We know that the Reality of the Ukraine Incursion is completely altered by the Mainstream Media. They have applauded a victory for Ukraine and belittled Russia for losing to such a small corrupt nation.   We know that is false information propped by the CIA and MI6 utilizing photoshop, stages, actors, and a supposed president that likely resides in London along with most of the entire government of Ukraine.   Private planes in Ukraine shuttled thousands of elite who emptied their accounts of cash and gold to Corte D’Azur, Greece, and London the days BEFORE the incursion began.   We know that NATO, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Poland, and Japan have aided Ukraine to the point that Ukraine’s military does very little.

For What Purpose?

We know the reality of the Syrian War was completely altered with all western countries supporting Daesh, al Nusra, White Helmets, and various factions of ISIS and al Qaeda.   We were able to dissect the photoshopped images, isolate and name the actors, and wade thru the chemical weapon fabrications.

For What Purpose?

We know that the Reality of Benghazi was a stand-down order from the TOP allowing the resulting mayhem that led to our US ambassador and four military elite sacrificing their lives for no reason.

For What Purpose?

We know that Afghanistan was a joke.   The War achieved absolutely nothing because the governments of the US and UK needed to drain money supplies to dangerous levels while depopulating.

We know that the Pentagon elites lost the War in Vietnam and did so purposefully.   Stories abound of US units being outed to the enemy.   Of soldiers being killed by their own.   Of soldiers being doused in cancerous chemicals.

And now we are being asked to accept the narrative portrayed by the same CIA and MI6 propaganda Masters regarding WWII and WWI.

Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit accepts the lies of Ukraine – of the Maiden Coup – of the Oktober Revolution – of the genocide committed in the Donbass Region, yet somehow can not disseminate that same scene in China and Iran.   The same attempts at a coup.   The same propaganda.   The same tactics.   Because THIS TIME – the coup is for Freedom…  A Mind Manipulation.

At the end of WWII before he was immediately suicided, General George Patton was cited as stating, “I fought on the wrong side”!   The propagandists quickly intervened and attributed the remark to Patton wishing he had fought against the Soviets with his American patriots.

And all the sheep fell in line with the FEED.

But what if he was actually referring to his own American Government?   What if, Patton figured out that there was a deep state working in the shadows to create, bolster, fund, and destroy … everything.   That it wasn’t even about Communism or Fascism or Marxism or Democracy.   What if throughout history men and women have innocently stepped too far into that black shroud and discovered the extent of the Allusion?  Only to be eliminated?

The notion that these Powers have only parlayed their magic for a number of decades then becomes another allusion.   While we attempt to identify the military industrial complex, the banking cartel, the mafia, and Big Pharma, we are short-sighted in the depth of understanding that the allusions are as old as human life.

What IF evil has co-existed with good, throughout time and only when their control is threatened do they create the distraction of WAR.

IF the evolution of humans, the evolution of Industrial Revolutions, and the evolution of technology has dampened the ability to operate in the shadows much longer, more wars were deemed necessary to distract… until even wars cOULD no longer hide the Truth.  AND THE EVILS OF THE CABALISTS NEEDED A ‘REDO’…

And the only means of survival for this shadow society of hybrids is to destroy civilization.   Taking the remaining 500 million into a world of peasantry would make sense.   Starting Over.   A monarchist reign of a father figure over his realm.

Taking out technology, relieving us of the burden of homes and transportation, education, knowledge, books, would mean we would not question, we would not know, we would become infants …   and their survival would be assured.   It would explain why entire civilizations have been eliminated throughout history.

It would explain how Industrial Revolutions were underestimated and allusions were needed to replace history. So as to quash the knowledge that went unregulated and unpurged.   Knowledge that risked their sustainability…. On earth.

TO Be A Denier Of One Falsity – means every “Truth” is subject to the same analysis.

The myriad of distractions would include the complete disappearance of Galatia?   Noah’s Ark?   The Garden of Eden?   Minoans, Anasazi, the similarities in the ancient history of religious precepts, history, and even verbiage… “The sun was the Light and the Way” – has plagued me.   Sun vs Son.   Mythology is real?   Etc… etc…

Today various sexualities that were prominent during the centuries before and up to Christ are the sexualities we fight again now.   Porneia.   A word with six extremely different definitions depending on the purpose of the human societies:   pedophilia, bestiality, immorality, unchaste, incest, and most recently, homosexuality.

IF we were to trash the labels of politics and societal enigmas, what would remain?    What/WHO exactly are we fighting?   Are we the Ants?   Who really died in WWII?   Numbers are completely fabricated…   just as they are for EVERY WAR.   Just as they are for EVERYTHING – we accept today via technology algorithms…  


Federal Reserve Raises Rate TO Initiate Economic Depression

Once again, the Federal Reserve has raised the funds rate which now stands at 4% with the caveat that they will likely give us a Christmas present before a new midterm administration says NO!   The idea is to damage our economy to such an extent no matter who is in Washington, unraveling the mess could take a decade.  

Despite all the Fed rate raises YTD, inflation rampages onward and upward!     How can that be?    Aren’t the two intertwined as the Fed would have us believe?   Shouldn’t inflation slow as they manufacture a recession?

Quick answer – NO.

A manufactured war, a manufactured supply chain sloth, a manufactured recession, a manufactured Economy.
IF the federal reserve manufactured interest rate and market manipulations actually ‘worked’ technically, we would never have a recession or a boom – because those extremes are exactly what they claim they Deter.   It is no different than doctors prescribing pharma meds with the claim it will ‘deter’ the ailment, not fix it. Only to create 10 more ailments.

That would be The Federal Reserve.

The claim is that the raised rates will slow inflation – and a recession is the inevitable side effect.   GOSH – sorry… 

There have been 48 recessions since 1777.   But economic statistics were not even compiled until after WWII – so technically, data before WWII is cherry picked to fit into a preconceived agenda.   According to rewritten history, the cause of the Great Depression that lasted 12 years was ‘caused by the stock market crash’.   Which has about as much depth of critical thinking as the notion that all life on earth evolved from a single cell slug.   Including every plant and animal.

The powers that be have worked tirelessly to bring about a global RESET for centuries.   The means have typically been war.

After WWI, the German Reich was required to pay remunerations.   In 1929, they reneged.   They couldn’t make payment on their debt for causing WWI.   The youth market did not believe they should be saddled with the debt of their fathers.   Stalin called on the Stalinist Party of Germany to renounce the reparation payment – and all hell broke loose. The Weimar Republic attempted to annul the reparations in total.   US stock market – collapsed.

Initially, recessions in the US were called, “Panics”.   They were caused by credit, speculation and war. Since the Great Depression – we have had no less than 14 Recessions.   Obviously the Federal Reserve has had absolutely NO impact in preventing anything.  

In fact, they would appear to be more of an aggravator than a deterrent.

During these continued Panics or Recessions, the Federal Reserve helped to initiate GDP decline, Unemployment, and massive inflation – all within the auspices of Government Control.

The Great Recession of 2007 is said to be caused by the US via the Housing Bubble which rippled into an oil and food shortage ‘somehow’ and is described as causing a vast global depression.   WHY a housing bubble would cause a scarcity of oil and food across the globe is not addressed.  BUT it is offered as an explanation WITHOUT any critical thought.

What it does reveal is the manufactured crises that

then creates an arena for the federal reserve to come into the fray as some sort of cartoon hero.  

Today, we are privileged to be the victims of a manufactured Pandemic which was blamed for the manufactured supply chain debauchery, which has thus supposedly resulted in shortages of food, gas and everything.   So the Powers instituted the Band-aide approach to their bleeding artery wound.

What is interesting is the fact that in each of these situations, the end result that the Cabalist Cult hoped to achieve FAILED.   For it has always been about a global governance. A Global Monarchy. A Global EMPIRE!

Lest we forget, Hitler was on the cover of Time Magazine in 1938 as Man of The Year award!   He was a product of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Winston Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

And then, like Assad, The Shah, Hussein, he failed – and his failure meant demonization.   Hitler went from King of the Road to an Evil Dictator who was ultimately forced into isolation and obscurity in Argentina,. While many of his Scientists were brought to the US to be installed in various defense organizations. including Lockheed Martin.   TEACH ME was the US mantra!

Each subsequent recession has been more brutal than the last.   Today we have been brought to our knees with inflation rising 300% or more, unemployment tagged to increase by 25% to 35% next year, and a housing collapse.

Having lured investors and buyers into a manufactured market of inflated pricing, the end goal was to subject the weakest links into poverty.   Wherein they are forced into bankruptcy and a personal depressive state.

The Federal Reserve has done absolutely nothing to quell these constant “Panics” and instead is likely responsible, with the help of the same players that have failed over and over to achieve a global RESET.   A Global Empire of Rule over the Peasantry poor.

The GAME is their fever.   Should they actually win – they are likely to become bored and feverous.   Shakespeare coined the phrase, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.’

For in the end, whoever wins, will be challenged again for a New Game.

America Is A FAILED Socialist Country With Capitalist & Communist Overtones

The GREAT RESET – The Fourth Industrial Revolution – A New America – built on dust…

New America is an NGO founded in 1999 by Ted Halstead, Michael Lind, Sherle Schwenninger and Walter Reed.   In 2020, Ted Halstead died in an apparent ‘accident wherein he fell 30 feet while hiking’.     NO other details of his death have ever been provided.   Today, New America is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bloomberg, and the US Department of State.   Form 990: 10% of revenue spent on Grants – 20% on Salaries, accumulated net assets of undistributed revenue is $30 million.

New America’s Board consists of;   McKinsey & Co, Harvard, The Atlantic ,and ‘Ashton Kutchner’ among others. Its CEO, Anne Marie Slaughter, was appointed in 2013. She was a member of the Clinton Klan while Hillary was Secretary of State.   Slaughter, wrote a book in 2004, “A New World Order”. The book details the fact that the Order was already in place for some time and governance was accomplished thru a complex web of government networks.

She describes it as, “a world in which government officials–police investigators, financial regulators, even judges and legislators–exchange information and coordinate activity across national borders.”

Oddly, she seems either to misrepresent the reality or be completely naïve to the fact that Elites – unelected elites – are the ones making decisions for the proletariat class citizens with the puppet enforcers, ie judges, financial regulators, police, etc… doing their bidding.

Sherle Schwenninger, founder of new America, went on to found the World Economic Roundtable, another NGO to launder the cartel money.

The New School was founded in 1919 by American & German intellectuals attracted to the ideology of Bolshevism.   Social Justice and anti-capitalism were the motto’s of these pragmatic thinkers, socialism was their ideology.   The New School’s core financing came from The Rockefeller Foundation.  This was the same timing as the formation of the Rockefeller Institute which created the very first mass vaccine agenda on soldiers.   The result?   A highly contagious bacterial pneumonia infection that wiped out 50 million people worldwide – as confirmed by Fauci in a paper written in 2008.

By 1933, the New School was predominantly endowed with Jewish scholars fleeing Nazi Germany.   And a common theme evolved – liberal intellectualism.

Self described as philosophically above others, these intellectuals had differing ideals of what and how a utopian society could be built and survive.

Plato was a socialist Marxist who believed in the communal ownership of family and property.   Aristotle believed in a polity designed around democracy and oligarchy wherein governors should be rich and virtuous. Machiovelli focused on initiative and a virtuous alignment with freedom – where arbitrary and violent measures were necessary to maintain control.

The main difference between historical socialist societies vs capitalist societies is incentive.   Socialism fails because there is a lack of incentive to produce or grow. It is the very reason that China slowly began to introduce capitalist means within a communist class system. To improve – to move forward – to make innovative gains.

Because Socialism leads to stagnation.

“Capitalism is defined as an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.”   But that is not how western countries operate today.   There are roughly 27 million+ businesses in the US run on for-profit capitalist policies.   OF those 21 million have zero employees.   In fact only 18,000 US corporations have more than 500 employees.

By comparison, there are now 1.5 million non-profit NGO’s in the US, and an additional 120,000 Foundations paying $-0- taxes.   These nontaxable entities are given money by taxpayers through a twisted government system of socialist Marxism – taking from the proletariat by force, and redistributing those funds to cherry picked non-profits.   NGO’s advance their own accumulation of wealth as can be seen in the Bill & Melinda Gates 990 Form; despite being a US Foundation – almost all of the actual grant making goes over-seas.   As in, ‘nonvoluntary wealth redistribution’.  

Gates further uses the loophole of ‘undistributed revenue’ year over year to accumulate ever more value in the NGO – which now stands at roughly $53 billion NET. For Foundations to maintain their exempt status – they need only distribute 5% of net assets as qualifying distributions.

Our economy has been running a socialist agenda for a century.   IT FAILED.   We now have lost manufacturing, faked our statistical data, collapsed our economy into a hellhole of hyperinflation/recession, and accumulated $33 trillion in debt (IF we can believe these numbers!).   The extent of the fakery is unknown – because the socialist incentive of truth is no longer required, understood, or operational.

The Great RESET Revolution has exactly one motive – burying the TRUTH and the extent of the LIES.

World Economic Forum: Cyborgs, AI, Control – Fossil Fuels a Distraction

World Economic Forum releases list of countries making the top ten as the most progressive countries in attaining the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:   Estonia, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.   ALL of these countries are entering a protracted Recession.   ALL have recorded 8% to 25% (Estonia) inflation rates.   ALL of these countries report excess death rates as high as 26%.   ALL had exceptionally high vax rates. Apparently, a chaotic, recessive economy is now a Sustainable Development Goal.

Bill Gates used one very explosive term when challenging fossil fuels – “Transition”.   In ordinary circumstances, transition would mean a viable shift from one account to another. But Gates also admitted that in the Fossil Fuel area – there is currently NO Viable Alternative.   So we are effectively transitioning to NOTHING.

Electric car batteries destroy the land mining for lithium.   The batteries don’t work in extreme temperatures.   Our electric grid is in failure mode already.   There is no other alternative.   And last I checked pea protein will not be used to build roads and manufacture tires…

Net Zero in 30 years?   What will be our mode of transportation?   The list of products made from oil is in the thousands!   Are we going to cut down more trees for wood floors because carpet is made with petroleum?   “Vegan Leather’ is made from petroleum based plastics.   Cell phones and computers use petroleum products.   Over the last hundred years we have replaced nearly everything ‘wood’ with petroleum so as to preserve our forests!

Aspirin and 97% of Big Pharma medications use petroleum because it is labeled, “…a plentiful source of ‘organic’ molecules that feed into the drug synthesis process.”   ALL synthetic fabrics are made from petroleum – including spandex! Ladies???

Are ANY companies that use petroleum in the manufacturing process looking for alternatives?   NO.   The cost to transition would bankrupt the manufacturer. And there currently is NO available transition alternative.

Transition:   Calling all scientists to find an alternative to transition to! Gates is looking for inventors and volunteers.   Because, ‘scientist’ Gates doesn’t exist and he has absolutely no idea what invention can be created that will not be unequal and cater to diversity…

While the carbon aspect of WEF is promoted widely as their motivation for existence, there exists a far deadlier and subversive agenda – The Internet of Bodies. The concept merges digital currency applications with implants, and AI to recreate humans into programmable androids or Cyborgs..

It is nearly identical to the book, 1984, whereby your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions can be unmasked with implantable devices.   Allowing for Controllers to Punish you.   The Managers of the implants can turn you off if you step out of line from the scripted Cyborg rules .   “All will be Happy” takes on new meaning when translated to Cyborg Humans.   You will be happy because NO Other behavior will be allowed or tolerated.

The Controllers will maintain profiles on every Cyborg.   Too Fat?   You will be denied access to food.   Women will be grouped according to their ability to procreate, their IQ, and their gene structure so as to maintain a high value line of birthers.   AI can be used to create false environments. You may believe you are living in a high dollar apartment when in reality you are living in a cave with 20 other cyborgs.

Men will be robust worker bees assigned tasks specific to their own medical, biological, IQ attributes.

Of course none of this is possible with a population of rebels – they will be eliminated.

While Bill Gates and Bezos had both declared they were going to build utopian cities structured in the vein of the Saudi’s NOEM, neither would seem to have acted on this idea. WHY?   There will be no need for elaborate city fortresses when AI can create a false visual.

In my unpublished sci-fi novel, Gideon Rises, cities will be formed within abandoned mall structures as we will be confined indoors due to the appeal that God’s landscape draws us toward ideologies of Freedom.   The Cave Dwellers below the surface will be the laborers tasked with maintaining all aspects of the City.   The Royals will live above ground in various levels of power – wealth will no longer exist.  

And Power will be The Money.   Until the AI stream – Breaks.  And ALL the fakery melts away revealing a very Ugly World.

ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS that Disappeared Because of Climate Change

Indus were a civilization that existed between 6000/3000BC until their extinction sometime around 1300 BC.   They inhabited what is now known as Pakistan and were considered highly advanced and technological. The Minoans existed during roughly the same ‘guestimated’ time frame from 3500 to 1100 BC.   Also highly advanced and wealthy.   Science speculates both these civilizations disappeared as a direct result of flooding and or drought. As in Climate Change.

The Mayans, one of the world’s most advanced civilizations appeared around 250 AD and disappeared sometime near 900 AD.   Coinciding with The Dark Ages. They inhabited southern Mexico and central America.   Scientists speculate they disappeared as a result of drought or flooding.   The Anasazi’s were building cliff dwellings in the four-corner region of the US. They existed from roughly 300 AD to 1300 Ad – before disappearing.   Scientists speculate they left due to drought or flooding.   The Vikings disappeared from Greenland sometime around 1400 when climatologists guess that a Little Ice Age occurred across the globe.   ALL these time frames are GUESSES!

All of these civilizations are tracked within a broad definition of timeline that is ‘scientifically speculative’.   Yet for each their demise is guessed to be the same – Climate Change.

An underground city, Darinkuyu, located in what is now Turkey, was built sometime around 500 AD – housing upwards of 20,000 as well as livestock. It is speculated to have been emptied around 100 AD.  Scientists believe it was abandoned due to drought or flooding.   Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire, located in Cambodia, and was abandoned in 1431.  Scientists ‘speculate’ that the Empire disappeared as a result of drought or flooding.

The Lost City of Atlantis, once considered a fable, or in today’s language, a conspiracy theory, was found off the coast of Spain.   First written about by Plato, he described the city as morally, ethically, and societally corrupt. They were wealthy inhabitants with a strong military and an unquenchable taste for greed. Plato lived between 428 BC and 348 BC in Athens Greece.   According to Plato, Atlantis existed roughly 9000 years before Plato and disappeared under the sea as a result of a great earthquake.    While historians and scientists argue that Atlantis may be closer to America, or Antarctica, the notion that it is near Gibraltar off the coast of Spain is a much more logical conclusion given it is obvious Plato never would have travelled anywhere near those areas – or known of their existence.

According to Plato, “our records show” , stated land bridges existed from the island of Atlantis to other islands or to the main continent.   Thus Plato is stating there were records of Atlantis – and this was not simply a theory or speculative conjecture.

This time frame would co-exist with an era of climate change wherein the land connecting Russia to North America disappeared beneath the sea.   Scientists agree that the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia was covered by dry earth allowing for migration into North America.   It is believed to have sunken completely some 7000 to 10,000 years ago due to rising sea levels.   Giving credence to Biblical writings that earth was flooded approximately 7000 to 9000 years ago.

Despite all these civilizations disappearing without any evidence as to why – in each scenario, Science Speculates that the causal facto in every single equation was “Climate Change”.   Not the kind produced by ‘fossil fuels’ or man, but the climate change that has existed since earth was formed.

The same Climate Change that appears to be occurring – today.

The fact that current day Science is so unceremoniously inept in making ANY rational sequence of events, is appalling!   Adding to this abject ineptitude, is the failure of science to apply the added underlying cause – the flip of magnetic north.   The same magnetic north that has given pause of recent time as it’s speed toward flipping seems to have accelerated rapidly giving rise that it is NOT a steady journey of time but could happen within the next 30+ years.

These regular occurrences in earth’s pattern could then be surmised in the proposed ‘end date’ of 2050 provided via the Great RESET, aka Klaus Schwab.   It would also explain the rush to create AI Humans to survive – albeit start anew.   The death wish for depopulation would be the lack of ‘remaining’ resources as the flip creates massive land reversals which would result in droughts and flooding and the scarcity of animals for consumption.

Control and their own fear would be their motivation.

IF the elite can alter the natural patterns of weather, they may prolong its ultimate devastation long enough for Musk to move to Mars, and Klaus Schwab to be retrofit with an AI body and brain.

What they can’t change is the sun.   The sun which rules earths weather patterns in conjunction with the moon.   The same ‘sun’ that was worshipped for thousands of years by various civilizations including the Minoans and Indus and Mayans and Anasazis.   The same Minoans who were agriculturally and societally well advanced with indoor plumbing and irrigation systems   The same Minoans that Science speculates may have disappeared as a result of flooding…or earthquakes some 3300 years ago.

It should be noted that ALL years mentioned by Science are inconclusive estimates. And science was once considered a philosophy of thought rather than an empirical factoid.

Enter – Plato, the Philosopher.

According to the WEF RESET Agenda, depopulation to a maximum global sustainable number of 500 million must be achieved by 2030.   The last time our globe had a population in that vicinity was in 1650.   Eradication of 94% of the global population or 7.6 billion, is the goal.   They have 7 years.

It is speculated that magnetic north flips completely every 10,000 years.   If in fact the Bering Strait was an example – that strait went under the sea approximately, 9,000 to 10,000 years ago – give or take. Making earth due.

However, according to the US Department of Interior for Science, they have determined without doubt the last time the earth’s magnetic north flipped was 780,000 years ago….!   Obviously Science is a +/- absolute with a variance of 77,990,000%.

They know this for a fact, but can’t explain why the Anasazi’s, disappeared or when. They can’t determine what happened to the Bering Strait, or exactly when Plato lived and died.   But can provide factoids from 800,000+ years ago…

What we CAN deduce is that none of these civilizations disappeared as a result of the Industrial Revolution and the creation of Fossil Fuels. What we can deduce, is that some of these disappearances were concurrent across the globe within the same guestimated time frames.   And the time frame gives credence to the Biblical narrative of the Great Flood of Noah, upending their secular communist agenda and actually revealing truthisms.  Truthisms that could destroy – the entire grip holding us as prisoners within the shadows called The Cabal.

The Great Apostasy: Children of God vs Children of Satan

Today I was digitally introduced to an amazing writer, blogger, warrior whose ability to convey a Biblical understanding into our everyday world was incredibly compelling! His messages take us back to a beginning, albeit not necessarily ‘the’ beginning, of our Communist shroud that now threatens to encapsulate nearly every country.   Having shrugged off its communist Bolsheviks, the New Russia warns us of the impending doom Communism will wreak.

Mark Mallett is a believer who writes and laments that we are facing our final confrontation between the children of God and the children of Satan.   A Roman Catholic, I think for a moment we should throw away our Babel judgment and simply listen as all of those who believe in God irregardless of associated religion.

“The Great Apostasy” is at the forefront of Mark’s blogging with elders and priests and bishops and cardinals ministers and pastors pointing fingers and opposing each other.   Just as people inside and outside are doing as we speak.   All foretold within the writings of The Word – the Bible.

Friends are no longer, marriages are in crisis, politicians are liquid in their tall tales of lies and deceit.   Countries at war, the threat of WWIII and nuclear devastation is upon us as our justice system has collapsed and chaos reigns across every major city.   One thing is certain, the destruction of the Church was paramount in the plan. Why? Because there was unity – and in unity there is God.

Mr. Mallett has a deft way with words invoking the schism that is our final battle.   While there are those who believe that the inevitable means we bend a knee and allow the plunder, God did not tell us to curl into a ball and whimper.   He did not say to us that we should ‘allow’ these satanic children to devour our children, our grandchildren, our friends and family.

God told us to fight. As is the season.

The rise of Communism via the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union is a glimpse into what we will soon live.   It was a time of death and starvation imposed on the people at the hands of the Marxists and Communists who came to conquer.   And Soviet Russia was bent under the weight of the black shroud until it’s release in 1991.

While Regan was instrumental in bringing down the Communist Rule in the Soviet Union, mistakes were made.   Reagan was naïve.   He failed to understand the extent of the spread this chaos had laid across nations.     Most notably ‘western nations’.

Unlike Kennedy, Reagan did not take note of the internal corruption that had already been laid.  

In our governments and in our military.

Instead, the deflection became – Russia.   All things Russia.   While the US and Western countries were being systematically destroyed by the Communists, we were fed bologna.   As George Bush relayed, people come together when there can be a focus on a ‘common enemy’.   Bush made that enemy – the Middle East while simultaneously plundering their assets!    Unfortunately, that enemy was and is – the Bolsheviks all grown up!

The Bolsheviks who migrated back to the EU, to South America, to the US and Canada.   All at the behest of our own governments and military.

The Soviet Union did not ‘thrive’ under Communism.   It lived a harsh life of black and white.   Individualism was negated.   Ownership was negated.   Food was negated.   Art didn’t exist.   Religion was quashed.   And for eighty long tortuous years, the people suffered under the tyrannical rule of the German Bolshevik Rule.

As soon as the Soviet Union became free and Russia once again, they were instantly the globalists target.   The common enemy to hate and vilify!   WHY?   Because their truths, their stories, their history and accounts could upend the globalist desire to re-impose the Soviet Union world on a global scale.

Many within the Church don’t understand this propaganda perpetration.   Many others actually belong to the Communist Rule.   Pope Francis among them.   Still others are simply propagandized with a media template of refrain… ‘Russia is Evil’ and are incapable of critical thinking beyond the mantra.

When asked to explain why Russia is evil, most will claim the Soviet Union Communist regime as their example without realizing that there was an earth rattling shift 30 years ago.  And communism is what is propelling western nations – not Russia.

Today, western nations are The Soviet Union.

And Russia is trying to warn us.   Silenced by censorship on deaf ears.   It is western nations imprisoning people for ‘wrong speech’.   It is western nations ignoring Constitutional Law. It is western nations denouncing community, family, friends, religion, in a pronouncement of Chaos.

Biblically, Satan isn’t simply a deceiver, he is the deliverer of chaos.

As Mr. Mallett has so concisely revealed, we can succumb or we can draw our swords of God.   We can act as God’s warriors instead of minions of defeat.   We can enlighten instead of shroud in darkness.   We can reveal, instead of censor.   We can spread The Word – instead of whimpering in silence.

And we can pray fervently that we are God’s Children – and not specks of sand and dust in the wind.   Leave your Babel behind.   We are still united in one very imposing means of War – under the shield and holding the sword of God.

GDP, Debt, Wealth DATA : The Ouija Board of Statistics and Economic Growth

GDP is measured by the value of goods and services. Quantities multiplied by price.   Therefore if the price has increased by 50% and the quantity sold decreased by 50% the GDP would remain the same.   Manufacturing could reflect only a slight nick in the arse as long as pricing skyrocketed.   Via inflation.   And ignoring the inflation factor is why the economic numbers are faulty.

The World Bank is tasked with releasing the data on every country in the world indicating their GDP.   It is compiled via meta input and analytics.   Obviously there is no input for most African countries as they don’t collate this information – so the data is entirely an algorithm.   For other countries, the data is reliant on the country providing the World Bank with the information.

For Russia, that data has not been updated since 2020. Therefore when the World Bank issues it’s predictions, The Economist posts them as fact.

For example, according to the World Bank data collection, Russian inflation went from -0-% in 2020 to over 16% in 2021.   Well before the infiltration into Ukraine – WHY?   Crude rose 50% in 2021?   Perhaps 50% of data was missing from 2020.   When reviewing the same data for the US – there were common data blanks – 2020, perhaps 50% of the metrics used to calculate were blank.

So exactly how can the World Bank estimate/create a GDP growth rate for 2022 if the last data input was in 2020?   It can’t.   It can only “Guess”.   Which is what the economics of the world is based on – Guesses.

When ‘Bloomberg’ or ‘Reuters’ release their data on GDP growth of Russia vs the US – it is based on nothing.   Because the algorithm is pre-programmed for a specific result – like a paid for – Poll.  And the World Bank has yet to gather ANY DATA!

That would also equate to inflation.   Inflation is supposed to be measured based on ‘specific’ industries submitting ALL their data for analysis and input into an algorithm.   Perhaps 10% actually do.

According to World Data the inflation rate for Russia for 2021 was 6.7% – according the revised World Bank it was nearly 17%….   a 250% discrepancy?   Or a manipulation of data?   World Data calculated their number based on the value of the Russian Rubel.   World Bank – the Ouija Board.

While the manipulation of media news is accepted, the manipulation of data is only beginning to scratch the surface as we recount CoVid.   Of course the CoVid data was also an algorithm – with end results preprogrammed into the data.   For example, Bill Gates stated over 3 million in the US would die the first 3 months of the Pandemic.   Data.

Many have warned that the extent of information fraud is beyond our most intellectual of intelligentsia concept.   Data algorithms are like AI – you can harness it for good or evil – it depends on the manipulator.

We know history has been rewritten.   We know religion has been rewritten.   We know that our present is rewritten.   And yet we continue to rely on the very information that is flagrantly contrived to formulate our understanding and opinion. Such as statistics and economic data. And continue to believe that these reservoirs of data are anything of value…

JP Morgan has ‘predicted’ that the housing market and stock market will cave ‘an additional 20% – next year.   Is it a prediction, or is it a creation?

We do know that housing prices loped along for years rising 4% to maybe 10% annually for a decade – only to suddenly spurt 40%+ in a year.   Why?   Manipulation.   Hedge Funds were busily buying up or manipulating properties with dangleberries of cash while pushing asking prices over 20%.   Was there a market to support this?   NO.   It was done to lure homebuyers into buying at inflated rates before tanking the industry.   Foreclosures coming to a neighborhood near you!   A chess move.

Corporate entities collaborated with this RESET inflating the prices of basics such as food, energy, health/medical, education and insurance.   A Cult Effort.   Knowing they would price kill their corporation – and exiting with insider sales before the inflation nuke hit.

What is the inflation rate in Russia? GDP Growth?   US inflation?   US Growth?   They/WE have NO IDEA!   The numbers are pulled from a magician’s hat.   They are created to fit a narrative that is then pushed via the five conglomerates who own the Global Media.   Creating sells and buys and fake markets.

The wise person is debt free.   Or close thereof.   The entire concept of DEBT was created by the Bankers to destroy wealth.  

Cabalist Regime Goes After OPEC+ via price caps and NOPEC Bill

The Far reaching hand of global control is now extended toward OPEC+.   A Bill has been drafted and passed its initial Senate Judiciary.   It is called NOPEC.   The purpose of the bill is to give the US control over OPEC, because they operate outside of the rein of tyrannical cabalists.   OPEC has cut supplies by 2% and the Biden handlers have taken up arms!

While the ‘stated purpose’ of the Bill is to prevent OPEC from manipulating the price of oil, the reality is quite different.   Reuters is of the opinion that the oil market is ‘tight’.   Of course it wouldn’t be tight if the US lifted the drilling bans and allowed the US to be oil independent once again.   But that rationale seems to fall on tone deaf ears because it doesn’t justify NOPEC which is designed as an extension of World Economic Forum’s Great RESET.

NOPEC is structured so as to allow the US to circumvent a country’s sovereignty and allow the US Justice System to sue other countries and their relative companies based on US law.   For example, if the US government feels that OPEC is price fixing, then the US could sue OPEC and demand restitution.   It is a ridiculous concept born of ‘globalization’ and a UN installed global government.

The fact that the US shut down its own oil supply, sanctioned Russia cutting former oil imports from them, sanctioned Venezuela so that we can’t import from them, controlling the Middle East is next on the agenda.   It is essentially in line with Europe’s concept of an oil ‘price cap’.  

The oil price cap is considered a sanction on Russia and means through which the EU will control what it deems is a fair price for Russian gas.   If Russia were to uphold the agreement, it could undermine OPEC.   Such a sanction is likely to mean that Russia simply stops all exports to the EU.

While attempting to make the entire story about a nonEuropean country, Ukraine, the true point was highlighted by Bolton yesterday when he demanded a Russia Regime Change.

NOPEC has multiple ramifications of precedent.   Should the US try to control OPEC, other countries could establish similar caps and legal action against American industries such as agriculture, steel, machinery & equipment, etc…   Lawyers would find themselves the largess beneficiary and citizen classes would reap the largess chaos.   Food would become weaponized.

More likely, OPEC countries would simply cross the EU and US off their list of trade partners in everything! And our economies would wither to dust.

The Obsession:   “For European leaders, the task has been to find new ways to target Moscow’s income from energy while avoiding the risk of shortages, soaring prices, and potential blackouts at home this winter and the next and the next… “

While the current Price Cap plan offers an exemption for Hungary, Malta, Greece and Cyprus are concerned that their shipping of Russian coal and oil could be negatively impacted. Meaning Russia simply would cancel EU countries.   In addition, the EU proposal includes restricting supplies of steel, weapons, weapon parts, personnel, and travel.

Russia is the EU’s largest supplier of iron and steel at 15%, while unfinished steel imports from Russia were 42%.   China is the world’s largest importer of steel, and like Russian gas, China will likely be more than happy to increase their steel and iron imports from Russia.   The EU is building itself a bigger and bigger hole wherein the people will pay as shortages mean higher inflation.

The EU’s trade balance with China is similar to the US with a significant negative balance.   Before the Russia-Ukraine war, Ukraine’s economy was ranked lowest in all of Europe, and 112th globally.   Average net salary was $426 per month, unemployment was 43%, and Russia was its main import and export partner!   Ukraine’s major exports were oil – which has been severely hampered, and grain – which is sitting in silo’s going stale.   It is expected that the economy will contract by 45% to 50% for this year alone.

IF the EU thinks that Ukraine will supply all that Russia did, they will need billions for repairs and building the necessary facilities over the coming decades.   But, like the near $100 billion US Taxpayers have forked over via Biden’s wallet that have essentially completely disappeared, so will the EU’s – because the government corruption is beyond any we have ever seen – anywhere.

Today, in line with Poland’s demands for having US supplied nuclear weapons, Zelenskyy has demanded the EU completely nuke Russia as a ‘pre-emptive’ strike.   This is about CONTROL.   This is about DEATH.  Zelenskyy is truly an evil man.   Russia refuses the Cabalist Regime Change Mandate – and Soros owns Ukraine.    Soros owns Zelenskyy and Soros is PISSED.

World Economic Forum via McKinsey & CO and Bank of International Settlements

In 2017 the World Economic Forum launched the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Presidio in San Francisco.    The Centre developed key initiatives with most project deadlines coming of age as of 2023.   The initiatives are funded, researched, and disclosed by McKinsey and Company. According to their research, the decarbonization of urban cities to a net zero emissions would cost $1.7 trillion additional funds ‘per year from 2020 to 2050. As such they suggest ‘startups focus on venture capital to make the transitions’.

McKinsey & Co is the largest advisory firm in the world. Their global director is Bob Sterfels whose previous associations include Rhodes, US China Business Council, Asia Business Council, Trilateral Commission, Tsinghua Advisory Board and FCLT Global.

US China Business Council: I thought China was in twallette water and yet McKinsey is deeply entrenched.  The council is a nonprofit NGO whose stated goal is promoting trade between the US and China. It comprises around 200 American companies that trade and do business with China.

FCLT’s board includes Mark Wiedman, senior managing director at – Blackrock.

Asia Business Council is based in Hong Kong, China and hopes to integrate globalization and sustainability and diversity and equity and happiness for all.

Another ‘Source’ for WED research and information parlayed by the WEF is BIS – Banks for International Settlement and the IMF.   BIS was established in 1930 post WWI to determine reparations against Germany.   They were instrumental in accumulating gold reserves and preserving them for posterity purposes in London.   They apologized profusely for giving Nazi Germany, 23 tons of the Czech gold reserves after Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia.   The fact that BIS’ Board of Directors was rife with Nazi Germans was simply a coincidence.   And quite a bit of gold was transferred thru BIS to the Reichstag.

A Danish Banker, Ronald Bernard came forward around 2017 and gave five interviews in which he detailed the workings of BIS and the Mafia Controlled global Enterprise.   The first of the series is available on utube (wordpress will not allow me to post the site).

BIS is the esteemed analysis/opinion source which states that the global stakeholders ruling the world need to ante up the afore mentioned $1.7 trillion each year for the next 30 to rebuild sustainable, affordable, diverse, equity driven, climate free, nonpolluting ‘shared’ housing at the rate of 97,000 per day.

They also believe that the loans for these new buildings should not necessarily be made according to current ideologies of mortgages and banks.   Instead, the stakeholders would own all the homes.

The model cities used by the WEF are Saudii’s NEOM and KAEC.   Built with private and Kingdom funds, these cities are built within the concept of worker=bees.   All the bees work to maintain the Queen’s lifestyle. The Queen’s job is to lay 1000 eggs a day while keeping the workers sterile.   Nurse bees take care of the Queens eggs on her behalf.   Queens have sperm, so there is no need for a male ‘impregnation’. A form of Eugenics.

It is a bit disconcerting that the WEF initiatives have end dates of 2023.

At this point WEF claims to have solicited stakeholder centres from 16 advanced economies representing 40% of global GDP within:   Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, Israel, Japan, Columbia, Norway, Serbia, Rwanda, UAE, South Africa and the US via Michigan Manufacturing Alley.  

GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTS: The Next Phase of Cartel Chaos

As global inflation/stagnation/recession envelops less developed countries, the likelihood of them having the ability to pay their debts is diminished to – zero.   The largest debt holders of these African, Asian and Latin America nations are China and Japan.   But middle east countries are also on the line for massive debt agreements, including Iraq.  In 2020 before the ravages of the WHO induced Pandemic, outstanding debt of developing countries topped $11 trillion.   The debt service is roughly $4trillion and growing.  

Debt relief means a country is absolved of its obligation and the countries or institutions holding the debt write it off as a permanent loss.   In that context, it is not unlike the student debt writeoff – the end result is further devaluation, further inflation, and further poverty.  A cycle that is created every few decades as a sort of Cartel RESET.  

Micro-loans were the newest instrument used to collateralize countries into default given interest rates as high as 40%.  A Cartel Arrangement – albeit legal.   The Green Fund created for Climate Change is such a micro-lending scam.   The funds absconded from various country’s taxpayers are deposited into international banks which use the funds as regulatory deposits to make micro-loans.

Countries facing default today include:  Ukraine, Sri Lanka, El Salvadore, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan.   In total 40 countries are facing this potential.

While the purpose of the ragland sanctions against Russia was to initiate their debt default, the sanctions backfired horribly.   Exploding gas prices and alternate buyers in the wings proved a massive win for Russia and a further angering point to the Cartel.   In retaliation, the Cartel doubled down to advance their RESET more quickly.

Defaults have a number of consequences:

For some countries it means a transfer of ownership – as in the spoils of the country now belong to the debt holder.   Or it means internal chaos and a warlord mentality similar to The Dark Ages.  Sri Lanka.   During the Obama Regime – the Federal Cartel purposefully kept interest rates at 0% to entice developing countries to borrow.   It was also the recipe for a recession recovery – LOW interest rates!

Because interest rates are now up 2.5 basis points with more next month the recession has created shortages some real and some manufactured.  Tourism, which is the basis of many countries recovery from Lockdowns has defaulted given the rise of airfares hotels and related costs.  These countries are frantic to reconfigure their debt.   Too late.   Because this is the exact stage the Cartel desired.

With the US Federal Reserve Cartel ramping up interest rates they exasperate the global debt defaults while devastating US industries, most specifically the Construction Industry.   

The US Construction Industry is a $1.5 trillion annual revenue source employing 7-10 million workers.  When this industry falls the related dominoes are mind-blowing!   The manufacturing and mining segments are dependent on construction.  

Instead of ‘preparing’ for this inevitable crisis, the Biden WH is busily spending more untold dollars on bailouts, military inventory depletion, Ukraine, green failures, and literally anything that has absolutely zero VALUE to preserve or reignite our economy.   2024, is too late.

If we look at the economy under Trump’s policies, the global condition was a positive.   But in a mere18 months, The Cartel has managed to destroy the US oil industry, US food industry, US auto industry, and now the US construction industry.   We don’t have 2 more years.

With a perfect credit score today’s mortgage rates are pushing 5.625% to nearly 7% – depending on your state.   Insurance rates have risen as well due to crime stats.   Rentals have gone up as much as 40%.   All while job cuts increase 10% to 20%!

As a result, Powell has declared Americans will “feel the pain”!  That PAIN will be caused by Gerome Powells adherence to the All Might Cartel dictatorial regime.

Comparing the economic effects to the Carter years is not a valid comparison.   The US productivity for the first quarter of 2022 was more than double the highest negative during the Carter regime.   Borrowing rates reached as high as 25% during the Carter years extending the recession into depression status.   The Federal Cartel kept raising rates as a means to stagnate and prolong ‘the pain’ reaching a 20% prime rate.  The same economic responses  a corrupted Powell’s employs on Americans today.

Carter’s recession lasted from 1980 until 2003 before GDP recovered to its 1979 levels.   And unemployment hit 10.6%.    When Powell and the Progressive economists say this recession will last thru 2023 – the reality is the recession is scheduled to last until 2030.

Like the Biden WH Cartel, Carter claimed the reason was an oil shortage – economists immediately tightened the money supply with the reasoning that high inflation would subside high unemployment.   It Did Not WORK!

Everything Carter did – failed The People.   And that exact same destruction is Gerome Powell’s blueprint.   Including the Regime blaming the entire global destruction on Russia and High oil prices despite available inventories being shuttered.

But Carter was a Cartel Elite.   One of the worst President’s in history – Biden is likely set to beat that Legacy.  Not just for his incompetency, his dementia, and his failures, but for his abject corruption within the frame of Hunter, China and Ukraine.

Zelenskyy, the Ukraine comedian bohemian, still believes that Soros is going to force the global economy to ‘rebuild Ukraine’ – demanding $1 trillion for the ‘project’.   But our money and weapons will be completely depleted.   And Ukraine will become ‘dust to the wind’.   Along with a host of debt riddled developing nations. 

UNLESS We Rise as ONE and awaken to the Chaos before it consumes us!