GLOBAL/African POVERTY: Plundering Africa’s Resources

Why haven’t the UN, World Bank, WEF and all the global charities solved world poverty and starvation?   That was their intention, right?   Nearly a hundred years of endless goals, endless constraints, and trillions of dollars – and nothing has changed. WHY?

Could it be that all these Global Agencies and Charities have no intention of stopping the poverty, because the poverty culls the population? And culling the population of undesirables is necessary in order to achieve unlimited wealth and power?

John Kerry was recently in Africa telling the governments they were not “Allowed” to drill for oil or use coal for their energy because an energy independent country is a thriving country!   Africa’s oil and gas reserves are vast.     Over 40% of all new gas discoveries were in Africa.   Yet they continue to have rolling blackouts – WHY?

The vast majority of African governments are Communist – including Nelson Mandela.   Communism doesn’t “BUILD” anything.   Soviet Russia was an 80 year example.   Communism thrives on poverty and death.   When an entire society can barely thrive, they become more and more dependent on their corrupt government out of sheer desperation.

That Model is exactly what the WEF envisions as the Great RESET for ALL developed countries. Living on less than $2 per day.

Africa’s resources are vastly greater than the US and EU – yet they have been systematically driven deeper into poverty with the assistance of the organizations claiming their goal is to eradicate poverty.

There is no reliable statistical information for any African country, because they don’t gather statistics – instead The World Bank creates numbers.   These numbers are then used by Statista, Macrotrends, Statistic Times, etc… to give the illusion that the numbers are a reality.

Gas Reserves are determined through formulas and geological estimates.   When a science or government agency declares reserves have changed up or down – their determination is based on guesswork – because there are no field experts running around Africa doing geological studies!

Only 33% of Africa’s oil and gas production is controlled by Africa.   36% is controlled by Europe, and the remainder by Asia and North America.   In essence, the Communist governments have sold out the African people in favor of Europe and Asia.   Thus poverty will never be quashed.

As Germany is noting, fossil fuels equate to industrialization. Industrialization equates to wealth. While Germany invokes its own communist roots in denying its own citizens energy, manufacturing and retail businesses are collapsing.   Germany’s solution?   Wear a beanie.

The top five African countries producing oil include:   Angola, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt.   EXAMPLE:   Angola has a 40% employment rate, 70% living on less than $3.20 per day and 15% inflation rate. 90% of Angola’s oil production is controlled and exported by BP (UK), Exxon (Rockefeller), Chevron (Rockefeller), Total (France) and Eni (Italy).   Despite the abundance of reserves, because foreign oil companies take the majority of oil, Angola is a net importer of oil.

IF western nations were really intent on net zero and Green Energy – why do the major oil companies steal Africa’s Oil and Gas for western nations? While turning around and making US taxpayers foot the bill for annual aide packages to Angola to ‘lift them out of poverty’.   Apparently that would be a portion of the $3.20 a day to 70% of the citizens who reap zero benefits from OIL!

The mining industry is exactly the same. The three largest mining companies in Africa are Anglo America plc, a British company that absorbed DeBeers, BHP Billiton out of Australia, and Rio Tinto out of London.

The WEF platform is about the ‘redistribution of wealth’.   Africa’s wealth is ravaged and raped by western corporations – the same corporations that aim to become the global governance entities.   The same corporations which pay nothing to Africa for their ravages and instead use US and western taxpayers to prop up the payment schematic that keeps a healthy flow of worker bees alive but in poverty to extract their billions in profits.

While corporations couldn’t achieve this without having governments in their proverbial pocket, the means to achieving that weighted pocket is via regime change, aka coups.   Another means is the creation of divisive chaos through terrorism such as ISIS, al Qaeda, BLM, Antifa, etc..

From a historical perspective, plundering has been a global mainstay for thousands of years:   Romans, Germanics, Napoleon, Ottomans, etc…   Those faces were known.   Today the plunderers hide their faces, they are cowards.   They create illusions to promote their plundering and worship money.   God’s wrath will prevail.

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