Zika in Brazil – A Vaccine Fraud

Towards the end of 2014 Brazil mandated a Tdap vaccination for all pregnant women. The vaccine is made by GlaxoSmithKline in the UK and is called, “Boostrix”. Despite the fact that the safety of Boostrix in pregnant women has not been studied, despite the fact that the only study (one) was done on pregnant rats (according to their own reports), Boostrix became a required vaccination in Brazil. The recommended time for the dosage is between the 27th and 36th week of pregnancy.

Zika virus has been reported in 29 different countries including Central America and the northern region of South America. The only state making a claim of rising microcephaly cases is Brazil. While microcephaly exists throughout the world, the only true data available for incident rates is in the US with 28,000 – 30,000 (1 per 9803 births) annually, and the UK with about 6100 annually (1.02 per 10,000 births). The actual rate in all other countries is ‘unknown’. But the US and the UK have the HIGHEST incidence worldwide.

Linking the spike in Brazil to a virus that has been around for 60 years instead of the absolute factor change – the 2014 mandated Tdap – is beyond reckless and borders fraud, corruption and more. It would not be the first time that the Tetanus shot was linked to disastrous consequences. In the 1990’s Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines reported that vials of the vaccine were laced with hCG, causing ‘failure to maintain a pregnancy’ or sterility. Three vaccine manufacturers were involved; Connaught Labs and Intervex – both from Canada, and CSL Labs from Australia.

The recommendation for the pregnancy Tdap? Comes straight from the CDC: The guidelines state a dose of Tdap be administered during each pregnancy, regardless of the patient’s previous history of receiving Tdap.”

The CDC recommendation for Tdap initially came as whooping cough cases rose with over 2700 in the US in 2011. Not exactly an epidemic statistic! The FDA classified the Tdap vaccine as a Class C Drug – “Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks.”

In fact, another class C Drug according to the FDA is SSRI’s, or anti-depressants. According to a study in The Netherlands, taking anti-depressants during pregnancy led to ‘delayed fetal head growth’.

If 29 countries have the Zika virus, why is it that Brazil is the only country claiming a causal relationship with Microcephaly?

Coincidentally, an Indian Pharma lab, Bharat Biotech, has already developed two potential vaccines for Zika stating they have been working on it for over a year despite the fact that no cases of Zika have ever surfaced in India. The issue with the vaccine is whether it will become ‘mandatory’ or ‘recommended’, and can it be administered to a pregnant person safely?

To make matters stickier, in 2015 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated over $300,000 to the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program to study the immunicological effects of Tdap on pregnant women. If the vaccine was considered safe according to the CDC in 2011, why was it’s safety being researched AFTER it’s use was mandated? The other funder of the Vanderbilt Research Program? The CDC who gave $1 million. Currently, 250 pregnant women have donated their bodies and their babies to this experiment.

According to Karen Broder of the CDC, “Previous studies support the safety of giving Tdap vaccines to pregnant women.”

What studies?

Apparently, all the studies that have been done to support the safety of Tdap were ‘mathematical studies’ as opposed to epidemioligical or ‘real life’ evidence. The study to support the mathematical conclusion was done on ‘Baboons’. There are NO human trials that support Tdap – yet. Therefore, the statement made by Karen Broder of the CDC is not only reckless, but without ANY true evidential support that can be verified. Personally, I would never voluntarily allow myself to be vaccinated based on Baboon and mathematical theories.

In addition, from a Truth and mathematical accuracy standpoint – of the over 4000 suspected microcephaly cases in Brazil, only 270 have been ‘confirmed’. While that number may change, it is false reporting to state otherwise.

The bigger fear? Is this simply a ploy to reduce procreation, population, and in effect create a false epidemic with another ‘new vaccine’?

Bharat Biotech. A Private Company, according to their website they are funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and partner with the CDC. As in – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – working fervently to reduce global population…

What will be the ingredients in this Zika vaccine? Too many coincidences to be sure. An agenda – to be sure. Truth? Not even microscopic…

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