Speaker Mike Johnson – A Wolf of the Rhino Uniparty Cabal

Speaker Mike Johnson has stated that Israel will be supported by the US unconditionally both financially and morally.   A Christian endorsing secular paganism.  Unconditionally.  Pouring money into the Cabalist Pot while the US languishes in poverty, debt, and an illegal crisis costing taxpayers $451 billion.   America is Falling!   The American People Do Not want another dime going to ANY country – much less the pockets of the Cabal via Ukraine and Israel – where are the true Christians?

Mike Johnson also declared that sending more money to Ukraine is a priority of The People.  Speaker Mike Johnson is neither Christian or pro-America, he is simply another puppet doling out taxpayer funds according to whim.

Many Christians believe that anyone who ‘identifies’ as Christian is a good governmental leader.   Disregarding any other criteria, the label of Christian becomes a hijacked farcical delusion that supports the idiotic idea that Pelosi and Biden are Catholics.   Albeit aligned with a fake Pope who has turned the Vatican into a carnival of clowns.   I’m sure Trump will be blamed for another rhino dominating within the US government – Mike Johnson, a Christian communist.

Speaking in Sarasota, Florida, Johnson was flanked by Vern Buchanan a tax avoider, rhino in bed with the Bushes and Romney.   Also accompanying Johnson and Buchanan was Dan Newhouse who voted to impeach Trump.  In 2009, Democrat governor, Christine Gregoire of Washington, selected Newhouse, who ‘identified’ as a Republican, to head the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

In other words, Johnson is backed by a delegation of rhinos and has preyed on the American People with false ideologies and promises.   A Wolfe.

ANY politicians sponsoring Israel and Ukraine have no intention of Saving America!

Perspective:   Your Household is in debt $500,000 with no means to payoff the debt.   Your wife decides to take a loan out in husband’s name in order to give her best friend $100,000 to buy a Porsche.   Same logic.   Zelenskyy uses the $$$$$gift to buy lavish real estate in Italy and Netanyahu, worth over $80 million, will use the money to buy himself a yacht. 

And US Taxpayers pay for it.   At the behest of Mike Johnson and his crony rhinos.

Truth Social – the Trump Train – is awash in demanding the annihilation of Palestinians, colonizing their entire land and giving it to the secular Ashkenazis in the name of The Bible.   Death to the barbarians is now a call to action.   I decided to read a part of the Covenant of Hamas – not cabalist ‘selected excerpts’, but the translated narrative.  Their protocols.   In contrast to Israel’s secular paganism, these Muslims believe in God, believe in Jesus Christ, and take exception with those aligned within the Cabal – The Rothschilds, aka Zionism.  This is why the Sephardic and Hasidic Jews align with Palestine, they share God.   And Zion hates God.

Too often the governments of the West, justify Israeli settlements as a protocol of the Balfour Declaration.   There were four authors of The Balfour Declaration;  Walter Rothschild, Arthur Balfour, Leo Amery, and Lord Milner.  Politicians and South Africa colonialists, these four declared Edmond Rothschild the righteous authority to occupy Palestine.   Signatories absent in this Declaration?  Palestinians.

The Israeli Declaration of Independence was signed in 1948 by Zionist Ben Gurion.  Absent signatories included Palestinian authorities and the entire Arab World.  The Declaration gave the Rothschild Ashkenazis 56% of Palestine w/o Jerusalem.   Today, over 90% of Palestine is under Zionist Rule.

Perspective:   Xi Jinping makes a deal with the Zionists to colonize America.   The Zionists agree, for the price of $1 Trillion and 10% of all present and future resources.   China pays.   China moves into America and citizens are given the opportunity to leave – or be killed.  Anyone of any faith must immediately deny their faith – leave or be killed.

In 2022, Zelenskyy, a secular Ashkenazi, began cracking down on Ukrainian parishes and announced a ban on religious organizations that had any religious affiliation with Russian Orthodox churches.   Before Zelenskyy, the bulk of Ukrainians were Orthodox Christians affiliated with the Russian Orthodox church.    Subsequently, raids were conducted wherein priests were arrested and tortured.

March 2023, Zelenskyy raided an Orthodox monastery, opened criminal cases against the clergy and took control of the monastery complex.   Zionists hate God.   But Speaker Mike Johnson, a Christian, wants to give Zelenskyy more – money!  And his fellow Rhinos line up for a piece of the profits.

Winter is upon Ukraine.   Most of the US weapon inventory sent to Ukraine is out-dated and does not work in the severe cold of the region.   60% of the committed funds for Ukraine were actually redirected to The Pentagon for new procurements from our Military Industrial Complex – not sent to Ukraine.   Of the $113 billion committed already, only $75 billion has been spent – leaving a pot of money still sitting – or already distributed to the Cabalists and their rhino’s at large.   The long war wherein the US and UK orchestrators refused any peace agreement, is an abject failure of intelligence and strategy – via the CIA, DoD and MI6.

Ukraine is simply another Afghanistan, another Syria, another VietNam.   And The Powers are busily securing a propaganda campaign that will realize this War as an American Win.   Much like the Israeli propaganda attempting to dehumanize Palestinians along the same trajectory as Russians, as Syrians, as Iranians.

Enemies are essential… 9-11.  

“Five Israelis were filmed dancing with glee as the Twin Towers Fell.   They were detained by the US government and ‘deported to Israel’…  Their names were;   Sivan Kurzberg,  Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari.   Their statement to the police/FBI – “ We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”   The internet is scrubbed of any additional information regarding these “IDF or possible Mossad operatives” and Israel takes over additional land belonging to the Palestinians.  

Did these Israeli Mossad take care of ‘our problem’, aka the documentation of The Pentagon’s unaccounted for Trillions that was located in the Twin Towers?  Tit-For-Tat – did Israel ask the US to eliminate Palestinians?   Was that the Deal?

ISRAEL WAR is The Secular Great RESET

IT is curiouser and curiouser how the self described savants who saw the Ukraine war for another US proxy, suddenly support Israel – because of the Holocaust.   As though victimhood is the sole reasoning behind anything –  Israel.   People are cursing me into oblivion for writing historical facts.  Previous conservative media outlets are suddenly having brain dense convulsions over Israel as though present day Israel represents God and End Times.   The Bible is clear –    four powerful kings will race onto the world stage with two objectives.

  1. To conquer the world, and to reign as global dictators.These dictators will strip you of your freedoms. They will take your civil liberties, and you will become property and slaves of the state.
  2. To conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people. Their desire is to control the city of Jerusalem and prepare for the anointing of the false Messiah.

According to ‘the newest interpretation of who the four kings are, Hagee Ministries offers:  King of the North is Russia, King of the South is Egypt and Arab countries, King of the east is China, and King of the west is America and UK.  There is absolutely no Biblical reference to support this supposition.

It is almost as though people are so wasted on earth, they WANT Armageddon.   And the secular media and secular Israel are quick to LEAD the bandwagon.  And suddenly The Great RESET becomes Biblical Armageddon and we fight the WRONG fight.   Of course, the idiocy in this scenario is the ‘false Messiah’ being anointed by a collaboration of abject enemies is particularly fundamentally ignorant.

Another viewpoint comes from MSNBC’s atheist prospective.   Prophesizing from an atheist pulpit, the writer has seemingly read the book flap on the Bible for his elementary school essay.   Using the same bad guys, Russia and China in his synopsis, he adds Iran and omits America and UK.  Instead turning the war into a poll of Christian Zionists… and Republicans and of course – Trump.

Right now, control over the city of Jerusalem is hoisted to the surface as the first flag support of Armageddon.  Yet the only people who have made this a quest are the Palestinians who support The Old Testament and The Koran. The vast majority of Jews are Ashkenazi and have absolutely no religious affiliation.   In the US – they are democrats manipulating the White House behind the scenes as a shadow government.   For the Jews in control, Jerusalem merely represents money – upwards of $7.5 billion annually in tourism.   Other than that – they couldn’t tell you the names of the Apostles.

As a result we have unwitting conservatives putting their might and mouth behind the same people responsible for the Nazi Ukraine trafficking industry.   And it feels like a portion of their brain has been ejected.  Because, well – the Holocaust…

The land of Israel.

“For four thousand years, the land of Israel has been the Jewish homeland”.    The Torah pronounces!   But there was no Jewish Homeland, there was a Hebrew Homeland as espoused by the Bible before it was rewritten over 100 times.   Via ‘translations’.   The Hebrew Homeland – as referenced – applies to ‘all descendants of Abraham’.   Those who transgress will be exiled from the land ~ Torah.   What does transgress mean?   To break or violate any law of God.  It is a fair assumption that being ‘secular’ is – a transgression of the highest order.

We are NOT in End Times, Biblically, we ARE in end times politically and socially as ruled by the Ashkenazi’s of the west.  Trying to conjoin the two as one is beyond the most extreme apostate.   And can only come from those who are not true believers – like secularists.

The War between Palestine and Israel was matriculated by western political powers

and had nothing to do with the Bible.  Rothschild had specifically demanded a “secular Israel” be given to him by Britain.   That is what occurred.  This decision was the first provocation.   But it is what the west ‘does’.   We conquer countries and divvy up the spoils – the land.   Post WWI, the land was divvied up into separate nations we now call The Middle East.    That being said, the Israel bombardment is a distraction to aid in the Great RESET.

Post WWII the west divvied up Soviet Russia and Europe.  Simultaneously, western brain powers decided that Taiwan – which was under the control of Japan – must now be given to China.   A poor nation of little value to the west, Taiwan became an island of China.   Until – Taiwan became a source of western resources.  Then, China bad.

Rothschild chose this war in Israel.   Not for any Biblical motive, but for the antithesis of the Biblical Word.   To watch how easily it is to sway the minds of the sheeple into believing a lie.  Today’s Israel is NOT the Israel of the Bible.

Germany’s DeutschWelle goes even further down the line of apostasy by writing an article about ‘fact-checking’ Israel’s war.  The height of secularist thought!   Providing in-depth analysis of this, DeutschWelle recommends using fact-check news sites and google lens to determine what is true and what is disinformation.   Because critical thinking has been parched and thrown into the ‘Dead Sea’…

The Zionists are creating a false Biblical event.  Manipulating the Christians whom they hate.   The same Zionists who support the Nazi’s in Ukraine!  Because they are NOT Jews, they are not descendants of Abraham, they have manipulated history – manipulated identity – to Rule The Sheeple.   Russia saw the manipulation and became a “Pariah” as a result.

The Holocaust was real – it just wasn’t committed against Jews.   Yet in the vein of victimhood, the Rothschilds saw this as an opportunity to present their state, Israel, as a global bond against anyone and everyone that dared to cast the first stone.  And entire countries recoil in fear lest they desecrate the word Israel.

Now the Stage has been recast:   No longer do we fear and cast stones at Klaus Schwab’s Great RESET, we embrace him, them, and it, as victimized Jews for whom we must send our sons and daughters to die.   For a war that Israel’s landlord, Rothschild, created.  Knowing Rothschild is the grandaddy of secular Judaism and the creator of The Great RESET.

Netanyahu End Game – Eliminate All Palestinians…

The Rothschild Economist which owns Israel is asking Israel what is the ‘end game’?   Netanyahu has declared this war will take months… as in until the US 2024 election. Four end-game scenarios have been proposed: 1. Take Gaza, rubble and all, and run it via Netanyahu 2. Allow the ‘hated’ Abbas to control it, 3.   Bring in foreigners, 4. Give it back to Hamas.   Obviously only one scenario is going to be allowed.

Netanyahu wants a clean slate of Israel – only for his chosen secular Israeli’s as was originally proposed by Edmond Rothschild in t he late 1800’s.   However, Gaza is only one part of the Palestinian land – the West Bank in reality is next.

And just like that, Netanyahu has declared Hamas is in The West Bank and has begun a terror raid of the territory.   The media justification ‘reprisal’.   Israel is allowed to indiscriminately kill whomever they determine is necessary for their mission – widening the ever increasing master plan for a world war to erupt in the Middle East.

A suicide mission.

US and UK have announced evacuation orders of their citizens from Lebanon – inviting an even greater middle east incursion.   And the rally cry for peace is ignored. Reminiscent of the Vietnam War.   A government war.   The Draft.

The US military has been lamenting the abysmal recruits despite lowering every conceivable standard and offering bonuses for those who enlist.   BONUSES.   And still no one wants to be a part of this military. A corrupt, degenerate military that treats its soldiers like trash.

With two forever wars to choose from the military is very likely to necessitate The Dreaded Draft once again.   Protect your sons and daughters!

Today the call it Selective Service and every person between the ages of 18 and 25 must register – including illegal immigrants…   ALL 7 million draft aged immigrants must register or face a felony charge.   Untrained.   Unvetted.   Possibly carrying a number of diseases.   The Selective Service is set up like the draft for Vietnam – based on a lottery.   Draw the wrong number and off you go to bootcamp!   Sorry – your bad luck!

I wonder how many of those upstanding citizens decrying death to all Muslims would feel if their precious sons and daughters drew the ‘wrong number’?   Would ‘Give Peace A Chance’ once again vibrate the hallowed halls of government?   Would the elite grease the hands that select the numbers? Rory Gates is – 24.

Maybe our esteemed officials would create an algorithm whereby only red city/state youth were called up?   Like they did with the vaccine – selective bio-death.

Today Rishi Sunak, PM of the UK, has landed in Saudi Arabia to deter animosity.   His previous claims to annihilate all Palestinians as animals has been shed, and he parlays a faded hope that Netanyahu won’t commit genocide and push the world war that Russia did not allow.   But Rishi speaks from both sides of his mouth neither side really evincing his true character…   Prince Salman is not easily swayed by the fakery.

Sunak told Netanyahu that he wants Israel to win.   Win what?   Israel has declared it’s mission to be the destruction of Hamas – yet continues to obliterate all of Gaza.  And therein lies the answer the Rothschild Economist already noted in its four potential outcomes –   Gaza and The West Bank will be reduced to rubble –

It is curious that Sunak feels the need to go to Israel at all – given the fierce constant attacks by Hamas… But then AI does wonders these days. And the money laundering created via the Ukraine war becomes a viable explanation.

Of importance to Sunak’s arrival is to help negotiate the release of Israeli and foreign prisoners in Gaza.   Oddly, there are few if any notations as to who those prisoners might be. Why are their names withheld?  Why does every media outlet parlay different numbers;   400 prisoners!   250 Prisoners!   150 Prisoners… 100 prisoners…   Why aren’t family members involved demanding Biden take a more actionable agenda?   Or is this Afghanistan replayed?   Why isn’t the US doing “ANYTHING” – if in fact there are prisoners?   How much information is fake? Netanyahu has announced that the hostages are on their own – he has no interest in a rescue mission or a swap.

“Framing the current conflict as a battle between the “forces of progress and humanity” and “an axis of evil”, Netanyahu called Hamas “the modern barbarians, the worst monsters on the planet”.

It is unclear exactly how many Hamas members there are in Gaza Palestine. Estimates range wildly between 15,000 to 50,000. Hamas is split between its political bureau which is based in Qatar, and its social bureau which is based in Gaza. The Bureau has fifteen members in Gaza and four units, including; finance, propaganda, foreign affairs, and social welfare.

The social welfare bureau is what led the creation of schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and charity which had been denied by the Israel government.   The political Bureau oversees the military operations via the Shura Council.   Izz Al Din Al Qassam Brigade is the military branch.

If in fact, Israel intends to kill all 25,000 Hamas military members, this war is slated to be exceptionally bloody given 4,000 “Palestinians” have been killed with absolutely no mention of how many were Hamas.  Half the Palestinian deaths have been attributed to children – the Hillary Clinton What Difference Does It Make If They Are Dead – casualties of war – scenario.

ZION KHAZARS: Returning to Reap Vengeance

An overriding question is why don’t other Middle East countries take in the Palestinian refugees?   The vast majority of Middle East countries don’t take in any refugees from anywhere.   The exception would include Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.   Paid for by the US and EU.   The vast majority of refugees in Turkey & Jordan are Syrians bombed out of their homes by America.   They stay in their camps until they decide to go back to their country – a sad situation. The US pays Turkey and Jordan to maintain the camps via USAID and Mercy Corp.

The remaining Middle East countries simply don’t take in any refugees – it has nothing to do with Palestinians.   It is just ‘their way’.   However, the concept of bringing them to the US is beyond absurd. The US and Israel collaborated on a war to destroy their homes and kill their people and now want to bring a million displaced Palestinians to join the 7 million illegals sitting in luxury hotels in the US.   Social Media is in mass overload debating this agenda when no one has bothered to ask the Palestinians!

Given Rothschild owns Netanyahu, it is likely he gave the order for the massacre.   Israel now wants the US to give them $10 billion… to start, and once again US taxpayers are on the short end of the stick financially.   Rhino’s are screaming from rooftops that We must pay up because Israel is our ally!

Of course the irony is that Israel’s government is Cabal – so in essence the US is funding the Cabal through Ukraine and now Israel.

The Economist (owned by the same Rothschild) is underjoyed as they anticipate Russia and China will assist the Palestinians to rebuild and profit from the war.   Their underjoyment is due to the fact that this was their intention – via more funding from the US and EU in the vein of compassion and humanity…

Simultaneously, the Rothschilds have been busily selling off assets and privatizing businesses and banks. Buying outstanding shares valued at $4 billion. Their top holdings include; Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, Chevron, and JP Morgan.  However, selling off their personal antiques, paintings, and collectibles is quite another oddity altogether.

Rothschild is not the only Cabalist elite selling their assets, Getty has also been matching the pace since at least 2022.   Alex Soros has taken the baton and is selling out of most of their offices in Africa as well as a few in the US.   Rockefeller began its selling spree in 2018, with auctions, a 20% stake in their Capital Management group, and real estate.

Bezos began dumping Amazon shares in 2019, and continued through 2022.   And suddenly the selloffs look very coordinated.

A monumental shift is taking place.

One possibility is the Klaus Schwab Phase 4 of the World Economic Forum. Despite claiming that 2030 will revolutionize urban smart cities, no one has even broken ground.   Shares in electric vehicles have been sold from these fund managers and bank holdings.   Wind and solar are stuttering in a stilted unpopular death march and typically – war means those with cash win, ie buying the spoils of war for 5 cents on the dollar.

Today Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza killing 500 patients and doctors. A purposeful taunt to provoke a response from neighboring Middle Eastern countries; in particular, Iran. In addition, Israel’s declaration that they would bomb northern Gaza ordering 1 million Palestinians to evacuate within 24 hours was a lure. Instead, Israel bombed civilians fleeing to the south.   This is NOT about Hamas.   This is about leveling Gaza and eradicating every Palestinian in Israel.   At the behest of The House of Rothschild which hates all Muslims and Christians.

The purpose is to elevate Zionist Jews as the last race of intellectual capacity so as to gain complete control of the Patriarchal Global Colony – earth.   Despite the BRICS.   Ruled by ONE race – the Khazarian Ashkenazis.   Potentially, drawing Russia and China into their war against the Middle East.

However, Russia still has one of the most precious assets on earth that is necessary to their survival – Lake Baikal. Otherwise they would have nuked the entire nation by now.

The Ashkenazi population is roughly 5-6 million.   The Sephardic Jews are religious, pro-Palestine, pro-peace, and condemn this war.   Given the population must be pure, Bill Gates, Bezos, etc… won’t qualify.   And the remaining inhabitants of earth numbering 495 million will be the peasant workers.   The bees that keep the hive productive while dying for the queen.

While this is their vision – they have made some powerful enemies in their wake.   In that vein a Holy War would be the irreligious Zion Khazars, against Muslims, Sephardic Jews, Christians, Hindi, and Buddhist. The atheists, China, don’t have guns – and certainly given China presents an intellectual competitor that would feed manure into their purity factor.    So China was cultivated and tossed.

In this spectacular Agenda being laid bare, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, gains emphatic importance.   Billed as anti-Semitic, the Semites included not Jews but Hebrews and Muslims. The Hebrews and Muslims were both direct descendants of Abraham.   The Turkic Khazars are not.

Ancestrally, the Khazars are of a Turkic descendancy, believed to be the Huns who invaded and destroyed the Roman Empire.  Known historically for their ‘reign of terror’, the Huns originated in southeast Asia – in particular Mongolia. Their reign included stipulations for tithes of gold from their enemies to assure they would not be massacred…   Like the Mafia – or Rothschild.

The aristocratic Huns were described as: short of stature, small eyes, tanned skin and round and shapeless heads. They are said to have pastured during summers in Crimea. Winters were spent further north along the west coast of the Sea of Azov.

And thus the importance of Ukraine as an historical habitat becomes pronounced.

Israel is not an ally.   Ukraine is not an ally.   The Khazars have come to reap revenge.  

ISRAEL – A Rothschild Construct of Biolabs & Calls for MAGA Death

More information is being released that could account for the ‘why now’ affect of Israel’s newly classified 9-11 moment.   More releases regarding the bioweapon labs in Ukraine are being studied.   According to a former state Department analyst, these Ukraine lab reports detail bio weapons that target specific DNA and genetic vulnerabilities of people of Slavic, Asian, and Persian-Hindu descent. Additional companies involved in the bioweapon production include; Black & Veatch, an engineering company that builds biolabs, and Ukrainian Institute of Public Health Policy, which is funded by the Research Foundation for the State University of New York.   The report states that similar labs are in Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and the Congo – and directly implicates Hunter Biden’s, Rosemont Seneca company.

The bioweapons being manipulated include; Typhus, Hepatitis, and highly pathogenic Avian Flu’s. Israel does NOT participate in the weapons of mass destruction disarmament and is opaque regarding its stockpiles, inventories and research. However, NIH research papers reveal concentration on; plague bacteria, anthrax, Typhus, Botulism and Ebola.

While the US focused on Wuhan as the source of CoVid, other’s speculated on Israel’s high density of bioweapon labs. NIH works in conjunction with Tel Aviv University, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and others inside Israel. However, earlier the vast majority of Fauci funding was directed to The Netherlands, South Africa, Canada and Arizona State University.   Given Arizona built a campus in Kyiv in conjunction with John McCain’s ‘unwavering support’ with NIH money, was Wuhan a distraction?

As Israel ramps up it’s culling of anything Gaza or Palestinian, making accusations against Iran, the entire Middle East is poised once again for a west invasion. The media is touting 9-11.   And social media is rampant with people calling for the annihilation of an entire civilization including women and children.   It is surreal.   People who are pro-life are screaming for death.   Netanyahu claims he will completely raze Gaza to the ground. Those who live will have nowhere to go.

While previous financial supporters of Palestine, including the EU, are trying to decide whether to continue aid, they overlook the obvious – who will be left to receive aid?

According to Netanyahu when he is done there will be no Palestine and no Palestinians. Lindsey Graham is calling for the decimation of Iran.   Blinken posted a call for Peace – and deleted it. People on the left are making comparisons between Hamas and MAGA. The FBI has declared MAGA domestic terrorists.   Who will save us?   Israel? Germany?   UK?   No.

They want Magats to live in poverty and die by the hand of the Ashkenazi’s in Israel and the US.   Biden wants $100 billion for Ukraine and is now sending Israel billions… From what pocket? We Are Broke!

And once again – humanity is plunged into the darkness – lost in their blind support for The Rothschilds.

Oddly, the calls for Peace are coming from Middle East & Russia, and calls for vengeance are coming from the West including Christians.   Where is the UN? The UN whose website opens with, “Peace, Dignity, and Equality on A Healthy Planet”.    There is no peace – ANYWHERE.   Gutteres has called for restraint – ‘stop targeting civilians’ – to no avail.   But that’s what the UN does – it issues a lame call for peace – while it rages on undeterred for a century.

We knew the footage coming from Syria was fake. The actors paid over and over again.   We knew the footage out of Ukraine was fake – the war was lost a year ago.   And yet suddenly, everything we hear and see via video from Israel is The Gospel according to AI.

Ukraine was fading.   Support for Ukraine was fading.   How could the politicians completely wipe out America if Ukraine aid was blocked?   Start another war – one in which right wing pro-Israel Rothschild groupies and left wing I stand with Israel flaggers unite.   Immediately redirect aid to Israel – and continue the grift and graft of the money laundering scheme back to Congress and Big Daddy.

Netanyahu declares – don’t worry this will be a long war… and demands weapons from US.

Within the roils is oil and gas.   Having sanctioned Russia’s oil and gas, eliminated vast amounts of US production, the Canadian fires taking out many refineries, this War in Israel is likely to see exports to the US and Europe severely cut back or eliminated. Oil futures gained 4% today. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran claim Israel is to blame.   UAE blames Hamas.   Bahrain is caught in the crosshairs.

And then there is the context of the constant – who will foot the bill to repair Israel.   Ukraine has already declared that its rehab bill is close to one trillion.   IF the US prints any more money hyperinflation will not be the illusion, it will be the reality.

WAR does not beget peace.   It begets subjugation until the subjugated rise up to fight their captors.   A continuous cycle within the classic sphere of Cabalist Mafia dystopian diaspora.   Would Israel help the Magats?   Just ask the near 1000 Jan 6ers languishing and rotting in American jails.   Not the UN.   Not NATO.   Not Amnesty.  

If you fall into the same cycle, they win.   And the World for America – is LOST.

British Imperialism = The New World Order = Cabal

In 1949, Carroll Quigley introduced the world at large to the Milner Group via his first book which was posthumously published 2+ decades later.   Why?   Quigley was friends and a cohort of the Group and was likely asked to deflect the Communist theory that surrounded their agenda.   In 1950, the McCarthy administration began its purge communism from Hollywood and Politics.   Historically, this is looked upon as a ‘conspiracy’, however, the reality is the conspiracy – then and now.

While Quigley offered enough information to give the appearance that he was neutral, and the Milner Group had the world’s best interest at heart, it is more likely that he was simply another pawn – deflecting per orders.   His usefulness was dismissed when he was suicided via a heart attack at the age of 66.    That would have been1977.

Various writers subsequently commentated on his various theories and doctrine, however, Quigley dismissed them as rhetorical conspiracists while continuing to support all things Milner.

In 1891, Cecil Rhodes, of South Africa’s De-Beers Mining diamond fame, William Stead, an infamous journalist, and Lord Esher, friend and confidante to Queen Victoria, decided that the British Empire  should rule – the world.   What we now refer to as The New World Order.   They created an organizational structure whereby the inner circle was known as the Elite/Elect and would govern as a Junta of Three.   The Leader was Rhodes, and the Junta was comprised of Stead, Esher and Alfred Milner.   The outer circle was known as the Association of Helpers.

While the Elite remained, the Association of Helpers acquired various alternate names;   Milner’s Kindergarten, The Round Table, and the Chatham House crowd, among others.   Today, the Chatham House Crowd and The Pilgrims Society.

In 1902, the Pilgrims Society was formed in the UK.  One year later, the US opened its doors and membership became reciprocal.    Quigley wrote ‘Tragedy and Hope’ in 1966 in which he unveiled the vast network of Foundations and organizations that multiplied with unprecedented veracity, irreparably linked to the Milner Group.

Pilgrim Society Members have included;  Rockefeller(s), Haig, Kissinger, Allen Dulles, Joseph Kennedy, Vanderbilt, Depew, Jacob Schiff, etc…   ALL names currently configured in the scheme of the New World Order.

It would appear that within the hierarchy, individuals were initially appointed to specific industries so as to mold the global control mechanism under a closed power vacuum.  For example:   JP Morgan was the banker elite.    Then in 1930 the Bank of International Settlements, BIS, was created as a global central banking institution.   Its purpose was to create a global unified force – so as to own the wealth of the world.   This agenda has been calcified in the junta of the 1%ers.

However, the program became diffused with the advent of literally multiple thousands of subsequent foundations and NGO’s all having their own agenda, all demanding their place on the Pyramid, all thus creating their own vision.  And so, the Elite, the Cabal, became ingrained in – internal division.

Most recently, this massive displacement became all the more clear to me as a result of my own computer crash:

Day One:  I was told my computer might literally explode as my battery was expanding exponentially.    Oblivious, I fortunately listened and came to find that my computer was literally about to ‘catch fire’.   I was directed to put everything I could on a flash drive in the event my entire computer went up in flames.   Unfortunately, instead of copying files to the flash, I copied them to my desktop whereupon over 2500 files suddenly infiltrated my screen!

What I saw on my desktop was the thousands of layers of files that represent part of my work as a grid that mimicked thousands of layers of NGO’s that have become the grid for the initial Milner Group.   All layered.

And the inability to access one was little different from the ability of the Milner Group to Control the now thousands upon thousands of NGO’s that have become “Their Helpers’ per se.

In other words, the Cabal is rife with internal conflicts given they allowed thousands to become ‘Helpers’ per se.   And thus, their power is greatly, hugely, diffused.

Each Helper has their own agenda.  Each Helper has their own desire for Control.   Each Helper is corrupted within their own standard of corruption.   And thus – The Milner Group, The Cabal, is actually fighting desperately within.

Which means the infighting, the agendas, are in constant revolt for power.

In April 2017, Ronald Bernard, a format Handler who worked with BIS in trafficking, drugs, child sacrifice, and the occult gave a five-part interview explaining the mechanism of how and why The Group conducts its activities.

His interviews detail the true Cabal of Power, born of occultism, that has morphed significantly from the Quigley interpretation.

While there are multiple key organizations that now dominate this Cabalist elite that are nowhere remotely Quigley’s understanding, the dominant end game presentation is Communism – as the MEANS.   While British Imperialism remains the quandry for continued infighting.   And the Agenda modus have varied ideologies.

Current Board Members of BIS include:  Christine Lagarde, Jerome Powell, Yi Gang, and Roberto Campos.  ALL run the prime banking institution/cabal of their respective country.   All envision themselves as the elite wherein they gain control of global order.   However, while that is their interpretation, it is not necessarily the interpretation of the True Elite.

Just as brainless Hollywood icons think they are the Chosen Ones, their ignorance of intellect presides over their intuition – and in reality they are insignificant pawns.

There are a few societies that have remained in power as next generation Milner Group:   Pilgrim Society Members have included;  Rockefeller(s), Haig, Kissinger, Allen Dulles, Joseph Kennedy, Vanderbilt, Depew, Jacob Schiff, etc…     They are old school intellectuals who have been bribed to believe their existence is paramount amongst the plebes and peasants.

Their ego’s are more than willing to comply with whatever heinous actions they must support.

Within the initial structure of the Milner Group – communism was embraced, however, the actual globalization goal was Imperialism.

Government controlled schooling or public schooling was a forced mandate initiated by these imperialists as a means of controlling knowledge and writing history as they conceived it to be.  Nearly 100 hundred years ago!

Bank Wars became a means for controlling economies.   And elite universities (Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Oxford, London School of Economics) became a hub for new members indoctrinated within The Group.   Daddy Bush was radically involved although his implication in the Franklin Scandal nearly upended his Seat.   The Jimmy Saville Scandal in the UK was another upended that was quashed leaving pedophiles and sexual abusers free reign.   The Epstein Scandal nearly toppled hundreds if not thousands of potential Group members.  

And chaos within the ranks unfolded.

Most governmental organizations were created as offshoots including;  CIA, FBI, NSA, MI6, etc…   They were used to eliminate the enemies – most notably Kennedy, Patton, Huey Long, Princess Diana, and Garfield.   But they were also instrumental in the vagrancies of sexual deviances.   Blackmail.

The Economist (Rothschild Rag) recently lauded Macron for his intuitive realization that the Taliban would soon take control of Afghanistan.   As a result, Macron apparently ordered all embassy workers back to France in – July.   A full month before Biden.   As all other Operations seem rooted in The Group and its offshoots, it is fairly predictable that the Afghanistan debacle was orchestrated as well and the Deep State Helpers were briefed, including Biden, Merkel, and NATO.   Hollywood actors walk with their stipend …   And the public at large is exposed to an infinite schematic of propaganda videos and scenes that simply – DON’T EXIST IN AFGHANISTAN – but do in Iran.

ONE author within the New York Times is given this attribute that is shared amongst thousands of indoctrinated offshoot MSM plebes.   And suddenly the fake CIA green screen becomes the social media frenzy!

In 2009, Sibel Edmonds gave groundbreaking testimony exposing the US government’s role in 9-11, which was called Operation Gladio/B.  Having worked for the FBI, she revealed that drug cartels, mafia’s, money laundering, and arms dealing were all internally orchestrated to destabilize the Middle East – at the behest of the US CIA.   She claims that both Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri worked with the CIA.

Peter Hoekstra was one of the Dirty Dozen named by Edmonds as a Deep State member.  Others included; Hillary, Orin Hatch, DeWine, Dreyer, Lieberman, Hastert, Ruppersberger, Santorum, Souder, Sensenbrenner, and Kyl.  A fair mix of republicans and democrats.

While the ‘Initial’ British Imperialist Society was the game, other agenda’s have infiltrated the schematic and morphed its means and end.   I doubt Quigley was an occultist.   I doubt he was a communist.   However, his version of insight has been eclipsed by 70 years of infiltration.

What Quigley did reveal is that the conspiracies are real, and reality is the conspiracy.  Plato’s Matrix?   The Next BLOG!

FOLLOW THE SCIENCE: of Critical Thinking

The very Cabal oriented Economist Weekly Edition , has announced that humans who are sub-categories of Neanderthals via ‘mating’ are more prone to CoVid19.   While providing absolutely no basis for this determination, the statement further determines that humans today are of two or more separate sub-species with different ancestral heritage and genomes. Those whose DNA contains Neanderthal sequence are more subject to lupus, Crohn, diabetes, hairiness, and – CoVid.

By default, those whose genomes have no link to Neanderthal are disease superior.

While there have been in entirety – two studies that make this conclusion – the studies are conducted utilizing a very small and distorted statistical value structure:   85 African Americans vs 90 Europeans.   The fact that Neanderthals became extinct according to ‘Science’ 40,000 years ago, based on pseudo-non-relevant data, this variant is the conclusion as to why Africans are more susceptible to diseases.   This would also indicate that Africans are the populace inheriting the Neanderthal genome.

Challenging this absurd data could be considered diabolical at best and could render a person in social media jail.   But given that there has been no, as in zero, sequencing of the CoVid 19 strain, making this scientific conclusion is an assumption at best, and a ridiculous fabrication in reality.

Neanderthals were depicted as ‘stupid, primitive and brutish’.   And their demise is attributed to Climate Change – although there is absolutely no proof of any of these conclusions. But hey “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE”.

When reading the discussion of ancient historical accounts and evolutions, it is interesting to note, that literally everything stated – is a guess.

“All humans lived as hunter-gatherers in band societies, often in caves”.   Hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Really, really really?   Did you talk with them?  Did you ask them?   DO you have all human skeletal remains?   Intact?   

We accept this statement of nothingness, because it emanates from science. And over the last 200 years science, which was a simplistic philosophy of thought, suddenly was elevated to FACT.

Follow The Science…

Forever Science declared that King Tut’s closest aide was a man.   Why?   Because.   Yet upon recent examination, the hip structure revealed that the King’s aide and closest confidante was actually a woman.   King Tut is said to have ruled approximately 1330 BC.   But even that date is not grounded fact, it is ‘an estimate’.  

If “Science” can’t provide factual data from 3300 years ago, how are we to sheepily accept their pronouncements of 40,000 years ago – 130,000 years – 400,000 years etc…  are anything less than conjecture?

Critical thinking would scream – NO.

Dr. Fauci proclaims his pronouncements as ‘Fact”.   Based on what studies?   Because none have been produced.

Today, the weather advisory declared a winter storm watch with upwards of 6”   – it never happened.

In fact, we barely got a dusting of accumulation.   These are the climatologists who declare what happened 4 million years ago and declare what will be 1000 years into the future – in terms of Climate Change.   Yet they cannot make a factual pronouncement within a 24 hour span of climating.

Follow The Science.

Today Biden and Fauci basically declared that state governments opening their economy are ‘Neanderthals’.   A species Brutish, Stupid, and Short that originated in Africa and is riddled with disease.

Where is the outrage? The Racism? How dare they!

The Nobel Prize winning bio Chemist who developed the PCR test, Kary Mullis, declared Fauci was an egocentric, greedy, idiot whose entire career was spent jumping aboard the band-wagon of others accomplishments.   A self promoter. A Marketeer. A short, brutish sort of Neanderthal bent on capitalizing on the IQ and intelligentsia of the true elite.   Much like Bill Gates.

Mullis also declared that the PCR test was NOT relevant to detecting a virus at all.

What Kary Mullis exposed within NIH and Fauci – is the illusion that science portrays too often in the name of accreditation.   Instead of searching for truth and evidence, science has become more of a “Me-Too” movement of recognition vs exploration into fact.   They clamor aboard the train hoping their pitiable research that is framed in a preconceived result will somehow make them famous.

This certainly does NOT mean there aren’t some exceptional Scientists doing incredible work!  It simply means that the label has lost credibility – much like journalists, politicians, entertainers, etc…

Weeding through the mélange means finding the ones who are not so vocally bent on fame.   Kary Mullis was most definitely a very interesting man and scientist who died – coincidentally – just mere months before CoVid and the PCR test was pronounced defacto by – Fauci.

Follow The Science of Critical Thinking.

CoVid’s New Mutation: An Internal War of Follow The Money –

A New And Improved Variant of CoVid has Emerged…   It is only found in the UK although a spattering of other countries are busily attempting to jump aboard the bandwagon!   It was first identified in September.   It takes a laboratory weeks or months to provide test results. And yet – somehow health officials have determined that the old CoVid, the one that the vaccines all target, is gone, and this new variant represents 67% of all flu infections.   Of course, it remains odd that they could possibly have this data if it is newly emerged – and takes months to diagnose one person.

Apparently, it’s not Science – it is now simple Math Modeling.  

Dr. Eric Volz is the source of the UK mathematical modeling that has made this determination.   Outside of a few published papers, his name provides no biographical data, however it would appear he is not a medical doctor but perhaps a doctor of mathematics (unverifiable).   Volz most recent articles were funded by NIH and the Medical Research Council (MRC).   The parent company of MRC is UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) founded in 2018 by The Royal Society.  

Per previous blogs, The Royal Society was founded in 1660 as the ‘invisible college’ of natural philosophers and physicians. Direct Quote.   At some point they rebranded themselves as dedicated to science and diversity.   The Society is a lead advisor to the UK, the EU and the UN.

The Chair of UKRI is Sir John Kingman whose previous ventures include ‘Managing Director at Rothschild Investment Bank’ and a member of the Trilateral Commission.   Another board member is also on the board of YouGov, an analytics organization that pairs with The Economist, also owned by Rothschild.   Many of the board members are also fellows at The Royal Society.  

Most notable is Dame Sally Davies who serves on the board of UKRI as a ‘civil servant’ while simultaneously serving on the board of IHME, the health analytics organization founded and funded by Bill Gates.

Another board member of IHME is David Roux of Silver Lake Partners.   Silver Lake purchased Solar Winds in 2015, before the company went public.  Going public, Silver Lakes retained seats on the board of Solar Winds.

IHME made a fool of itself when the virus was first identified this past spring announcing that millions of Americans would die!   Apparently, they missed a ‘decimal point’ or four.

As a result of this new strain of CoVid, which apparently has the exact same symptoms as the old CoVid as well as most flu viruses, Bojo put London on lockdown. Christmas cancelled.   Simultaneously, the Imperial College of London reported that the infection rate for the UK was .94%.  .0094.  Infection – not death.

It would appear that communication is definitely – lacking and Bill Gates must be fuming given he is completely reliant on the money flow of the Vaccine!

Why would anyone voluntarily take a vaccine for a virus that has mutated multiple times?  

In 2010, the Commission on the ‘Education of Health Professionals in the 21st Century’ was launched by the China Medical Board.   Their findings state that there is not enough funding … and that a global directive for all physicians and scientists should be One United front.   In other words – all doctors will say the exact same thing…

The Commission is co-chaired by Julio Frenk (Harvard) and Lincoln Chen (Harvard), after having valuable discussions with Harvey Fineberg (Harvard), as well as Jaime Sepulveda and Cathy Cahill – both from the Gates Foundation. Frenk also served as a senior fellow on the Global Health Program of the Gates Foundation. Lincoln Chen served on the board of IHME and is president of the China Medical Board. Previously he served as executive VP for the Rockefeller Foundation and currently serves on the board of Ted Turner’s UN Foundation.

Fineberg served as president for the Society of Medical Decision Making.   The Societies purpose is to create a global perspective of decision making in determining whether a person’s life saving would be counter productive.  He currently is president for the National Academy of Medicine where his specialty is determining the best use of vaccines.

Fineberg served as chairperson of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He was succeeded by former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker in May 2018. Penny Pritzker served in the Obama administration as the Secretary of Commerce and her brother JB was just (2018) miraculously elected as Governor of Illinois having absolutely no experience whatsoever…   Of course he won by a ‘landslide’ defeating the incumbent Republican.   JB did serve as co-chair of Hillary’s campaign in 2008, although whether that qualified him or the $40+ Billion net worth of the Pritzker family – one would have to ‘guess’.

Illinois unemployment rate now stands at 16% and debt has surpassed $23 billion (although New York’s Cuomo still maintains the lead at nearly $69 billion debt).

Follow The Money reveals a trail of Rothschild, Gates, Harvard – and the Royal Society which purports to rule the Global RESET.  

Certainly a tier or pyramid of wealth determines one’s influence and power with the wealthiest Rothschild family likely at the top.   Maintaining that power grab via wealth net worth would seem to be the favored PLAY or ‘chewing gum’.   Gates would seem to be obsessed with returning to the top over Bezos – and the horse race is ON!   The means?   Whatever is the favored sweet at the Candy Store. 

CoVid! Vaccines! Flu Viruses! The Scam of Biblical Proportions =

In 2015, NIH published an article detailing the two classes of viruses that are comprise the common vaccines in use – today, Influenza B (Yamagata and Victoria and Colorado) and Influenza A ( H1N1 and H3N2 and all the H’s and N’s in-between).  

The first interesting statement determined by CDC and NIH regarding viruses is that they typically infect 5% to 10% of the population.   In the US that would account for 16-35 million people annually.

Secondly the authors of the NIH study state that the A viruses are initially found in bats which then infect pigs, horses, wildfowl and humans. These variants or strains were first detected in the early 1900’s, however humans infected with the original H1N1 virus then created a robust genetic resilience that was passed on thru their lineage.   As a result the H and the N was thought to be vaporized.

Then in 1957 a new Asian virus originated as a variant of H1N1+ a host of RNA variants. This strain circulated for a decade until a new strain manifested in 1968 which caused a pandemic until 1977 when the original H1N1 resurfaced and…

It would seem that the same viruses magically reoccur every decade including the H1N1 from Obama’s pandemic years in 2009 which is supposedly still circulating thus requiring the current vaccine to contain proteins related to that strain.   But isn’t the purpose of a vaccine to eradicate?

Actually – No.   The purpose is to provide a security blanket until that strain disappears and a new variant can be the cause for media exclamation and fear.  However, each year or decade, a new variant emerges that is based on the original but in its mutated form… And this mutant becomes the nom-de-pleu!

All of this would seem to suggest that all viruses are simply a new sub-type mutation of an old virus – meaning CoVid 19 is here to stay for a decade, vaccine or no vaccine given the vaccines don’t seem to eliminate – anything. Ever.  They are simply a placebo for the faint of heart.

Which begs the question, if the viruses are simply an ongoing recurrence each and every decade, what exactly are the pharmaceuticals manufacturing?   It would seem based on flu testing there are only two base viruses – A & B – and every vaccine is renamed under the global heading A & B with a sub-heading for some place in the world: Hong Kong, Wuhan, Australia, Colorado, Victoria, etc…, while routine flu tests do not even distinguish between A & B.

That would imply that Big Pharma vats are filled with variants of the original two viruses, A & B, and a handful of mutations. Each year they arrive at a hocus-pocus determination of which variants of the same they will combine – and ‘hope’ it works.   But in reality they acknowledge the efficacy of their crystal ball has only about 5% to 20% accuracy rate.   Tough luck.

Ah, but it get’s much worse.

NIH also states that B viruses are similar to the common cold and coronaviruses… Google B Virus, and you get pages of “Coronavirus”.  While the A virus can spread from animal to human, the B virus can only transfer from human to human.  Unique.

According to the CDC when testing for the A/B flu viruses they recommend an algorithm be followed:   1. If a person tests positive give antiviral treatment immediately.   2. Given that the test does not distinguish between A & B, if the doctor feels it is necessary to know, consider additional testing procedures and ‘bacterial’ treatment.   What?   According to the NIH study by Fauci in 2008, bacterial infection was the main cause of deaths in the 1918-1920 pandemic… not a virus. Therefore this statement would indicate the same. Viruses aren’t the cause of death – bacterial infections are.   BUT – it get’s even Better!   3.   If a person initially tests negative and the community has a high rate of the flu, assume the negative result to be false.   4.   Immediately proceed with antiviral treatment.   5.   If the patient is high risk, admit to the hospital and order additional tests.

In other words, flu tests are completely and wholly – worthless.   A positive is always right and a negative is most often wrong, therefore assume all results are – positive.

If you thought the ‘flu’ was bad, here is a list of vaccine complications that are covered under the 1986 Vaccine Compensation Act:   anaphylaxis, encephalitis (remember the mosquito fraud), vasovagal syncope, measles, polio, chronic arthritis, thrombocytopenic purpura (excessive bleeding into the skin or in urine, jaundice, enlarged spleen, blood clots to brain and lungs), Guillain-Barre Syndrome.   There are 17 vaccine/shots that have caused these ‘symptoms’ resulting in disease and death.

As Bill Sardi has unequivocally pointed out for decades, the vaccine debacle is only a part of the scam – the viral or virus farce is equally a scam perpetuated by the Cartel in order to caste the sheep.  

Yes we have viruses, but they are two main genomes – A & B.   That’s it folks.   And every virus tracked for the last one hundred years is a variant of A or B.   How much did Big Pharma charge for that bit of disease knowledge?   Trillions!

BIDEN MEETS CHINA: The Real Corruption Story

In understanding what VP Biden and Hunter Biden might be able to offer China in the tete-a-tete of 2013, one needs to know what China considers to be their biggest threat – in that time, aka Trump and trade did not yet exist.

The media is going bat-crazy over Ukraine. That means Ukraine is a deflection.   China is the story.

According to a paper issued by Brookings in early 2014, China’s economy was faltering, they were at a “tipping point”, and the entire political system was hinging on collapse.

They cited necessary economic reforms including deregulation and liberalization of industry, and an interesting bottom point – ‘taxation’.

In China, local governments get no tax revenues, instead they issue debt bonds to cover costs of infrastructure and investment programs.  These debt obligations are off the books when China reports its economic data.   It is believed that as of 2013, that debt represented 100% of GDP.   Social unrest was escalating. And the collapse of private funding was pushing China into a spiraling catastrophic spin.  XI was VP, and Biden road in on a yellow horse.

SO what could VP Biden as the US advisor on all things China do to mitigate this impending disaster for a country he routinely seems to spin adoration commentary?

Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas have been given full access to the debt market in China. They are the first and ONLY banks to have such access. And in August, JP Morgan won an auction to purchase a majority stake in a “Chinese joint venture, making it the first foreign business to take control of a local asset management JV.”

What does that mean?

It means that China was so desperate given its failing economy and debt, that it allowed the dyke to rush in and take control. The waters would include JP Morgan, the largest bank in the world owned mostly by the Rockefeller’s and Chase, BNP – a Rothschild entity, and Deutsche Bank – the German steam engine. Xi Jinping sold out his country to the cabal – to seemingly save it.

And due to massive censorship, it is likely the people of China – don’t even know.

How could little VP Biden maneuver this clandestine takeover?

IN 2011, while in China, Biden is quoted as saying, “A rising China is a positive development, not only for the people of China but for the United States and the world as a whole,” U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden said recently when giving a speech on U.S.-China relations in Chengdu, China.

In his speech, Biden specifically grandizes four companies; Google, Microsoft, GE and Ford. He further exploits his apologetics by stating that Americans are nothing special, nothing unique, if not for ‘our enduring political system’.

Why is Biden an important candidate?   Because from the standpoint of the megaconglomeration of banks and Wall Street, Biden supports China, and China means kega $$$$ for those entities. And Germany.

Elizabeth Warren is a nobody who knows nothing. Bernie Sanders is a Communist who knows nothing and can do nothing.   But Biden created a relationship as VP, and while the $1.5 billion laundered money thrown at Hunter was likely not from China at all, but from JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and BNP, they expect something from their ‘investment’. If Biden is brought down by Trump, they have no China.  Lots of MONEY!

In the meantime, Google and Microsoft are helping Xi Jinping with facial recognition software to find Muslims who they are rounding up and transporting by train to ‘camps’, detention centers.   Tit-for-Tat.  Nothing is free, but despite the inhumanity of man, dollars always win.

China’s other major issue is loss of agriculture land, and a hyper loss of water.   Giving China control of the agriculture in Ukraine would be an easy parlay given the infiltration of a puppet President, Poroshenko.

IN 2020, China will surpass Russia as Ukraine’s largest trading partner, ‘a staggering increase since 2014’! ~South China Morning Post.

At the same time, Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, is demanding that western nations ‘forgive’ all of Ukraine’s debt. The US portion? $82.4 billion. Most of this debt occurred as a result of the coup that installed the Chocolate monster.

With a VP like Biden, who needs Hillary!

The nice package means China has a new debt free trading partner, Ukraine hands over it’s agriculture land, the US eats $83 billion, and Hunter gets to clean the plate with more payments after Joey becomes President and the final agreement is fulfilled.    

But hey, according to Biden, Trump is creating a smear campaign and Biden would never ever pinky swear do anything so lowly as to defame another politician – least of all – TRUMP!