MEDIA PROPAGANDA – Has Existed For Centuries!

China’s CoVid case count and deaths is determined by – Johns Hopkins.   John’s Hopkins relies on data guesses by the New York Times and Wikipedia.   Russia’s economy is failing and everyone hates Putin – declares every Soros imprint;   NPR, Wikipedia, New York Times, etc…   Russia’s oil economy has collapsed – so say the Soros Pundits!   Statista: Oil exports from Russia topped over 9.8 million per day in 2022…highest in 11 years!   That would account for 1.6 million higher per day than in 2021. Math:   584 million more barrels for 2022 = estimated average price $80 per barrel = $46.720,000,000 additional revenue…


According to Johns Hopkins CoVid data chart – there are zero cases in Africa, India, Pakistan, or the Middle East. In fact, the chart for China actually references zero cases and zero deaths given numbers are ‘unknown’.   Maybe the media forgot to tell Hopkins to update their zero cases before spouting millions of cases per day…

This is what happens when the powers writing the news don’t give their pundit, Hopkins, time to alter their data.

The Economist claims there is no reliable means of accounting for China’s CoVid statistics and therefore recommends using ‘online search engines’…   What The HECK?

What it does reveal is that ‘data’ in general is fake. ALL DATA.

Americans spend 50% to 100% more for gas, oil, meat, chicken, and all food stuffs, mortgage rates are up 300%, housing up 80%, transportation up 100% – and YET inflation is just 7.2%. provides a representative look at average costs for public and private colleges as of October 2022.   When I compared there data values to my home state – the discrepancy was understated by 33% and 54% respectively.

“Data” tabulation has become the new factchecker fakery.

According to the UN, Russia’s population today is over 146 million, according to Statista it is 145.5 million and according to MacroTrends it is 144 million.   The US is 335.9 million according to the UN – but variations exist from a low of 285 million to 339 million.   It would appear the stats are skewed by the word “resident”.   Which would include illegal aliens.

According to the US government census – the US experienced 4.4% fewer births and 12% increase in deaths in 2021 – yet that somehow translated to an increase in population…

Given our DATA is a convoluted creation means that every number presented is now likely false.   A fabricated venture to delude.   If Data is a fabrication – is our history too?   At what point do we accept that everything we think we know is – false?

Why do ancient pictorials from Egypt depict people of different colors including; white, red, black – and ‘blue’?   Scientists speculate that the color was used to denote the sun god and subsequent rulers depicted as giants.   But how much of ‘science’ is based on actual evidence and how much is based on ‘speculation’?   Roughly 75% is speculation.

FAKE NEWS has been perpetuated for centuries!

The Donation of Constantine:   In the 8th century, the Church produced a document in which it was claimed that Constantine transferred large swathes of land to the Church dating from the 4th century.   It took until the 15th century before the document was proven to be a forgery – at which point ‘the church’ declared it wasn’t Constantine, oops, it was Charlemagne… The land was never returned to its rightful owners.

In 1782 Benjamin Franklin issued a ‘fake newspaper’ in which he declared that a bag of money and scalps was found and was being delivered to the King of England.   The story incited animosity toward Native Americans and helped achieve the divisive anti- rant.

Jews did not build Egyptian pyramids, archeological finds now state Egyptians built the Egyptian pyramids.

Cleopatra was Greek – not Egyptian.

Vikings were relatively small – and not hairy as Hollywoodized.   Women were under 5’ and men were roughly 5’6” or less and considered quite handsome.

Napoleon Complex?   By today’s measurements which are different than centuries old, Napoleon was roughly 5’ 6” a bit taller than the average Frenchman of the time.

Einstein did NOT fail math as has been stated, in fact he mastered calculus at the age of 15.

The Spanish Flu wasn’t Spanish or Flu – but according to ‘experts’ including Fauci in a paper written sometime around 2006 – was a ‘bacterial pneumonia derived from the Rockefeller Institute’s first ‘vaccine’.

The number of Wall Streeters who actually ‘jumped to their death’ following the crash was – 4.

ALL of these embellishment fake stories were initiated by ‘journalists’ of the era.

The Wall Street Journal & CNN Propaganda vs Libertarian John Malone Ownership

The Wall Street Journal claims that Biden’s America is on track to ‘reshore 350,000 jobs’ this YEAR!   WOW!   Amidst growing layoffs…   Amidst numbers that are not published by companies…  Amidst the literal thousands of companies that moved to India and China…?   Amidst an Initiative that was developed in 2017 under – Trump.   However, the WSJ is no fan of President Trump and will re-create talking points fed to it by The Elite.

According to ReshoreNow, as of 2017 they estimated that the US had lost 4 million jobs to offshoring.   Organized by former IBM exec, Carl Carstensen, their goal was to return 1 million jobs to the US.  They now estimate the return of 5 million jobs.  By providing data analytics of the benefits in bringing back jobs from the 100,000 US companies that offshore, Carstensen details offshore costs such as inventory, shipping, and intellectual property risks.

The fact that US Companies have shuttered operations in Russia due to economic sanctions imposed by the Biden WH is NOT ‘reshoring’ – it is ‘profit reduction’.   Reshoring from China is a supply chain reaction that destroyed inventory due to time lags and shortages.    The vast majority is tied to:  EV battery production, semi-conductors, electronic parts, appliances, chemicals and medical equipment.

China’s decoupling has actually been as a result of Trump era tariffs that made Chinese products more expensive.   Biden’s WH is attempting to lift that 25% rate which would bring to a halt any additional reshoring!

But labor shortages in the US have hampered companies who would like to bring back more employee jobs.   According to ReshoreNow, employees in the US need training for these positions.   And the quality of training is abysmal.   But the labor shortage is a global issue.   WHY?

Given the insurance industry has claimed an increase in claims of working age employees by 40% – the impact of the Pandemic policies is the only possible causal factor that would align with global shortages.   Austria reports actuarials of a 15% increase in excess deaths.  And in the UK excess deaths are averaging 1000 per week.

The Wall Street Journal is claiming that the cause of the excess deaths is related to lockdowns wherein people chose to forego medical care…   Repudiating the claim that they are vax related…  Obviously we are NOT in lockdowns – so the justification is propaganda at best, or simply a Lie.

Rarely, does the Biden WH acknowledge that the BLS release of US productivity for the first quarter contracted at a rate more than double the rate during the worst pf the Carter recession crisis!   -7.7 first quarter (revised) and -4.1 second quarter.   Those numbers bely the unemployment numbers being manufactured by a BLS with zero credibility.

NOR are those algorithms being adjusted for the 40% excess deaths…among working age adults.  Which would obviously impact EVERY BL:S number.

Most of the media are relatively honest in their depiction of themselves as a liberal rag.  But when stalwarts like The Wall Street Journal fade into the abyss of propaganda, it leaves a sour taste.  The pretense of being unbiased and reporting facts as journalistic has apparently died a slothful death.

While the recent firing of Brian Stelter from CNN is on the surface a shrug, there is another story beneath.   In 2021, John Malone, a Trump supporter and libertarian bought Warner Media-Discovery which included CNN.   Malone is now calling the shots – and his view is a return to the centrist journalist who reports news instead of elitist scripts read in tandem to the hundreds of other stations.  

The Malone move should give Elon Musk faith that revamping is possible and Twitter could still be a shot if they ante up some actual business facts and truthisms.   Obviously, the value of the stock is far less than its inflated gluttonous market price.   That being said, the largest shareholders to ‘overcome’ include:  Vanguard, Morgan Stanley and Blackrock.   Noteworthy Cartels in their own right.  Twitter shares are now poised at roughly $43.   Rising with absolutely no news to support the rise.   BOTS are coming out of the woodwork!

Perhaps Malone would be willing to coach Musk a bit – fatherly advice.   A potentially interesting coup – only this time it will be the Elite Cartel that takes the hit.

The CIA – Run By The Clandestine Service; a propaganda & warfare tool

I have been asked multiple times if there are any unbiased news sources – and each time I have to respond “NO”!   I am biased. I am biased based on my upbringing, my religion, my politics, my education and my environment.   Everyone is equally biased.   A friend recently sent me a news source claiming the journalist was the most unbiased he could find.   She is a self proclaimed liberal whose entire career has been to write opinion pieces…   She is quite biased!   However, there is ‘bias’ and there is ‘propaganda’ and they are wholly different means of information:

The CIA was officially created in 1947 with the backing of Eisenhower and Truman. One of the founding officers of the CIA was Frank Wisner. During WWII, Wisner was an intelligence officer of the OSS.   After WWII he headed the Office of Policy Coordination.

The OPC was considered a covert wing of the CIA. Its activities approved by Truman included;

“…activities related to: propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas and refugee liberation groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

The OPC was independent of the CIA in that their actions were directly coordinated with the President.   April 1951, President Truman established the Psychological Strategy Board in order to coordinate all US psychological warfare. Amongst the propaganda mission the psywar staff carried out was the funding of the  1954 Hollywood Production of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.

The purpose of the Board was to specifically influence public opinion and foreign policy. The PSB was created by Sidney Souers, one of the founding fathers of the CIA, and Frederick Lawton, a lawyer and bureaucrat who helped create FDR’s New Deal and the IRS.  

The OPC was later consolidated with the Office of Special Ops and called The Directorate of Plans headed by Wisner.   At that time, Allen Dulles was appointed Director of the CIA.   It was 1953.   Dulles was the curator of Operation Mockingbird.   These two organizations were joined at the hip and ran clandestine operations within the US and across the globe.   They were completely rogue.

The internal scope was defined as: “all activities which are conducted or sponsored by this Government against hostile foreign states or groups or in support of friendly foreign states or groups but which are so planned and executed that any US Government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized persons and that if uncovered the US Government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them”.

After 9-11, in 2004, the National Clandestine Service was spun off the CIA for the purpose of guerrilla warfare using an off-book paramilitary of former special ops, seals, green berets, etc… They are tasked with infiltrating such countries as Libya, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, etc… They are now called the Directorate of Plans or the Clandestine Service.   Their entire structure, employees, special ops, and Director are Classified.

Camp Perry, the “Farm” in Williamsburg, Virginia is their training camp.

CIA Director Allen Dulles was the brains behind Operation Mockingbird in the 1950’s.   Working in conjunction with Wisner of the OPC.   While it is believed that the operation was pinky swear disbanded in the 1970’s it simply gained greater control and traction as it absorbed more media outlets and more journalists. It is extensively used today to promote the ‘boogeyman Russia’ and the “Ukraine Hero”.

October 1965, Wisner commit suicide via his son’s shotgun. One of his son’s was named, Graham Wisner.

Phil Graham was an intelligence officer during WWII. He married Katherine Meyer. Her father, Eugene Meyer, was the publisher of the Washington Post.   Meyer was appointed as the first president of World Bank at which point he appointed his daughter Katherine and Phil Graham as publishers. Meyer later became a Chairman of the Federal Reserve.   The Graham’s knew Wisner.   The Washington Post is and was the covert media owned and operated by the CIA.

In 1962, Graham had an affair with an Australian journalist. He appeared at a press conference where it was stipulated he was ‘inebriated’ and loudly proclaimed President Kennedy was having an affair with Mary Meyer.   Katherine Graham and a family doctor had Phil Graham put in a straight jacket and installed him in a mental institution, Chestnut Lodge, that was affiliated with the CIA.

Once released after extensive ‘psychotherapy’, Graham announced he wanted a divorce and full control of the Washington Post. His wife allowed Graham to leave Chestnut and travel to the family farmhouse in Virginia where Graham promptly ‘commit suicide’ in 1963… Because he was considered unstable, his will was deemed void and The Washington Post was absorbed predominantly by Katherine Graham with a small portion allocated to their children.

Eugene Meyers family members include: Blumenthal, Loeb, Newmark, Haas, Weymouth, and de Sousa Dantes. All well connected, all quite wealthy with mostly German ancestry.

In other words, the CIA, is under the thumb of the Clandestine Service for which all information and officers are considered classified.   And The Washington Post, owned by Bezos, is their main portal for propaganda and disinformation. That portal then feeds the New York Times, and various other networks.

Politico, based in Virginia a stone’s throw from the CIA, was the benefactor of the Roe v Wade leak. Politico is run by the German conglomerate Axel Springer which was bought out by KKR in 2020.   KKR – Kolberg, Kravis and Roberts – a hedge fund.  

Was the Clandestine Service or the CIA that Leaker?

Follow The Money!

UKRAINE: A McKinsey & CO Restyled Operetta of Corruption

There are two parallel universes operating in Ukraine:   The one presented from 2014 to 2021, and the one rewritten like a Hollywood movie with CIA input/guidance.   This grandly orchestrated McKinsey & Co restyled operetta would also apply to Saint Zelensky, his wife, and his friends who all became cabinet members upon his election.  Fun Fact!

In 2018- 2019 Zelensky’s ‘sprawling network’ of offshore accounts became the subject of the Pandora Paper Scaper scamerati. Later the Panama Paper Caper also named Zelensky. All accounts were co-owned by Zelensky with four members of his Sitcom crew and friends; Shefir, Borys, Yakovlev and Bakanov.   They were opened in 2012. His election platform was that he would not be as corrupt as his predecessors – so he transferred title to his wife and his friends for some of these offshore accounts.   While the valuations are not known, The Guardian reported some properties in London and Westminster were valued at $1-$2 million each.   The accounts pay dividends to Zelensky’s wife.   None of the funds paid Ukrainian taxes. To date, Zelensky has refused to provide data on these offshore accounts.

While claiming to have a net worth of $1.5 million, Veterans Today claims Zelensky recently bought a $34 million villa in Miami. When Zelensky was elected in 2019, he immediately appointed his benefactor, Kolomoyskyi’s lawyer as head of the Presidential Administration for Ukraine. Kolomoyskyi is reportedly worth $1.8 billion – give or take… Not including Zelensky, there are exactly 7 billionaires in Ukraine where the gdp pp is $3727.

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Opposition Platform – Party For Life Ilya Kiva, claims that Zelensky’s offshore accounts hold more than a billion dollars. They go through banks like First Union Bank, Deutsche Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris. According to the deputy, the movement of such funds would be impossible without the control of the authorities of Germany and France:

“Zelensky has accumulated $1.2 billion in the Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica during the two and a half years of his presidency. This money was transferred to the president by Ukrainian oligarchs, such as Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk, Igor Kolomoisky.”

Hardly the working class Hero Sainted across the US and EU!

While the Ukrainian president continues to conference via video, there is never any noise interference that would indicate a war was just outside his window.   The reception is clear, without static, and could easily be a stage set in Zelensky’s Miami villa.

WHY?   Why would the EU and US masquerade this president who has obviously raped his country?   Biden et al. The et al being all the Corporations that wanted access to the resources of Ukraine including giants such as Lockheed Martin, Monsanto, Raytheon, NIH, etc…

In 2016, Oliver Stone created a documentary on the corruption, torture, and depravity that is – Ukraine.  

Since 2001, US ‘economic aid’ to Ukraine has totaled over $4.2 billion representing 68% of the total aid, or $6.17 billion.   Why is the US such a LARGESS benefactor?   Pay-For-Play.   Before the 2014 Color Revolution coup in Ukraine – the GDP pp was $4030.  So despite ALL the influx of billions by foreign government/taxpayers, Ukraine’s economy pp dropped nearly 10%.   Where did the money go?

Obviously NOT into the economies productivity investment – instead it went into the Pay-For-Play investment – 110% for me and -10% for Ukrainians.

A 2020 US Department of State Document outlining the corruption in Ukraine aligns with an Amnesty International document of the same time period.   The summary of abuses include:

“Significant human rights issues included: unlawful or arbitrary killing; torture and cases of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment of detainees by law enforcement personnel; harsh and life-threatening conditions in prisons and detention centers; arbitrary arrest or detention; serious problems with the independence of the judiciary; abuses in the Russia-led conflict in the Donbas, including physical abuse of civilians and members of armed groups held in detention facilities; serious restrictions on free expression, the press, and the internet, including violence, threats of violence, or unjustified arrests or prosecutions against journalists, censorship, and blocking of websites; refoulement of refugees; serious acts of corruption; lack of investigation of and accountability for violence against women; violence or threats of violence motivated by anti-Semitism; crimes involving violence or threats of violence targeting persons with disabilities, members of ethnic minority groups, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex persons; and the existence of the worst forms of child labor.”

YET – The I SUPPORT UKRAINE sheeples reveal exactly what they support – a disgustingly perverse country corrupted for ages without reprieve by any president – including the Saint Zelensky, et al.

TODAY, the sheeple Biden Handlers have pledged an additional $1.5 billion for Ukraine – without accountability or US taxpayer authority.   TODAY – the International Court of Justice determined that ALL this information – all this documentation by the UN, US State Department, Amnesty International, the HMRRU, and all other previously designated authorities is void.   And Russia has no case despite 14,000-24,000 murdered in Donbas by neo-Nazi Ukraine military.

OH – That would include CHILDREN!

WHY?   Why would the International Court be rigged?

Because Ukraine became and is a multinational HUB for all things illegal, corrupt, and MAFIA at the behest of the Globalist Corporate Committee which deigns to become the Global Government. If their reputation is revealed – Agenda 2030 FAILS – per the wet dreams of The Economist.

Ukraine-Russia: Hypnotic Hatred is The Belligerent

Moving from our Hatred for all things and people Chinese, the evil Putin has become the new hated Boogeyman.   The thematic being instilled in the hypnosis is “Hate”.   Americans are taught to hate Central Americans, most Africans, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia, Russia, China, North Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Middle East.   The next isolationism hypnosis is likely to be India. Democrats and Conservatives alike have boarded the Hate Train while promoting Hatred in elementary schools, universities, libraries, and commerce.   Instill the venom while brain is vulnerable to mass hypnosis to infiltrate rational thinking!

Said Satan.

Romney demands Americans be put in Gulags!   Russia is no longer a capitalist Christian nation – it is STALIN – the murderer.   China is Mao!   And the UK is Henry the 8th beheading his wives!   Turn your parents into the Gestapo! And the atheists have given further proof of God in their embrace of Satan.

A Facebook commentator has decried that once the US declares war on Russia to fight on behalf of the Nazi Regime of Ukraine, every person whose ‘narrative’ considers Russia in a positive light is a traitor who will be assassinated by the US Government…

An American Thinker commentator opens his article decrying the evil murderous Putin who grew up in the ‘Soviet Union’.   The Soviet Union of course wants to take over the World!   He exclaims… And the evil satanic Putin is starting this global confiscation by destroying the poorest most corrupt country in Europe.   That’s logical…

A ’devout Christian’ posted a Dear God letter in which he asked God to assassinate Putin.   One would think that the US and EU have NEVER dropped a bomb in the history of their existence, the hypnosis is so thick!   Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen – poofed out of brain cells and into the abyss of psyche MKUltra 101.     Not one child ever suffered in those incendiary cataclysms!   And Obama was praised for every life he tore from existence numbering 600,000 deaths and 13million displaced.   Hurray!   He saved Syria!

Of course these same co-patriot hawks bobbling like a bobble doll at the idea that Biden must declare War against Russia so that we can send troops, aka your sons and daughters, to give their lives for a country they can’t find on a global map – that makes sense.   Volunteer your children and grandchildren!   Hurrah!

And then – the piece de resistance!   A FB male commenter declares Russia is pitifully losing because the incursion is ongoing after 2 ½ weeks – and well,  Fox News and CNN say so…!   Dastardly!   Syria was 11 years – involved over a dozen combined western forces and still failed their main agenda – to save Syria from Assad.   Has he forgotten Afghanistan, the longest war in history with 7-8 western regimes involved – 300,000+ dead with 26,000 children dead or maimed.  Hypnotized!

Somehow the heroics of these country’s leaders trying to preserve their civilization was not plastered all over the US media.   They were not hailed ‘hero’s’, they were not sanitized, as the US aggressor was demonized.   And OMG Russia is censoring FB – they are communist!   But wait – didn’t you call FB communist for censoring you?   Tik-Tok watch the Clock.

The hypnotic concept is that War is good when the belligerents include the US/West killing citizens, War is bad when the belligerents are everyone else. To be True to one’s soul one must decide;   a) war is bad no matter the initiator, or b) sovereign nations need to duke out their issues without outside intervention of ANY kind.   That would include weapons and ‘contractors’, aka mercenaries, paid for by their governments.

Because as soon as outside intervention occurs we face World War probability and nuclear annihilation possibility.  AND THAT would be on your head.

Ukraine – A Chemical BioHazard Land Mine Ready to BLOW!

Decaying tanks of lethal chemicals are buried haphazardly across Ukraine.   There are 13 US BioHazard Labs across Ukraine.   The same labs that created the modified weapon named, “CoVid” in China with funding by NIH.   Zelensky was briefed by Germany’s spy intel, Bruno Kahl who had apparently traveled to Kyiv just for funzies given Germany had repeatedly pinky swore that only Helmets would find their way into Ukraine.   Kahl told Zelensky NOT to negotiate – before being given a special ops guard detail which spirited him back to German soil.  Poof.

Gosh darn, Kahl had to travel by road instead of via the private Hutspa jet given airspace was closed.   While Germany parlays a non-interference face for the Media at large, that would be about as truthful as the photo montage released by the CIA green screen. Unfortunately, they seem to have a limited number of ‘actors’ applying for the job given they continually use the same ones.

As Kahl returned home he announced via the Deutsche Welle media, which is government controlled, that Germany had changed its mind and would be sending weapons to Ukraine.   Given the vast training that the Ukraine military has in advanced weaponry, they could literally blow themselves up in an instant!

Bruno became the appointed president of the FIS after Gerhard Schindler was ousted for his involvement in ‘targeted assassinations’.

Typically, targeted assassinations currently use the predator drone to strike terrorists.   This method became Obama’s and Brennan’s Strategy in the Middle East and Africa. While this assassination means has undergone massive legal implications, with respect to domestic law Brennan stated, “as a matter of domestic law, the Constitution empowers the President to protect the nation from any imminent threat of attack.”   I haven’t been privy to ‘an imminent attack on US soil by Sudan or Somalia…. ever.

The agencies within the US that typically conduct these operations include the CIA and the Joint Special Op Command. Upheld by Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson, and Obama. During Obama’s reign, he had the final word on ‘kill or capture’. While initially the target had to be of relevant status, under Obama, ‘foot soldiers’ or anyone suspected of anything could be – targeted.

Technically, under International Law – assassinations are illegal.   However, the policy has been used so extensively over so many different governments, that the ‘see no evil’ justice prevailed.

Of course the problem with ‘targeted assassination’ is the fact that statistically for every adult target 9 children have been killed.   For Example:   In the target assassination of Ayman-al-Zawahri the CIA killed 76 children and 29 adult bystanders.

Yet these facts are literally and figuratively – buried.

Selective Justice.   When the US intervenes in a war anywhere, it is justified as protecting against a threat.   Even when that threat is nonexistent – as in Syria. As in Iraq.

The Rally Call against Russia protecting itself against the Bullying perpetrated by NATO and it consorts for 30 years reflects Russia’s resilience and quite a bit of ‘patience’ and ‘tolerance’.   But that would NOT be the Media Parlay!

Who Are The Good Guys And Who Are The Bad Guys?  

For anyone who accepts the fundamental knowledge that we have a cabalist regime attempting to RESET the globe under a predetermined doctrine – the good guys consist of anyone the globalists hate.   By default, given the globalists are pro-Ukraine should be all the knowledge we need to construct critical thinking.

Within that construct, Russia is on the side of The People who refuse the Totalitarian Rule the Elite Committee deigns as our future.

While the media touts a ‘weak Brandon’ – Brandon doesn’t exist.   Therefore whatever is happening is a constructed device.   Purposeful.

Making the US into a child whose entire existence is dependent on the production of other countries is not simply Brandon’s dementia – it is Orchestrated.   A Symphony!   All the participants are the Hunger Game elite – and all The People are the island riff-raff Peasants who may not participate.

As we are continually made aware, with Patriots languishing for OVER A YEAR in DC Gulags, our government has usurped LAW.   IF targeted assassination on supposed domestic terrorists is judicially legal – we are all subject to this ‘Nazi Propaganda’.   And thus a drone strike could literally be declared legal against truckers, protestors, bloggers, reporters, and common citizens who hold a different point of view.

For decades, the schism of justice has derailed.   Russia has become our Nationalism.   If they rise against the Elite Blockade of Totalitarian Rule – We Should Support Their Efforts 150%.

When viewing Russia it is important to distinguish between the USSR and Russia which seems a difficult task for some.   Yet distinguishing between the brutal monarchies of Britain and today’s Queen – is somehow accepted. Why?   Media propaganda.

I was recently flagged for an abrupt opinion I made:   “never expect people to get it right all the time. We all have feet of clay in our own way, prone to make serious mistakes in judgment and sometimes ethics. Extending grace is a good virtue.”

A good call that everyone can relate to!

Most people feel compassion for the Ukraine people in the midst of this war. But where was the compassion for the 24,000 killed in the Donbas region by the Corrupt Ukraine military over the last 8 years?   Why didn’t you care?   Why were you not outraged!?    Eight years of bombing by the Kyiv government in the Donbas cities – and yet no one thought to feel compassion?

What creates this un-divine heart wherein some people’s lives, innocent citizens, are deemed casualties of war and ignored, and other people lives, innocent citizens, are catastrophic events that call for ‘retaliation!   In the form of Death?

The CIA, the German Bunde, the UK MI have been complicit in hundreds of thousands of deaths!   All Illegal.   All justified by the same organizations that commit the crimes.  No one objects…

So – when demonizing Russia in its 30 years of thwarting coups and protecting peoples – it bears scrutiny to do a bit more due diligence in researching historical truths. Truly, no one wants to breathe the exhaust that would claim the US is in fact an assassin nation, however, neither can we continue to bury our proverbial heads in the sand and pretend.

This isn’t about some fomented reality as in BLM, it is about reorganizing ones knowledge with Eyes Wide Open! This is NOT a war against The People.   It is a war about an absolute corrupt government that incorporates The Globe.

The reality is that Ukraine’s President Zelensky SOLD his people, the Ukrainian populace, to death for money – for ineptitude – for cowardess.   SHAME.

CIA Paramilitary Operatives in Ukraine – Just For Funzies

According to the Pentagon, ‘some’ US embassy personnel along with CIA operatives have moved their offices from Kyiv to Lviv in western Ukraine to protect themselves from the inevitable attack by Russia.   1)   CIA paramilitary operatives are in Ukraine,    2)   Why would ‘some’ personnel be left behind for the imminent bombing?

An even scarier scenario as elaborated by the Pentagon is this:   “If the Russians launch a new invasion, there’s going to be people who make their life miserable,” said the former senior intelligence official.  “The CIA-trained paramilitaries will organize the resistance using the specialized training they’ve received.

All that stuff that happened to us in Afghanistan,” said the former senior intelligence official, “they can expect to see that in spades with these guys.”

In other words, the 20 year war in Afghanistan that was initiated by the US and NATO which resulted in the deaths of 215,000 including civilians – is their Model of Success.  

Afghanistan is facing an existential crisis with nearly 23 million subject to food insecurity/malnutrition/starvation.   Inflation is 41%, and measles, malaria, dengue, and polio have made a resurgence.   And the UN wants money – billions – because there is no economy left at all.

Ukraine?   Are you scared yet? These are your chosen allies.

Apparently, the Defense Department is not exactly using ‘intelligence sources’ for their media propaganda, but instead are using twitter accounts and independent anonymously sourced ‘analysis’ of Putin to foment the panic.   Which is WHY when asked for evidence, there is none.

One such source, is an obscure self declared cyber security expert whose twitter accounts boast that they are ‘followed by Human Rights Watch’  a Soros organization.   IMAGINE THAT?

While Kamaltoes has flown to Munich for the annual Munich Security Conference, ExAustin has flown to NATO Headquarters in Brussels.   Given Mz. Harris extensive background in security, safety, crisis and military threats, she was chosen to attend the summit leaving Brandon at home. We can only HOPE she doesn’t giggle…

Given the conference entails the weekend, Brandon declared he didn’t want to attend since he spends every weekend in Delaware, including the weekend the media pronounced he spoke at length with Zelensky, Putin, and Scholz.   Oodddd.

The media is required to attend virtually.  Well sortof.   Certain media is actually given a seat behind the stage, including:  New York Times, Washington Post, and the Financial Times – all Leading liberal rags owned by the CIA.  Oh the FT is owned by MI6.  Corrected. 

There will be no representative from Russia.

The Speakers list includes gosh darn notables;    John Kerry, World Bank President, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates, Tedros, Baumann, chairman of Bayer, Chatham House, Pelosi, New York Times, CCP, Zelensky, Bojo, Financial Times, and every Socialist imaginable.

Roundtable Discussions are by ‘invitation only’.   Stage topics include: Climate Change, Disinformation, Technology, Crises, the next polypandemic, Nuclear NATO, Cooperation, Crypto, Food Security…. Blah. The same drivel that has done nothing every previous year is on display once again for the last 5+ decades.

However, a few non-blahs do bare mentioning:   1) stemming the illiberal tide – the global challenge eroding democracy,   2) A long shot, rethinking and reinvigorating arms control, 3)   the role of cities – democratic game changers.

1.   Stemming The Illiberal Tide: The illiberal national crises were upended by Donald Trump, China & Russia. According to Foreign Affairs, “These populist politicians attack liberal order as a so-called globalist project that serves the interests of sinister elites while trampling national sovereignty, traditional values, and local culture.” Thus these political ingrates must be vanquished… apparently, so that the elite may rule. As Liz Cheney so eloquently put it, “My constituents are idiots.”

Discussing the disruption in the implementation of the New International Order, the elites state that these processes (to mediate the crises actors Trump, China & Russia) are already in motion. They stem not only from recent developments but also from forces that have been transforming international order since the start of the twenty-first century. 

Interesting choice of words – Forces.

2.   Reinvigorating Arms Control:   Gun control is a close parallel which has proven ineffective.   The predominant reason is simple – no one truly trusts anyone in the Global Arena.   Promises have proven worthless as we witness the Gorbachev NATO/Germany agreement of 1991.   Pinky swear – doesn’t garner much allegiance.   And in such a scenario, the ‘bad guys’ end up with ALL the weapons.

3.   The Role of Cities: Cities as they are conventionally built are being dismantled.   The US is the most obvious stage wherein we watch as crime, chaos, fires, destruction, and lawlessness prevails.   The purpose is to level cities.   Like a bulldozer might level a building.

The rebuilding would be the next phase once the absolute Mad Maxx chaos has been fully implemented.   And the newly envisioned tech cities will function along the lines of ‘factory towns’.

As rural and suburban home ownership became untenably unreachable for most, ultimately those persons will crawl back to the newly refurbished factory cities.   These human-robotons will work, eat, play, and sleep according to their factory owners.   They will be relatively de-humanized and more Human-AI.

Cities provide a closed environment for control.

This Agenda is discussed as part of the Master Plan for the Sustainable Development Goals.

It would appear that between Trump, Russia and a few European illiberal alliances, this plan by ‘the Forces’ has hit the restart button too many times and is forebodingly behind schedule.  FYI:  Star Wars – The Forces!

Ultimately the Ukraine-Russia scenario is simply to break Russia – and Ukraine is puppet expendable in that accomplishment.   Unfortunately, Zelensky’s massive experience as a ‘comedian’ did not provide him the necessary insight and skills to mediate Ukraine’s imminent destruction.

And European politicians have likely sought the pricey ‘bunker’ as they hole up and hope Russia does not use Nuclear warheads as their retaliation.   Certainly, IF Europe believed that Russia’s imminent attack was yesterday, the day before, the week before, and now tomorrow and beyond – they would have held their Munich Security Conference via ‘bunkers’.  Instead, despite the imminent and absolute annihiliation by Nuclear forces – They chose a party platform with appetizers, drinks, beef and fun ‘entertainment’. 

But their logical and rational critical thinking would seem to be a burp.   And the massives – the majority – the enlightened – are FAR more knowledgeable than the elites. Perhaps they could have coerced a society of 20,000 historically, but the idea they can deceive 8 billion is keenly in our CORNER.

Interesting non-attendants include:  Trudeau, Macron, Morrison, Biden, Jinping, Putin…

PENTAGON Demands War in Ukraine

The Pentagon and Blinkblinkman continue to hype a Ukraine war despite the fact that Ukraine’s president, Zelensky, has denied it exists and has now claimed that the West is Meddling in Ukraine’s affairs.   European countries are standing down including: Germany, Norway, Croatia, and France.   While Finland and Sweden, non-NATO members, call for diplomacy.    If there are no countries willing to allow US troops on their soil – there is no War.

WHY do Lloyd Austin and General Milley demand a gateway to WWIII?

Discussing sanctions against the Kremlin for any attempt by Russia to push a pinky toe across the border has escalated beyond psychosis.   The US claims they are protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty, while breaching that same sovereignty in international law by stoking a foreign war.   Ukraine is not NATO and NATO and the US thus have NO Rights to infiltrate Ukraine.

Knowing this incursion would have no legal basis, enter:   R. P. Eddy, a self deigned expert on international security, bioterrorism, counter-terrorism, disease, and investment… via his own investment company – Four Rivers.

Eddy is now citing cybersecurity threats against the US by Russia as the impetus for a Russia invasion by the US.   BOOM.

An entrenched Clintonite, Eddy has a bachelor degree in neuroscience which apparently has earned him the reputation as:   “Eddy was named by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of America’s most authoritative terrorism and national security experts.”  If a bachelor of neuroscience is our foremost authoritative person on ‘anything’ much less terrorism and national security – then yes we are doomed!

This reminds me of Eliot Higgins, aka “Bellingcat”, who was a jobless admin assistant who suddenly became the authority on all things Syria for the CIA and MI5. He is of course, anti-Russia, anti-Syria, anti-conservative, and embraces the propaganda machinization installed by his Handlers.

Eddy’s bio states: “Eddy ran the White House Presidential Review process to study and respond to U.S. vulnerability to disease proliferation and bioterrorism and the creation of President Clinton’s new national policy to address these threats through improved domestic and international surveillance, prevention, and response measures”.

Oddly, what is omitted from his bio is any association with parents, siblings, wife, children, associates, date of birth, place of birth…etc..   In other words – he simply ‘appeared’ and there is no record of his existence.   Yet using his expertise in his psychology neuroscience degree somehow elevates him to an expert on international security and biological warfare.

The ONLY way the US can assault Russia is if the US has determined that Russia poses a national security threat – to the US.   Not Ukraine.  And voila we have Eddy to assert a US cyber security threat…

They simply altered the directive.

And Ukraine stands to be disintegrated by the West as a result.

In the meantime, China has made it clear that if Taiwan attempts independence, China will attack the US.

And that is likely the bigger war.

The US and certainly Europe, Australia and Canada are WHOLLY unprepared. And this was completely planned.   Germany, France and most of the EU have no viable military – their equipment is antiquated, their troops are untrained and sparse.   The US comparatively ‘was’ well equipped and trained – but that advantage was decimated by Lloyd Austin – the retired desk jockey who sold his country, his troops, and his countrymen.

Canada never even tried with pansy Trudeau literally in hiding as he realizes the decimation that will be his legacy as Canada is obliterated.   Australia’s Morrison would seem to parody that deign to eliminate his fellow citizens at the behest of The Cartel.

The US government has now rivaled itself as worse than Stalin, Mao and Hitler in their denouncement of LAW in favor of economic destruction and societal annihilation!

I can understand Zelensky being a bit confused by the realization that death, annihilation, chaos, and destruction are actually the GOALS.  But he would appear to have awoken from the dream and realizes the true goal;  death at any cost to gain access to the Russian Border

It remains to be seen if any other country decides that preservation is much more gainful.   I am NOT holding my breath –    

Military News Blogs are Department of Defense Propaganda

A recent article written by The Gateway Pundit (a fabulous media source) posted a quote from American Military News claiming Dmitry Kiselyov, a Russian journalist, stated on television that Russia would reduce America to nuclear ashes… if the Ukraine redline was not met by NATO.   Apparently, Kiselyov did make that comment, but it was in 2014 toward – Obama.   American Military News would seem to be a propaganda outfit controlled by Lloyd Austin’s purged military.

This revelation opened a Pandora’s Box of Military Propaganda Media:

Defense Writers Group:   Partially funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, is led by David Ensor from VOA and CNN – both military propagand operatives.   The Group is under the auspices of the DoD and NATO with tags for Climate Change and the dastardly CoVid. According to the DoD website, everyone is so busy there are no advisories, no releases, no contracts, no speeches and no publications – planned.   Despite the many media claims that WWIII is imminent.   They remain on – vacation indefinitely.

Stars and Stripes is a media outlet controlled by the DoD under the Defense Media Activity.   Any information, news or articles must be pre-approved by the DoD – Lloyd Austin, and Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Director.

Hicks came from the Clinton White House and the Kissinger Center for Strategic and International Studies.   CSIS is well entrenched in Agenda 2030, the Cabalist One World Government, and the ongoing Russia coup attempt.   See my post:

Everything out of the mouths of these babes is in alliance with these directives.

The Defense Media Activity was created in 2005 to consolidate 4 media news organizations:    Army’s Soldier Magazine, Naval Media Center, Army Broadcasting Soldier, and Air Force News Agency. It wasn’t until 2011 that this news conglomerate went live with over half the organization stationed around the world.

The Project For Media and National Security is a subchapter of the Defense Writers Group.   Their newly appointed Director comes from the New York Times. According to their website, cancelling ‘fake news’ is a primary goal.   The president of Carnegie Corporation (which supplies their funding), Vartan Gregorian, was from Iran. His credentials include serving on the boards of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Human Rights Watch, Qatar Foundation, and McGraw-Hill Companies.

So the US DoD takes its lead from Bill Gates, Soros, Qatar, and McGraw Hill?

The Qatar Foundation formed a ‘joint venture’ called the “Qatar National Vision 2030”.   The goal is to transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development by 2030.  

American Military News:   Owned by Kellen Guida, a New Yorker whose previous experience was as a project manager for an anonymous architectural firm is the source of the Gateway Pundit article from American Military News.    The writer of the story being picked up by The Gateway Pundit is by Ryan Morgan whose previous experience is listed as the New York Times, The Daily Camera – a Boulder Colorado liberal to the teeth organization, Deseret News owned by the Mormon Church, and which is also owned by the Mormon Church.   His anti-Russia rhetoric is oblivious to in-depth research of facts and assumes NATO is the savior.

But then, the lad is young, and the editor of American Military News has little to no history in military – news.

As such the website relies on the “Defense Feed” to promote articles from within the DoD.

Rob Abraham, the tech guru for the American Military News previously spent nine years with JumpFly, an adhoc ad SEO that advertises it is a ‘premier partner’ with Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.  


The vast majority of media outlets promoting themselves as ‘Military News’ are actually propaganda machines for the DoD.   Having begun this campaign in the 1950’s with Allen Dulles in the MKUltra Operation, the military has simply expanded its propagation into the Bloggle World.   The subversive ideology is the same as it was from its inception when employed by Dulles;    TO create false information under the helm of what is perceived as our protectors.   What better Shadow?

Knowing that Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft work diligently in conjunction with the shadow Military, it should NOT be assumed that ‘military’ means Patriot Ally.

Lest we forget – Amazon was awarded a $10 billion contract with the Pentagon.   Google also worked in conjunction with the Pentagon in Project Maven. Project Maven is a computer algorithm to insert AI into computer triage so as to deceive and create fake media in warfare applications.

Military News sites are propaganda.   They are DoD Defense Feeds.   And their sole purpose is to expand MKUltra –

Don’t Mess With Mother NAture.