PELOSI: White Suffragists… Left Abortionists

The Women in White at the SOTUS event would like to claim that they are simply “Suffragettes” fighting for the rights of women against Trump, who they claim represents their demon.  While the Suffragettes wore white ‘on occasion’, it was also a symbol of the KKK, and the pedophile, rapist, faith healer John of God who demanded everyone who entered his temple of healing in Abadiania, Brazil wear only white. 

The Suffragettes of the US and Uk in early 1900’s had one calling demand, the right to vote.  There were two factions, both included only white women, one faction employed radical, chaotic means, and the other faction promoted peaceful protest and written appeals.   The militant suffragettes used physical violence, arson, and damage to support their cause which ultimately led to hurting the Liberal Party’s reputation and losing their cause.   When WWI began, the movement was tabled completely as women focused on the war effort.  It wasn’t until four years after WWI that suffrage was partially granted by the UK to women over 30 and not until 1928 that all women were granted the right to vote.  In the US the right was granted in 1920 under then President Wilson.  Wilson was bedridden as of October 1919 due to a severe stroke which greatly affected his health and mental acuity.  His wife, Edith, became the defacto ‘president’ and the granting of the power to the right to vote was likely her doing.

Since the abolition of the Suffrage Movement, women have appealed for a variety of rights including ‘reproductive rights’.   It is this right that is frequently quoted as the bain of Trump and all conservatives, and the squeal of all Spocialists and Liberals.   The World Health Organization defines reproductive rights as follows:

Reproductive rights rest on the recognition of the basic right of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing and timing of their children and to have the information and means to do so, and the right to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health. They also include the right of all to make decisions concerning reproduction free of discrimination, coercion and violence.”

Nowhere in this definition is ‘abortion’ defined as ‘reproduction’, because it quite simply isn’t a part of the act of reproduction.

When and where did abortion gain traction?

Interestingly, it was introduced in Russia during WWI with the Bolshevik Revolution.   Under Bolshevik rule, Russia became the first country in human history to provide free abortions in state run hospitals as of October 1920.  In the US, Socialist Margaret Sanger has been labeled the mother of abortion as she was the founder of Planned Parenthood.  In fact, it was Mary Calderone, a physician who worked at PP in the 1950’s, who advocated for abortion, sex education for children as young as 5, and sexual promiscuity earning her the award as Humanist Of The Year by The American Humanist Association in 1974.  Her husband, Frank Calderone, was chief administrative officer at the World Health Organization.  The American Humanist Association is a non-profit that advocates secularism and advances the concept of ‘the greater good’ which is a Socialist/Communist meme.  Its past president, David Niose has been a writer and blogger for Psychology Today, Washington Post, BBC, Salon and Huffington Post.

Neither Sanger or Calderone actually conducted abortions at Planned Parenthood.

It wasn’t until 1970 when then Planned Parenthood president, Alan Guttmacher, opened the first legal abortion facility in New York.  The facilities were called abortoriums.   As the president of The Eugenics Society, Guttmacher’s primary concern dealt with a means to correct over-population.  Prior to the legalization of abortion, Planned Parenthood had about 42 centers, however, with legal application the number of facilities jumped to 100 with Ellen Fairchild and Dr. Jeff Penfield having the ‘honor’ of conducting the first legal abortions for Planned Parenthood. Their goal was to perform 100,000 per year in New York City.

The initial funding came from the Rockefellers, The Scaife Mellon Trust, and an anonymous donor.   But it wasn’t long before government funding from Health and Human Services was added to the burgeoning budget in 1971 by Richard Nixon under the premise that government funds would not be allocated to abortion, but instead to family planning and birth control.  Today, Bill Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Buffett Foundation and the Turner Foundation make sure abortions are liberally covered.

During the Obama tenure, Planned Parenthood received tremendous grants from the government with the caveat that they help promote Obamacare.   Follow The Money.  And despite finding that Planned Parenthood was indeed selling human body parts, the courts under Obama and the Socialist Liberals determined that it was not illegal because they did not make a profit.  Within their non-profit 501©(3) status, they are prohibited from spending funds on any political campaign.  Not to be deterred, they simply set up a PAC, fund it liberally, and spend upwards of $6-$7 million per year on Democrat candidates.

Ironically, sitting Chair for Planned Parenthood is Joe Solmonese, former president of Human Rights Campaign.   Cecile Richards, formerly Deputy Chief of Staff to Nancy Pelosi is a former president of Planned Parenthood, and current president, Leana Wen, who served as a fellow for World Health Organization and The Department of Defense, and like David Niaose, Wen blogs for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post.

In essence, this is the white Suffragist Movement of the Nancy Pelosi Party today – a party that feels they represent ‘all women’ and wear the KKK white to prove their solidarity and female nationalism, rooted in Bolshevik Ideology – Socialism – Eugenics – De-Population – Secular Stoicism – and Sexual promiscuity.


Over 9 million people die in Africa every year out of a population of roughly 1 billion.   The leading causes of death include:   Respiratory infections (pneumonia and bronchitis), HIV, Diarrheal, TB and Malaria which account for over 56%.   The second category includes; Stroke, heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver which accounts for an additional 33%.   The last Ebola ‘epidemic’ that lasted 2 ½ years between 2014 and 2016 caused the death of 11,325, which would represent .05% of all deaths extrapolated – per year.

Yet it continues to be labeled an epidemic, and makes headlines when 2 or 3 people die from an outbreak.   By contrast, the 90%, or 8.1 million deaths that do occur from the above stated causes are ALL preventable.   But they don’t make the headlines.   Why?

After the Ebola epidemic was contained and travel guidance lifted, the CDC issued an advisory stating that there is ‘no risk’ just don’t have contact with sick people or dead bodies…   Good advice.

The current outbreak, which has raised alarms, involves the possible death of upwards of 23 and the potential to infect entire cities given it has traveled from the mostly rural areas to more urban places.   But what the CDC does not highlight in the scare mongering is the fact that Ebola does not spread via the air – but through the transmission of bodily fluids.   Contact must be physical. Therefore to say an entire city of 2-3 million could all become infected and die is rather challenging given every person would have to come into bodily fluid contact with an infected person… remote at best.

Respiratory infection is the most prevalent cause of death in Africa and is more commonly attributed to Strep. Apparently, Strep no longer responds to antibiotics, and therefore a vaccine was created as a preventative measure.

There is a particular strain of Ebola called EboBun for which there was filed a patent by the CDC in 2010.   Which means, the CDC owns the rights to this Epidemic strain.  

In 2013, just prior to the CDC announcing the “Epidemic”, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, Tekmira, announced an Ebola vaccine and with the CDC’s assistance mass marketed the vaccine throughout Africa. The funding for the development of the vaccine came from the US Department of Defense in the amount of $140 million, a drop in the bucket compared to the Obama appropriation of $5.4 billion to ‘fight Ebola’ which was allocated to – the CDC.

The stock price of Tekmira jumped over 280% until it’s production was terminated June 2015 because it was determined the vaccine was worthless and had no efficacy at all.

The following month Tekmira changed its name to Arbutus Biopharma and began marketing HepB drugs and the vaccine in mass productions.   HepB causes liver disease and is transmitted via blood from infected people. It is most prevalent among intravenous drug users, secondarily it is prevalent in prisons and prostitutes.   In 2015, the CDC claims there ‘may have been’ 3370 cases of HepB in the US – an Epidemic.

In 2017, the CDC and by default all doctors in the US, recommended ALL infants in the US receive a HepB vaccine within 24 hours of birth. Three doses are required in order to ‘fully protect’ a person through anti-bodies over their lifetime to prevent a disease that maybe infects 3370 people in any given year who are shooting drug users, and/or drug users who became prostitutes….

The CDC claims the vaccine is 75% effective in infants less than one month old. But given the infant vaccine was not ‘recommended’ until 2017, it is a rather odd statistic to state.   Who did they study? For what period of Time?   Where is this study? Who conducted it?  How can one conduct a study when it prevalence was only indoctrinated a year ago?

The CDC site references WHO as their source for ‘studies’, World Health Organization. However the WHO site shows absolutely no research being done with respect to HepB.   Instead, they list; HIV, Strep, Dhengue, RSV, Malaria, Meningitis, TB, flu and Zika.

An article by The Atlantic, a very liberal MSM outlet, conveys horror that funding for the CDC has not been renewed and may come to an end sometime after 2019.   The article suggests mass deaths, disease, epidemics and chaos because funding for Ebola in Africa, and the H7N9 bird flu pandemic in China could come to an end.

The H7N9 Pandemic occurred in China in 2013 and infected 135 people killing about 30.   According to the article, as of September 2017, a whopping 39 total people had died from the virus over a 4 ½ year period.  

In the US, 2.6 million people die annually from heart disease.   The CDC advocates to spend $130 million each year on research and prevention of heart disease…

The CDC receives NO funding from either China or Africa.  So why are our taxpayer $$$ supporting the healthcare and disease prevention of countries and continents that aren’t ours when those same Epidemic diseases aren’t even on the top 1000 list of major cause of death and yet solicit worldwide vaccination?

ZIKA Virus – A Bit of Perspective

WHO – the Zika Virus has infected over 4 million, 1.5 million in the Americas alone. It has been reported in Portugal, Puerto Rico, Brazil, US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbeans and Italy.

If you are infected by a mosquito, you have a 20% chance of getting the virus. A person can not spread the virus to another person, it can only spread by being bitten. It’s symptoms are general flu-like symptoms that last a few days. There is only a potential health risk if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant there is a chance your baby could develop microcephaly – an abnormality wherein the babies head is significantly smaller than normal. Despite the fact that the CDC has dealt with Zika for almost fifty years, they actually have no data on pregnancies and the virus, or their possible correlation, it is a guess.

Brazil is the only country to report an increase of microcephaly cases from about 150 last year (2014) to over 3800 in 2015. Of the 3800, about 134 have been confirmed to relate to Zika. That represents a risk of .000033.  However, even while they speculate the 134 count is a result of the Zika virus, it is not an actual fact because no one has done any extensive study on the correlation given other factors are known to cause the defect. These other known causes of microcephaly include; exposure to Rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, severe malnutrition and exposure to alcohol, drugs or toxic chemicals. These are known precursors. The mosquito is – at this point – still a guess.

The Zika virus does not kill.

WHO – When Ebola initially struck in 2013, WHO estimated the number of potential infections and death to reach 1.4 million. Media experts were dire with warnings that this would be massive, like the Plague, with the potential of making a devastating impact on the population of Africa.

Reality. There have been 28,637 cases and 11,315 deaths. But, most prominently, a vaccine was developed by a handful of countries across the world looking to capitalize on the fear and the profits of a worldwide mandatory innoculation.


-Three times as many people die each year in automobile accidents – in just the US.

-Nearly five times as many people die each year from colon cancer – in just the US.

-Over 600,000 die of heart disease each year – in just the US.

-The number of people that die each year from the flu tops out at just under 50,000 – in just the US

The number of babies aborted and put to death worldwide – 40-50 million EVERY YEAR

But WHO sees an opportunity for profit and spreads hysteria. Already the major pharmaceuticals are ramping up to find a vaccine that can be mandatory.  The pharma industry needs new plagues and flu’s to keep their bottom line intact.  It’s business.

WHO says WHAT about Red Meat?

WHO announces that red meat, including beef, pork and lamb, and processed meats are a carcinogen that increase the risk of certain types of cancer, most specifically colon cancer. And while the Twitterers are abundant, what hasn’t been specified is whether it is the actual ‘meat’, or the chemicals, hormones, fillers, antibiotics, and GMO’s used in these products… Because we’ve been eating meat for thousands of years…

But I’m not sure which statement was more deplorably …stated… the one by WHO or the one by our own high school diploma self ascribed medical professional, Gwyneth Paltrow. For despite her multiple vices, she has the audacity to invoke that bras cause breast cancer! Arrogance and a clear lack of education or intellect could possibly be the culprit in such a narrative.

The WHO study focuses mostly on processed meats, but includes red meat to a lesser degree. The thought being that when red meats are cooked at a temperature greater than 400′, a carcinogenic hydrocarbon is created that WHO states is cancer causing. However, they also state they don’t know why… which leads to another new study regarding chemicals in our personal hygiene products.

The key word is ‘chemicals’. And the new test shows that it is a combination of chemicals that cause the carcinogenic reaction, not the individual chemicals themselves. Parabens when exposed to heregulins (a common growth factor gene protein) caused cancer cells to multiply 100 times faster. Bottom line, it is the interaction of chemicals that stimulates cancer.

Looking at the chemicals in processed foods:

A number of the ingredients that can be found in processed foods in the US are banned in Europe, including: food dyes, the fat substitute Olestra, brominated vegetable oil, potassium bromate (aka brominanted flour), Azodicarbonamide, BHA, BHT, rBGH, rBST and arsenic. YUM!

For example, ever read the ingredient list for Bologna? Ingredients: mechanically separated chicken, pork, water, corn syrup, contains less than 2 percent of salt, sodium lactate, flavor, sodium phosphates, autolyzed yeast, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate (made from sugar), sodium nitrate, dextrose, extractives of paprika, potassium phosphate, sugar and potassium chloride.


And that doesn’t even begin to extract the chemicals and hormones and antibiotics in the ‘pork’, or beef. Do you know what ‘mechanically separated chicken’ includes? Why of course, it is a pink paste that can include organs, sexual glands and bone marrow. Yummy!   All the other ingredients are supposed to make the pink paste – taste palatable.

Even more disconcerting is the fact that the American Cancer Society clearly states that they DO NOT know what causes colon cancer. They can offer some risk factors, all of which have absolutely nothing to do with food, they do note that certain tendencies can increase a person’s risk, like being overweight, eating a diet that is very high in meat and meat products, drinking excessively, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle.

Exactly who is WHO and why are they coming out with this catastrophic statement now?

They are an offshoot of the UN established after WWII. Their most recent intervention was with respect to the Ebola virus which garnered them some criticism for their bureaucracy, staffing quality, failing financing and ‘structure’. While they are technically working for global health, their money and direction comes from the governments who pay them the most: US, Japan and Germany.

But WHO is not without its own corruption. In 2010, it was discovered that a Finnish WHO advisor on vaccines received $9million from GlaxoSmithKline, a big pharma corporation. In fact, there have been six WHO researchers who received funds from GlaxoSmithKline, or Roche, or Merck, or Sanofi Pasteur, Chiron, Medimmune, Novartis, RW Johnson, Baxter, and SmithKline Beechum.

There was Dr. Osterhouse, nicknamed Dr. Flu, who attempted mass vaccination only to discover he was backed by TEN different big pharma corporations. In the last eight years, WHO has been riddled with corruption after corruption probe, and their reputation has sunk into the bowels of the toilet. Time and again investigative journalists have found that the organization is responsible for fraud, deception, manipulation and coersion.

And yet, the announcement regarding red meat and processed foods was given a drum-roll by the press who likened their statement to something nearly godly factual when it was drivel at best addressing the issue with all the intellect of – Gwyneth Paltrowism.

I wonder if there is a vaccine on the horizon that WHO will promote, or even mandate, to offset these red meat/processed food effects? I wonder if big pharma has a new and improved drug that will soon hit the markets emphasizing its Vunderdrug attributes of minimizing the carcinogen effects of red meat/processed meat? Hordes of bacon and red meat will be back on the tables laden with hormones and chemicals and antibiotics to desensitize the truth, and we will go back to ‘normal’, albeit with a new prescription drug in our medicine cabinet.

It should be noted that WHO is pro GMO’s, pro vaccines, and let’s not forget that WHO advocated for formula over breast milk! Like all science, it comes and goes, sometimes with a yawn and sometimes with a tsunami. What you can be sure of is there is another agenda waiting…