War Criminals! UK & US Created the Nazi Nation Ukraine

The FOOLS in the US Army and UK military have been unable to contain their glee in detailing their green beret and special op training of Ukraine’s Neo Nazi military since – 2014!   Thereby reinforcing the fact that the US and UK were complicit in the continued shelling of the Donbas region for 8 years killing 15,000-24,000 and wounding countless others!   Joyfully.   Heroically.   This egging on of Russia was an 8 year mission.   And Zelenskyy has revealed the reason:   to create a pure breed of Ukrainian Nazi’s while purging those with Russian heritage.

Sound familiar?

Soros has been creating his lifelong fantasy – the reemergence of a Nazi state ruling all of Europe, the US and Canada. Boldly declaring this has been the mission all along!   An amazing admission – and yet, no one is really surprised.  The WEF is a blustering joke – a distraction from the agenda of replicating Soros most joyous youth as a Nazi collaborator – a time he has declared was when he was happier than any other time!  While the Nazification is a completed task in North America, UK and EU – the globalists have still lost.   That dream is DEAD.

TRUTH is a powerful weapon.  

Ukraine is being purged, the BRICS are gaining power, and Putin’s requirement that gas be paid for in Rubles was brilliant!   Europe has nowhere to go for more gas and is unwilling to admit defeat.  Still, Nazi governments prevail and if the majority of Europeans die  – the Klaus’s are willing to make that ‘sacrifice’!

The UK training in Ukraine came from the Royal Tank Regiment.   Documents reveal the training began in 2018 under then president, Poroshenko.   The US Green Berets arrived shortly after the Maiden Coup in 2014.   The true War Criminals are thus revealed.   A war crime involves ‘intentionally killing civilians’ – the Donbas residents were targeted and the UK and US militaries aided and abetted in those crimes for the sole purpose of cleansing Ukraine on behalf of achieving Soros’ dream!

IF Soros and Obama gave the orders – they should be tried by the International Court. But the International Court is ruled by the Marxist Regime UN which is run by the globalists.   The current president of the ICJ is Joan Donoghue whose appointments were ‘unchallenged’ – she was the only one running for this office.   Pentagon leaders providing weapons and training to the Ukraine Nazi military for the purpose of murdering civilians – would also be considered a War Crime.   But again the Justice System no longer exists.

The entire “I stand with Ukraine” movement is a mass propaganda tool of hatred:

“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in.… A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic.”
—1984, George Orwell

The campaign to wear the colors of Ukraine is in fact a ‘Color Revolution’ supporting a coup organized and perpetuated by the globalists and Nazi/Marxists desiring the NWO. Sympathy has been spearheaded by deceit.   Deceit is the tool of Satan.

A Video circulating via the liberal MSM showing rubble strewn Chernihiv, Ukraine is posted by the AZOV Battalion.   They fail to mention this was one of their primary headquarters and as citizens were attempting to flee – they were shot by the Battalion in retaliation.   How many of the Ukraine deaths are actually due to their own militia’s and military?   How can NATO possibly have ANY ‘estimates’ of Russian deaths?   An algorithm provided by Gates?

Knowing the Nazi’s of past, how they operated, how the used this same venue of deceit, to lure and hijack should be the basis of our understanding in Ukraine – their legacy in the future will be the same question – why did they follow the dictator?

In a recent phone call, two Russian comedian pranksters called Priti Patel, UK Home Secretary, after it was announced Britain would take Ukrainian refugees.   In the conversation the pranksters asked if the UK was okay taking in neo-Nazi nationalists – Patel firmly declared Britain had no problem with that ideology.   The governments of the western nations have completely acquiesced to the New World Order of Dictatorship-Nazi rule.

The fear is that this means of electoral denunciation is the schematic for 2024 or even 2022.   Hungry people are much more likely to lose all remaining values, ethics and morality when confronted with the choice – food under a Marxist Rule… or starvation under no rule of order.

Today, the WH dictators announced that inflation is out of control and that in addition to other global countries, the US and EU will experience heavy food shortages.   THIS is their New World Order that Brandon believes will be run by the US – DEATH.   The trucker convoys hoped to make a statement of peaceful protest, but accomplished absolutely nothing meaningful.

With the out-of-control gun violence perpetrated mostly by gangs and magic mushroom blacks, this will serve as the impetus for the confiscation of guns.   And then all Hell will break loose.   While the BRICS will hunker down and be “sustainable”.

Ukraine-Russia: Hypnotic Hatred is The Belligerent

Moving from our Hatred for all things and people Chinese, the evil Putin has become the new hated Boogeyman.   The thematic being instilled in the hypnosis is “Hate”.   Americans are taught to hate Central Americans, most Africans, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia, Russia, China, North Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Middle East.   The next isolationism hypnosis is likely to be India. Democrats and Conservatives alike have boarded the Hate Train while promoting Hatred in elementary schools, universities, libraries, and commerce.   Instill the venom while brain is vulnerable to mass hypnosis to infiltrate rational thinking!

Said Satan.

Romney demands Americans be put in Gulags!   Russia is no longer a capitalist Christian nation – it is STALIN – the murderer.   China is Mao!   And the UK is Henry the 8th beheading his wives!   Turn your parents into the Gestapo! And the atheists have given further proof of God in their embrace of Satan.

A Facebook commentator has decried that once the US declares war on Russia to fight on behalf of the Nazi Regime of Ukraine, every person whose ‘narrative’ considers Russia in a positive light is a traitor who will be assassinated by the US Government…

An American Thinker commentator opens his article decrying the evil murderous Putin who grew up in the ‘Soviet Union’.   The Soviet Union of course wants to take over the World!   He exclaims… And the evil satanic Putin is starting this global confiscation by destroying the poorest most corrupt country in Europe.   That’s logical…

A ’devout Christian’ posted a Dear God letter in which he asked God to assassinate Putin.   One would think that the US and EU have NEVER dropped a bomb in the history of their existence, the hypnosis is so thick!   Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen – poofed out of brain cells and into the abyss of psyche MKUltra 101.     Not one child ever suffered in those incendiary cataclysms!   And Obama was praised for every life he tore from existence numbering 600,000 deaths and 13million displaced.   Hurray!   He saved Syria!

Of course these same co-patriot hawks bobbling like a bobble doll at the idea that Biden must declare War against Russia so that we can send troops, aka your sons and daughters, to give their lives for a country they can’t find on a global map – that makes sense.   Volunteer your children and grandchildren!   Hurrah!

And then – the piece de resistance!   A FB male commenter declares Russia is pitifully losing because the incursion is ongoing after 2 ½ weeks – and well,  Fox News and CNN say so…!   Dastardly!   Syria was 11 years – involved over a dozen combined western forces and still failed their main agenda – to save Syria from Assad.   Has he forgotten Afghanistan, the longest war in history with 7-8 western regimes involved – 300,000+ dead with 26,000 children dead or maimed.  Hypnotized!

Somehow the heroics of these country’s leaders trying to preserve their civilization was not plastered all over the US media.   They were not hailed ‘hero’s’, they were not sanitized, as the US aggressor was demonized.   And OMG Russia is censoring FB – they are communist!   But wait – didn’t you call FB communist for censoring you?   Tik-Tok watch the Clock.

The hypnotic concept is that War is good when the belligerents include the US/West killing citizens, War is bad when the belligerents are everyone else. To be True to one’s soul one must decide;   a) war is bad no matter the initiator, or b) sovereign nations need to duke out their issues without outside intervention of ANY kind.   That would include weapons and ‘contractors’, aka mercenaries, paid for by their governments.

Because as soon as outside intervention occurs we face World War probability and nuclear annihilation possibility.  AND THAT would be on your head.

New World Order: China Goes Rogue, Soros Targets South America and Africa

Before the election in 2016 Soros claimed that China should be at the helm of the New World Order, in particular the ‘financial world order’. He further clarified, “They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.”

In 1956 The Rockefeller Brothers produced a book, Prospect For America; The Rockefeller Panel Reports.   It begins historically with the claim that the 13 empires that ruled the world needed to be dissolved.   Thus WWI was created.   It speaks to the elite desire to shape a New World Order first in the creation of the League of Nations, post WWI, and second in the creation of the UN post WWII after further breakage of empire control.   And then he discusses the failure of their high hopes in bringing about the universal government they had been planning.

So they had to devise an alternate plan of action.  When these institutions failed to generate the necessary good vs. evil, they utilized the Soviet Union as the boogeyman:

“By threatening some nations with Soviet aggression and others with American aggression, they compelled the nations to band together and join sides for protection. The members of each side were then pressured to increase economic and defensive cooperation to fend off the menace of the other side. Those who were programmed to believe they lived in the “people’s (communist) world” cooperated to block aggression from the “imperialist world,” and those who were programmed to believe they lived in the “free world” cooperated to block aggression from the “Soviet sphere”.”

In order to transition to this order, independent status had to be eliminated.   The US had to become less and less self sufficient in order to be contained as wealth collapsed and a created need was implemented.   In other words prosperity had to be dependent on interdependence and governed by the UN and IMF.

Europe was their first grand accomplishment.  And they were emboldened.

But China represented a problem. Changing their nationalist ideology was considered futile. So instead, these elites decided to offer China top tier.   China would be the leading governor of the NWO.   Establishing a rapid lopsided trade imbalance with China was thought to be the impetus for ultimate control.   Within this model, the US trade balance had to decline dramatically in power and be re-distributed.   In 1975 the trade deficit with China was $-0-.   Today, it has reached roughly $350 billion.

The book addresses challenges to the success of the NWO.   If a nation wants independence and sovereignty, they will be attacked via economic sanctions, dubbed ‘economic hit men’, trade imbalances, and civil war. These attacks would thwart the country’s attempt at survival and devolve them into the globalist union.

In 2003, BRIC was formed as a loose arrangement between Brazil, Russia, India and China with South Africa joining in 2010. Initially supported and encouraged by the elite, the alliance gained traction and fit the ideology of the NWO in creating smaller cohesive groups of countries to govern.

There were still some wild cards.

While the Rockefellers and Rothschilds courted China and India during the 1970’s, their plan seemed to be accepted with Kissinger at the helm.   With Reagan’s assistance the Soviet Union fell in the 1980’s. Simultaneously, the Rockefeller’s produced their first report on climate change and created the UN Intergovernmental Plan on Climate Change. As such, in essence: ““Big Oil” through the Rockefeller Family and Rockefeller Brothers Trusts generously finance the Worldwide climate protest movement.”

Why would they want to peddle false information that is so dire?

Because the rumors of lore, that scientific evidence shows the earth is entering a mini ice-age, are actually factual, and it has been presented by scientists that we will observe a ‘grand solar-minimum’ by 2030-2040.   If we are told to alter our environment to support a massive warming when in fact we will be presented with a massive cooling, we will wipe out entire swathes of sustainable land and depopulation will be achieved.

So where are these elites now investing?   Africa and South America where temperatures will still be habitable.

What happened to the courtship of China?   In 2014, Oliver Rothschild became the new China boy. He was given the red-carpet treatment as he made claims of chairing dozens of major charities, a global financial investor and entrepreneurial strategist.   China fell for it.  Turns out the man is a hoax.   No relationship to the Rothschild lineage and China was left completely embarrassed having fallen for this con man.

So China went rogue and Hong Kong became the means of chaos. Russia had banned all things Soros, and India capitulated with Open Society operations, Ford Foundation operations and NED. Other offices where the Open Society is busy include: Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, 4 offices in Ukraine, Jordan, Russia border countries, 12 offices across Africa, and 10 throughout Europe including Berlin.

Then in 2019, Soros declared that China was a mortal enemy because, “China had not played by the rules and that its values were at odds with those of the “open society”.”   China has stated that NED is behind the Hong Kong protests which are likely revenge for Xi Jinping’s rogue attitude toward the NWO according to Rockefeller and has decided to create it’s own ‘Order’.   China is colonizing large swathes of Africa and courting a number of countries in South America.   Not part of the Rockefeller/Soros agenda.

Specifically demonizing Xi Jinping as the root of this turnaround, Soros has been quite vocal of his change in admiration; 3 months later the Hong Kong protests were organized and 4 months after this threat, hedge funds began shorting the Hong Kong dollar.   The move failed.

In the same interview Soros endorsed Elizabeth Warren as the Democrat nominee claiming her views are most closely aligned with his ‘open society’.

In essence, Rockefeller/Rothschild/Soros and the entire cabal are in defense mode given the sudden loss of China as their pontifical point, Russia a lost cause, Trump divorcing all his carefully laid plans, and Europe breaking apart, it is likely there will be greater emphasis turned on South America and Africa through tremendous destabilization.

Chile protests continue to rage sending the economy into a major downward spiral.   Brazil’s Bolsonaro blames WWF and other NGO’s for arson. And most of Africa continues to battle mafia gangs, Al Shabaab, and rebel factions that simply move around killing everyone in sight. And despite constant reiteration that 85% or more of Australia fires are ‘human related’ and upwards of 50% or more ‘arson’, the global warming agenda rattles on smelling more and more vile as they confiscate the soul of Greta.

A significant portion of eastern and southern Africa have land grabs attributable to China, Germany, Middle East, UK and US provide the picture.   Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia have seen decades of land grabs predominantly for agriculture gains.  Of course, Venezuela is now up for grabs by the highest bidder…