Gates – WHO – World Bank – just lost billions as President Trump – Trumped!

“The best things in life are free
But you can keep them for the birds and bees
Now give me money
That’s what I want…”

In 2017, the World Bank collaborated with WHO, Bill Gates, Soros, and a number of governments and private investors to create Pandemic Bonds to assist aid agencies with managing the crisis that a pandemic outbreak would cause.   Sounds reasonable – sortof…

These bonds were issued with a maturity date of July 15, 2020, paying 6.5 to 11% interest above Libor, and were created to only apply to a pandemic resulting from flu – or coronavirus.   (In other words, they felt the probability of a pandemic from Coronavirus was possible as of 2017.)   Meaning that the bond would mature at par or premium as of that date, 7/15/2020, if no pandemic was called by WHO.   Mind you – 2017.   The interest payments have been funded by the governments -our good friends – Germany and Japan.

Today Class A Bonds are trading at a 25% discount and Class B Bonds are trading at a 95% Discount… meaning investors LOST money, and may explain the reluctance of WHO to declare a pandemic knowing the money that Gates and others would lose.

Another ‘term’ of the Bond was that money would not be released to actually help any country until 12 weeks after the Pandemic was declared.

March 11th was the Pandemic declaration by WHO – meaning any actual assistance wouldn’t be released until June 3rd  – at which point the Bonds may be deemed Junk and there is no money to aid.

Given there is evidence that WHO was aware of the potential for pandemic as far back as October or November, given that China massively attempted to cover up any indication of a fault line erupting, it opens the question if there were not other mechanisms in play to utilize the ‘element of surprise’ and take the Bishop and Castle from the chessboard.

TO add to the misery of the game, Gates and Gilead Science were busily preparing a vaccine to fight a pandemic before it existed.

The 2019 newly appointed CEO of Gilead formerly was with Genentech, a biotech corporation that in 2018 created a flu medication for Influenza A and B called Xlfluza. The typical side effects of this medication include: diarrhea, bronchitis, common cold, headache and nausea.   Coincidentally similar to the symptoms of CoVid.

When President Trump announced March 22nd that hydroxychloroquine could be a breakthrough breath of fresh air in curing CoVid, Gilead was left hanging in the proverbial wind with their Remdesivir drug that was believed to be the ‘only’ means of eradicating the virus.   Gates is fully financially linked to Gilead.

So now not only has Gates lost the value of his Bond investment in PEF, he is facing the possibility that his vaccine billions and his intermediary drug, Remdesivir, will be wholly worth $-0-.

ALL his plans for a pandemic billionaire convention hoard – have just been completely decimated!

So he orders his minions to shut down the economy while he regroups.   If he lost money, then everyone should lose money! While he thinks, while he ponders, how to rectify these losses that were all chess moves initiated by President Trump.

There are literally infinite numbers of NGO’s tasked with global health, pandemics, virus mitigation, biologic warfare, and infectious disease research!   Perhaps thousands.   And yet NOT ONE seemed to gain any notoriety for their CoVid prevention and/or awareness and/or aid.   NONE.

Unitaid is another Bill Gates propaganda machinization.   Founded in 2006 with a net worth of $1.6 billion, they are supposed to be our defense mechanism against the rise of global pandemics. Funded by Gates, France, the UK, Brazil, Norway, Chile, Spain and Korea, it would seem they did absolutely nothing to mitigate against our current pandemic.   $3 billion in revenue. But then their primary source of income is an ‘airline ticket tax’ which likely went to $-0- as a result of closed borders and the shuttering of airline traffic…

Gates has to be absolutely FUMING!

But then so is Clinton. In 2007, the Clinton Global Health Initiative and Unitaid worked in conjunction to supply drugs to Africa, specifically, ‘subsidized anit-malaria drugs’.

Don’t forget, Hydroxychloroquine is an anti-malaria drug in common distribution and relatively cheap.   So did President Trump trump them further by discovering that an old school malaria drug would cure Covid in – according to doctors – 24 hours!? Thereby decimating their vaccine response and eradicating every single source of profit and income in this created pandemic?

And was the virus supposed to have been released later – after the maturity of the Bonds? So as to destroy the 2020 election?

All this being said, try and imagine where we might be if even one of these Gates/Clinton agendas had succeeded? And imagine how freaking filled with rage they are for being thumped each and every time!!


85 thoughts on “Gates – WHO – World Bank – just lost billions as President Trump – Trumped!

  1. Speaking of education vs success, a factual story:

    When I graduated high school, there was a fellow in my class I’ll call Joe. He wasn’t very good at English, or at math, or at anything else except, I think push-ups in gym glass. Joe was voted “Least Likely to Succeed.” Well . . .

    By the time of our 40th reunion, Joe had beome by far the wealthiest of us all. He owned a chain of medium priced steak restaurants that served decent food for modest prices in about 14 or 15 states. Maybe 50 or so restaurants in all, I’d guess, probably making a couple hundred thou per year at each on average == also a guess. Anyway, at the reunion I asked him what the “secret of his success” was, and without a moment’s hesitation Joe explained the entirety of his complex business plan in very concise terms: “I buy a steak for $6” he said, “and I sell it for $12. That way I always make 6%.”

      • Yes, Helena, Comedy can make the world go round. Of course I think our world went round shortly after it was spun off from the sun, when it sorta coagulated a bit from being just a little molten liquid shapeless blob.. I’m trying to be serious now because I think it was the gravity of the situation that was responsible for the pleasing round outcome.

        I don’t know where the above paragraph came from because I intended to stay with the theme of education level versus income level and tell you about how the least attentive student in class wound up being the one to offer the most interesting answer during the 2nd grade spelling lesson. That was when Johnny, asked to spell “cow” said

        “Cow. C-O-W. Cow.” And when the teacher asked Suzy to spell “hen” she said
        “Hen: H-E-N . Hen.” and then A.D.D-afflicted Tom was asked to spell “farm” to which he responded with
        “Farm: E-I-E-I-O, Farm”

        Well, now I’m not so sure it was Tom. Mighta been Joe, now that I think about it.

      • Excuse me! What freaking relationship are you referring to? I don’t know you – I have no idea what creepy … – should I present you to the sheriffs department?

  2. You sure are an intense individual. Do you ever take some time out? There must be more to you than modern inconvenieces depict – not that they are of some import. Ain’t they more of an inconvenience if you are sufficiently IQ enabled? Sherry rocks. Some time out there …

    • I am not sure if you are responding to me or to someone else… of course, my other half is – the artiste! And I feel IQ challenged – in understanding what you are saying…or conveying… or –

      • Oops. The sherry got the better of me last night. Completely hammered. I think the point I was attempting to make was that all this analytical stuff – this doom and gloom laden stuff of the day – can take its toll on your mental well-being. Something like that anyway. A bit off topic to say the least. Sorry 😉

  3. Well back to the blog, I must say if this article is true Trump sure does play a good game of #D Chess wouldn’t you say?

  4. The truth is Remdesvir is going to make Gate a lot of money. Rich people think it extends life. Its 20-30K a treatment. As for WHO financing that is interesting.I’ll bet they knew and asked China to keep it quiet.

    • Being the astute businessman and his Intel people, he managed to take the DeepState to its knees. Will the media say a positive word.
      “The more you steal the less you have”

    • I Absolutely Love it !! Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people. Lol
      So happy. Go Jesus! Yo ure the one who sees all, knows all, hears all of the decietfulness going on and your all going DOWN!! He’s tired of it. God says” Enough” I’m taking all of you down..Amen and Amen.

  5. It all makes sense now, i’m glad I found Helena. shut the world down for a bad cold. I had the coronavirus, I was over it in 2 wks . i’m 70, it wasn’t bad at all for me. THANK GOD FOR TRUMP !!

  6. Wow, this is quite a story. I’m not certain Nerds should be leading the world towards Nerdvillatopia. Just thinking…

  7. Sickning, but not surprised…. it all comes from the want of power & money.
    Another tatic to have us be part of the World Order & become socialist & govern control. Wealth will have the power
    And Americans black or white will suffer
    Under the power group & government

    • Oh yes…I’m sure all of this very intricate and thoughtfully detailed and planned information is BS. Wow. Some people just cannot give up their pre determined outlook no matter what. Sad really. Well we will keep on winning one battle at a time while the perpetual heads in the sand just keep denying. KAG2020. MAGA2020. WWG1WGA PATRIOTS. TRUMP2020

  8. I love that President Trump has indeed hit them in the hip pocket…. $$$$ and are losing their power. I know who some of the evil players are….thank you for saving us from a global catastrophe from Australia

  9. These men are nothing better than murdering greedy manipulative scum and need dealing with by the highest Court in the country. Hopefully they will have all their money taken from them and end up in jail for the rest of their disgusting lives

  10. absloute gem, and I hope true. ,
    the West is the greatest victim. All around the world apologists are active in muddying the waters of the origin of this .
    There is no doubt about the manufacture of the SARS-COV-2 virus.
    It has been in the process of manufacture for more than a decade, and there were various travelled samples from Canada and USA.labs as well as funding Wuhan by USA. All enough to make you feel very sick.
    It, the SARS-COV-2 virus has sequences of HIV. and EBOL in a basic SARS and Corona package. HIV sequences, by the way, are patented by Fauci, and much of the rest by the psychopath Bill Gates. The questions remain to establish the entire network of rats in this nest. I am for direct vigilante action upon the culprits

    • We become the enemies we despise when we sink to their level and do not have faith in and use the constitution to achieve justice in our land and trust God to achieve it beyond the veil! Becoming vigilantes gives the monsters an excuse to use even more unconstitutional means to control us..don’t play their game. You and our nation will lose.

  11. Oh you are real Genius as I said before D Trump so proud of you as you have Scottish blood in your brains Well done I become a Scotish Citizen and proud of it I’m sure you have more in your selves to come out Clever ,Clever Love you since I was 15 years old and you where 5 years older than me You’re MAGIC

  12. Looks like for Gates, Soros, the democrap party, the NWO and hildabeast there is huge profits in killing regular working people around the world. Only an idiot will vote democrap.

      • Trump is a billionaire. He doesn’t manage his money – he has fund managers who manage his money. He likely has shares in hundreds of companies through a variety of funds. He is the ONLY President, Only politician to donate his entire salary – ever. Five years ago Trump wasn’t President. It is a nonevent.

        • Helena: Actually no, he is not the only president that didn’t take a salary (Washington didn’t until he was coerced to do so. Herbert Hoover did not. JFK not only donated his presidential salary, but donated both congressman and senator salaries as well.)
          YES five years ago! That is my point EXACTLY! Check the time frames in this article as well as the ones I linked. Apparently you read neither, or you would have read that Mr. Trump was specifically advised NOT to invest into Black Rock because it was a huge gamble. So YES he absolutely knew what he was doing. It was HIS decision, and he was advised AGAINST investing is 1 million+ dollars into it. I am not a hater, however I trust NO one sided shite. We have a brain and a God given right to research and question everything—God even DEEMS it so. Hence we don’t blindly follow untruths or those that quell. The truth sets us free. READ BOTH ARTICLES before casting judgement. BTW my WHOLE POINT is that it WAS 5 years ago, BEFORE he was president. Do you not “get that”? I don’t know why I am surprised by the lack of comprehension. The more you question, the more you research and the more you know. Best of!

          • In so saying – all you have done is elevate Trump to those who were above the Swamp. It is not a dirge to compare him to JFK. It is an honor. Imagine if Trump attempted to donate all Congressional salaries – the backlash would be legalistically Stupdendous! And I did read – but apparently you have no ability to disseminate, to logisiticulate, or to understand the basic premise of economics, or legal doctrine. if Trump was advised to NOT invest in Black Rock Years before his presidential run – what possible point are you making -? How could you possibly know such a thing unless you were privvy to his private investment dialogue, and why would anyone care what your personal interpretation would be? Have you done the same research into Obama, Bush, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Feinstein, Gates, … I would assume – not! Because your agenda has one motive -to demonize. You are obviously either a fearful troll of Soros, or a fearful troll of Gates – in either case, you have lost! How does it Feel!

          • Ms Ema – If you had actually used your God given brain and applied critical thinking and advanced research other than two ridiculous articles that provide anything worthwhile- you would know Trump invested his money because the annual return was lucrative. You would also know that Black Rock’s, Larry Fink, is a Clintonite. And further attempting to put a conspiracy on what President Trump owned BEFORE he became President is acting like a scolding teacher… And Carl Icahn is now your hero? Read how he made his money. Calling out my comprehension reveals the Liberal that you are – attack is the creed – the ethic – the moral high ground built in rubbish of arrogance personified. But then you are not a journalist, a researcher or a writer – which affirms your non-clarity of language and usage of internet slang to express thoughts… lol

            • (It’s Emanuel, BTW) Before I continue, I must advise you that I voted for and do support the president, and will again. Based on your comments and rhetoric, I detect that your assumption of my political affiliation is incorrect. Regardless of my political views, I will NOT let discrepancies slide nor overlook blatant inadequacies. Seeking the TRUTH is my job and also my civic duty and should be yours as well.

              That being said…

              In regards to “donating salary”, I was simply pointing out that YOUR statement regarding our current President being “the only president that refused a salary” is incorrect. Period. No judgement, no hierarchy, JUST FACTS. YES it is an admirable decision that he refuses his salary. YES JFK was “above the swamp”. However, your false statement suggest that historical truths and current politics are not a strong point. Again, researching, teaching current and historical events are my life’s path.

              As far as “how do I know Trump was advised…”
              I read the article, I researched other links in depth. I research everything, no matter who it is or from whence it comes.

              That being said, you obviously digested the original main, article linked to this page, in the same fashion that you accuse me. Your accusations are once again, typical.

              You believed everything in the base article, even though there were no links to substantiate the complete facts. Yes, there was truth, but there was NO additional substantiated proof of combined information for others. Yet when asked for specific information or links, some posting were virtually attacked. So I supposed I could ask you the same things, regarding THIS article, yes? How do you KNOW these things are true, if you are not a personal business acquaintance of Gates, Soros etc?

              YES I am being facetious. YES I have absolutely and very DEEPLY researched the evils of Soros, Gates, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Nixon etc. I repeat: historical truth, facts and current events are my job.

              The Pandemic Bonds (via Black Rock) ARE tied to our president. I have corresponded as well as contacted the WH hotline to inquire of this particular status. I want to know why bonds were purchased, why millions were allocated into what now seems a conspiracy. Being that all the evils (aka Soros, Gates, Clinton etc) are part of that, I want to know WHY our president is involved, even though he was advised against it. Incidentally, he stands to lose his contribution as well. Do you now understand why I question?

              I am a very far cry from a liberal. That is quite laughable. I simply believe in “calling a thing a thing!”

              On a side note, you chastising me for using internet slang is flippant, since we actually ARE creating conversation on the internet, ? I am not creating a thesis nor writing an article to be published. Smh. 👈🏽😬 Neither am I a “troll“. It is laughable because for most of my life, I have been very involved in Republican political campaigning.

              In closing, I shall never blindly follow anyone, even those that I support. I repeat: I support the president. I voted in his favor and I will vote for him again, but I will not go along with every action and I will question and research any discrepancies. The same goes for Qanon. WWGAWG1 YES! Yet I question everything, and I watch to see what does and does not manifest.

              The ridiculousness of division and diversions on ALL THREE SIDES (ours, theirs and the truth) are reasons for such a valuable waste of time. Common ground is the key. Albeit thwarted, I was hopeful to find it here. That’s obviously a negative.

              Be my guest in whatever retaliation and disagreement that you so choose. I am finished here, for reasons stated above. I shall move on to a more mature, open, honest and balanced regime of Republicans. Oh and feel free to “red mark” any internet lingo, misspelling, improper syntax etc. Blessings and safety for life. -Emanuel

              • Ema – you came on my blog site. You peddled a yahoo article without noting that we are not even referring to the same bonds! You spew and regurgitate on and on about how great and glorious you are while insulting me like a true bully pulpit obsessive fanatic. Now you bring up that I was a big meanie because I did not release my citations for everyone to copy. I offered to do so – if the person would reveal who they are – no one seemed interested in complying with that very basic request.
                I did not publish a research paper for a scholarly magazine! I published a blog. Do you demand the NYT release to you their citations? How about Fox? Of course not – because that would be highly laughable.
                You offered no research, no commentary, nothing of value in your comments except insults which is the character you display. Yet you are quick to laud your own unpublished research, unpublished views, and unpublished critique with quite a degree of arrogance. I don’t care what you’ve been involved in, you are a ‘guest’ on my blog and nothing more.
                In addition, your ability to read comes to question when my blog article was about pandemic bonds issued in 2017 to ‘private investors’ – not 2015 to Black Rock. So obviously you didn’t read very thoroughly.
                So in the end – you have just delivered a scathing insulting response about something completely unrelated to my blog and argued that you had this thoroughly researched and have demanded WHO, the corrupt entity to respond directly to you!
                Quite an ego – to be sure.

    • Yes, Thomas Millet. Only an idiot will vote Democrap. Thank you for that comment. True, it has been correct for many decades, and many of us realize that, partly because there are so many other evidences of Democrap voters’ idiocy it’s impossible to remember them all. However, when a new idiocy by them comes along, it is nice to hear about it and add it to the historically very long list, so thanks Tom.

  13. The only person Trump cares about is Trump… and how great he is, how much good he
    has done. He Sounds Uneducated Hillbilly When He Is Giving a Speech… I have heard
    High School Seniors Give Better Speeches At Graduation Give Better Speeches.

    • Apparently youre not great at speeches either according to the last 4 lines of your comment so how would you know?? Cast the stones of hate hate hate. 🙂

    • John, Your comment proves that you are indeed a moron … which is in fact an insult to all morons because they look like Einstein next to you.

    • It’s not his speeches, his personality, his texts, the way he combs his hair, or anything else personal. It’s what he does for the country. This man has more lies, and stuff thrown at him that was proven not true. While he try’s to do good for you and me. Why don’t you see that??? If you want to sound intelligent give credit were it is deserved. Or is it that you just don’t want to do better??? You like free stuff. Lol

    • Oh well done John! Another deluded, uneducated Hillbilly. You need to go back to school
      and learn some proper grammar.

    • Yeah well many BILLIONAIRES never passed 5th grade. But their business smart. Just like Trump. He doesnt have to spell correctly or even talk correctly to be THE BEST AND MOST PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT WEVE EVER HAD. And his policies have helped this country in so many ways….many seen, and soooo many unseen. MAGA2020. KAG2020. WWG1WGA PATRIOT . GO TRUMP. TRUMP2020 🇺🇸❤🇮🇱🙏🗽👌👍👊👮‍♂️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Have you also READ better speeches? Maybe ones Where They Capitalize Words For No Reason. Great grammar, too. Hillbilly!!

    • You should go back to grade school and finish your schooling. A third grade education won’t get you very far in life.

    • You are a total nit wit. You sicken me beyond belief. I can only look forward to November 2020 so that I can watch and listen to you and your loser socialist dead beats whine and cry even more than 2016. I live to hear you make asses of yourselves over and over. Later loser.

    • Read what you just wrote, hon, and then sniff smugly about how you’re not an *uneducated hilbilly*, lol

    • Really? So I suppose you simply adored Obama with his flowery speeches while he was stabbing all of us in the back? I didn’t vote for Trump to listen to him talk or read his tweets. I voted for him because he was a business man and didn’t financially need the job. He also loves his country and it’s people. He’s also a man of God! I really don’t care if he aggravates the power hungry politicians and apparently you also. Now you want to respond with some of his past financial mishaps and losses. Those were his losses. He isn’t trying to bankrupt the USA because he wants World Order. Actually I’m quite impressed with President Trump for staving off the ignorant and power-hungry Democrats while building our economy.

    • John, I think if you look the world over, you will find uneducated people wherever you look. Contrary to what you and many others think, there are many hillbillies with education. Yes, there are uneducated people in southern mountain states just as there are uneducated people in all areas of the country as well. You’d be surprised how much common sense some of those so-called uneducated hillbillies may have too along with their advanced educations or lack of educations. Some of them actually have learned what generalizing is. Believe it or not, most of us even wear shoes and pay taxes to pay salaries for many people who think of us all as uneducated hillbillies. My response has nothing to do with Trump, only with your term, “uneducated hillbilly.” I’m proud of my area of the country for many reasons, but especially for the fact many of us from so-called hillbilly states do not pass judgment on others we have never met. Therefore, I won’t point out the number of errors in your awkwardly written message that you did not proofread for errors before sending. Nor will I decide you are uneducated because of the errors in your message. You are a human being who may be quite delightful whether educated or not, but sadly what I know most about you from your words are that you are negative toward southern mountain people and regard people without education as of less value than others. You may not be that way at all in person nor are all people in hillbilly areas of the country as some perceive them. I wish you well.

  14. I wouldnt let any vaccine enter my body . Anything that is connected to bill Gates and George Soros is corrupt. I dont trust Democraps communist socialist like them.

    • Exactly.

      Stabbing a metal needle into your arm isn’t how your immune system works, anyway.
      Your immune system starts with your sinuses, with 80% of your immune system in your gut.
      Big reason to consume probiotic foods and tend to your gut health.

  15. How could they use people as guinea pigs just to make a profit they are sickening they need to be put in jail.

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