

ALL of these northern European base maneuvers are hardly a defensive move, the offensive is preparing for a long war with Russia to the tune of decades.   Only the next time the US and Europe will be the invaders.   Soros, Biden, and most of the aging pool of neocons will have hit the bucket by then – making what they do now dependent on the same evil existing forever.

The strategy is stagnant.   Germany never needed US bases.   Nor is it the responsibility of the US.   A now seemingly ‘broke’ US.   So where will The Pentagon ‘find’ the money if Yellen keeps telling us we are moving toward a recession while using fake employment numbers to justify raising interest rates to 1970’s levels?   If the government caves employment, they cave tax dollars, they cave Pentagon expenditures.

Who the Fark is running the show?  Because they apparently have a combined IQ of 50 and the military strategic analysis of a poolboy.

Finland and Sweden currently spend about $15 billion per year for their military expenditures combined.   Under the NATO 2% guideline, Sweden would need to nearly double its current spending on defense. Assuming that NATO actually upholds the 2% requirement, which it hasn’t since its inception.   Of course, this time is Different – every NATO member has ‘pledged’ – pinky swear, to make the 2% sometime within the next decade…or two.

After 70 years, only 7 of the 30 NATO members have actually spent 2% of GDP on defense – 23%.   How can that be?   USAID.

The US gives Foreign Aid to 172 countries.   There are a total of 195 countries on the globe counting The Vatican.   That means the US is footing the bill for 90% of the world! The Brookings Institute states that Foreign Aid in 2019 was only $38 Billion or less than 1% of The Federal Budget.   Another source states the aid in 2019 was $47 billion. Still another put the figure at $33 billion and another at $51 billion.

The problem with fudging the books is that you need to make sure everyone spits out the same answer.

The US Constitution Article 8, Clause 3, regulates the power of Congress to spend money on foreign nations for the purpose of ‘Commerce’.   As in Trade.   Using taxpayer dollars for Foreign Aid is NOT Constitutional!

Between 1945 and 1953, the US government illegally gave nearly $6 billion to Asian countries – the vast majority going to China/Taiwan (given that Taiwan was given to China post WWII).

In 1961, Congress enacted The Foreign Assistance Act, which was signed as an Executive Order by JFK. The Act was written by James Fulbright, a democrat hawk who supported US integration into NATO, UN, Marshall Plan, and a European Union. He also supported President Truman’s firing of General McArthur over his anti-Communist stance. Fulbright declared that communism was not our enemy – The Soviet Union was our biggest threat.   Lost on him was that the Soviets were Communist.   However, Fulbright’s advocacy against McCarthy leant clarity to Fulbright’s embrace of communism.   Fulbright’s entire tenure in the federal government was the preservation of communism in the US.

The Foreign Assistance Act enabled the formation of USAID.   The Act declared that no assistance would ever go to a communist country, nor to any country that violated ANY Human Rights.   Which would basically eliminate nearly every country on earth from aid today!   However, it was this Act that Biden used as justification to give aid to Ukraine – illegally – given the human rights violations in Ukraine have been documented by Amnesty International and in numerous UN Reports for decades.

AND NOT One Congressman considered a vote of violation.

Sending troops abroad has also been a point of contention given that the US Constitution would take precedent over a NATO agreement.  The US Military now has 750 bases spread across 80 countries.   This represents 80% to 90% of ALL Foreign bases across the globe. The main tenets for overseas bases include:   1. Deterrence whether real or imagined,   2.   Reassure allies.

The CATO Institute, The Brookings Institute, Foreign Policy Center and others have all challenged the entire concept of foreign bases.   There is no Constitutional or legal basis for the precedent.   In fact – the US Government takes it to extreme by having a base in northern Syria WITHOUT permission of the government.   Not to mention theft of Syria’s oil.

It is no wonder aid to Iraq last year increased exponentially given the oil taken from Syria is sold on the Iraqi black market. And booked as Foreign Aid by The Pentagon.

Always looking out for the Cartels:   Trafficking, Banking and Military Industrial, The US Government is apparently RingLeader personified..

As Ukraine takes a nosedive following their non-integration into EU Membership the US is already in Plan D mode creating a trafficking route on the northern spectrum of Europe via Finland, Denmark and Sweden.   With ALL that this implies.

AI REGULATION: Humans are too ignorant.

Today a blue-checked Bloomberg Twitter account published an image of the Pentagon being blown up.   After the markets tumbled, and the image was picked up by media outlets across the globe, it was determined AI made it’s debut!   And it was considered a Great SUCCESS!

One of the supposed topics of discussion at the G7 Summit was how to regulate AI. Given that not one member attendee had ANY knowledge of AI, technology, or regulation, it is quite doubtful this discussion even took place.   But the appearance of a Summit was necessary in order to have a nice vacation at a ritzy resort at taxpayers expense.

The internet is already well rehearsed in lively AI technology reconfiguring heads on different bodies – in an advanced version of photoshopping.   Some are certainly more advanced than others, but the concept that AI will somehow allude the criminal elements is naïve at best.   Because that element is already upon us.

Using what is termed ‘deep fake’ audios and videos, AI is able to replicate mannerisms, voices, and appearances.   Think you are watching President Biden in Geneva?   Think again – AI can superimpose anyone anywhere.

AI can create pornography imagery.   AI can create a bomb explosion at the Pentagon that never took place.   And that was just the Trial.   Within that scenario, our esteemed US government has now been given ‘satellite phones’ for when the grid is down and communication must be maintained.   AI software is capable of making decisions on its own without input from a real person.   Let me repeat: AI software is so advanced it can make its OWN decisions without input.   As in – start a nuclear war – or even FAKE the start of a nuclear war.

In reality we are too late. Regulation of AI is simply not possible. It assumes criminals and government criminals are going to suddenly become law abiding.   Like the wackadoodles in Chicago, just teasing the law with assault, battery, car theft, and murder; criminals require a re-education camp.   Unfortunately, Government officials are too far gone for re-education and should be let out to pasture…   A Congressional chamber filled with ‘attorneys’, their competence in manners of technology and business is wholly lacking.   A competency test for Biden has been dangled – but it might behoove all of Congress to be subject to such an annual exam accompanied by a medical exam looking for ‘substances’.

A satellite phone is pricey, requires LEO batteries and is subject to a monthly subscription for it’s use.  The obvious catch is that if the grid is down and mobile phones and landlines are inoperable, communication would only be viable to other satellite phone holders. Walkie-Talkies might be a better no fuss no muss option.

To date – no one has claimed responsibility for the Pentagon AI image.   But the point is moot.   AI is already loose and spreading abuse.

Of course, some of the most airheaded notions of regulation have already spilled across the media with ferocity and velocity!  

  • AI Must be prohibited from discrimination
  • AI must NOT be allowed personal data
  • AI must NOT be allowed to spread any fake information, data, or phishing scams
  • AI must be equitable and inclusive
  • AI can not be biased

Really!?   Fark! Are these people that DAFT?   The rule book for the IRS is now what – 75,000+ pages?   Few accountants have read the rule book and instead use AI generated data to complete a tax return.   So how would you then regulate the AI that runs EVERYTHING?   Who would oversee every decision by AI?   How would AI be monitored?   The only answer is AI would have to be the regulator and police of AI.  

And that’s the dicey truth of this manifestation without intellectual humans to consider the consequences!   IF AI is thus running everything and regulating itself in everything because humans are now too ignorant, AI is The Master.   The extent of potential detriment is astronomical.   Suppose AI is performing surgery on a person and makes the decision that the patient is not a healthy candidate for said surgery, AI could make the decision to either forego the surgery or to euthanize the patient.

Further complicating the AI phenomena is the fact that all original input data is subject to extreme bias. A simple algorithm is only as good as those feeding the data.     Polls are based on AI data feeds and are routinely ridiculed for their bias and lack of factual output.   IF AI is fed a healthy bias of progressive WEF Agendas – its output will be The Great Reset.  

Will AI software companies create competing AI?   A conservative vs liberal version?   Will AI determine guilt and innocence based on biased data input?   The perils are as expansive as each human brain.  Would AI have determined the FBI was inciting the January 6th protestors?   Or would AI have told the FBI how to incite the protestors?  

We will know all too soon.