Munich Security Conference Ends – Ukraine Responds

The Munich Security Conference has come to an end with Kamaltoes and Zelensky highlighted at the end making their respective media points.   Zelensky patiently waited for Kamals to stop talking before he made two proverbial points,   1.   Someone is lying, and   2.   You can have your $1billion, I don’t want it.   And the cinema reel kept spinning as the import of those statements took hold.   Ukraine was used as a tool by the US Cartel and Zelensky finally woke up from his Rip Van Winkle nap.

Zelensky has watched as the CIA Cartel began prepping to incite a globalist war in order to fully implement the Sustainable Development Agenda by the World Economic Forum.   In this War, Ukraine would be demolished by all forces – including the Cartel.

In this Cartel War, most Ukraine citizens would be dead or severely wounded, their country reduced to rubble, and The Cleaners would quickly move in, take control, and rebuild using US taxpayer funds.

It is the same Plot used on Afghanistan and Syria – both having enormous resource value. Both times, the Cartel failed.   Both times, they left the countries destitute.  And now they are miffed – their reputation flailing!

The Media Mafia of the Cartel managed to hypnotize Americans into believing that our government system was beyond reproach and these infinite and massive incursions into sovereign territory were for the purpose of freeing citizens from inhumane dictators.   We Believed!   Until Big Tech opened the door of Social Media!

Big Tech managed to solidify the passage of information that actually has brought the World awareness of the Truth!  Big Tech is responsible for the slashes that have hugely slowed the WEF Agenda.  NOT purposefully.  They did NOT understand the Pandora Box they opened.And that BOX – is their demise.

The point of deploying massive Censorship is specifically designed to try and mediate and reverse that knowledge.   But the damage is done.   The Truth is known – and The Cartel is desperate.

Zelensky understands what he did and is adamantly backing away from the Regime. The EU is realizing that this War Mongering Cartel Agenda would ultimately breach their lands and send them into the midst of the next World War.   The EU military is worthless.   They have little defense.   The DoD arming Poland is too little too late.   And Poland has now been set up as a strategic HIT.  Not a good strategic point.

Biden has announced that the Cartel agenda is focused nearly exclusively on Nord Stream II – “It will never be approved”.   But the financiers of Nord Stream include FIVE European Countries.   The US has NO stake in the game.   And thus the internal RIFF rises exponentially.   Behind Closed Doors.

Thus it would seem at face value that Europe is ‘expendable’, according to the Cartel.   And that’s not going over too well.  After all, there are only so many berths on Bezos yacht!

As a result, the Rothschild installed Macron is calling for a dialogue between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France.   The US?   Not invited. The UK?   Not invited. And suddenly the media are decrying that if Russia invades – Biden will lose politically, if Russia doesn’t invade – Biden will lose politically.

And the Gamut was again breeched.   Ukraine’s annihilation, Russia’s advancement – are ALL a political stage for The Cartel.   Why?   Likely a test.

Canada was simultaneously ‘tested’ with the Trucker Convoy.   And like the January 6th Protest – Martial Law, Rule of Law, Communist Law – was proven to be the only deterrent.

And thus Macron jumps onto the podium steep and misses falling three feet to his collapse.   Brushing himself off, he limps to the podium and attempts to put his chin above the rank level – unsuccessfully.   As he vehemently decries that this war can be solved via dialogue – the media fails to note the Absurd:  The French Presidential Election is April 10, 2022.   AND to date – Macron has accomplished absolutely – NOTHING.

In The Art of War, a main tenet is ‘Know thy Enemy’.   And in this – The Cartel found themselves short. They miscalculated and thought that the majority of populaces would sheeple.

Unfortunately, these consistent miscalculations have also revealed that there are those with whom the populace place their trust – who may be compromised.   And were it not for Big Tech supplying Social Media – we might still be in the shadows.

  1. Ted Cruz.   Many had placed their faith in Cruz.   We believed he was a staunch advocate.   That is until a blip – a revelation – a politically damaging reveal… he has called the January 6th protestors ‘domestic terrorists’ and condemned their fate to Guantanamo!  That is incredibly – scary!
  2. Donald Trump.   I understand the pushback I will receive for this, but feel it is important in self evaluating Truth.   Trump aligned with the Cartel and Biden in demonizing Nord Stream II.   Trump also supported and marketed for the Pharma Industry in pushing Vaccines.   SAFE – he decried!

While I reserve my opinion on Trump at this point given all the positives he attained, Ted Cruz really hasn’t done anything noteworthy… and instead focuses on issues that are relatively passive in this day and age.

By contrast, there are two sources that remain staunch and elicit Truth – Ron Paul and Rand Paul.   Libertarians.   In an interview in the 1980’s, Reagan claimed he was more of a Libertarian in reality than a Republican.   The Interviewer denigrated this response – and Reagan in his easy going manner disintegrated the reporter…

Unfortunately, like the world we live in, there are fake, fraudulent libertarians just as pronounced as neo-conservative hawks such as Romney, McCain, Cheney, Bush, etc…

Navigating this cesspool is truly a tabloid sensation!

But, we need to keep our Eyes Wide Open.   Be vigilant.   Be as shrewd as a Fox.   Because even the slightest incongruous step could be our demise as a civilization.

While we study the historical demise of previous civilizations from a sanitized perspective, it is far more frightening when that perspective is our own civilization facing its perfunctory demise.   Not because of climate change or an asteroid, but because of EVIL.

Which opens the debate – would the real historical Truth reveal that civilizations died as a consequence of actual Evil?   Evil as an agent of humanity?   What happened to Paul’s Corinthians?   Thessalonians?   Greece?   Northern Africa was once – Greece.     Why does no one decry – GENOCIDE!

The Mycenaean’s.   A perfect example of a civilization that was destroyed by what would become The Roman Empire.   The same Romans – for which history has NO determination of their roots.   And thus – call upon mythology to create a House Built On Sand… A House that ultimately is absorbed – by The Sea.

CIA Paramilitary Operatives in Ukraine – Just For Funzies

According to the Pentagon, ‘some’ US embassy personnel along with CIA operatives have moved their offices from Kyiv to Lviv in western Ukraine to protect themselves from the inevitable attack by Russia.   1)   CIA paramilitary operatives are in Ukraine,    2)   Why would ‘some’ personnel be left behind for the imminent bombing?

An even scarier scenario as elaborated by the Pentagon is this:   “If the Russians launch a new invasion, there’s going to be people who make their life miserable,” said the former senior intelligence official.  “The CIA-trained paramilitaries will organize the resistance using the specialized training they’ve received.

All that stuff that happened to us in Afghanistan,” said the former senior intelligence official, “they can expect to see that in spades with these guys.”

In other words, the 20 year war in Afghanistan that was initiated by the US and NATO which resulted in the deaths of 215,000 including civilians – is their Model of Success.  

Afghanistan is facing an existential crisis with nearly 23 million subject to food insecurity/malnutrition/starvation.   Inflation is 41%, and measles, malaria, dengue, and polio have made a resurgence.   And the UN wants money – billions – because there is no economy left at all.

Ukraine?   Are you scared yet? These are your chosen allies.

Apparently, the Defense Department is not exactly using ‘intelligence sources’ for their media propaganda, but instead are using twitter accounts and independent anonymously sourced ‘analysis’ of Putin to foment the panic.   Which is WHY when asked for evidence, there is none.

One such source, is an obscure self declared cyber security expert whose twitter accounts boast that they are ‘followed by Human Rights Watch’  a Soros organization.   IMAGINE THAT?

While Kamaltoes has flown to Munich for the annual Munich Security Conference, ExAustin has flown to NATO Headquarters in Brussels.   Given Mz. Harris extensive background in security, safety, crisis and military threats, she was chosen to attend the summit leaving Brandon at home. We can only HOPE she doesn’t giggle…

Given the conference entails the weekend, Brandon declared he didn’t want to attend since he spends every weekend in Delaware, including the weekend the media pronounced he spoke at length with Zelensky, Putin, and Scholz.   Oodddd.

The media is required to attend virtually.  Well sortof.   Certain media is actually given a seat behind the stage, including:  New York Times, Washington Post, and the Financial Times – all Leading liberal rags owned by the CIA.  Oh the FT is owned by MI6.  Corrected. 

There will be no representative from Russia.

The Speakers list includes gosh darn notables;    John Kerry, World Bank President, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates, Tedros, Baumann, chairman of Bayer, Chatham House, Pelosi, New York Times, CCP, Zelensky, Bojo, Financial Times, and every Socialist imaginable.

Roundtable Discussions are by ‘invitation only’.   Stage topics include: Climate Change, Disinformation, Technology, Crises, the next polypandemic, Nuclear NATO, Cooperation, Crypto, Food Security…. Blah. The same drivel that has done nothing every previous year is on display once again for the last 5+ decades.

However, a few non-blahs do bare mentioning:   1) stemming the illiberal tide – the global challenge eroding democracy,   2) A long shot, rethinking and reinvigorating arms control, 3)   the role of cities – democratic game changers.

1.   Stemming The Illiberal Tide: The illiberal national crises were upended by Donald Trump, China & Russia. According to Foreign Affairs, “These populist politicians attack liberal order as a so-called globalist project that serves the interests of sinister elites while trampling national sovereignty, traditional values, and local culture.” Thus these political ingrates must be vanquished… apparently, so that the elite may rule. As Liz Cheney so eloquently put it, “My constituents are idiots.”

Discussing the disruption in the implementation of the New International Order, the elites state that these processes (to mediate the crises actors Trump, China & Russia) are already in motion. They stem not only from recent developments but also from forces that have been transforming international order since the start of the twenty-first century. 

Interesting choice of words – Forces.

2.   Reinvigorating Arms Control:   Gun control is a close parallel which has proven ineffective.   The predominant reason is simple – no one truly trusts anyone in the Global Arena.   Promises have proven worthless as we witness the Gorbachev NATO/Germany agreement of 1991.   Pinky swear – doesn’t garner much allegiance.   And in such a scenario, the ‘bad guys’ end up with ALL the weapons.

3.   The Role of Cities: Cities as they are conventionally built are being dismantled.   The US is the most obvious stage wherein we watch as crime, chaos, fires, destruction, and lawlessness prevails.   The purpose is to level cities.   Like a bulldozer might level a building.

The rebuilding would be the next phase once the absolute Mad Maxx chaos has been fully implemented.   And the newly envisioned tech cities will function along the lines of ‘factory towns’.

As rural and suburban home ownership became untenably unreachable for most, ultimately those persons will crawl back to the newly refurbished factory cities.   These human-robotons will work, eat, play, and sleep according to their factory owners.   They will be relatively de-humanized and more Human-AI.

Cities provide a closed environment for control.

This Agenda is discussed as part of the Master Plan for the Sustainable Development Goals.

It would appear that between Trump, Russia and a few European illiberal alliances, this plan by ‘the Forces’ has hit the restart button too many times and is forebodingly behind schedule.  FYI:  Star Wars – The Forces!

Ultimately the Ukraine-Russia scenario is simply to break Russia – and Ukraine is puppet expendable in that accomplishment.   Unfortunately, Zelensky’s massive experience as a ‘comedian’ did not provide him the necessary insight and skills to mediate Ukraine’s imminent destruction.

And European politicians have likely sought the pricey ‘bunker’ as they hole up and hope Russia does not use Nuclear warheads as their retaliation.   Certainly, IF Europe believed that Russia’s imminent attack was yesterday, the day before, the week before, and now tomorrow and beyond – they would have held their Munich Security Conference via ‘bunkers’.  Instead, despite the imminent and absolute annihiliation by Nuclear forces – They chose a party platform with appetizers, drinks, beef and fun ‘entertainment’. 

But their logical and rational critical thinking would seem to be a burp.   And the massives – the majority – the enlightened – are FAR more knowledgeable than the elites. Perhaps they could have coerced a society of 20,000 historically, but the idea they can deceive 8 billion is keenly in our CORNER.

Interesting non-attendants include:  Trudeau, Macron, Morrison, Biden, Jinping, Putin…