US ECONOMY: Federal Piglets Declare US Economy is GRRRREAT!

ALL The King’s Piglets Claim The Us Economy Is Just Fabulous, Darlink!   For whose Bell do they toll?  

Retail profits hover at roughly 3-5% Net.   Oil Company profits are down significantly.   Food Distributors profits are collapsing.   Banks are raking in net profits over 30%.   Military Industrials are losing their grip.   Shipping companies are profitable but have lost significant trade in the past year. Pharma is an anomaly with many major companies tanking while others are profiting rather well – into the 20% range.   According to our esteemed, Janet Yellen, this all means the US economy is vibrant and strong and we should definitely support two wars – maybe three!!

Where exactly is the money going? The infamous $6 trillion Budget…?

According to the US Treasury, “The U.S. government has spent $5.50 trillion so far in fiscal year 2023 to ensure the well-being of the people of the United States”:   This would be up from the $5.35 Trillion the previous Fiscal Year on a total spending of $6.27 Trillion.   Up a mere 43% over 2019 expenditures.

The Treasury states that of the $5.5 Trillion spent so far, an additional $2.8 Trillion is scheduled to be paid by the end of the fiscal Year, ie, $8.3 Trillion obligated expenses have been noted as of August 30th – a near 90% increase since 2019 – despite no Pandemic.   On revenues of $3.97 Trillion – 10% lower than the previous year.   Leaving a Deficit of $4.33 Trillion which will require more debt.   But don’t worry – everything is just great!   Says Yogi Bear…

The largest categories of expense include:   SS – 23%, Health – 15%, Defense 13%, Medicare 13%, Income Security/Welfare/Pensions 13%, and net Interest – 11%.   Net Interest:   11% of $8.3 Trillion in Net Debt is $913 Billion annual payment.   We will need to increase our debt by 12% to keep flush with deficit spending.   Given we are not paying down our debt by one dime – hyper-inflation is the likely end result.

The manipulated black book account of our Federal Government is likely to reveal that true inflation has already reached hyper-effect, and the numbers are severely manipulated to preserve the illusion. Citizens see this – Citizens know this – yet the Government SPIN is to protect the illusion.

Revenues DOWN – Spending UP.   Yet the economy is in great shape according to the desk jockeys who have evolved from compulsive lying to pathological lying.  Kings and his Piglets applaud.

Within this diaspora of spending, The Economist is chastising Western Economies for not writing off more debt of African nations.

Africa’s debt has doubled since 2010 to $2 Trillion.   Yet the US sitting on $34 Trillion, plus the $4.33 for this year = $38.33) – is supposed to increase that further to accommodate – Africa.   Our debt to GDP will be 165% as of FY End 2023. Africa’s is 60%.  Who has the biggest problem?

According to the International Monetary Fund – Africa’s Debt is a “Crisis”. A good ratio is considered to be below 55%.   Yet the US is not mentioned as being in crisis on a 165% basis. WHY?

According to the IMF, Africa can not reduce expenditures, so therefore it must raise revenues via taxes in order to bring them in compliance with the below 55% mandate.   In the US that would translate to a 150% tax increase, a stagnation of expenses, and ten years to pay down the debt.   Of course, 150% tax increase would send the US into a depression and revenue would no longer exist at all.

But we don’t have CPA’s running the country, we have Lawyers. Lawyers without a whit of intellect when it comes to finances. Lawyers who can’t see forward beyond 60 days, much less five or ten years.

Unfortunately, the very erudite Economist Magazine doesn’t discuss actual financial economics – instead it focuses on Climate Change, China, Diversity & Equity, China, Eating Less, China, and other nonsensical idiocies that will not bring a solution to – anything.

AI is a topic within this spiral of economies.   While it can be used to better graph business profitability providing more intensive budgets, that does not translate to government.   WHY?   Simply because government doesn’t want to.   Government doesn’t want to balance the budget or pay down debt.   That would entail a reduction of government itself.

Since 1982, the US government has expanded from 12 million to 20 million employees – an increase of 58.3%.   When Company budgets become unsustainable, they layoff employees.   When the government budget becomes unsustainable they create MORE Departments and Committees ostensibly to analyze why government is spending more.   These new agencies are typically given a five year span for their analysis, extended due to unforeseen circumstances to seven years… only to find the final report ‘outdated’.

That is the Lawyer solution.   I’m obviously not much of a fan.

January 2021, the Biden White House signed an Executive Order aimed at “protecting, empowering, and rebuilding the Federal Workforce” – effectively unionizing the federal government.   The EO rescinded every EO or Memorandum issued by Trump to this regard, including ‘merit system principles of employment’ and eliminating “disciplinary and unacceptable performance policies.”

What this attains is a Federal Workforce of idiots who can never be disciplined or fired for gross incompetence.  When this occurs, additional employees are necessary to pick up the slack of those who are abjectly incompetent but will never be fired.

At some point in time, the Great RESET will require the elimination of Government and their 20+ million employees.   The Lawyers will demand their pensions – and the till will be empty.   Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, will evaporate.   This is why the Lawyers running the show frantically need to boost their subversive black book money laundering back to politicians who are aware that their role is finite – via Ukraine and now Israel.

Department spending on education, transportation, and pharma will no longer exist.   The elderly will likely be offered the alternative – euthanasia.

Enter “Logan’s Run”:

Made in 1976 – “young residents enjoy an idyllic, hedonistic lifestyle within the protective confines of a domed underground city. The general belief is that when each person turns 30, they are reincarnated for another blissful life cycle and must submit to the gas chamber. Those who know the much darker truth become “runners” and flee to a hidden sanctuary.”

The purpose is to protect the limited resources having calculated that a certain number of people may exist simultaneously.

The Revelation?    The Great RESET of depopulation and population control was conceived in 1976.

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  1. My father retired early as Chief Admin of the US RR Retirement Board in the mid-60s. It was HQed in Chicago (844 Rush, now razed) back then, and he never made more than $14K/yr, equivalment to $100K today. And no cr, he took the EL to work every day.

    We moved back south for good in ’64.

    Today, I’d hazard the guess the same position makes close to $10MM/yr. with 50-60% less RR employees. And that the RRB staff is horridly incompetent.

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