The GREAT Society BEFORE The Great RESET

THE GREAT SOCIETY – before the Great RESET – was created by Lyndon Johnson after the assassination of John F Kennedy who wouldn’t bow to the CIA.  The Corporation For Public Broadcasting was created in 1967 to control the entirety of Media for Americans.  In 1970 CPB formed NPR with 88 subsidiary outlets.   Their purpose was ‘content’.   In 1979, NPR expanded to London solidifying the alliance between the CIA and MI6.  By 1983, NPR was operating on a budget deficit despite continued expanded funding from US Taxpayers.

The two largest benefactors of NPR in the 2000’s were Soros Open Society Foundation and Joan Croc who donated $225 million in 2003.   At this point NPR became well known as a left leaning to far left broadcaster embroiled in bias.   And the Great Society Deal which was supposed to be a reincarnation of FDR’s New Deal was busily recreating America’s internal political landscape.

A transition that would forever change our landscape.   Likely – irreversibly.

Both the House and the Senate enjoyed a liberal majority which included the jewish vote which had become a prominent constituent.   Johnson took advantage of every loop, corner, and free crossing to enact 100’s of ‘committees’ and ‘agencies’ to study every aspect of society in order to recreate it.     Committees and Agencies that did little, accomplished less, and ate money like 1000 PacMen on steroids.

The Great Society initiatives and Johnson’s Cabinet set about to expand government exponentially – creating federal funding for Education, Medicaid, War on Poverty, The Voting Rights Act, Food Stamps, Upward Bound, Medicare, Head Start, HUD, Endowments, Department of Transportation, and a host environmental laws.  EVERYTHING was highly regulated and all businesses were required to comply with Federal rules or face the proverbial guillotine.

State Sovereignty no longer existed and the Feds kept expanding their control and irreversible POWER.

While various statistics claim poverty rates in 1960 were 22%, there was no common means of measuring poverty until 1965.    At which point it had been declared by the government to be 9% for whites and 35% among nonwhites – 15% weighted average – before the Great Society took effect.  The New Federal Government decided to ignore that fact and declared that poverty had been halved because 55% of households now had incomes over $7000.   Of course Taxpayers were funding $4,000 of that increase in the form of entitlements and welfare.   Thus the statistic is wholly and completely fabricated.

What Johnson succeeded in creating was a ‘well to do welfare class’.

It was the beginning of income redistribution and the decline of middle class.

This era of The Great Society also brought about the beginning of Federal Deficit spending.   And The Decline Of The Dollar!

Using government data since 1960, inflation has surpassed 916%, mostly due to Federal Reserve initiatives.  It now takes roughly $34 to buy what $1 bought in 1913.   The elimination of the gold backed dollar greatly increased the polarity and devaluation as paper flooded the markets.  Today – Housing is unaffordable, middle class income means over $150,000, and a new car is going to cost $60,000 to $100,000.   A $350 monthly payment will buy a $15,000 car.    America has actually become poorer.

So if the FDR New Deal and The Johnson Great Society were created to make American’s more equitably wealthy, WHAT HAPPENED?

The short answer – they lied.

Obama subsidies increased the ‘value of welfare’ to $69,000.  Biden just hiked that number by an additional $11,300 for a family.   This does not include the shoplifting of food, appliances, clothes, equipment and toys that is allowed by every major democrat run city without consequence or prosecution.   Welfare is a lucrative Business.   We could privatize it and then we’d call it The Mafia!

These voluptuous subsidies have required an ever ending mountain of more debt which is the responsibility of Taxpayers who have no say in any spending initiatives.   US Debt now sits at $33 Trillion.   Since 1960, debt has grown from 45% of GDP to 120%.   As the dollar continues to tank – that debt becomes more and more costly – until at some point the US will not be able to make payments and a debt default will crash our economy.   MAJOR Banks are now sitting on net equity to assets of just 5-6%.   A soluable bottom is 20% – and a healthy bottom is 50%.

Should a banking solvency begin to fray overtly poverty will apply to just about everyone.   The New Green Deal and The Great Society will have completed their task.   The Great RESET – which was slated to be a global establishment – will absorb western economies only.   Economies that have moved away from the dollar will thrive.   Those economies are the BRICS.   

Elon Musk,  “But what’s the point”?


US & EU Funding Palestine thru USAID & NGO’s Including Open Society

Through a fray of USAID funded NGO’s the US is funding the Palestinian conflict in the West Bank.   USAID funnels money to the National Endowment for Democracy which funnels money to CIPE – the Center for International Private Enterprise – which funnels money to the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association.  

Thus USAID is funding both sides of the Israeli conflict in order to implode and destabilize Israel for a coup. Other funding sources of the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association include: DCA Act Alliance – Funded by the EU, USAID, Soros Open Society, UK government, UN, Germany, France, and Norway, amidst a tangle of church organizations – all of which operate under the tutelage of Open Society.

Netanyahu recently called the White House and told the Handlers to call off their goons.   Protests have been ongoing for over 2 months disrupting the economy, the government, and every viable institution.   Mimicking the protests turned violent in Iran, regime change is the end goal.

In an odd topsy-turvy alternate universe, Netanyahu is now experiencing the exact same violence promulgated upon the Ayatollah’s Iran – an ‘arch enemy’.   By the exact same promoters.  Soros hitmen.  For the exact same purpose – regime change.

The vast majority of NGO’s list their goals as human rights, equality, and a world without poverty and hunger.   Oddly, despite over 80,000 US NGO’s working toward those goals for decades – nothing is ever actually achieved.   Human rights abuses are ignored, poverty and hunger have ‘risen’, and the equality index continues to grow cavernous.

The vast majority of these failed NGO’s are funded by agencies within the US government and EU governments, aka – taxpayers.   Taxpayers do not vote on the funding initiatives.   Taxpayers are not privy to the illicit use of funds.   But Taxpayers MUST ante.

In addition, all these agencies are inextricably tied to the World Economic Forum.

Netanyahu has yet to learn who are his allies and who are his enemies – and it appears he is quite ‘confused’.   Should he gather his wits about him, we could possibly see another BRICS member in the making.

In a post by the German government’s Deutsche Welle, they have pronounced Bolsonaro as the legitimate leader of Brazil.  When analyzing the BRICS as an alternative to the WEF New World Order, the DW article manages to equate their economies as blithely failing – with the exception of China.   A mangled attempt to confuse and distract from a GLOBAL SHIFT.

The propaganda of course is to mitigate and dissuade the concept that the BRICS represent a threat to the west.   As such, each country that is or could be a member is derided as a political and/or economic failure.   Unfortunately, that sway is an old and overused tactic that has only managed to incur greater animosity toward the west by friendlier nations.

Saudi Arabia is such a country considering membership in the BRICS association.   Unfortunately, the Saudi’s were reprimanded with a Credit Suisse devaluation that caused their largest shareholder, Saudi National Bank, to lose $1 billion in one day.   Brazil faced a coup with the installation of Lula.   Turkey was subjected to earthquakes killing over 50,000 and causing billions in destruction.   Iran was engulfed in protests calling for regime change – for weeks.  

Other countries which have intimated a desire to join the BRICS include:   Algiers, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.   Further diluting western hegemony, these countries have refused to bow to the intimidation and blackmail… 

Countries within Africa are splitting as they watch and listen.   The power play of sanctions, punishment, and bombing has worn thin.   The Deep State Mafia players are losing ground.   They don’t know how to be an ally – it is a foreign concept.

Today, the US has sanctions against 38 countries across the globe!    The vast majority were issued under the Biden Handler Administration.   Within some of these Sanctions are sub-category sanctions against another 4 or more legal frameworks.   All while the IMF warns of a global financial collapse.

The Political and Economic implosions felt across every continent are reflective of Western punishments – including Ukraine.   Zelenskyy is calling for expanding military conscription because the military and guardsmen are severely depleted.   “Until the last Ukrainian” ~ A western call for the eradication of all Ukrainian citizens so that the country can be redrawn and repopulated within a NEOM ideology.  

Which means – Ukraine’s black soil MUST be preserved.   Just not for Ukraine.   But for the investors who claim more than 6 million hectares of land in Ukraine, including:   Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill, Dreyfus, Archer Daniels Midland, NCH Capital, Continental Farmers, Bunge, and Agrigenerations.

In 2018, ADM, Dreyfus, Cargill and Bunge created a partnership.   Bunge is an offshoot of ConAgra.   ConAgra sold Smithfield Farms to the Chinese.   They want Ukraine without Ukrainians.   Hence a peace deal will not be considered until every Ukrainian is ‘gone’.

These Stakeholders are behind the refusal to allow Russia and Ukraine to move into a peace deal.  With Russia reconfiscating land, the entire gamut has been foiled.   And suddenly, Poland has announced potential plans to absorb swathes of Ukraine into it’s own sphere – likely to preserve the land investments of the Stakeholders. 

SOROS Demands European Redistribution of Wealth

Oxfam, the Soros Open Society NGO, is demanding that Europe divest itself of its wealth in favor of the impoverished refugees. Oxfam is appealing to the UN that Europe be forced to accept hundreds of thousands of more refugees so as to change the face of Europe and create a ‘mini-me’ Middle East. They have stated that it is not fair to subject the poorer Middle Eastern nations with these refugees – as in poor Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Oman and Kuwait. Poor countries that post the highest gdp per capita in the world…

NGO’s have risen in recent years to exert control over governments and countries. Their power is massive and they have infiltrated every country on this globe. The number of NGO’s in the US now tops over 1.5 million. They employee hundreds of thousands and their executives enjoy top salaries despite their ‘charitable’ status.

The first NGO ever created was – the UN in 1945. The stated purpose was to be independent of government control… Obviously that definition was loosely applied given most of the heavy weight NGO’s are actually funded by the government they are ‘independent of’. Given that the affiliations have become so politically motivated, a number of acronyms have joined the bandwagon: GONGO – Government operated NGO, BINGO – Business friendly international NGO, there is MANGO, QUANGO, DONGO, the list goes on and reads like a video game.

Like the UN, the NGO’s have slowly garnered more and more power to make decisions for us using their ‘charitable’ influence on other organizations making decisions for us – as in the UN. Governments have become the pawns of these organizations and our tax dollars a partial source of their revenue. While the point of NGO’s is to be non-political, to be independent, to be neutral, that would seem to be hypocritical given their donor base always has an agenda.

The Open Society alone operates in 37 different countries. Founded in Hungary in 1984, it merged with an affiliate of the Congress for Cultural Freedom in 1991. The Congress for Cultural Freedom was established by the CIA and was active in 35 countries. The CCF was founded in west Berlin in 1950 to counter communism although some of its members actually embraced the philosophy. It was considered a left wing movement attracting radical ideologies including Marxism and existentialism.

One of the CCF members, Franz Borkenau, predicted in January 1953 that Stalin would die. In fact he did die in March 1953 and evidence that he may have been poisoned has surfaced recently. It also included Arthur Schlesinger Jr who worked for the precursor to the CIA, Office of Strategic Services, during WWII. One its founders, Sidney Hook, was initially a Marxist who advocated for Communism became disenchanted with Stalin, and ultimately became a democratic socialist and a signatory of the Humanist Manifesto II which advocated for among other things – an atheist society. Among the concepts of the Manifesto, it is written:

 “I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers that correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being…The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and new — the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism, resplendent with the promise of a world in which the never-realized Christian ideal of ‘love thy neighbor’ will finally be achieved.” 

Humanism has been active for centuries and while it’s definition has altered significantly over time, the basis of its thought now is rooted in ‘self’.

This drive toward self has been the forefront of the Soros agenda, because when self is the deity, self can be manipulated, controlled, and pleasured into submission.

Who were the CIA Directors when CCF was created until it merged with Soros?

1950-1953 Walter Bedell Smith

1953-1961 Allen Dulles

1961-1965 John McCone

1965-1966 William Raborn

1966-1973 Richard Helms

1973 James Schlesinger

Walter Smith was credited with re-organizing the CIA, redefining its structure and its mission according to a report criticizing the past CIA co-written by Allen Dulles – who later became a CIA Director. It was during this timeframe that the CIA began using Foundations as pass-thru sources of covert funds, including the Ford Foundation and later the Kaplan foundation, both of which funnel money to The Council on Foreign Relations. These same Foundations direct money toward public broadcasting institutions, driving propaganda and delegating news.

NPR has a large swathe of revenue granted from the Schumann Foundation for which Bill Moyers is acting president. Bill Moyers – journalist – former Director of The Council on Foreign Relations. He was also on the Board of Directors for George Soros, Open Society Foundation.

These are the tightly woven threads that rule without having to answer to The People – ever.

Oxfam. Reportedly has been linked to the British government’s M16. They claim to be dedicated to the redistribution of wealth which certainly would be the result of their demand for more and more poverty stricken refugee immigrants arriving in Europe.

For an organization to advocate against the wealthy, their 2013 990 for just the American branch reported total income of over $89 million and total assets of $78 million. Total grants accounted for about $24 million or roughly 27%. Not terribly charitable of them…

Both the UK CEO, Mark Goldring, and Deputy Chief Executive for Oxfam came from VSO, a UK “government funded organization”. Given Mark Goldring’s salary, benefits and deferred salary which is well over 500,000 Euro – he is well into the 1% wealth category that Oxfam mocks and decries as foul…