Vaccines – Vexxed

Vaccine Failure.

There is an outbreak of mumps across the US including the latest at Harvard. It has been determined that all people infected, 40, previously received the vaccine. So what went wrong?

Denver experienced a mumps outbreak in February. Last year mumps outbreaks were reported in Idaho and Washington state. And still, the CDC holds to the same mantra, “mumps can be prevented through a single vaccine”. But – that’s not so, because all of the Harvard students infected had received the single vaccine… And no one is willing to state whether the Idaho, Denver and Washington state outbreaks were all vaccinated individuals as well. Silence.

While mumps are highly contagious, like chicken pox, they are rarely considered life threatening. There is no cure, there is no magical medication that one can take, they are a simple virus that can infect people and cause ‘No Symptoms’, or they can cause mild symptoms such as swollen glands, fever, and fatigue – which commonly go away without treatment after 7-10 days. Complications can occur but are considered ‘rare’ according to the CDC.

The vaccine was first registered in 1969 and then introduced as a part of the MMR vaccine regimen as of 1973. There would appear to be no information available of the rates of mumps prior to 1968. Although the CDC has stated that in 1968 there were over 152,000 cases, there is apparently no confirmation of this number anywhere, nor is there any provision for why there is no previous data for a virus that is a required vaccine.

The MMR vaccine is a ‘Live Virus’, meaning that it has a smaller dose of the same virus it is supposed to protect against. While Merck has come under fire by whistleblowers within the company stating that mumps data was falsified and the efficacy of the vaccine was ‘questionable’, and China has come under fire for selling vaccines that were fake, a biotech company in Brazil has been making the MMR vaccine and most recently a lower cost MR vaccine for distribution to over 75 countries worldwide. The biotech company, Bio-Manguinhos, is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the same Foundation that is funding the vaccine for the “Zika Virus” because of a purported link to microcrephaly.

One of the side effects of Rubella is Congenital Microcephaly. Could the recent spike in microcephaly in Brazil be related to a botched batch of the MMR vaccine? It wouldn’t be the first time a vaccine was botched. Investigations against pharma companies for failure to state potentially life threatening or serious side effects is a growing legal mess. A list of the ‘posted’ side effects of the MMR vaccine include:

Common side effects from the MMR vaccine include low-grade fever, skin rash, itching, hives, swelling, reddening of skin, and weakness. Reported serious adverse reactions following MMR vaccination include seizures, brain inflammation and encephalopathy; thrombocytopenia; joint, muscle and nerve pain; gastrointestinal disorders; measles like rash; conjunctivitis and other serious health problems;”

Microcephaly is a potential side effect of Rubella in pregnant women – the live virus in the MMR vaccine. Could the vaccine be botched? Absolutely possible. Could the botch be related to the microcephaly – maybe. Studies done by Vanderbilt’s Neurology department in 2009 show that genetic etiology accounts for 15% of microcephaly cases, chromosome disorder another 23%, and congenital anomolies another 23% (including smoking, poor nutrition, and exposure to insecticides).

Vaccines are not ‘saving us’, they may have some benefits, but charts prove that creating immunity is radically more important.

When viewing various charts for measles, chickenpox, and rubella it would appear that the US was undergoing a spike in all these virus’s during the early 1900’s. After which, the spike dropped precipitously decades before the introduction of vaccines.





The early 1900’s in the US was marked by massive immigration and the second Industrial Revolution. Between 1870 and 1920, 25 million immigrants came to the US. It was considered a time of extreme wealth and extreme poverty marked by the Rockefeller’s who were humorously portrayed as taking over the US with octopus tentacles reaching into steel, oil, copper, shipping – and the White House:



Is it any different than the diseases brought to the America’s by Europeans that consumed the Native American population killing an estimated 90%? These diseases hadn’t existed before; smallpox, measles, flu, scarlet fever, typhoid, etc…  History does provide answers when we logically review the data.

Today, immigration into Europe will bring a tide of new diseases and virus’s. Brazil saw a huge influx of illegal and legal immigrants arriving since 2010 from Bolivia, Haiti, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. Are they bringing disease and virus’s? Of course!

So whether the vaccines are failing, or immigration is creating new epidemics, or environmental chaos is impacting disease rates, vaccines – are NOT the savior hero they would have us believe…charts and facts prove that point.

Immigration and poverty breed disease. Once the population absorbs the introduction, the prevalence of the disease begins to wane and immunities are naturally created. This would follow with the various charts showing the spike in measles in the early 1900’s and it’s wane. But as the chart above also shows, nearly all the infectious diseases that had spiked in the early 1900’s waned by 1930. Well before any vaccines hit the markets in the 1970’s.

Creating a chaotic scare mongering tidal wave is an agenda, and agenda’s always seem to have at their source –  a money or power incentive.

Zika in Brazil – A Vaccine Fraud

Towards the end of 2014 Brazil mandated a Tdap vaccination for all pregnant women. The vaccine is made by GlaxoSmithKline in the UK and is called, “Boostrix”. Despite the fact that the safety of Boostrix in pregnant women has not been studied, despite the fact that the only study (one) was done on pregnant rats (according to their own reports), Boostrix became a required vaccination in Brazil. The recommended time for the dosage is between the 27th and 36th week of pregnancy.

Zika virus has been reported in 29 different countries including Central America and the northern region of South America. The only state making a claim of rising microcephaly cases is Brazil. While microcephaly exists throughout the world, the only true data available for incident rates is in the US with 28,000 – 30,000 (1 per 9803 births) annually, and the UK with about 6100 annually (1.02 per 10,000 births). The actual rate in all other countries is ‘unknown’. But the US and the UK have the HIGHEST incidence worldwide.

Linking the spike in Brazil to a virus that has been around for 60 years instead of the absolute factor change – the 2014 mandated Tdap – is beyond reckless and borders fraud, corruption and more. It would not be the first time that the Tetanus shot was linked to disastrous consequences. In the 1990’s Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines reported that vials of the vaccine were laced with hCG, causing ‘failure to maintain a pregnancy’ or sterility. Three vaccine manufacturers were involved; Connaught Labs and Intervex – both from Canada, and CSL Labs from Australia.

The recommendation for the pregnancy Tdap? Comes straight from the CDC: The guidelines state a dose of Tdap be administered during each pregnancy, regardless of the patient’s previous history of receiving Tdap.”

The CDC recommendation for Tdap initially came as whooping cough cases rose with over 2700 in the US in 2011. Not exactly an epidemic statistic! The FDA classified the Tdap vaccine as a Class C Drug – “Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in pregnant women despite potential risks.”

In fact, another class C Drug according to the FDA is SSRI’s, or anti-depressants. According to a study in The Netherlands, taking anti-depressants during pregnancy led to ‘delayed fetal head growth’.

If 29 countries have the Zika virus, why is it that Brazil is the only country claiming a causal relationship with Microcephaly?

Coincidentally, an Indian Pharma lab, Bharat Biotech, has already developed two potential vaccines for Zika stating they have been working on it for over a year despite the fact that no cases of Zika have ever surfaced in India. The issue with the vaccine is whether it will become ‘mandatory’ or ‘recommended’, and can it be administered to a pregnant person safely?

To make matters stickier, in 2015 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated over $300,000 to the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program to study the immunicological effects of Tdap on pregnant women. If the vaccine was considered safe according to the CDC in 2011, why was it’s safety being researched AFTER it’s use was mandated? The other funder of the Vanderbilt Research Program? The CDC who gave $1 million. Currently, 250 pregnant women have donated their bodies and their babies to this experiment.

According to Karen Broder of the CDC, “Previous studies support the safety of giving Tdap vaccines to pregnant women.”

What studies?

Apparently, all the studies that have been done to support the safety of Tdap were ‘mathematical studies’ as opposed to epidemioligical or ‘real life’ evidence. The study to support the mathematical conclusion was done on ‘Baboons’. There are NO human trials that support Tdap – yet. Therefore, the statement made by Karen Broder of the CDC is not only reckless, but without ANY true evidential support that can be verified. Personally, I would never voluntarily allow myself to be vaccinated based on Baboon and mathematical theories.

In addition, from a Truth and mathematical accuracy standpoint – of the over 4000 suspected microcephaly cases in Brazil, only 270 have been ‘confirmed’. While that number may change, it is false reporting to state otherwise.

The bigger fear? Is this simply a ploy to reduce procreation, population, and in effect create a false epidemic with another ‘new vaccine’?

Bharat Biotech. A Private Company, according to their website they are funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and partner with the CDC. As in – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – working fervently to reduce global population…

What will be the ingredients in this Zika vaccine? Too many coincidences to be sure. An agenda – to be sure. Truth? Not even microscopic…

Zika Virus – Zeroing in…?

In 2014 with Dengue Fever considered an epidemic, Brazil released GM mosquitoes to fake out the aedes aegypti mosquitoes and hopefully contain the rising epidemic. The fake mosquitoes were sterile and once they wooed all the females, the species would quickly die out. But that didn’t happen. Within a few months of the release of the GM mosquitoes, a new type of mutated chikungunya virus appeared, more deadly than ever. It migrated to the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida where it has infected a small portion of the population.

For years Brazil has continued its fogging method of dousing entire neighborhoods with insecticides to try and control the rising mosquito population. But the insecticides have their own host of health risks and problems. According to a report by CCE and CERI, the use of insecticide only created a more viral and formidable mosquito immune to the once lethal spray. A Super mosquito was born.

In the meantime, more radical spraying attempted to disway the growing population of mosquitoes. There are four pesticides used to control mosquitoes; Scourge, Anvil, Permethrin and Malathion. Each of these have some level of toxicity to humans and are linked to liver and thyroid diseases, immune deficiency, endocrine problems, tumor growth, cancers of the reproductive organs, prostate and breast cancer, and birth defects. The birth defects include; Down Syndrome, cleft palette, spina bifida, club foot, heart defects, autism, learning disabilities, and infertility. Those defects were found in women exposed to household use of pesticides, their exposure was limited.

These same pesticides are lethal to fish, invertebrates, and wildlife.

Could the introduction of a GM mosquito have led to the creation of a Super Monster mosquito? And could the birth defect, microcephaly, be related to exposure to massive amounts of pesticides?

While many media articles make the statement that the Zika virus caused the microcephaly cases in Brazil, that has not been proven, it is at this stage a ‘theory’ that is being investigated. Birth defects in poor nations is a problem and has been for decades if not centuries. Micrcephaly is a neurological disorder that could just as easily be caused by the toxins in the pesticides, or incest, or poor nutrition during pregnancy, or a host of other issues. Or it could be caused by the mosquito.

The reality is – no one knows much of anything at this stage which is why a vaccine could be years away from being created and approved. The one absolute that they do know is that the actual virus is no different than a mild flu and that 80% of those bitten by the mosquito don’t get the virus or any symptoms at all. Period.

Instilling fear is not useful. Instilling caution and fact is useful.

A recent post by Betsy McCaughey, PhD, would seem rather uninformed about the Zika virus in specifics, Brazil’s fogging, the failure of the GM mosquito’s, the mosquito prevalence in the US, and pesticides. Instead, she would have the US lathered in a fog of pesticides that are known toxins which will douse ‘everyone’ in a fume and funnel of health hazards…

Not cool.

ZIKA Virus – A Bit of Perspective

WHO – the Zika Virus has infected over 4 million, 1.5 million in the Americas alone. It has been reported in Portugal, Puerto Rico, Brazil, US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbeans and Italy.

If you are infected by a mosquito, you have a 20% chance of getting the virus. A person can not spread the virus to another person, it can only spread by being bitten. It’s symptoms are general flu-like symptoms that last a few days. There is only a potential health risk if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant there is a chance your baby could develop microcephaly – an abnormality wherein the babies head is significantly smaller than normal. Despite the fact that the CDC has dealt with Zika for almost fifty years, they actually have no data on pregnancies and the virus, or their possible correlation, it is a guess.

Brazil is the only country to report an increase of microcephaly cases from about 150 last year (2014) to over 3800 in 2015. Of the 3800, about 134 have been confirmed to relate to Zika. That represents a risk of .000033.  However, even while they speculate the 134 count is a result of the Zika virus, it is not an actual fact because no one has done any extensive study on the correlation given other factors are known to cause the defect. These other known causes of microcephaly include; exposure to Rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, severe malnutrition and exposure to alcohol, drugs or toxic chemicals. These are known precursors. The mosquito is – at this point – still a guess.

The Zika virus does not kill.

WHO – When Ebola initially struck in 2013, WHO estimated the number of potential infections and death to reach 1.4 million. Media experts were dire with warnings that this would be massive, like the Plague, with the potential of making a devastating impact on the population of Africa.

Reality. There have been 28,637 cases and 11,315 deaths. But, most prominently, a vaccine was developed by a handful of countries across the world looking to capitalize on the fear and the profits of a worldwide mandatory innoculation.


-Three times as many people die each year in automobile accidents – in just the US.

-Nearly five times as many people die each year from colon cancer – in just the US.

-Over 600,000 die of heart disease each year – in just the US.

-The number of people that die each year from the flu tops out at just under 50,000 – in just the US

The number of babies aborted and put to death worldwide – 40-50 million EVERY YEAR

But WHO sees an opportunity for profit and spreads hysteria. Already the major pharmaceuticals are ramping up to find a vaccine that can be mandatory.  The pharma industry needs new plagues and flu’s to keep their bottom line intact.  It’s business.