Bill Gates CoVid 19 Cure and Vaccine: Another Trump Chessboard Victory…

“We don’t want to have a lot of recovered people […] To be clear, we’re trying – through the shut-down in the United States – to not get to one percent of the population infected.” Bill Gates.

The players: Unitaid, WuXi Pharm Tech, Gilead Sciences, Bright Gene Biomedical. And – NIH – our veritable government institution formerly head by my brother-in-law.

The investors are always the same: Bill Gates, Clinton Initiative, UK, USAID, The Netherlands and China.

The Agenda?   Dualfold:   1. Create epidemic situations that give rise to drug therapies and vaccines, and 2. ultimately create the mother of a global pandemic wherein control of the therapy and vaccine profit margin will be absolute.

WHO the frick cares about the economy…not I said the little mouse Tedros.

Unitaid: Founded in 2006 with focus on TB, Malaria and HIV, it is backed by Bill Gates, the Clinton Health Initiative and WHO.   The formation’s purpose is stated to be to “further the development of new drugs…”   Unitaid’s main source of income is a tax levied on flights to specific countries in Africa, Europe, South America and Korea. The Head of Unitaid is Marisol Touraine of France whose father was an advocate for Socialism, Labour and Globalization.   She is a member of the Socialist Party.

WuXi AppTec and Biologics:   WuXi was founded in Shanghia China in 2000 by Ge Li specializing in ‘synthetic chemistry’.   As in mucking around with biohazard virus’s and manipulating them for funzies.   After acquiring a number of US companies, in 2012, they opened a chemistry factory in Wuhan. In 2013, WuXi entered into a joint venture with PRA Resources in Raleigh North Carolina to build a research business in – China. Shortly after the collaboration WuXi bought:     MedKay, Abgent, Xeno Biotic Labs, NextCODE Health and genomic analysis, Life Science Limited, Crelux GmbH, and joint ventured with -Medimmune (which became Astra-Zeneca in 2019) and PRA International.

In 2015, Wuxi spun off Wuxi Biologics as a Caymen Island public stock based in Hong Kong with an IPO of $511 million.   February 2020, Wuxi Biologics entered into a collaborative deal with Vir Biotech based in San Francisco to develop antibodies to treat CoVid 19.

Bright Gene Biomedical:   Founded in 2001, and based in Shanghai, Bright Gene was given approval/license from Gilead Sciences to make Remdesivir – the drug being pushed in the US to treat CoVid 19.   They focus on ‘antibody expression’ – as in identifying the antibody resistance which would relate to understanding why the vast majority of people survived CoVid 19.

Remdesivir was created by Gilead Sciences to cure Ebola. In conjunction with the CDC, Remdesivir was ‘rapidly pushed through clinical trials and used in the 2018 epidemic of Ebola.   But Congolese health officials nixed the drug in mid 2019 because they said it was ineffective compared to other remedies.  No great profits.

February 2020, Gilead announced they are partnering with WuXi.

February 2020 WuXI announced its relatively new subsidiary, WuXi Vaccines, and signed a deal worth $3 billion as a strategic partner with a ‘global vaccine leader” (unnamed).

April 2020, Bill Gates announced that he is investing billions to build vaccine factories in the US for 7 candidate companies.   WuXi already has 2 satellite locations in the US: Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.   Their net Profit is over 25%, their year over growth is 57%, 5% of the global market and 78% of China’s market.

Who are their major shareholders?

WuXi Holding Company, JP Morgan, BlackRock, Vanguard, Capital Research and Invesco.
Their agenda or drive is to infiltrate the North America market by building state of the art drug substance manufacturing factories. Three months ago Wuxi announced a Master Contract Agreement with their Ireland Factory to produce vaccines.

Nice neat package with everything ‘made in China’.

Central to the drug treatment and ultimate vaccination protocol is Bill Gates. With somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 billion invested in China, those investments took a beating, albeit not nearly as devastating as the peasant man/woman.   Still, money seems to consume his focus.   His fallback – vaccines.   But vaccines take time, more time than he had. With Trump releasing the Hydroxy treatment, such a measure could upend his entire program.

Locking people in their homes – mass prison measures – allowed Gates time.   Immunity would be slowed down.   The hyped media frenzied news would instill mind boggling propaganda instituting paranoia, fear, and chaos that would ultimately make people beg for the cures, the vaccines.   Herd acquired antibodies would not be allowed to rise within the populace.    

Gates drug of choice, Remdesivir would be hailed as a success and gain him popularity. Of course vaccine trials are paramount in pushing through approval. Finding volunteers willing to be guinea pigs can be difficult – but not in China. China as a healthy populace interned within their re-education camps – the Turkish Muslim Uyghurs.   Volunteers!  All seemed to fall in place…

But then:   People began recovering quickly, the dire numbers fell into abysmal lows, and lockdown measures were challenged.   Even with falsified death certificates, the numbers were not what Gates needed.   The concept of asymptomatic was already disputed in an NIH study before CoVid, and then the mother of all chaos was initiated when Trump issued an EO shutting down all immigration and VISAs!

Sex and child trafficking will grind to a halt.  Hollywood can’t party.   And Bill Gates will have a vaccine shelved.

Imagine being a fly on the wall…



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  1. On your way out don’t let the gate hit you in the ass, Bill. But go ahead and fund WHO with $500 million of your money if you think it is so important. Thanks, Helena. You rock!

  2. 04/21/2020: Imagine being a fly on the wall……I’m not so interested in what that fly overheard as to what he saw, a lot of children being rescued from traffic.

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