Ashkenazi Jewish Khazars – a Heritage of Babylon

The UN has been ‘ending poverty’ for 78 years.   Amnesty International has been ending human rights violations for 62 years.   WHO has been ending malaria for 75 years.   The Federal Reserve has been ending boom bust economies for 110 years.   And for the oddest reason, nothing has – changed.   In fact, everything is – worse.   How is that possible?

The Red Cross is in Maui staying at rooms that cost $1000 per night, eating filets and bon-bons, while the residents of Lahaina have no food.   Under Amnesty International, the human trafficking, drug trafficking, organ trafficking and child trafficking businesses have grown exponentially garnering more annual revenue than the US Budget.   The response?

Malaria, once eradicated, is now returning to the US under the name ‘wild Malaria’.   Just like ‘wild polio’. Just like ‘wild CoVid’.

Jeffrey Sachs is a Jewish, Harvard graduate, Soros affiliate, American economist who is known for his work on ‘sustainable development’. In fact, he is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University.   The same Colombia University where Obama was enrolled and never once attended.   At least not in America.   Because, at the time, Columbia had an affiliate in the Soviet Union – teaching Marxism and Communist ideologies…

Obama’s father was a communist, his mother was a Marxist.   A match made in the Nether World. Everyone asks the same question over and over – where did these evil people come from.   Some have made the determination that they come from the soviet Bolshevik convention.   But who were the Bolsheviks? Where did they come from?

Ashkenazi Jews who were/are the Bolsheviks are not the ancestors of the ancient Biblical Hebrews, but the ancestors of the Khazars. To find the heads of the Globalist pyramid, one must peel thru the vast network of Ashkenazi/Khazars and go further into ancient history.

When profiling the 20th century Ashkenazi’s, their singular common characteristic is their parents or grandparents emigrated to the US just prior to the 1917 War in Russia wherein Nikolas and his entire family were slaughtered, Lenin and Marx took control and Stalin’s Jewish Communists ultimately obliterated what was once – Russia.

When Reagan freed the Soviet Union from its tyranny of Bolshevik Communists, Russia was globalized by the new Bolsheviks, via the American Economic Association founded in 1911. The same year that Rockefeller opened the Rockefeller Institute for Vaccines in the US.   The same Big Pharma vaccine that created the Spanish Flu Epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands globally via a bacterial infection caused by Rockefeller’s vaccine.

The NEW brainchild of Ashkenazi economists who would shape America under their Marxist dystopian ideology adopted by Karl Popper – Soros protégé.

The American Economic Association was founded in 1885 by Marxist socialists whose alma mater included Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Heidelberg Universities.  Their studies of importance included eugenics, anti-God, progressivism, socialism, and advocating against ‘private property’. And most importantly – the suppression of truth.

Truth.   As it applies to history, religion, and mythology stand in the shadows of the stage. Our governments routinely tell us we are incapable of being able to comprehend, or absorb, or justify, truth.   Only the select few are privy.   And thus truth is a confiscated property.   Yet those who harbor its waters are borne of the Babylonian heritage.

The Rockefellers and Rothschild’s had already set the stage, but they required a cult following who would swear their life to the cause. Today, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland is home to this cult. They are not Jews. They are not Hebrews.   In fact, their ancient heritage DNA has been tracked to the Scythians.

The Scythians were expelled from Iranic land to Ukraine and southern Russian, specifically Crimea and the Danube, sometime between the 8th and 9th centuries BC. They were warriors expelled from Asia by the Iranic people of Medes . Their religion was based on mythology.   Their ideology was death.

Their territory included what would be in modern day: Ukraine, southern Russia, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Armenai, Azerbajjan , as well as Turkey, Georgia and Iran. But let’s go back even further:

The Scythian people were descended from Babylon. Babylon was the city ultimately destroyed by God for the wicked ways of its people. The Babylonians had perverted every grace that was God. Every morality. God hated the Babylonians for they were the descendants of the Nephilim who were the dark angels coveting the earthly women created by God.

DNA evidence has revealed that the Ashkenazi Jews have no Hebrew heritage and are a fake and false hybrid of Babylon. Their souls are ancestral glue affixed to a hatred for God for allowing their genocide. It is the source of their need to destroy Iran, make conquest of all southern nations of Russia and to elevate Ukraine and their proxy governments under an Ashkenazi banner. The Ukraine of 600 BC.

We didn’t research far enough.   Stopping at the 1900’s forge of Bolshevism does not expose or lay bare the root – Babylon.   A people without God, who sought to raise satan as the leader of Globe and all people and things earthly. The anger that lives inside their souls comes from God’s ire and destruction of Babylon.   Revenge is their mantra.

The ancient Babylonians are believed to have come from the Sumerians of 1475 BC. The same Sumerians of Mesopotamia who obliterated the Minoans.   The Minoans being the possible descendants of Noah.

In other words, we are fighting the same enemies that our ancient ancestors have been fighting since the beginning of Biblical time.

Today, the UK, US, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Algerian ‘militants’ declared that they would conduct military drills in the Black Sea and the Danube region. The same regions the Babylonians occupied 2600 years ago. Despite Russia declaring any ships in this region would be destroyed. Despite and because their goal isn’t to murder people – but to murder GOD.

These Ashkenazi non-Hebrew are taunting a WWIII. Just as they have throughout all of ancient history.

What do they want? A Scythian Empire ruled by satan and his worshipers.

The ONLY way to fight satan is within God.   Atheists, agnostics, false gods have no value, no power, no place.   This is a war between God and satan.   We are simply copper pennies in the mix. But we are given a choice.   A choice of sides.   That choice is permanent.   Don’t betray that choice.

When I read the various twitter threads of what we term rhinos or progressives or communists, these people have made a concertive choice to support satan. They have proverbially and literally – sold their soul.   Many/most for money. Some out of ignorance.   But what is most glaring is WE Are Given A Choice.   Do you stand with GOD – or do you stand with satan?   That’s it.   That’s – IT.

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  1. My goodness, Helen, you’re slamming it here. I’ve researched most of what you write of and can agree with you. I wish you would do more research on the earth as a level, non-rotating realm as it concurs with Scripture. The Jesuits, Knights and noble families took counsel to change what every culture understood prior to Copernicus (a Jesuit or mason, or both) proposing his heliocentric model to the catholic church. This false science was designed to take our eyes off God and believe men. We are the center of God’s creation; not a speck in the ever expanding universe. I know you’ll see it because you have eyes to see.

  2. I have to say that since I started reading your articles you are never boring. I am always talking about issues with other people and saying “I read that at Helena”. You are like an encyclopedia. Is this stuff that you just picked up along the way or do you have an army of researchers? I’m reading a Hitler bio and he talked about the Slavs when talking about Jews and now I understand why. But one always has to wonder, is this person telling us this stuff to serve the purpose of giving us an opportunity to refuse to comply or consent so that Jews can then do it to us or is this person actually one of the good guys. It would be very nice for the Jews to bring their final battle and at that time for God to wipe them off the face of the earth. I think God will win. You’d have to be stupid to bet against God.

  3. “We didn’t research far enough. ”

    I had, and quite some time ago.

    This an ancient war, an ancient desire to reach an eventual climax. It just so happens, with their now firmly ensconced servants, collaborators, minions, call them what you will, along with the advanced technology at their disposal, they might well pull it off, it being the complete subjugation of the human race, those not like ‘them’.

    What a time we are living in, but, then again, you could have said the same thing for goodness knows how long, and for all the same reasons.

      • Perhaps the Tytler Cycle is relevant here?
        The Tytler Cycle: Why More Government Help Leads To Less
        By Lance Roberts | August 17, 2020

        The Tytler Cycle
        Scottish economist Alexander Tytler, who, in 1787, was reported to have commented on the then-new American Republic as follows:

        “A democracy is always temporary; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist until the time voters discover they can vote for generous gifts from the public treasury. From that point, the majority always votes for the candidates who promises the most benefits from the public treasury. The result is that every democracy finally collapses due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

        The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been about 200 years. These nations always progressed through this sequence:

        From Bondage to Moral Certitude;
        Moral Certitude to Great Courage;
        Great Courage to Liberty;
        Liberty to Abundance;
        Abundance to Selfishness;
        Selfishness to Complacency;
        Complacency to Apathy;
        Apathy to Dependency;
        Dependency to Bondage.”


        • The importance of an unedited history is to help us finally make the right choices and decisions. When that happens a mountain range will be behind us-

        • I agree that civilizations collapse throughout history however I would argue that it isn’t always internal progression. Soros said his goal was to break America and Russia. That is not a cycle of an economy that is a construction

    • The study is based on a time frame of 900 AD. As I have stated – the time frame that is more relevant is 800 BC. And forward. Before Europe … Ancient history – before it was edited.

  4. I have seen a lot of DNA studies of Ashkenazim, but I have never seen one which supports anything you have said here.
    I have never seen even one denying Jewish DNA, or descent from Aaron among the Cohen’s.
    I see a lot of this lately, and while I am no DNA expert, I am certain of one thing as per evil Jews: they are agents of The Crown and have been for centuries.

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