Globalists Call For Saudi Arabia Coup

I am writing this as an observation.  Not as judge or jury.  The US and all its People have been seriously mocked, shamed and derided during the Obama and Bush administrations.  There is a cosmic shift taking place, not just in the US, but across parts of Europe, The Middle East, and Russia – and we need to heed, and realize what is being revealed:  Our enemies are our friends – and our friends are our enemies…

The Democrats are in a tizzy because Jared Kushner is friends with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As though being friends with Saudi royals is something forbidden and new?  So why are the Socialists and Democrats so concerned with demonizing the Saudi’s suddenly?  What has changed?   Because if the Democrats are trying to take down the Saudi Prince, it is a fair bet that conservatives should embrace him?

A cosmic shift.

Saudi Arabia is no different than the US in that it was ruled by a Swamp of elders for decades, the same elders who were quite friendly with the Clintons and helped finance the Clinton Foundation, Pelosi Foundation and a host of others – tit-for-tat.

The Crown Prince assumed office June 2017, six months after Trump’s triumph in winning the Presidential Election.  Four months later, the Crown Prince did something that was incredibly defining and barely made media headlines – he ordered the arrest and confinement of over 500 Saudi businessmen, froze their bank accounts, charged them with corruption and when the evidence was revealed, 95% of those charged made a plea deal.   He targeted $800 billion in cash and assets that these businessmen were charged with obtaining through means of corruption. That is roughly equal to the entire amount of US Treasuries held by the Saudis.

He then began the process of remaking Saudi Arabia, slowly, but with a view of creating a solid country as opposed to lining the pockets of solid wealthy elite.  In essence, he is Saudi Arabia’s Trump.

The move is referred to as The Great Purge and compared to a similar one executed by Putin.  I emphasize Soros and anything Rothschild are forbidden from Russia.

Media reports eulogize the fact that the Saudi Crown Prince jailed a number of female activists for ‘driving’.   What is not reported is the rise of women activists across the Middle East who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They advocate for ‘women’s rights’ have championed for political office in Egypt and Turkey and are now positioning themselves in the US.  As of our last election, 2 women who advocate for the Sisterhood of the Muslim Brotherhood were elected to the House of Representatives.

Khashoggi, the activist who was recently killed in Turkey was a vocal member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Russia and Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood is considered a terrorist organization, and any member is subject to arrest as a terrorist.  Their primary backers are Turkey and Qater. Khashoggi was killed in Turkey. They believe in imperialism, the return of the Ottoman Empire, Sharia Law for ALL, and have called for Jihad against Trump.

Linda Sarsour, a radical vocalist for the Muslim Brotherhood, who was a speaker at the Women’s March, and is an advocate of female genital mutilation, helped Ilkhan Omar from Minnesota and Rashid Tlaib from Michigan obtain their seats in the US House this past election cycle.  They have announced their demand for Sharia Law and Hajib.

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, is said to have ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.   Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right hand, was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

There is a cosmic shift. 

Syria’s Assad was against the Muslim Brotherhood and cracked down on their activism in Syria.   We are past witness to what was perpetrated against Syria during the Reign of Obama and Clinton.   Going after Saudi Arabia – is aligned and The Swamp is vigilant.

Assad was an ally of the US until 2011 when Obama and the Rothschild constituents decided Assad must go. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, insisted Assad must go, he had lost legitimacy, Obama issued an edict demanding Assad step down.  He didn’t. His country was destroyed.

The Swamp is now calling for Prince Mohammed bin Salman – to stand down.  Why?  Because a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist was assassinated.  Which Swampers are making the call?  Rubio, Graham, Bob Corker, Gina Haspel, Chuck Schumer, Bob Menendez, Flake the flake, … etc.  In so doing, they have revealed themselves as The Swamp, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood. The Washington Post has published articles in which they state without denial that the Muslim Brotherhood is a good organization and Trump should not revile their sweet kind agenda of Jihad. Ummm, the opinion pieces were written by Jamal Khashoggi.

We may never agree on the ‘customs’ of The Middle East, certainly I have no desire to emigrate.   But the Middle East is divided.  Just like the US.   Just like Europe.   Just like Canada.   And it is important to be able to distinguish who is our friend and who is our enemy.

Trump is a man of ‘solution’, he fixes things, he’s not a band-aide kind of guy. Jared is his behind the scenes fixer. He put together the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada and the press had no idea. The Israeli/Palestinian debacle would be an amazing fix. Put together by the UK after WWI, they were sloppy and didn’t consider consequences. 100 years later both sides are a mess. Israel will never concede. The Palestinians want a home. The Saudi Prince has stated that he realizes oil is no longer ‘Black Gold’ and he wants to diversify his country industrially and for tourism. If Jared, who is now demonized by the media for his friendship with the Crown Prince, can ink a deal whereby we help build their industry, their tit-for-tat would be to build a city for the Palestinians. It could be an incredibly multi-billion dollar win-win for everyone.

In the end, remember, if the Swamp calls them friend… they are likely our enemy… and if they call them enemy… they are likely our friend.  And they Reveal themselves as The Swamp when they align against rationale.  

Such is the Topsy-Turvy World We Live In.

And in my opinion, I think Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a good guy in the Globalist Agenda.

California’s Flooding – $50 Billion…and counting

Massive flooding, uprooted trees, smashed cars and trucks, houses destroyed, roads torn to shreds, boulders tumbling into roadways, and sinkholes swallowing cars and people… Southern California is being pummeled, Northern California is facing massive evacuations, Governor Brown is nowhere, and Hollywood is partying and trumpeting anarchy…

Where’s the love? Where’s Meryl and Ashton and Rosie and Jerry and George and everyone else who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk?   Polishing their silver and gold?

Where are the political humbrits who have done nothing to mediate these flood – drought fests that occur like clockwork every 7 to 10 years?   Looking at the damage, who is going to pay?

Apparently, the esteemed Governor Brown is begging for about half a million to fix the decaying dam in Northern California, despite his office claiming the real toll is expected to exceed $50 BILLION, while prostrating himself before Trump because California doesn’t have the money. Why?   Maybe it’s because Hollywooders don’t pay taxes because they’ve got all their cash sheltered in offshore accounts? And of course the illegal immigrants don’t pay, they just ask for more ‘benefits’.

So while the left/liberal/socialists are busily planning to orchestrate severing California from the United States, well, I imagine they are now busily buying sandbags and have put that agenda on hold.

Arrogance has a way of coming back to bit you. Some call it God’s Will, others Karma, and still others “bad luck’… but in the meantime, thousands are without power, crops are not even tallied in the destruction, and rice paddies are making a comeback.

Vineyards are swamplands, vegetables, citrus and nuts are nonexistent in many areas, while a spattering of farmers are rejoicing. Mold on vegetables could create the next wave of problems. And if you don’t think this will impact food and wine prices at the store – take a breath.

By far the worst part of this is the fact that it is a cyclical event. And each time the drought extends an additional year or so, the panic of doomsday overrides the hard fact that the government(s) current and past have done – absolutely nothing. The waters will ultimately runoff into the ocean, and the frame for a new drought period will begin.

No new reservoirs to contain the water for future droughts. And Hollywood will simply go back to it’s bashing and trashing, hammering and clammering in full arrogant regalia.

And while California is flooding – Somalia is in such a state of drought that food shortages are expected to contribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths this year alone. Where’s George?   The new government is asking for more aid, more food, more clean water, which is needed…. But it seems to be needed continually, there is no measure of anything being actually fixed so that the Somalians can support themselves.

And in the meantime, the terrorist group that is just a small faction of non-terror, has put over one half of Somalia’s population into extreme, critical malnourishment!  descending on major cities begging for food and water, …  where is the elite Hollywood?  Where is Rothschild?  Where are all those arrogant intellectuals who demand Globalization?  Are they sharing their money?   Where is the Clinton Foundation?  Gates?  Buffett?

And so, we continue to give them more and more fish instead of teaching them how to fish… and it still – isn’t working.

These are failed policies that we beat and beat and never fix… for decades. And then we wonder – why?

Clinton’s Real Effective Tax Rate; 4.6%

Hillary & Bill Income and Expenses:

Income 2014 (last return filed)


Contributions to Foundation $172,579,000

Other Revenue 2,897,000

Investment Income 95,000

Speeches (diverted to Foundation) 3,629,000

Other 419,000

Sales of Inventory 2,287,000

Personal 2014

Schedule C $ 32,258,000

Investment Income 25,171

Pension 223,000

Tax Refund 70,000

Total Income $214,482,000

Taxes Paid $ 9,981,000

Effective Tax Rate Without Deductions Allowed by Law = 4.6%


Then there is the American India Foundation founded in 2001 by Billy:   It’s revenues amount to about $7 million per year.

And the William J. Clinton Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse incorporated in Sweden that has no disclosures regarding income but is stated to have received upwards of $23-$30 million from the Swedish government.

The effective rate continues to diminish as transparency is researched more independently, because in reality transparency is non-existent in the hemisphere of the Clintons.


Clinton Land Grabs – Haiti and Nigeria

Did Bill Clinton even give the speeches he has listed because some of these donor honorariums seem a bit parched?

Nigeria Connection: Bill’s two largest paying speech donors were Ericsson Telecommunications and ThisDay. The more notable – ThisDay – is a small, local Nigerian newspaper that is published weekly and paid Clinton $700,000 once in March 2011 and again February 2012. Their annual revenues were supposedly $35 million although they have been cited numerous times for failure to pay employee salaries. Thirteen staff went on strike for unpaid salaries more than six months old and were fired 2 days later. The owner is under investigation for fraud – his net worth is valued at about $28 million which he says he accumulated through real estate transactions.

Nigeria was dormant, but had huge potential – good agriculture land, maritime access, and abundant sweet crude!   Enter Clinton:  Building entire cities, creating a colony of uber wealth, the Clintons and the US State Department sought to capitalize on the growth attempting to buy into the land deals.  A nearly $1.5 million payout from a nobody newspaper goes a long way in spreading the wealth of land ownership.

But that’s just part of it. Enter Dominion Group a US company that has also acquired land in Nigeria, however given the Executive Director and the President have a background in the pharma industry, particularly biosciences – it would seem the grab has quite a different nature…

Haiti Scam: After the earthquake destroyed Haiti, the potential for land grabbing and city building using charitable donations as the basis was a dream come true for the Clinton’s. Dreams of owning a country!

Haiti’s oil reserves are said to be larger than Venezuela at $120 billion. But they overlap with Cuba – and Cuba has been relinquished to the bad boy sitting in a corner for fifty years. In order to unlock Haiti, it is necessary to unlock Cuba. Obama waves a wand and – VOILA!

While Haiti may not have the greatest agriculture land – it has something equally good – Gold, Silver and Copper! Contracts were awarded behind closed doors without the populace knowledge or consent. One such company went to VCS Mining, a start up run by Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham. The contract was granted in 2012.

Bill and Bush organized the ClintonBushHaitiFund in 2010 raising nearly $50 million! Of the $50 million raised – about $1.5 million was designated for ‘grants outside the US’. A grant of just under $1 million was given to CHF International, a US organization that is decisively politically connected and whose Board Secretary, Lauri Fitz-Pegado, was appointed by Clinton to serve in the Department of Commerce as a foreign policy expert. CHF “works out of two spacious mansions in Port-au-Prince and maintains a fleet of brand-new vehicles.

The Clinton Foundation lists the Brazilian construction firm OAS and the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) as donors that have given it between $1 billion and $5 billion. The IDB receives funding from the State Department, and some of this funding was diverted to OAS for Haitian road-building contracts. Yet an IDB auditor, Mariela Antiga, complained that the contracts were padded with “excessive costs” to build roads “no one needed.” Antiga also alleged that IDB funds were going to a construction project on private land owned by former Haitian president Rene Preval — a Clinton buddy — and several of his cronies. For her efforts to expose corruption, Antiga was promptly instructed by the IDB to pack her bags and leave Haiti.”

In 2011, an additional $1 million was raised by the Clinton/Bush fund and about $3 million was disbursed to organizations outside of the US and $9.6 million inside the US. One such US company is Technoserve 1120, an organization that raised $56 million in 2011, and made a grand total of $2.5 million in grants or charitable assistance – less than 5%.  Sounds like the model for the Clinton Foundation.   Three checks totaling about $177,000 was actually designated to Central America.  Their 990 shows they spent nearly $27 million on payroll, $6 million on travel, $4 million on auto expenses, and $8 million in unclassified ‘other’ expenses.

But the Haiti fraud is huge, encompassing a slew of graft, fraud, personal gain, mismanagement, and simple corruption at every level.

Haiti Election Fraud: In 2011, the Clinton’s backed the incoming President of Haiti, Michel Martelly, a musician, who lost the initial run and suddenly was reinstated after Clinton threatened to cut ties and funding for Haiti if Martelly was not allowed to run. He was elected with less than a 25% voter turnout. According to revelations released in a Swiss newspaper by a former OAS executive, details of how the Clinton’s and NGO’s rigged the Haiti elections were detailed. In an email thread between Hillary and Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s Chief of Staff, the election results had Martelly coming in third. CEP President Pierre Louis Opont reported that Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills and the OAS gave ‘different’ winning results for the election than what was the true count.

Martelly’s administrative term was marked by kidnappings and a drug smuggling ring. He was forced out of office in 2016 with no interim president available to step-in.

Where did the Clinton Foundation money go for Haiti? A $45 million posh hotel that would supposedly provide 175 jobs. The Clinton Foundation selected Clayton Homes, A Berkshire Hathaway firm to build temporary shelters in Haiti – no competitive bids were taken. These hurricane proof trailers were laiden with formaldehyde, mold and fumes that made Haitians sick. The project was abandoned.

The Clinton’s funneled $10 million in federal funds to Innovida. The application was fast-tracked in two weeks, no financials were provided, and the Board was loaded with Clinton ‘fellows’. The company defaulted and never built a single home after it was discovered that the major Clinton donor, Osorio, had diverted funds to build his Miami Beach mansion, a Colorado ski chalet and a Maserati.

Between 2010 and 2011, Digicel secured three speeches from Billy. The CEO, Denis O’Brien, is a close friend of the Clintons, and the Clintons arranged for Digicel to be granted millions in taxpayer money in order to provide cell phones to the Haitians. With the help of Cheryl Mills, Digicel phones were distributed – for free. But the cost of making calls was burdened upon the Haitians and American taxpayers.

At the same time, O’Brien donated between $1 and $5 million tot he Clinton Foundation. At the same time, the US government gave Digicel the $45 million to open the Marriott hotel in Haiti which actually only employed a few dozen locals, the remaining employees – trucked in.

More Speeches: Bill had two stents inserted in February 2010. Days later he is flying to Nevada to give two speeches, one to the Institute for International Research, an organization that organizes conferences.  However, the organization does not provide speakers, they would be paid for by the client…?

He rounded out his lucrative travel schedule with a stop in Dubai to give a speech for Novo Nordisk, a biotec firm that was holding a Leadership forum for employees and scientists to discuss Diabetes prevention, detection and treatment. Bill was paid $500,000. He was not listed in the forum schedule or declaration. Apparently he gave ‘additional speeches’, given his vast knowledge of bioscience.

Clinton the Gadfly: November 10th he was speaking in the Philippines, November 11th he was in Singapore and received $325,000 to show up at the Barclays golf tournament although no mention of him is on the website. November 14th he was in Taiwan. While there are two Getty images of Clinton supposedly in Taiwan, there is no audience, no other person with him – he would appear to be solo speaking to no one… his only prop a microphone. Another image shows him on a screen giving a speech… So which is it?

The question remains – does Bill actually give a speech, or are the honorariums a payoff? One would think that if Clinton was awarded such a tremendous fee, there would be some news, some pictures, something to back the appearance. Of course, why would anyone in the biosciences want to listen to Clinton in the first place?

In the end, world real estate is the game. Soros having bagged the stock market has positioned himself with real estate, physical gold mines, and agriculture farms – while many of the world’s largest landowners are Monarchs, perhaps Hillary and Bill see this same possibility in taking over impoverished nations… with funds donated to them.  Syria?  Yemen?  Ukraine?  Sudan? Egypt?  Turkey…oops that coup failed.  Anyone…anyone…

Hillary – WikiLeaks – Foundation – Damage Control

The newest ‘conspiracy theory’ is that WikiLeaks, Assange, is promoting a ‘conspiracy theory’ that possibly Seth Rich, the murdered DNC worker, was the source…

First – WikiLeaks does not promote ‘conspiracy theory’s – ever. They engorge the transparent underlings that rule governments. By giving absolutes.

Second – If in fact Rich was the source, I imagine Assange will seek vengeance. And justice will be served. If this proves true, then it could signal a blow from which Hillary will not be able to recover. While the media would liken Trump’s campaign to being in ‘damage control’ for a few ripe comments, Hillary’s faux pas are extraordinarily far more devastating – corruption, assassination, fraud, windfall, treason… Overdrive would define the Soros camp as they try to plug the dykes that keep flooding.

Government favors for a Clinton Foundation donation… the newest revelation.

The best the Hillary campaign can do is create a decoy. That was the Obama campaign solution as well. When the chips start falling, start a war somewhere. Today it is Ukraine – again. The Kiev government, smeared with blood and internal sexual assault reports, has suddenly moved into terrorism by attempting to bomb infrastructure facilities in Crimea. Foiled, they are now claiming it was all a Russian trick. But it could move the attention off the Clinton Foundation and back on a perceived enemy – Russia.

Add to the fray that Sweden has quite suddenly – as in out of the blue – offered to hear a statement from Assange after refusing to do so for four years, and it smells fishy. Very Fishy indeed.

The Swedish government and the Clinton’s have a history of tit-for-tat and it would not be surprising if the Clinton’s requested this arranged meeting with Assange. In 2015, it was reported that the Clinton’s set up a secret foundation in Sweden to collect $26 million from Swedish government interests. Why? To keep Sweden off the sanctions list when it was discovered they were illegally trading with Iran.

In 2011, the gross receipts of that foundation totaled about $63 million with assets of about $190 million. Between 2007 and 2011 the foundation received donations of over $515 million. Their 990 claims that their grants outside the US were all “Climate” related. Individual donors comprised the largest source of revenue, one donor providing over $20 million, another over $12 million, another over $8 million – etc… One of their grants was to their own Alliance For A Healthier Generation, and another to a political campaign. Related organizations include the William Clinton Foundation – UK, Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Health Access Initiative, and the Clinton Foundation INSALINGSSTIFTELSE… registered in Sweden. Related inter-foundation transactions totaled about $23 million.

The 990 states that the foundation was formed in 1997 – four years before the Clintons left office – penniless.

But there’s more. The Clinton Guistra Sustainable Growth Initiative is yet another money maker incorporated in Canada. It received a pledge of $100 million from a Swedish-Canadian oil company that has less than reputable dealings with warlords in the Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia. Reports dealing with the Lundin oil company tactics included ‘scorched earth’ in which the land and its inhabitants were burned to death by the government to pave the way for the oil company. During this same time, Hillary, as Secretary of State, refused to sign a ‘certification’ program designed to protect human rights in mining companies in Africa. The certification would have been in conflict with their Lundin oil companies practices.

With the Clinton’s entrenched in ‘dealings’ with Sweden, I would think Assange might reconsider his meeting as potentially perilous. The timing is of course related to further emails that are slated to be released by WikiLeaks involving Hillary. Whether the meeting involves blackmail, harm, or a payoff – none of these outcomes would be – good. Trust is completely vacant.

Will the Media actually report the truth?  Or will they report what Soros tells them…

Hillary – Benghazi was “nothing”

While Hillary continues to make statements like, “It was nothing…”, and “What difference does it make…”, she obliquely shows the utterly complete lack of empathy or concern she has – and had and – will have toward human life. And that is very damaging to her campaign. Ignoring it ill not make it go away – the only thing that will make it go away is actually acknowledging it, owning it, and showing remorse for her role in what happened. Period.

Because the family and friends of those who died actually don’t think it was ‘nothing’.

The latest gaff of email correspondence involves her Muslim Brotherhood protege, Huma Abedin. Given Huma knew of the security breach in the Clinton server setup, she could be held up as an accomplice in covering up vital information and not disclosing the information to the FBI investigative authorities. Would she go to prison for Hillary? I have no doubt she would. However, if the FBI were to formally indict Clinton, while Clinton will continue to defend herself and wipe herself clean… the Democrat Party may have other ideas. As in Soros.  Will he support a losing battle?

Just as Soros was fed up with the wimpish Cameron and got rid of him, so may the tides turn on Hillary as her woes become too entrenched and high profile for the likes of Soros.

While the focus is predominantly on Soros, there is another fella worth an interesting looksee, Haim Saban. How is it that the Clinton Foundation is heavily weighted Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other middle east countries, while her largest personal campaign donor is Israeli?  An odd collaboration unless the Israeli’s are behind the Saudis…

Of course there are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who ante up in the attempt to keep the Cabal, the oligarchy, alive and secure, also, supposedly Israeli’s.  Supposedly, in their identity is not religious, but rooted in an ideology, a banker cartel, a financial world order.

But there still remains a cache of emails that Wikileaks founder, Assange, announced this June would be leaked sometime in the future – enough to most definitely indict Clinton – if the FBI had the balls. And while Soros has been linked to the CIA, the CIA and FBI are distinct with a bit of animosity between them. So, whether the quash extends to the FBI is yet to be seen.

So could the investigation by the FBI actually create a CIA expose as well?

The adversarial conflict between the CIA and FBI dates back decades. The current Director, James Comey, is a Republican appointed by Obama. He was chosen over the preferred nomination, Lisa Monaco, who oversaw the Benghazi attack while working at the Justice Department. But Comey is not without his own Cabal having supported both McCain and Romney – known Soros advocates and friends. So, could he be influenced?

Soros has been well-known to fund both extremes, Republicans and Democrats, voicing anti-Brexit sentiment while buying hedge gold, demanding more refugee acceptance in Germany while previously blaming Germany for the influx of the hated refugees. He is not a fan of Merkel. So, could he persuade FBI Director Comey to do his bidding to protect his Presidential nominee, Hillary?

I imagine with the help of the money trail of Rothschilds, Saban, Rockefeller and more behind him, with CIA approval, Soro’s power extends far beyond our sheepish minds, and Comey is simply an easy puppet in the greater scheme of things.

Hence, Wikileaks has the proof positive, and still Hillary is ‘cleaned’. A truly sad commentary of how far askew our political ‘oligarchy’ has found reign. And how easy it is to buy a person, their values, their soul.

Will the FBI indict?

It would truly be the most honest move our government administration could make. Do they have the balls?

I am not holding my breath.

Hillary? Trump University vs Laureate Education…uh-oh

Hillary firmly believes that Trump University should be charged according to the two class action lawsuits pending.  She has rallied to have Trump University remanded and fined for its heinous preying on the misfortune of students who sought a better life…she has declared the school a scam and a fraud…  Uh-oh 

Hillary needs to check her bin of deleted emails, because Laureate University for which Mr. Bill was honorary Chancellor raking in $16.46 million for his honor, is in the midst of a number of honorary class action lawsuits and is having severe financial difficulties with four of its institutions in the US… Despite these actions against Laureate, the President, Douglas Becker, received a base salary in 2014 of just shy $1million after which ‘performance awards’ bumped that number well over $1.7 million and total compensation is listed at $2.46 million according to Bloomberg. Mr. Becker is a high school graduate. He has been said to be a good pitch man and hustler.

But Laureate is hardly a gem in a field of coal, it spends 41% of its revenue on marketing, and just 18% on instruction. The students and alumni at Walden, one of their US schools, have accumulated the second highest Federal loans of any school in the US with only 44% of its undergraduates attempting to pay after three years of graduating. Reviews are scandalous, and a class action lawsuit is pending. Laureate has over $4.5 billion in outstanding debt coming due in 2017, and a caving attempt at an IPO to manage even the interest on it’s debt.

The other Laureate US school undergoing a class action lawsuit is the University of St Augustine claiming omissions, negligence and misrepresentation.
Telemarketers and sales people are paid bonuses for luring people across the world to sign up for this online university which preys predominantly on Latin American, African and Malaysian enrollment. During his tenure as honorary Chancellor, Mr. Bill traveled to Malaysia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. It is considered the ‘school of choice when you flunk out elsewhere’. And accreditation in one Chilean university has been withdrawn due to poor performance.

Embroiled in the mix is the fact that Laureate contributed to the Clinton Foundation, Becker was deeply involved in the Clinton Initiative, and while Hillary was head of the State Department, they pumped $55 million to a group run by Douglas Becker, International Youth Foundation. IYF is a foundation whose mission statement is: to prepare young people to be healthy, productive and engaged citizens. Their five highest paid consultants are all from – Jordan. And their revenue source is government grants and other contributions. The focus of its grants are the Middle East and Sub-Sahara Africa.

On total expenses of $34 million, roughly $9 million went to grants – roughly 26% – incurring a net loss of $10 million.

Effectively, this is a Jordanian company operating as a US company based in Baltimore, raising money through USAID and the US federal government to support children in Jordan while spending the vast majority on consultants, employees, and executives.

Soros, a private equity group, KKR, and a subsidiary of the World Bank are prominent investors in Laureate. Laureate recently agreed to sell the France program to APAX Partners, a UK private equity company.

Could Clinton be named in the lawsuits given he was acting as Chancellor from 2010 through 2014?   While he would most likely attempt to state he had no knowledge of any misleading or false advertising, as Chancellor, he would have purported knowledge. A Chancellor is considered the leader or ceremonial head of an educational institution. They operate in the same function as that of a CEO for a private company, including complete oversight responsibility, including values, quality control, budgets, economic development, etc…

But Clinton’s role in specifically recruiting students who couldn’t afford the tuition, misleading them into what the potential degree could do for them financially, and making misleading and potentially fraudulent statements could put him at the center of Laureate Education lawsuits – and thus by default The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative, and Mz. Hillary. During his tenure, enrollment went from 550,000 to 800,000 making them the largest for-profit education institution in the world.  To say Clinton didn’t act for  Laureate in the capacity of ‘economic development as Chancellor’, is short-sighted at best.

As of 2015, a bill co-authored by Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas, Students Before Profit, holds executives of for-profit schools accountable for deceptive practices.

Mr Bill? Mr. Bill?

The Clinton Foundation – Grease two

Chelsea Clinton got her Masters in Public Health Education. That means you work on health education – to the public, as in explaining how it works. Ironically, she goes to work for McKinsey and Company, a company that specializes in business acquisitions and management consulting performing quantitative and qualitative consulting including restructuring and downsizing. Odd, but I don’t see what that has to do with ‘Public Health’. Because, it doesn’t.

She then goes on to work for Avenue Capital Group – a Hedge Fund that focuses on distressed debt and equity securities. Not exactly sure how that matches ‘Public Health’ education.

From there she worked for the “Clinton Foundation”, no surprise. Then NBC suddenly hires her as a ‘special correspondent’... with absolutely NO experience at a whopping starting salary of $600,000 which was more than many of the seasoned ‘journalists’!  Whoa!

Okay, so maybe her Bachelors Degree was something of worth…. Nah, it was in History. As in I want to be researcher or librarian, or some such thing. So now we have a history major with a switcheroo to Public Health working in one of the largest and most prestigious business acquisition companies, then in a hedge fund company and finally as a journalist given obvious preferential treatment – but the Clinton’s are just your “Average Family, Guy Girl”… Certainly, no strings pulled there…  Awwww, how sweet….

Her esteemed husband just tanked his hedge fund losing 90% of its value in just a few short years. The value loss is purported to be in excess of $25 million. Oops. Like father – like son…

According to the latest Clinton Foundation Form 990 filed for 2014, Chelsea is now considered a part and parcel of the foundation – although she receives no salary or compensation as an officer or director because those individual salaries are required to be specifically illustrated.   SURPRISE!  A total of $2.2 million was reported, in contrast to the official ‘other category’ of wages reported as a whopping $24.9 million for which delineation is not required. Hmmmm, do you think that’s where her salary was hidden? Hello?  Hello?  Gee whillakers, can’t imagine…

Again, total salaries, benefits and such amounted to about $34.5 million, IT expenses – as in Hillary’s email server – amounted to over $2 million, travel and conferences were over $20.4 million (that’s for ONE year people), office rent was $4.6 million (that’s $383,333 per MONTH), and some ambiguous expenses listed as ‘Other’ totaling about $4.3 million – as in not representative or worthy of discussion.

After all was said and done – they spent $5.1 million on actual grants – as in their total charitable contributions, on total expenditures of $91 million. That equates to about 5.5% on expenses and about 2.8% on revenues, which were $177.8 million… Yeehah!! Included in revenue was government grants of about $15.2 million – as in which governmentz??… The Saudis and Qataris??  Hello?

Yawn. They lost money on ‘program related investments’, as in they invested money and lost it so they decided to call it a Foundation investment instead of a personal investment which would be subject to an annual cap on losses of $3000. Whohooo!   Now it is 100% a write-off.

They lost money on fundraising, to the tune $1.1+ million, and lost money on their CDI Farming Program, which of course is one of their mainstay definitions for their 501(c)(3) status as a Foundation.

However, they did spend $12.3 million on the Clinton Presidential Center, more than TWICE as much as they spent on Grants, and a fancy way of saying a museum for Bill and Hillary, against feeble revenues of just $3.5 million. Another loss. Tch. Tch.

Their fundraising events showed a net Loss of about $1.1 million. Their largest Grant, $2 million, was to the Alliance For A Healthier Generation which is chaired by Chelsea Clinton. Oops..  Again, no conflict of interest there. Oddly, this organization is apparently also funded by The Department of Defense Healthy Base Initiative. What’s that?  Sounds like a Clinton arm twist to me.

Endowment Funds have gone from a minimal $250,000 just three years prior to $150,791,965 as of 2014. WOW! That’s a 600% increase in three years!  Gimme!

About $55 million in contributions to the Foundation came from just 8 ‘unnamed’ individuals. Ewww, we can guess who these unnamed are – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait – come to mind… Soros, of course.

They had $3.6 million in ‘speech revenues’ that went to the tax free Foundation as opposed to Bill and Hillary individually. Huh, how does that work? I think it’s called “tax evasion”.

Most importantly, they took a whopping $177.8 million in revenue and spent just $91 million leaving a nice tax free package of $86.5 million or about 50%. Gee, for a charitable organization, they sure aren’t very ‘charitable’.    But then – they believe government should fund welfare, not silly wealthy, mainstream wealthy – individuals… Unless, of course, they are running for office, and then any guy, person, who has more money than them – is subject to defamation and denigration and should be anteing up or be ridiculed hence forth!  Oh, but that only applies to those making more than ummmm  $250 million per year – as in the “Middle Class”.

Because it isn’t about wealth, it’s about how pissed they are that someone else has – more!

Hillary’s Tax Fraud – oops

Hillary Clinton going after Trump’s taxes is like a gator going after a rhino… and getting a horn in the groin. Ouch.

Clinton is now accused of possible fraud in the Clinton Foundation tax returns. No longer are we concerned with the lies and lacking ethics, the hypocrisy or the vandalism of funds marked for charity, we are discussing potential Fraud. Yum!

It isn’t just a little teeny fraud that could be misguided, it is a largess fraud that looks a lot like – well, fraud as in Shitake Mushrooms! “…contribution disclosures from the Clinton Foundation don’t match up with individual donors’ records. In addition, the foundation is not in compliance with some state laws regarding fundraising registration, disclosure requirements, and auditing rules.”

So her dissertation about Trump’s non-disclosure tax returns by admitting disclosure of a backlog of 33 years of their own, doesn’t quite add when looking at the infamous, Foundation, that doesn’t Found much of anything except lots of Travel for the Clinton entourage. And while I would relish auditing Trump’s return, it ain’t gonna happen cause he is hiding something. That’s an obvious. We can speculate until the Amazon dries up and we won’t know, so no point in going there.

Instead, we can focus on the required disclosures of the Clinton Foundation 990 return and the blatant discrepancies!  YUM!

But this isn’t the first time the Foundation tax returns have come under scrutiny for possible fraud and fraudulent deception, it has been the the point of discussion for over 16 years. Price Waterhouse came under scrutiny for filings and amended filings and misfilings and false audits and fake initiatives that never occurred dating back to the early 2000’s! And still, there has been no IRS investigation or Federal investigation to resolve these discrepancies and criminal acts.  Imagine that?

No one is above the law!” That was Hillary speaking about everyone – but Hillary.

And yet the Benghazi email fiasco continues ad nauseum. The Foundation Fraud continues ad nauseum. And she takes the stage to scream about the demon Trump who is hiding something in his tax returns. Huh…

When making accusations, it is a common legal tactic to bring to light those offenses for which you are not complicit… so as to defer the attention to the defensive offender. Hillary has been out of the law field for too long and has apparently lost her mojo. Because now the attention has riveted right back at her, her devious nature, her Foundation Fraud and in the end, it leaves Trump free to be – non-transparent.  Dang Nabbit!

Not good PR. Not good for the campaign that has raised nearly $262 million to hide and devide and find devious deceptive dervish ways of conflicting and confusing the public at large. I’d fire the lot because Hillary, you are very high maintenance, and they just can’t keep up.

So, where’s Huma?

He’s right by Hillary’s side, albeit somewhat less in the spotlight given her recent faux pas statements in which she states that Hillary is often confused… as in mentally flocked.

Hillary’s taxes? Having “Consulting Income” of over $32.35 million and claiming that 25% of their home (that’s ¼ for the math disadvantaged) was used “exclusively’ for business – the supposed square footage of which is about 5200 which means that 1300 sq feet is just – for business use the return is less than authentic. I wonder if business use of the home includes the master bedroom?

Ouch. Low blow. Ouch again.

Not to mention their very ‘generous’ donations to charity in the amount of $22,700 which represents a massive .06% of income – that’s .0006 – for the math disadvantaged! That means that if you were the average guy and made say – $50,000 in income you would donate to charity $30 per year.   Go Clinton…wewhooo… The Balance of their beneficial charity went to themselves in the form of their foundation in the form of travel and security and such essentials.

So before Ms Hillary sits back and applauds herself for releasing a tax return that shows a miserly, capitalist bent on defrauding the charitable, the poor, and the middle class, I think I would back off demonizing Trump.

Just a thought –

The Hilarious Hillarity of Hillary Clinton

Okay, the conspiracies abound, but what could be the possible reasons for Hillary Clinton’s absolute absence/fear/hiding from the media? Someone that is running for President of the United States, and yet they avoid the media as though they might find out something so completely devastating it would ruin her… Wait, wasn’t that Benghazi?  Or was it the disappearing emails?   Or the Foundation of Frolic?  Or the party princess?  Or the Muslim connection?  or the Fraud? Yawn.

So, what could that something be?

  1. Hillary had recent cosmetic surgery and doesn’t want the press to use that to focus on her ‘age’.

  2. She is a complete stand-in and the real Hillary is ailing in hiding. They are still training her.

  3. She has no idea how to respond to questions for which she hasn’t advance notice in which to have her crew devise an answer.

  4. She has a history of appearing ‘unfriendly’ in which she reveals her true self and her publicists are squelching as much of that as possible.

  5. She is waiting to find out what public opinion polls declare the people want before she creates her speeches to conform to the stats.

None of the above reasons are exactly what one would define as a ‘leader’. But they do define the politics that we have evolved to become, however sad.

Am I a Hillary fan?

Nah, not even close!  I actually do remember feeling sorry for her when the Bill adultery thing came out.  I remember thinking Tammy Wynette, “Stand by your man”. And I actually thought that she showed great integrity. But that was the last time I felt sort of compassion for the woman. Her personna is beyond strict and is well into the arena of very scary!  I know hard core liberals that find her scary.

Recently, I was asking around, testing, I wondered exactly who supported her. Who owned up to liking her was pretty telling. I mean, Shitake Mushrooms! Was I shocked. Really? But it speaks to the integrity of those that don’t care about her incessant lying and vacant accomplishments. Anyway, I do believe that in reality, without voter fixing and voter fraud, she would be given the boot. But, unfortunately reality dictates that our elections are a gross fantasy, ladeled in corruption and spiced with fraud. We know it, we see it, and we simply shrug – everyone’s doing it…

Her only chance of being elected would absolutely require major voter fraud. Followed shortly thereafter by martial law. But that is not beyond potential reality, so be prepared, we only have our selves to answer to for electing the officials we do.

So what is the story behind Hillary? Why is she really hiding?

Perhaps the Hillary camp is hiding to help all the bad press run itself out gambling on the short-term memory loss of the generl public and foreign voters. At any rate, whoever is running the show is making some very bad decisions. Roping off the press and shuttling them along like children or worse, pets, is so tacky as to be at once comical and at once arrogant. She won’t talk unless she knows the entire script. She won’t appear on shows, because she knows it will go off script. She has so much baggage at this point that she is a human hillarity…The Hillarious Hillary.

She needs a giant bubble to separate her from the riff raff of common man. How can she possibly appeal to ordinary folk, when she is deathly afraid of them? It would seem that her staff is sabatoging her campaign, so who are these illustrious good ole ‘folks’:

John Podesta: Founder of, Center for American Progress funded principally by… drum roll ta-da George Soros. Thnk Progress is a journalism outlet for CAP and is part of a group that pressured the IRS to target conservative groups. Could Podesta’s relationship with Lerner become a media target?

Robby Mook: A young upstart with grand ambitions. While his college degree was in the arts and ‘classics’, he was pursued to run Democrat elections beginning in 2004. A bit odd…   But it wasn’t until recently that his style paid off. He struts his pride and wears his ego as he offers his campaign agenda – pacing. Pacing what she says, when, how, to whom… Like fireworks, he opens big, slows, slows, and then plans to build to the climactic end in which she becomes President.

Joel Benenson: A journalist who did polling… including for the unsuccessful 1994 re-election for Mario Cuomo. Not a lot of meat here.

Jim Margolis: Media advisor who worked Obama’s 2008 and 2012 bids.

Jennifer Palmieri: Another Center For American Progress cohort, running the bulls with Soros. She also served as John Edward’s Press Secretary – OUCH, we know that didn’t pan out well…

Huma Abedin: The Muslim Brotherhood wife of the disgraced Weiner whose weiner got caught in the masher. She has no title other than ‘close ally/friend/confidante’. Hmmm.

Phillip Reines: Another player who has no official role other than a hanger onner for over a decade.

Hubby Clinton: A photo op personage, Billy did a photo shoot for Town and Country’s story about the Clinton philanthropy…. maybe they forgot the 9% memo.

Other than the Soros connection, not a lot of meat in the package. While he financially backs the campaign, the actual amount is difficult to pin down given that he has a variety of ‘outlets and charities’ to draw from and compel to donate to the Hillary fund. It is noteworthy to state that George Soros is openly vocal about his hatred for the US, “America is the gravest threat to world freedom”. By deference, that would mean that Hillary’s agenda under the leadership of Soros would be – to bring America to its proverbial knees.

Fair warning.