ELON MUSK: StarLink in Ukraine – ADL in US

The rhetoric ratcheting up against Elon Musk by media assets and the Bolshevik Blinken has become a hit job reminiscent of the Russia-Trump dossier:

  • February 28, 2022:   Zelenskyy asks Musk for Starlink access after internet taken down by Russia.   Within 10 hours, Musk complies. Most of the terminals are stationed in other countries, including Poland.  Musk prerequisite request was that the terminals be used for the people and not for war efforts.
  • October 2022:    it was revealed that the cost of the terminals and connectivity were being born by Musk personally.   He appealed to the Pentagon for reimbursement of forward costs to continue specifying he would eat what was already out of pocket.   At that point, Musk determined that the costs would reach $100 million by the end of 2022 with the potential of reaching $400 million in 2023.  The news comes after Musk rejected a request from Ukraine to enable the use of Starlink in Russian-occupied Crimea.   The rejection in Crimea was known by the Pentagon, the DoD, The State Department and Ukraine.
  • November 2022:    Foreign Policy lamented the fact that Ukraine was ‘stuck with Elon Musk’ noting the risks of over-reliance on a private citizen.

The reasoning Musk gave for not extending use to Crimea is because Crimea is a Russian occupied territory.   Had Musk operated in Crimea, he would have violated international law because at that point it would be akin to putting satellite terminals in Russia.

Musk is in the middle of ‘the battle’.

A lawsuit being brought by Musk against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) asserts that their censorship caused Twitter to lose $22 billion in ad revenue.   According to Musk the ADL expressly told various businesses to NOT advertise on Twitter.   Those that did feared retaliation.   A form of blackmail to the detriment of Twitter/X.

Immediately following Musk’s threat to file the suit, he was labeled an anti-semite by the media puppets en masse.

In August, the ADL ordered META to improve vetting of posts insinuating Holocaust denial and ‘distortion’. Stepping out of their Jewish League, the ADL supported the George Floyd protests, has pressured/lobbied for strict sentences against the Jan 6ers, and greater immigration.   Yet, in all their decrying for equality & justice, diversity & inclusion, their entire Leadership Team and Board are devoid of ANY blacks.  

In branding Elon Musk a bigot and anti-Semite, the ADL has not denied the censorship.   Instead they have refocused hatred toward Musk, Nick Fuentes, Andrew Torba, and Alex Jones while claiming the latest Nazi flag wavers in Florida were chanting “Ban The ADL”.   Oddly, the ADL has no issue with ANTIFA or the AZOV Battalion in Ukraine.

As of 2021, the latest period the ADL provided their combined Form 990 for the IRS, total assets stood at $240,000,000 and net assets at $176,000,000.   On 2021 revenue of $101 million, salaries and expenses claimed $52.7 million – or 52%. The total amount allocated to ADL Grants was $518.000 (= .5% of income). Rent was $8.5million, IT was $3.5 million and other was $8 million – and not delineated. Their ‘fundraising activity’ produced a $1 million LOSS. Their Grants were exclusively to liberal universities.  Not exactly a charitable organization as defined under the 501(c)(3) code.

May 24, 2023, the ADL released a report claiming 60 examples from previously suspended Twitter accounts reinstated by Musk had produced 127 anti-Semitic statements. Citing Ali Alexander of Stop The Steal, and Kanye West. The post in question regarding Ali Alexander was a response to the ADL stating that Trump’s claim to expel warmongers, globalists and communists – was anti-Semitic… when in fact, ADL’s post was in support of communists, globalists, and warmongers…

Further revealing the ADL’s positions, they called out climate deniers, Vaccine Deniers, CoVid deniers, and anyone who talked about beloved George Soros or the Rothschild family in a negative conspiratorial context.   They took issue with anyone demonizing the World Economic Forum, Bolsheviks, The Great RESET, the Khazarian theory, or any other far left ideology.   The ADL demanded these accounts be suspended.

As in Censorship.

They do not deny their censorship of advertisers, and instead launched a full force attack utilizing Blinken, Zelenskyy, the DoD, and every major news outlet across The Globe.   The rhetoric is the same – a) Musk violated national security by not allowing Crimean satellite use during a vital counteroffensive attack by Ukraine on Crimea that would have been so severe in casualties, Russia would have likely resorted to a nuclear assault,   b)   Because Musk didn’t censor everything the ADL claims is anti-Semitic, Musk is a bigot racist. Further establishing a potential libel lawsuit added to the censorship.

Elon Musk is now labeled a Russian sympathizer, anti-Semite, and has earned his favor with every MAGA Constitutionalist on the platform X.  He has vowed his patriotism for America.   And is learning the hard way how divisive the left is in creating pools of targeted persons.

The obvious entanglement of the CIA with the ADL is for the purpose of taking over Twitter and relaunching it as the CIA’s covert social platform as it was under Dorsey. But Musk’s ties with NASA and his newest venture into an AI that rivals Open AI’s ChatGPT platform which Musk also co-founded, will likely continue to drive CIA disputes. Appropriately named xAI, the platform and the future of AI will be continue to be discussed with the Senate, albeit in closed door.


  • In 1993, it was revealed that CIA agent, Roy Bullock, who worked in El Salvador in the 1980s and also served as an FBI informant, worked for the ADL for more than three decades, amassing a database that included files on some 12,000 individuals and 950 organizations.
  • In 2021, the ADL released a membership database for the Oath Keepers via Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDS).   In 2020, the organization was declared a criminal hacker group by the Department of Homeland Security and one month later the IRS gave them   charitable status.


In the meantime, Musk is NOT suicidal.

7 thoughts on “ELON MUSK: StarLink in Ukraine – ADL in US

  1. Since the mail I received from Helena said it was sent from her cell, I tried to fwd the latest update on Musk by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, dated September 2nd, but the address shown, WordPress@HelenaGlass.net bounced as undeliverable.
    I do know from many sites that the pace of banning, shadow banning, etc has not slowed appreciably since Musk took over, and truly controversial posters have not been reinstated.
    I believe the evidence is clear Musk makes seeming good guy statements while continuing his over all evil.
    I am not a professional researcher/writer, but 2nd is those things and I recommend anyone looking at Musk to start there because 2nd put a lot of hours into it, and what he put together is quite exhaustive.
    If Musk really had a change of heart, he wouldn’t put WEF in charge of Censorship, but he did because he is the same Uber Creep he always has been.

    • Wow you are a bit pissy now aren’t you. Who might this second smartest guy in world be oh Master?
      And funny thing my phone doesn’t bounce texts! So I imagine your pissyness did it for you!

  2. Searching for negative news on Musk is a fool’s errand. He is Deep State Manufactured and Protected.
    Helena asked for verification of the detransitioner he banned.
    Though it was on several alternative sites while it was current, a search turns up nothing remotely related.
    Helena asked for verification but it’s as useless as van be to try to turn it up.
    There were interviews with the trans, photos, 1st and last name and details.
    It definitely happened and it’s only one example of many, do I made no special note of it to refer back to.
    But the referral to 2nd Smartest Guy in the World would provide much more detail on the wide ranging evil that is Pay Op Musk.
    There is a lot more there than just a banned Trans, 2nd has a whole series on Musk specifically. and his Deep State CIA financing without which Tesla would not exist.

    • It appears you missed my articles on nikola Tesla and instead find your obnoxious self spouting entertainment. Get over your pissyness and you might find I covered that angle already!

    • Musk is every bit as evil as ADL. Apart from being WEF Young Leader 2008, his Censorship Chief is also WEF.
      Any apparent decency on his part is pure PR.
      X is currently embroiled in controversy over it’s latest censorship of a regretful sex change victim.
      Reporting suggests it’s unique. It’s not, it’s serial. Musk is pro Trans, and permanently banned a previous detransitioner after six warnings to quit warning people of the scam.
      This is just the shallowest preview of the true depravity of Mega Scammer Elon Musk.
      For the sordid details, 2nd Smartest Guy in the World on Substack.
      Suffice to say his Everything X app will be your prison if you let him do it.
      And pretending and promoting the idea that he is a good guy is letting him do it.

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