AI REGULATION: Humans are too ignorant.

Today a blue-checked Bloomberg Twitter account published an image of the Pentagon being blown up.   After the markets tumbled, and the image was picked up by media outlets across the globe, it was determined AI made it’s debut!   And it was considered a Great SUCCESS!

One of the supposed topics of discussion at the G7 Summit was how to regulate AI. Given that not one member attendee had ANY knowledge of AI, technology, or regulation, it is quite doubtful this discussion even took place.   But the appearance of a Summit was necessary in order to have a nice vacation at a ritzy resort at taxpayers expense.

The internet is already well rehearsed in lively AI technology reconfiguring heads on different bodies – in an advanced version of photoshopping.   Some are certainly more advanced than others, but the concept that AI will somehow allude the criminal elements is naïve at best.   Because that element is already upon us.

Using what is termed ‘deep fake’ audios and videos, AI is able to replicate mannerisms, voices, and appearances.   Think you are watching President Biden in Geneva?   Think again – AI can superimpose anyone anywhere.

AI can create pornography imagery.   AI can create a bomb explosion at the Pentagon that never took place.   And that was just the Trial.   Within that scenario, our esteemed US government has now been given ‘satellite phones’ for when the grid is down and communication must be maintained.   AI software is capable of making decisions on its own without input from a real person.   Let me repeat: AI software is so advanced it can make its OWN decisions without input.   As in – start a nuclear war – or even FAKE the start of a nuclear war.

In reality we are too late. Regulation of AI is simply not possible. It assumes criminals and government criminals are going to suddenly become law abiding.   Like the wackadoodles in Chicago, just teasing the law with assault, battery, car theft, and murder; criminals require a re-education camp.   Unfortunately, Government officials are too far gone for re-education and should be let out to pasture…   A Congressional chamber filled with ‘attorneys’, their competence in manners of technology and business is wholly lacking.   A competency test for Biden has been dangled – but it might behoove all of Congress to be subject to such an annual exam accompanied by a medical exam looking for ‘substances’.

A satellite phone is pricey, requires LEO batteries and is subject to a monthly subscription for it’s use.  The obvious catch is that if the grid is down and mobile phones and landlines are inoperable, communication would only be viable to other satellite phone holders. Walkie-Talkies might be a better no fuss no muss option.

To date – no one has claimed responsibility for the Pentagon AI image.   But the point is moot.   AI is already loose and spreading abuse.

Of course, some of the most airheaded notions of regulation have already spilled across the media with ferocity and velocity!  

  • AI Must be prohibited from discrimination
  • AI must NOT be allowed personal data
  • AI must NOT be allowed to spread any fake information, data, or phishing scams
  • AI must be equitable and inclusive
  • AI can not be biased

Really!?   Fark! Are these people that DAFT?   The rule book for the IRS is now what – 75,000+ pages?   Few accountants have read the rule book and instead use AI generated data to complete a tax return.   So how would you then regulate the AI that runs EVERYTHING?   Who would oversee every decision by AI?   How would AI be monitored?   The only answer is AI would have to be the regulator and police of AI.  

And that’s the dicey truth of this manifestation without intellectual humans to consider the consequences!   IF AI is thus running everything and regulating itself in everything because humans are now too ignorant, AI is The Master.   The extent of potential detriment is astronomical.   Suppose AI is performing surgery on a person and makes the decision that the patient is not a healthy candidate for said surgery, AI could make the decision to either forego the surgery or to euthanize the patient.

Further complicating the AI phenomena is the fact that all original input data is subject to extreme bias. A simple algorithm is only as good as those feeding the data.     Polls are based on AI data feeds and are routinely ridiculed for their bias and lack of factual output.   IF AI is fed a healthy bias of progressive WEF Agendas – its output will be The Great Reset.  

Will AI software companies create competing AI?   A conservative vs liberal version?   Will AI determine guilt and innocence based on biased data input?   The perils are as expansive as each human brain.  Would AI have determined the FBI was inciting the January 6th protestors?   Or would AI have told the FBI how to incite the protestors?  

We will know all too soon.

9 thoughts on “AI REGULATION: Humans are too ignorant.

  1. I think you have been duped about AI. Following the ‘conversation in the mainstream’ is almost always fools errend. Yes there are problems with AI but the number one problem is TRUST. Trust that AI is real and more than a parlor trick, which it definitely is not. It’s shocking to think that any human being would conflate thier own intellect with the ability to mimic languange or generate an original image or retouch a photograph. CHILDREN mimic language and draw abstract pictures en route to developing adult brains. At which point they develop an understanding of the concepts they mimicked. Kids draw people falling before they understand gravity or flowers long before they become aware of botany. Yet if call that infantile mind ‘AI’ and let it create some weird image of a flower, and suddenly we want to ascribe a 1000IQ to it and worship it as our master. ALL ANY AI DOES IS MIMIC PATTERNS. There is no conceptual understanding whatsoever. “ChapGPT can write code, just not perfectly”. NOOOoOOoooo!!!! ChapGPT can mimic individual lines of code and combine them to imitate some greater function. It DOES NOT understand the code or the functional process it defines or why. It just mimics existing code using probability and averaging. Same with chemistry. “OMG ChatGPT taught itself Chemistry”!!! No it didn’t. It found some repitioion in chemistry equations and applied it’s language model to it to reproduce existing chemistry equations, bit can only ‘solve them’ by probability or pattern matching, NOT BECAUSE IT KNOWS THE FIRST FUCKING THING ABOUT CHEMISTRY. Because it’s language model fundamentally sucks too. Like embarrassingly bad. Chat with ChatGPT for more than 5 minutes and it pretty much just repeating some rudimentary structure over and over that is predictable and very very limited. It’s all very much an illusion. We have become slaves to pictures and imagery, and even more to those who manipulate us with them. AI is just a picture machine and a Google search that returns results in the form of a sentence. A very predictable upgrade to search algorithms 20 years in. But it’s not some sentient thinking being. If you fall for this you’ll fall for anything. Though sadly, you probably already have. Newsflash! You spent 15 years feeding your life story into Facebook for free. They already mapped your anthropology, tendencies, fears, hopes etc. THAT was always the AI. ChatGPT is just the waepon they devised to use against you based on all you revealed about yourself and your gullibility. If you think ChatGPT is smarter than you or ever will be then Congratulations! You are a fucking idiot!

    • Hey that SHESUGLY: You lost your argument by predictable ignorance. Without a doubt your inability to see beyond your nose, to drive beyond your only conceptualization of ChatGPT proves the stagnation of your mentality. Which is likely why you have achieved little – and experienced less. I didn’t even mention ChatGPT – my discussion was about ‘regulation’ and ‘bias’ which you chose to ignore in order to spew, vent, distort, and rage with caps and foul language – further demeaning your entire comment. I suggest you move to another platform to shrew your idiocy – you have more than proven your ignorance here.

  2. As an aside regarding sat phone technology – as far as I know, satellite phones still require ground infrastructure to work. The satellite is merely a transfer mechanism between the phone to an earth station, which then relays to another phone. The idea that the phones will work when the grid is down is not true unless the ground stations are up and running through back up power. There is no such thing as communication between two satellite phones via the satellite alone. It doesn’t have the bandwidth to do that. With regards to the main point of the article, I agree with Bernardo – GIGO. The idea that a creator can create something greater than himself is ludicrous, and that train of thought – technological idolatry, is what is destroying us

    • As a former at&t central office employee,,, you are correct. Same for any of the “wireless” or even cable passes through the central office. I have fibered up/repaired many of them. Americans aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer any longer so a lot of this gets past them.

  3. Unfortunately, Government officials are too far gone for re-education and should be let out to pasture…

    I can recommend other remedies….

    The problem as I see it is twofold. First with no grid most won’t be able to recharge the phones batteries. Second, these satellites can be easily destroyed,,, or turned off by the PTB,,, signals jammed.

    The LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites will be the first to go. In the event of another stupid war they will be restricted to VIPs while they still exist.

    A great write on AI! If you can access X-Files the return in 2018 there is a humorous episode of Scully and Mulder dealing with AI Automation and today’s corporate hogwash. IMO It is hilarios and worth watching. Take a night off,,, enjoy.

  4. Number one rule in computer science regarding computer programs: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    AI’s usefulness, like any other tool or technology, is directly related to the skills of the user. Imagine taking an average car driver and putting him/her in a Formula one racing car in a live race!

    I remember some young engineers coming to me touting the latest great new expensive tool that would make their chip design, layout and verification jobs so much easier while at the same time shortening the schedule! My response was: “show me that you have mastered your craft using the current tools first. There is no substitute for intelligence.”

    AI like chatGPT is very useful as a data bitch. It interacts very well like a human and can find all kind of information VERY fast, BUT make sure you cross examine it and verify. It is wrong some times and it apologizes when it is wrong!

    My very first interaction with GPT lasted less than five minutes. We talking about. covid vaccines.
    This was its last statement:
    “As an AI language model, I can provide information and answer questions based on the data I was trained on, but it’s important for individuals to make their own informed decisions. While public health organizations and scientific experts can provide valuable information and insights, ultimately the decision to trust them or not is up to each individual.
    It’s always a good idea to critically evaluate information from any source, including public health organizations and AI models like me. This includes checking for sources and considering the evidence behind the information being presented.”

    One thing is for sure: AI will never get consciousness. Why? Because it is programmed by humans.

    • Yes thank you!! I can’t say this enough. Look closely at what these so alled AI actually do. Its basic and rudimentary and basically just probability algorithms. Nothing even remotely close to a 1 year old baby who has learned to walk and talk at the same time. It’s a joke to worship as some higher intelligence. Its laughably stupid nonsense. It’s really just a trick to demoralize you and doubt your divine creation. Don’t fall for it.

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