Clinton’s Real Effective Tax Rate; 4.6%

Hillary & Bill Income and Expenses:

Income 2014 (last return filed)


Contributions to Foundation $172,579,000

Other Revenue 2,897,000

Investment Income 95,000

Speeches (diverted to Foundation) 3,629,000

Other 419,000

Sales of Inventory 2,287,000

Personal 2014

Schedule C $ 32,258,000

Investment Income 25,171

Pension 223,000

Tax Refund 70,000

Total Income $214,482,000

Taxes Paid $ 9,981,000

Effective Tax Rate Without Deductions Allowed by Law = 4.6%


Then there is the American India Foundation founded in 2001 by Billy:   It’s revenues amount to about $7 million per year.

And the William J. Clinton Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse incorporated in Sweden that has no disclosures regarding income but is stated to have received upwards of $23-$30 million from the Swedish government.

The effective rate continues to diminish as transparency is researched more independently, because in reality transparency is non-existent in the hemisphere of the Clintons.