UN: Natural Disasters Exponential! MORE $$$$ Needed For Climate Change – FUND

UN HEADLINE:   Natural disasters occurring three times more often than 50 years ago: new FAO report:

“At no other point in history have agri-food systems faced more hazards such as megafires, extreme weather, unusually large desert locust swarms, and emerging biological threats, as during the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nor have they been seen at such frequency, intensity, and complexity, the agency said…”

This report is the precursor to divert ever more money to Africa via the Paris Accord Green Climate Fund.   But what is the Truth?

The Rothschild rag, The Economist, and by default the United Nations has revealed that in the last 50 years ‘Natural Disasters’ have risen by 400%.   So what’s the REAL story?

According to FEMA, the US natural disasters were in the range of 35-45 until 1996 when suddenly they were quoted at 158.   Of the 158, 80 were caused by fires (51%), 27 by floods, 28 by severe storms which also included flooding, 15 by snow, 6 by hurricane, and 2 as a result of water main break and a gas leak.   Then in 1997 the reports went back to normal – 47.   In 1998, they added the categories of; coastal storm, drought, mudslide, and tornado with a new tally at 128 for the year. The new categories covered 7 new disasters.   But fires still dominated with 44% of all disasters.

By 2000 the total number dropped even after severe ice storm and earthquake were added to the tally.  2003 numbers increased again with fires representing over 62%.    By 2014, numbers had dropped below 1996 tallies.   In 2020, FEMA had added 2 additional categories: Biological and Dam/Levee Break. The Biologic, aka CoVid19, accounted for 52% of the tally.    So, if we were to drop that category, natural disasters in the US would be below 1996.

Snore. Snort.

According to the UN, CoVid19, SARS, H1N1 are all considered ‘Natural Disasters’ as opposed to manufactured in a lab… Meaning someone ate an infected bat and then proceeded to infect the entire world and that is – natural.

But it isn’t even Biologic warfare that compromised the tallies over the last fifty years.   FIRES are what altered the numbers 50 years ago.   Fires account for 44% to 62% of ALL natural disasters – including fires that were human caused.  And that statistic did NOT exist 50 years ago.

The problem is that the cause of fires is predominantly arson or human negligence.   Of the 6 largest fires in history in Arizona, 5 were human caused. In New York City, of the 11 largest fires in history – all were human caused.   But they are still categorized as a ‘natural disaster’.

To address Africa specifics per the UN and Economist Fear Mongering:   1. Locusts have been a seven year occurrence since the beginning of time – everywhere.   2.   99% of fires in Africa are set purposefully on farm fields to rejuvenate the soil – and according to ‘scientists’ these fires are an ecological ‘good thing’.   So if they are a good thing and have been the means of ‘farming’ for thousands of years how and why would the UN suddenly make the determination that these fires devastate ‘agricultural livelihoods’ becomes an overtly obvious false statement.

Because the UN is lying.   And there is one massive justification – more money is necessary to bolster the Green Climate Fund to spend the money on Africa infrastructure and micro-loans.   The fund is depleted of new revenue.   The US pulled out. China has never proffered $1, and ‘pledges’ are often in the form of grants, promissory notes and loans, not cash. The largest donations to date have been made by Japan, UK, Germany and the US respectively.  Still, they greedily siphon off 75% of their total contributions into Asset hordings.

2019 is the latest year for which The Green Climate Fund prepared audited Financial Statements:

They immediately apologize for the fact that expenses increased by 89% year over year despite contributions falling 62%.   At the same time their assets totaling $6.8billion increased because earnings on ‘investments’ rose about 40%.   Perspective:   They claim to have roughly $8billion in donations or which $6.8 billion are still ASSETS!!!  UNSPENT FUNDS.

Which means they were putting more money in the bank than they spent on actual ‘projects’. Micro-loan interest also rose – 590%. The amount of actual ‘grants to countries’ was a mere $258 million which was disbursed to banks including the United Nations.   WHY?   The amount of actual country grants disbursed was $34,404,000.   The remainder was dedicated expenses to disburse the funds.

As with every NGO, programme expenses include overhead, salaries, payroll costs, pensions, etc… within the designated ‘programme offices’.    But the Financials are not transparent with regard to programme expense delineation.   However, they do acknowledge an odd caveat. While Board members are not compensated, it is a per se agreement:   “All transactions with the board are made at terms equivalent to an arm’s length transaction within the operational framework of the Secretariat.”   That is Gob Speak for transactions are not the same as compensation…  So Board Members may benefit financially, just not in the delineation of ‘compensation’.

Further, as an NGO, they are exempt from ALL Taxes.

One of my illustrious – pet peeves.   ANY charity that has excess income that accumulates is no longer a charity. And with literally $trillions on the books of these NGO-Charities, their status is obviously corrupted.

The Green Climate Fund is no exception.

What is not revealed is:   1.   The interest rate on their micro-lending schemes.   2.   A composite of actual climate spending to date.   By country.   3.   How much of their actual spending is in the form of literal payments to individuals benefiting. 4. How much of their programme expenses are ‘administrative and overhead?    5.   How has the carbon footprint been alleviated by their spending…?

Because these points are their entire FUNCTIONAL purpose.

Of course, the reality in all this is the fact that the Green Climate Fund is simply another scam.   And we are the scamees.   The payees.   And the peasants to be….   UNLESS –    

New World Order: China Goes Rogue, Soros Targets South America and Africa

Before the election in 2016 Soros claimed that China should be at the helm of the New World Order, in particular the ‘financial world order’. He further clarified, “They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.”

In 1956 The Rockefeller Brothers produced a book, Prospect For America; The Rockefeller Panel Reports.   It begins historically with the claim that the 13 empires that ruled the world needed to be dissolved.   Thus WWI was created.   It speaks to the elite desire to shape a New World Order first in the creation of the League of Nations, post WWI, and second in the creation of the UN post WWII after further breakage of empire control.   And then he discusses the failure of their high hopes in bringing about the universal government they had been planning.

So they had to devise an alternate plan of action.  When these institutions failed to generate the necessary good vs. evil, they utilized the Soviet Union as the boogeyman:

“By threatening some nations with Soviet aggression and others with American aggression, they compelled the nations to band together and join sides for protection. The members of each side were then pressured to increase economic and defensive cooperation to fend off the menace of the other side. Those who were programmed to believe they lived in the “people’s (communist) world” cooperated to block aggression from the “imperialist world,” and those who were programmed to believe they lived in the “free world” cooperated to block aggression from the “Soviet sphere”.”

In order to transition to this order, independent status had to be eliminated.   The US had to become less and less self sufficient in order to be contained as wealth collapsed and a created need was implemented.   In other words prosperity had to be dependent on interdependence and governed by the UN and IMF.

Europe was their first grand accomplishment.  And they were emboldened.

But China represented a problem. Changing their nationalist ideology was considered futile. So instead, these elites decided to offer China top tier.   China would be the leading governor of the NWO.   Establishing a rapid lopsided trade imbalance with China was thought to be the impetus for ultimate control.   Within this model, the US trade balance had to decline dramatically in power and be re-distributed.   In 1975 the trade deficit with China was $-0-.   Today, it has reached roughly $350 billion.

The book addresses challenges to the success of the NWO.   If a nation wants independence and sovereignty, they will be attacked via economic sanctions, dubbed ‘economic hit men’, trade imbalances, and civil war. These attacks would thwart the country’s attempt at survival and devolve them into the globalist union.

In 2003, BRIC was formed as a loose arrangement between Brazil, Russia, India and China with South Africa joining in 2010. Initially supported and encouraged by the elite, the alliance gained traction and fit the ideology of the NWO in creating smaller cohesive groups of countries to govern.

There were still some wild cards.

While the Rockefellers and Rothschilds courted China and India during the 1970’s, their plan seemed to be accepted with Kissinger at the helm.   With Reagan’s assistance the Soviet Union fell in the 1980’s. Simultaneously, the Rockefeller’s produced their first report on climate change and created the UN Intergovernmental Plan on Climate Change. As such, in essence: ““Big Oil” through the Rockefeller Family and Rockefeller Brothers Trusts generously finance the Worldwide climate protest movement.”

Why would they want to peddle false information that is so dire?

Because the rumors of lore, that scientific evidence shows the earth is entering a mini ice-age, are actually factual, and it has been presented by scientists that we will observe a ‘grand solar-minimum’ by 2030-2040.   If we are told to alter our environment to support a massive warming when in fact we will be presented with a massive cooling, we will wipe out entire swathes of sustainable land and depopulation will be achieved.

So where are these elites now investing?   Africa and South America where temperatures will still be habitable.

What happened to the courtship of China?   In 2014, Oliver Rothschild became the new China boy. He was given the red-carpet treatment as he made claims of chairing dozens of major charities, a global financial investor and entrepreneurial strategist.   China fell for it.  Turns out the man is a hoax.   No relationship to the Rothschild lineage and China was left completely embarrassed having fallen for this con man.

So China went rogue and Hong Kong became the means of chaos. Russia had banned all things Soros, and India capitulated with Open Society operations, Ford Foundation operations and NED. Other offices where the Open Society is busy include: Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, 4 offices in Ukraine, Jordan, Russia border countries, 12 offices across Africa, and 10 throughout Europe including Berlin.

Then in 2019, Soros declared that China was a mortal enemy because, “China had not played by the rules and that its values were at odds with those of the “open society”.”   China has stated that NED is behind the Hong Kong protests which are likely revenge for Xi Jinping’s rogue attitude toward the NWO according to Rockefeller and has decided to create it’s own ‘Order’.   China is colonizing large swathes of Africa and courting a number of countries in South America.   Not part of the Rockefeller/Soros agenda.

Specifically demonizing Xi Jinping as the root of this turnaround, Soros has been quite vocal of his change in admiration; 3 months later the Hong Kong protests were organized and 4 months after this threat, hedge funds began shorting the Hong Kong dollar.   The move failed.

In the same interview Soros endorsed Elizabeth Warren as the Democrat nominee claiming her views are most closely aligned with his ‘open society’.

In essence, Rockefeller/Rothschild/Soros and the entire cabal are in defense mode given the sudden loss of China as their pontifical point, Russia a lost cause, Trump divorcing all his carefully laid plans, and Europe breaking apart, it is likely there will be greater emphasis turned on South America and Africa through tremendous destabilization.

Chile protests continue to rage sending the economy into a major downward spiral.   Brazil’s Bolsonaro blames WWF and other NGO’s for arson. And most of Africa continues to battle mafia gangs, Al Shabaab, and rebel factions that simply move around killing everyone in sight. And despite constant reiteration that 85% or more of Australia fires are ‘human related’ and upwards of 50% or more ‘arson’, the global warming agenda rattles on smelling more and more vile as they confiscate the soul of Greta.

A significant portion of eastern and southern Africa have land grabs attributable to China, Germany, Middle East, UK and US provide the picture.   Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia have seen decades of land grabs predominantly for agriculture gains.  Of course, Venezuela is now up for grabs by the highest bidder…