War Criminals! UK & US Created the Nazi Nation Ukraine

The FOOLS in the US Army and UK military have been unable to contain their glee in detailing their green beret and special op training of Ukraine’s Neo Nazi military since – 2014!   Thereby reinforcing the fact that the US and UK were complicit in the continued shelling of the Donbas region for 8 years killing 15,000-24,000 and wounding countless others!   Joyfully.   Heroically.   This egging on of Russia was an 8 year mission.   And Zelenskyy has revealed the reason:   to create a pure breed of Ukrainian Nazi’s while purging those with Russian heritage.

Sound familiar?

Soros has been creating his lifelong fantasy – the reemergence of a Nazi state ruling all of Europe, the US and Canada. Boldly declaring this has been the mission all along!   An amazing admission – and yet, no one is really surprised.  The WEF is a blustering joke – a distraction from the agenda of replicating Soros most joyous youth as a Nazi collaborator – a time he has declared was when he was happier than any other time!  While the Nazification is a completed task in North America, UK and EU – the globalists have still lost.   That dream is DEAD.

TRUTH is a powerful weapon.  

Ukraine is being purged, the BRICS are gaining power, and Putin’s requirement that gas be paid for in Rubles was brilliant!   Europe has nowhere to go for more gas and is unwilling to admit defeat.  Still, Nazi governments prevail and if the majority of Europeans die  – the Klaus’s are willing to make that ‘sacrifice’!

The UK training in Ukraine came from the Royal Tank Regiment.   Documents reveal the training began in 2018 under then president, Poroshenko.   The US Green Berets arrived shortly after the Maiden Coup in 2014.   The true War Criminals are thus revealed.   A war crime involves ‘intentionally killing civilians’ – the Donbas residents were targeted and the UK and US militaries aided and abetted in those crimes for the sole purpose of cleansing Ukraine on behalf of achieving Soros’ dream!

IF Soros and Obama gave the orders – they should be tried by the International Court. But the International Court is ruled by the Marxist Regime UN which is run by the globalists.   The current president of the ICJ is Joan Donoghue whose appointments were ‘unchallenged’ – she was the only one running for this office.   Pentagon leaders providing weapons and training to the Ukraine Nazi military for the purpose of murdering civilians – would also be considered a War Crime.   But again the Justice System no longer exists.

The entire “I stand with Ukraine” movement is a mass propaganda tool of hatred:

“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in.… A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic.”
—1984, George Orwell

The campaign to wear the colors of Ukraine is in fact a ‘Color Revolution’ supporting a coup organized and perpetuated by the globalists and Nazi/Marxists desiring the NWO. Sympathy has been spearheaded by deceit.   Deceit is the tool of Satan.

A Video circulating via the liberal MSM showing rubble strewn Chernihiv, Ukraine is posted by the AZOV Battalion.   They fail to mention this was one of their primary headquarters and as citizens were attempting to flee – they were shot by the Battalion in retaliation.   How many of the Ukraine deaths are actually due to their own militia’s and military?   How can NATO possibly have ANY ‘estimates’ of Russian deaths?   An algorithm provided by Gates?

Knowing the Nazi’s of past, how they operated, how the used this same venue of deceit, to lure and hijack should be the basis of our understanding in Ukraine – their legacy in the future will be the same question – why did they follow the dictator?

In a recent phone call, two Russian comedian pranksters called Priti Patel, UK Home Secretary, after it was announced Britain would take Ukrainian refugees.   In the conversation the pranksters asked if the UK was okay taking in neo-Nazi nationalists – Patel firmly declared Britain had no problem with that ideology.   The governments of the western nations have completely acquiesced to the New World Order of Dictatorship-Nazi rule.

The fear is that this means of electoral denunciation is the schematic for 2024 or even 2022.   Hungry people are much more likely to lose all remaining values, ethics and morality when confronted with the choice – food under a Marxist Rule… or starvation under no rule of order.

Today, the WH dictators announced that inflation is out of control and that in addition to other global countries, the US and EU will experience heavy food shortages.   THIS is their New World Order that Brandon believes will be run by the US – DEATH.   The trucker convoys hoped to make a statement of peaceful protest, but accomplished absolutely nothing meaningful.

With the out-of-control gun violence perpetrated mostly by gangs and magic mushroom blacks, this will serve as the impetus for the confiscation of guns.   And then all Hell will break loose.   While the BRICS will hunker down and be “sustainable”.

12 thoughts on “War Criminals! UK & US Created the Nazi Nation Ukraine

  1. ‘Nazis’, led by a cross dressing communist jew. Right…
    To begin with, ‘nazi’ is a propaganda word created by churchills handlers; no NS member or German for that matter, ever used it bitd.
    Second, why parrot the media’s terminology? I mean it looks like even Putin is watching cnn…
    OK, so allegedly there is a militia group who uses a swastika in its symbolism and who may or may not claim to be ‘nazis’. My guess is that they are just as much a planted government tool as most ‘nazi groups’ in the US. If Ukraine were indeed run by ‘nazis’, then we wouldnt be having all these problems. ‘Nazis’ wouldnt be Western lapdogs leading the world in kiddie porn, child trafficking and paying US presidents/congress critters kids million$ for nothing. Nazis wouldnt be killing their own people and using kids as human shields etc etc etc…

    And yes Ken [above] , we are toast…unless we take II Chronicles 7:14 seriously. And if we do, its so far gone that bringing it back will be painful even with God’s blessing. 🙁

    • You are arguing in circles that bears little to no relevance. The various militia’s in Ukraine (there are a half dozen) call themselves Nazi’s… their ideology is a cleansed race – and anyone with Russian blood needs to die. So I am parroting what they call themselves not the media. You are clearly uninformed on many fronts. I suggest you read about Schwab – Merkel – and the NED and CSIS. Color revolutions. Bolshevik history etc… Then perhaps you will actually have something useful to say. Where do you think Zelenskyy got his multi-millions – some accounts $1.2 billion, in the offshore accounts? You have lots of arrogance and little wisdom… not a good combination.

    • Dear Luke

      It is all quite simple.

      There are three main groups but Germany is at the heart of the matter, strictly Prussia (which other country has an acid named after it used in the gas chambers?), more strictly the Nazis/Marxists/communists who all came out of Germany.

      Marx was a Jew, Germany used communist Jews to destabilise Russia in WW1 and get rid of the eastern front.

      After the Second World War, the Nazis did not ‘go away’ only some ring leaders were caught and hung or committed suicide. Most just slid back into positions of power in Germany.

      Many went to the US which the Nazis had already been infiltrating before WW2. The US is now substantially run by Nazis in big business and now overseen by a communist style inept government.

      Many big businesses tie back to Germany and Germany runs a budget surplus. How convenient.

      Germany has been jealous of the UK where I come from, and has been seeking to get its own back over many decades. It also hates the allies who fought with us in WW2 including the US, Canada, South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand.

      The other two groups are the Roman Catholic Church, strictly the Vatican. Please note that ‘Vaccination is an anagram of ‘Icon Vatican’. Icon is a mark, the Vatican is a beast, hence vaccinations are ‘A’ mark of the beast. In reality there have been and are many marks. Including Karl ‘Marx’!

      Then there are the Jews who say they are Jews but are not Jews, but are of the synagogue of Satan. These include George Soros, and Zelenskyy.

      If the people of the USA will stop being arrogant, see justice, love mercy and walk humbly with their God the the USA will be brought back to good health. It is coming back, but is of course painful as we see now. Such is the discipline of the heavenly God and father.

      ‘No discipline seems enjoyable at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it yields a harvest of righteousness and peace to those who have been trained by it.’

      It is all very simple as I say.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

  2. Hi

    They have shipped the US production and jobs (skills) mostly to China and other low wage states. Americans are now mowing each others yards or stocking shelves with foreign products or flipping fake burger meat.
    The lockdowns and covaids restrictions has destroyed much of small business. Businesses are still failing as I type.
    They have given the dangerous and many times deadly injection to US military. We’re up to number 4. One would think after the first three did not work people would wise up…. Death toll VAERS roughly 26,000. no one even mentions it.
    The US military is now a woke institution and no longer functions as a deterrent.
    The US debt is now over 30 trillion,,, 100s of trillions if you include it all.
    The US government, its institutions and most large American businesses are totally corrupt.
    The Justice system is totally corrupt. The supremo’s totally corrupt.
    The entire education system is totally corrupt.
    The entire Medical system is corrupt. Hospitals are routinely killing people using the CDC protocol treatment.
    The Local and State governments are corrupt.
    The federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are corrupt.
    The constitution is racist.
    Math, Physics and language are now racist.
    All Whites are racists.
    Pedophilia, child trafficking is rampant.
    Cross Dressers are now putting on shows for kindergarten classes.

    Feel free to add to the list.

    I think we’re screwed. What say you?


    • The sheeple have been diabolically persuaded to listen to a different shepherd’s voice. The Almighty and Eternal sovereign over creation has been sidelined. Behold a world without Sanctifying Grace. Yet hope springs Eternal. Each and every one of us can make a difference and change the tide. Never underestimate the efficacy of the simplest act of reparation to the Divine Majesty.

    • It is very sad locally. Sweetest Texas boy in the whole world just wanted to go to community college while paying his tuition mowing yards. But his dad lost his job during the lockdowns and father son became a mowing team…. NOT by choice. Yet they uphold their honor

    • It is NOT in my genetic makeup to ever give up. Just does not exist. I see every single positive as a golden star. And every negative as a fly on my calve ready to be sway into abyss.

  3. leave it to the communist to turn a bucket of gold into a bucket of shit in what 16 months,this has to be a world record for the fastest time to destroy the biggest and best economy in world history,thanks commies!

    • BUT – they did this purposefully. Absorb that absolute. Every BAD thing that has happened was Purposefully Planned. Only Russia really took them for a whollop and messed with their agenda. They were so arrogant they had NO Plan B. And that was a strategic LOSS. This is what happens when they strangle strategic minds! They Can’t WIN!

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