World Health Organization: If Africa Achieves 70% Inoculation The Pandemic is OVER!

The World Health Organization’s royal heinous has declared that if Africa and the middle east reach 40% inoculation by the end of 2021 and 70% by mid 2022, the CoVid Pandemic will end.   The means to achieve this mass inoculation of inequality is through funding of Bill Gate’s COVAX and Bill Gate’s AVAT.   Apparently $11 billion will be necessary in order to achieve this ‘initial’ goal.

With the exception of 6-7 countries, most African nations have a 1% or less vaccination rate with ALL vaccines cited as authorized by WHO, NOT approved.   The source of these statistical rates and ratio’s is fabricated by WHO.   The means of determination is a ‘guess’ by WHO.  And the money would go thru WHO.

114million doses of vaccines have been delivered to Africa, according to WHO.  Of those about 430,000 were destroyed given their expiration date had passed.   With a population of 1.3 billion and doses delivered 113,570,000 requiring 2 doses = 56,780,000 Africans have been fully inoculated representing 4% of the total population. (Assuming ALL doses have been administered). In order to get to even 10%, Africa needs 146 million doses administered at a cost of $2-$37 each. On average, that would cost $2.855 billion.   To achieve the 40% ratio would require $11.42 billion. And to get to the 70% vaccinated would cost an additional $3.4 billion.


In June 2021, Africa was lagging significantly in their death rates ‘with CoVid’ according to MSM.   Suddenly in July, global MSM’s began reporting a surge in deaths, shortages of beds and lacking ventilators.   Of course, numbers in Africa are manufactured and have absolutely no relation to fact – because Africa doesn’t keep records.   So WHO created the fear, gave their report to Johns Hopkins which then published the data.

According to WHO the Delta variant is to blame although no Africa nation has the ability to determine either the Delta variant or the CoVid 19 variant.   Therefore not a single person has actually been laboratory tested for variants.   In fact, the total number of people globally who have actually been tested for a variant that has NOT been sequenced is a couple thousand.   Fauci is the determining factor in Delta. He makes the guess/assertion and it is relayed as fact.

Lest we forget – Fauci has declared that the PCR Test utilized globally is NOT valid because it cannot differentiate between CoVid, Flu or a Cold.  Therefore that test has been ordered to be phased out no later than December 2021.   Meaning anyone who received that test received a faulty positive.

In the middle of the July surge created by WHO, Uganda apparently revised their numbers months after the fact to increase the CoVid death rate in compliance with – WHO.    I wonder if governments are paid to make these statements?   But Then Apparently, the media and Wikipedia are now the Source used by Who, Johns Hopkins and the CDC for determining cases, deaths, hospitalizations, and shortages of medical equipment…

“Global vaccine production currently stands at 1.5 billion doses per month, meaning “there is enough supply to achieve our targets, provided they are distributed equitably,” said Tedros. 

That would mean 18 billion doses per year for a global population of 9 billion, 70% of whom (outside of Africa’s 1.3 billion) have already been vaccinated.   And Moderna has announced they are building a ‘state of the art vaccine manufacturing facility’ in – Africa.   These numbers indicate an annual vaccination program has already been established – we just haven’t been informed yet.

Still, as usual the numbers just don’t add up.

Tedros, the WHO royal heinous, has used his mathematical genius to make the Africa shortfall an issue of inequality given there are plenty of vaccines to go around… and wealthy countries are not being ‘fair’.    But if 18 billion doses are churned out to vaccinate 70% of the population, what happened to Africa’s allotment?   Are countries hording extra vaccines?   70% of (9 billion – 1.3 billion for Africa) = 10.8 of the 18 billion doses have been used meaning 7.2 billion doses are unaccounted for.

Common Core Math I suppose.

As I have mentioned before, the ineptitude of the Cabal in creating their illusion continually breaks down leaving us to believe that their mathematicians and scientists and lawyers were likely given ‘honorary degrees’.  

4 thoughts on “World Health Organization: If Africa Achieves 70% Inoculation The Pandemic is OVER!

  1. The real tragedy here is how do they know there’s 9 billion people on planet Earth?

    One website claims there’s 7.9+ billion and growing. . Did they do a lot count? How do we know there’s approximately 1.5 billion in China and 1.5 billion in India? How do they know there’s approximately 1.4 billion in Africa if they aren’t keeping records? They don’t even know exactly how many undocumented illegals are in the US.

    Gates must be rubbing his hands in glee thinking of all the profits to be made from jabbing a needle into 8 billion arms multiple times a year.

    Even after the initial ROI on vaccines. I would think it would become self defeating as your vaccine victims start to drop like flies and you start running out of rubes to peddle your poison.

    Plus, the costs in bribes and hush money to world leaders, politicians, and medical personnel would escalate exponentially to continuously cover up the crimes against humanity. All the while those complicit in the crimes growing increasingly paranoid knowing full well that they’ll be next on the list to be eliminated once their usefulness as idiots is over.

    I would think that at a certain point the remaining humans would just march on the compounds of those multi-billionaires pushing these genocidal products and put an end to their plans of world domination.

    Maybe Billy Bob has a contingency plan for that too.

    I can only wonder what it will be like when Bill and Melinda and their three children are the only humans left on planet Earth. Will those billions (trillions?) in profits be worth anything by then?

    Will all these mass murders even be alive to realize their genocidal plans. Most like Soros and Klaus Schwab are in their eighties. Gates is in his late sixties. Can they really hope to achieve the elimination of 7.5 billion souls by 2030? Maybe it’s just me. But, I can’t imagine their current wealth will be worth a fraction of what it is now as the population of the planet plummets.

  2. Hi

    The alleged Covid 19 and its descendants is a psyop and will not end until its goals are met.

    The vaxxine bio weapon has already achieved twice more adverse events and deaths in 10 months than all the vaccines combined since records have been kept. Yes,,, Quite an accomplishment for a safe and effective life saving vaxxine.


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