Africa Land Grabs and Agenda 2030 – A UN Ponzi Scheme

The UN is attempting to fund the African Land Grabs through the implementation of Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063 utilizing public, government and private money that they call ‘wealth redistribution’ or simply ‘sharing’.  

While Nero watched – The Roman Empire Burned…  And while we have been diverted by media silliness, Africa has been bought and sold to the highest bidders and is now the target of multi-national corporations as they seek to reap her rewards through a series of UN Agendas.

And the new micro-lending platform is – crypto currency!  Which explains why suddenly Soros has done a complete about face and started investing in this voodoo money.  But he isn’t alone by any means.  FinComEco, a British firm employing former Ministers and Bankers has been accumulating crypto loans.  American International Agriculture Group is busily setting up shop in Algeria.  GMEX Group, Blockchain Commodities, Chinese companies, all see the potential ravaging to be gained.

Within their chain of companies they provide genetically engineered seeds, and genetically enhanced animals which they sell to the impoverished farmers that have been displaced by the Land Grabs with money generated by the UN in its programs to end poverty and ‘share the wealth’ while creating lending bubbles and high interest rates of return – temporarily – until the swap bubble bursts.  WHEW!

The first Africa Agenda was introduced in 1992 under the surname, Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.  It generated a lot of attention, but failed to do anything despite its grandioso plugging. The UN simultaneously created the Kyoto Protocol after the Montreal Protocol was a valueless failure in 1987.

The Montreal Protocol was supposed to protect the ozone layer.  After a bunch of countries signed on, it was considered a huge success!  The Kyoto Protocol was created in 2005 to fight Global Warming through the reduction of greenhouse emissions.  The US never ratified this agreement and Canada, Russia, Japan and New Zealand withdrew in 2012.  The UN is busily making Agendas and Protocols, but the agenda would seem to be to further their agenda…more than anything else.

What these nice squeaky Protocols did create was a market derivative scheme called “Emissions Trading”.  Permit credits to pollute are sold and traded like a commodity.   The largest program is the European Union Emission Trading Scheme.  They even have a spot market where they can buy futures and options internationally.   California has it own such trading market, as does the US, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

Follow the Money.

Therefore, we can assume that these UN Agendas will create pockets of trading wealth as well for masses of large corporations.  With the land grabs effectively concluded in Africa, the next agenda was to get government money to fund the infrastructure for the corporate agriculture tracts. Climate Change, the Paris Agreement was supposed to fill that void of funding need, but seemed to fall on its face.  Hence the UN needed to create Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063 for the purpose of creating heartfelt needs to end ‘poverty’ in Africa through wealth ‘sharing’.

Who has signed on to these Agendas?  The UN and African Union leaders.   The African Union Leaders just recently unveiled their brand new headquarters in Ethiopia that cost $200 million and was built by and gifted by – China.  Although record keeping of land leases in Africa are scarce, it is estimated that China now holds as much as 100 million hectares of agriculture land.

Of course the African Leaders don’t mind China taking over their country at all because a good portion, if not all the money is pocketed and transferred to offshore accounts like the Panama Paper Caper.

Land Grabs have also been concluded in South America where Soros and Gates purchased large swathes for production purposes.

Owning the world’s food and water supply is a heady agenda.  Using the UN to grab money from governments, aka taxpayers, to fund their products that they will later sell at a premium to the taxpayers that funded them – is even headier.  I’m sure they are laughing all the way to the bank…

Reproductive Rights! I have the right not to fund your abortion…

Reproductive Rights! Yes. Women have the right to not become pregnant. Rape? Less than 1% of all abortions in the US take place as a result of rape or incest, whereas, 70% of all abortions occur because the woman feels: she can’t afford it, she is not ready, or relationship problems. Overwhelmingly, abortions are thus simply a personal choice. Reproductive rights? Yes. Women have the right to not become pregnant and not get raped.

Ireland allows abortion only in specific circumstances; if the mother’s life is at risk. Ireland is its own sovereign nation, but apparently the UN wants to control that sovereignty. The UN and The Center for Reproductive Rights are fighting to change Ireland’s law concerning abortion.

And today the UN has over-reached again and declared that Ireland and Scotland are violating the human rights of children by compelling them to take part in Christian classes in school. Both of these nations are predominantly Catholic/Christian accounting for over 84% of the citizens in Ireland. The parents have no objection. But the UN is declaring that they, the UN, will decide what is best for the children of these sovereign nations.

We know who the UN is – an organization that was formed to perform international cooperation… Obviously they have expanded on that definition considerably and now would fancy themselves the overseers of all nations, all parents, all people. They will decide what is best for my children.

Who is the Center For Reproductive Rights: An ngo funded by; Soros Open Society, Hewlett Foundation, Buffett Foundation, Wellspring Advisors, JPB Foundation, Laura Arnold and HJW Foundation.

Their 990 tax return shows they had gross receipts of over $16.67 million in 2014. Of that, they spent about $740,000 on marketing, $12.76 went to wages (76.5%), travel and conferences was $1.37 million, and rent was $1.8 million. Of their $35 million in assets, $10 million are in investments and $14+ million in cash. Sounds like a pretty lucrative gig for a charitable organization protecting ‘reproductive rights’!

The Buffett Foundation was by far the largest donor. Managed by Allen Greenberg, according to it’s 2014 – 990, their total contributions to CRI was $14,230,000. The foundation is considered ‘enormously’ non-transparent and is headed by Turkiz Gokgol, a Turkish woman who previously worked for Pathfinder International. Founded in 1957, Pathfinder was a part of the eugenics movement advocating for sterilization. Pathfinder is now an NGO whose primary purpose and function is ‘birth control in Africa, Asia and South America’.

The other key figure at the foundation is Tracy Weitz, previously employed by Planned Parenthood. I think the agenda is pretty clear –

The Buffett Foundation also backs, International Projects Assistance Services, which manufactures a hand held suction pump used in developing countries to initiate abortions. The stated advantage to their device is that it does not require a doctor to perform the abortion and may be used by local midwives… and such – as in self-administered abortions.

Who is behind the human rights issue for children? The National Secular Society based out of London. They feel that religion is a threat to ‘open societies’, and that secularism protects the basic liberties of all citizens… except the religious of course. In seeking to create equality and unity, this Society wants to eradicate the beliefs of the majority and they have enjoined the UN to work for them.

The problem is that these organizations who claim to be “standing up for the minorities”, are actually attempting to quash the majorities thru control and suppression. Communism was a form of control and suppression that thrived within a secular state. And while the argument that religious institutions should not have a role in the state could just as easily be argued that secularism should not have a role in the state, the family, or the rights of religious peoples.

Having ‘nothingism’ is a faith. And pushing that nothingness on everyone, and not just the ‘minorities’, is bullying and suppression.

The UN and these NGO’s would be better organized to target states that behead, kill, torture, and maim its citizens, burn women alive and rape as a societal norm: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Ukraine are currently at the forefront and yet – the UN simply claims it will again extend a ‘watch and wait’ while the deaths continue unabated…   Priorities.

Personally, I think we have forgotten what democracy means – it is a voting right in which the majority make the decision.  Instead, the UN, the NGO’s, would have us believe that the minority should determine how the majority lives.

Abortion?  Apparently, because my government grants billions of dollars to various pro-abortion organizations, my tax dollars are complying despite the fact that nearly 70% of Americans do not support this.

Religion?  According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 78% of Americans identify with a Christian religion.  Yet my tax dollars will not support this because that would be ‘devisive’.

The point – hypocrisy reigns King.

CHILD SEX ABUSE – A UN Model For Scandal

We read about the scandals, and then they simply disappear. Months and years pass and there is no justice. The victims remain victims, the perpetrators buy their way out and life moves on. The UN is involved in the case involving French soldiers who have been accused of sodomy and rape of young girls and boys as young as 9. The charges were initially levied early 2014 but were suppressed from the press. It wasn’t until the report was ‘leaked’ that the allegations were actually investigated. In fact, the UN has done – absolutely nothing.

When the report was leaked to French authorities in 2015 by a UN employee, the employee was suspended. That does not look as though the UN is acting with integrity and concern whatsoever! They purposefully classified the information and sat on it. Of course, in doing nothing, the abuse continued unabated and they, once again, became complicit. In legal terms, by doing nothing about the child sex abuse, the UN became a conspirator in the scandal.

Why didn’t the UN act?

Thirty suspects have been named. But still no one has been charged with a crime. The charges must be proven. How? And therein lies the problem with child sex abuse cases in general.

A similar story came to light in 2008 about Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan witnessing sodomy and rape at military bases. One soldier claimed that he witnessed a young boy wearing a wig somewhat askew and smeared lipstick being led into a room where he was systematically sodomized by troops. When the soldier asked his commanding officer if they could intervene he was told to ignore it because it was just ‘their culture’. Child sex abuse – is a culture?  Another soldier heard an Afghan army officer raping a young boy. When he saw the young boy afterward, his bowels and lower intestines were falling out his body.

Inquiries were made. And nothing was done.

When did we become the advocates of the rapists?

It’s not the first time the UN has turned a blind eye to rape and child sex abuse. In 2001, they were accused of actually running a child sex trafficking and prostitution organization in Bosnia. UN police were on traffickers payroll. The Bosnia UN head, Jacques Klein was transferred to Liberia. While in Liberia, the same accusations were made.  Klein disappeared.  NO one was arrested because, you see, UN peacekeepers have diplomatic immunity from being charged with any crime while in their host country.

So if the UN is complicit in child sex trafficking, why are they also the international police?

In 2010, the UN Stabilization Force in Haiti was found to repeatedly rape and prostitute young girls, very young girls. The list is nauseating; Haiti, Bosnia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, East Timor, Guinea and Kosovo have all reported the same UN atrocities. These are the so called “Peacekeepers”, 120,000 worldwide. So, how does one become a UN peacekeeper?

The UN has tasked itself with providing peace, security, human rights and social development. Salaries range from $37k to $120k annually and are completely ‘tax exempt’. In addition they offer; rental subsidy, dependency allowance, travel and shipping expenses, assignment grant, hardship allowance, hazard pay and rest and recuperation break. Vacation time is allotted between 18 and 30 days in addition to ‘home leave travel’ to renew your social, cultural and family ties and a pension plan that becomes effective after six months.

In order to qualify as a police peacekeeper the requirements state; younger than 62, 1 year of driving experience, a 60% or above passing score for language proficiency, five years of professional experience, basic computer skills and a firearms test.

In the Congo, UN peacekeepers managed to rape several hundred young children rationalizing that the older children might have AIDS. No one was prosecuted. The same continuation of abuse remains without justice. Often the crime is changed to prostitution alleviating the perpetrator of any transgression. It would seem that although the UN representatives gasp and remark at the heinous atrocity, the file is then – filed.

If we aren’t protecting the children – if they haven’t the value or worth – then why bother? The UN has become the model for all organizations pursuing the trade of child sex trafficking. In a report released this year, UN ODC Director, Antonio Maria Costa, stated, “many governments are still in denial.” A strange hypocrisy given the denial of the UN in its own history of horrific child sex abuse and trafficking. Of 155 countries in the report, 62 had NO convictions. Costa’s advice? We need to step up the fight.

So what’s the solution?

  1. foremost, absolve peacekeepers and their superiors  right to immunity from prosecution
  2. immediate suspension of pay which will give cause to speedier court hearings rather than the languishing 2-5 years
  3. potential house arrest or deportation so that no confrontational contact can be made with victims
  4. all legal fees and expenses should be treated as the cost of the perpetrator, the UN may not have any monetary or intrinsic influence or intrusion in the legal proceedings

Above all – make the UN accountable.  They can not police what they participate in – child trafficking and child sex abuse.  If they are the wolf in the hen house, we need a house made of bricks, not sand.

Personally I don’t understand why they pay no taxes…

**Photograph Courtesy of Marcus Decherd