BIDEN HANDLERS: Taxpayer Money – Going, Going – GONE

Kevlar Pelosi has declared that   a)   Hillary is the acting president of the Mafia Cult, and b)   Putin was afraid of her more than anyone.   But if Hillary is really the OZ behind the Red Curtain – why isn’t Putin afraid?   Why isn’t he cowering in a tunnel sucking on his thumb as the Liberals contend?   And why isn’t Hillary’s legacy as the worst president ever mentioned in the interview?

Pelosi knows her gaffe could cost heavily.   Struggling to maintain her cool, Pelosi’s hands give away her abject anxiety in the Hillary world of ‘suicided’.   Obviously there are a veritable font of Handlers propping up Dementia Joe, with Obama and Hillary front and center.

But Hillary desperately wanted the ‘accolade’ that would go along with the title. She wanted to be “queen’ – wear a long robe and crown as she mingled with the proletariats and peasants.   Sitting behind a curtain is not her style.   But then the decisions, laws, regulations and EO’s signed by Biden are the makings of a Cartel Roundtable.

Bloomberg is also a member of the Cartel Roundtable as he traverses the globe having been self-appointed as the Climate Tzar wherein his job is to raise more money from NGO’s and Corporations.   Because the Green Climate Fund is desperate for more money…   Despite sitting on Net Assets of $10 billion in 2021 having grown by $2 billion year-over-year,  Bloomberg is out and about hyping MORE money – which isn’t needed and isn’t spent!!

While boasting that the Green Fund has reduced carbon emissions by 2.5 billion tonnes its spending on projects reflects only $3 billion in total since inception with a mere $700 million on a $2 billion investment in 2021.   The vast majority of their projects are conducted in Africa and Asia.

The Green Funds are held by The World Bank.   Coincidentally, Bloomberg (not Biden) recently nominated a new World Bank President, Ajay Banga.   His role at World Bank will be authorizing more micro-loans at usurious interest rates to poor Africans and South Asians.

The absurdity of the Climate Change movement is well documented.   Although climate does change and has since earth’s creation, the causes are internally and externally stimulated by evolution.   Evolution of earth, the planets, the sun, and our universe.   Unlike economies, these evolutionary transitions are NOT stagnate.   But the means to mediate them are wholly ignored.

Instead, we are force-fed fear and chaos while the Mafia Cult continually searches for new ways and means to make money.   Somehow – money is always the source – and the answer.  The obsession can be felt in the nonBiden 2024 Budget wherein $6.5 Trillion is needed…

New data suggests that the warmest period in our relatively minor 2000 years occurred during the rise of the Roman Empire.   This data also suggests that the Fall of the Empire could be due to climate conditions becoming unfavorable for food and water.    Which has been the go-to answer for why every civilization in history perished!

Obviously the greenhouse gas effect and the Carbon effect were not a human induced phenomena. The Mediterranean during the Roman Empire was 3.6’ warmer than it is today.   Not to be deterred, paid scientists have since declared that the Romans produced so much ‘air pollution’ they caused climate change.   The source of air pollution?   Fires?   Fires for cooking and staying warm in winters.  Somehow they completely ignored ‘volcanoes’.

The esteemed Handlers at the White House are spending trillions of dollars – yet with every penny spent the economy is ‘worse’.   The dissent against spending is eerily quiet.   The Obama/Hillary spending bill for 2024 is now $6.5 Billion.   That would equate to a 50% increase over Trump’s nonCoVid spending.

Some of the more egregious spending in the Handler Budget includes:

*Nearly $7 billion for Ukraine –

*Over $9 billion for the DoD to spend on China defense in “other countries”

*$36.5 billion for minority schools – despite major closures of public schools due to lack of enrollment

*$6.5 billion to launch a new health agency – likely to be administered by Gates

*$8.7 billion for the CDC – 20% increase over 2019.

*$10.7 for the HHS Department – under Mr/Mz Levine

*$14 billion increase to every agency to tackle – Climate Change

*$30.4 billion to provide housing to 200,000 homeless ($152,000 each)

*$3.5 billion for American Indians

*63.1 billion for USAID – a 61.5% Increase over 2019.   USAID supports Soros NGO’s, and NED COUPS.

The Handlers are busily working toward the decline of America while diverting US Taxpayer money to Africa for Obama, and to Ukraine for Biden.   So what does Hillary get?   Global Queen for a day and a red velvet robe….?  To embrace her alliance with communism.

UKRAINE FUNDS: Where Does The Money Come From and Where Does it Go?

The $1.598 question that no one, including the White House and Pentagon, can NOT answer is where oh where is all the money ‘allocated to Ukraine’ going?   According to Zelenskyy, he claims it is not going to Ukraine…   instead it is allocated among US and UK NGO’s.   Who might these NGO’s be?   An interesting circle but one that would seem to have all the same boring players:

National Endowment for Democracy (one of my favorite organizations to rip apart) has announced it is awarding four Ukrainian NGO’s for their courage and resilience in protecting human rights and transparency – with US taxpayer funds.   Yeah……

They list four such companies all of which claim to have been created to tackle rampant corruption in the Ukrainian government which is considered akin to Mafia 1920.  Despite the fact that the UN, EU, and US all gave reports as of 2021, that the corruption, fraud, and murderous assassinations were a rampant ordinary aspect of Ukraine – before Russia launched their cleansing.    Not that Zelenskyy or any of his officials are implicated, except of course, but they are central!

When reviewing the boards of these organizations pinpricked with Ukraine funding, their member organizations and funders, bear a strikingly boring pithy of names which are highlighted over and over again:   Soros Human Rights Watch.   McKinsey & Company.   Rand.   DLA Piper. UN. Amnesty International. And a plethora of organizations operating in Russia as anti-Russia NGO’s for the purpose of destabilization. Front and center Universities would include Harvard and the London School of Economics – known for their Soros/Marxist affiliations.

No NGO corruption is complete without mentioning USAID.   According to their calculations more than 1.4 million Ukrainians were displaced during the 8 years that the Kyiv government continued their genocide on Donbas.    But their ‘peacekeepers’ did absolutely nothing to help this genocide.   Nothing at all.   And instead, issued proclamations and a severe finger disjoint when discussing these issues before the media.

Prior to the $40 billion in aid just pledged by the US government rhino’s, the previous aid package to Ukraine amounted to $13.6 billion of which $6.5 billion was allocated to the US Department of Defense.   Why?   That would mean – the previous weapons sent to Ukraine from inventory paid for by US taxpayers as ‘donations;’ would be lost and an additional $6.5 billion would be given to the Pentagon out of US taxpayer funding for … as in double dipping.

The remaining allocation fraudulently states that $4 billion was to support the ‘refugees’ who have received $-0- according to independent EU countries, and $25 million was allocated to the Disinformation Agency for Global Media…   whose Executive Officer is – Chinese!   Her bio indicates she came from Voice of America – a Marxist organization created as a communist collaboration post WWII.   VOA was expanded exponentially under Billy Clinton as a propaganda source within the CIA.

And the money keeps flowing with democrat and republican support as they assess their own financial status amidst the rising inflation that will literally double by August!   All for One and All For Me! Is the new motto embraced by our US and EU governments. All while coups continue across the globe so as to absorb opposition.

In that – Ukraine is a Deflection.   With assets that give it a status symbol.

And the entire point of the extended US/UK occupation of Ukraine is to take over the assets including wheat, oil & natural gas – the sustenance of life!   Don’t see anyone building windfarms and solar in this western occupied nation…

What is evident is the fact that there is massive blackmail of hundreds if not thousands of political pundits who are willing to sacrifice millions of citizens to preserve their tenuous reputation!   Belying party affiliation.  Certainly NO Heroes in the entire Lot.

Following the Money of these Ukraine funds is a Swamp.   Oddly, it supports the WEF Sustainability Agenda wherein politicians should be eliminated as a government institute and replaced with ‘corporate managers’ more capable of running a well oiled machine.   Revealing the abject depravity of our governments would thus be purposeful.   And the end result would be exactly what the New World Order designs – a global entity of corporate status to rule with totalitarian pronouncement.

Because Government by definition will always be – corrupt.

Thus corporate saviors would need to rise to prominence.   But even this agenda has failures – such as Elon Musk.   A contrarian to the likes of Zuckerberg, Bezos, Omidyar, and others bent solely on self and without much rock to support the sand – yet exclusively aligned with the Deep State.

It would thus appear that the Ukraine state is in a voluntary coup stage wherein all resources are being confiscated, including their diminished wheat supply, oil and natural gas.   Black soil – their most precious asset is temporarily on hold given the population responsible for its output of crops has exited stage left – leaving a footprint for future slaves to cultivate.   That would translate to African labor.

A similar formula being created in the US and EU via immigrant populations who have absolutely no viable means of sustenance other than slavery.

This is their vision of utopia.   Their self.

So when the likes of Bezos, Zuckerberg, Omidyar et al, attempt to fray the democrat deconstruction of our globe – what they are really complaining about is the fact that they will have difficulty supporting their lifestyle…and that is their only concern.

I mean – Where oh Where will they recruit all the peasants?  And WHAT does the deflection Hide?