CoVid 19: Suing Bill Gates For Economic Collapse??

It’s the end of the world as we know it,

it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel not fine…

The death spiral of state debt will be the next phase of the unconstitutional lockdown.   Sales tax revenue is near nonexistent, state income taxes dove into the abyss with rabid unemployment, and Governors across the country are demanding someone, anyone – bail them out because they haven’t a clue!

My own fair state, Colorado, enjoyed a robust economy, rising home values, and relatively low unemployment – we were singing in the rain.   But then our governor decided to let loose a hailstorm of golfball size proportions.   The debt clock is now showing arrears of $10 billion and growing – $11,724 per citizen.   Illinois is in the hole $23 billion.   Of course, New York is leading the pack with $58 billion and counting, while California is bringing in a close second of $43 billion.

The race is on to see which state can crumble and fall the hardest! Bookies are likely jammed with bets and odds as the horse round the final lap…

Under existing law, a state may not declare bankruptcy.   However, they can attempt to renegotiate their debts – most specifically the debt that eats every budget – pensions. Unfortunately, such a move would likely end up in the Supreme Court for years.  And the death spiral would drag on.

Other desperate moves would be to attempt to restructure bonds, and yet again the obvious gas tax might become their only option. Of course, few people are driving, so the tax revenue would be pitiable at best.

Trump has played an interesting game of poker in all this by not mandating states to reopen,  and instead provided guidelines thus entirely limiting Federal exposure. Thus the states, governors and mayors are accountable and responsible should class action lawsuits erupt.   If such actions did take place, the states and cities would likely defer all responsibility to the Health Departments and the various models being used to make assumptions of death, doom and mayhem.

Which takes us full circle to Bill Gates.

The Institute For Health Metrics and Evaluation was the model preferred by both Birx and Fauci.   Why? It was founded and funded by Bill Gates and therefore projected what he wanted it to project. Other funding comes from GAVI, CDC, Saudi Arabia, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Quite a bit of what one might call, ‘conflict of interest’.

The CDC regularly provides us with disease rates and numbers. The fine print that many don’t understand is that many of these numbers are ‘estimates’ given that real numbers simply are not available.   For example our annual flu rates are estimates with varying ranges of +/- as much as 300-400%.   We may have had 10,000 die of the annual flu or 40,000, they are just guessing – based on models from IHME.   WHO uses the same metric.

For what purpose?

Vaccines of course.   They are selling vaccines.   And it worked.   The problem with the estimates for CoVid, is that actual deaths were being counted instead of estimated deaths. So the CDC decided to opt for the Gates agenda and began counting nearly all deaths as CoVid.   Candace Owens revealed an interesting revelation:   “Every time a hospital admits, discharges or loses a patient to CoVid, they are compensation 15% more according to the CARES ACT, Sec 4409. “  

When governors laid down the law of lockdown, hospitals were relegated to admit only ‘essential’ emergency patients. As a result, beds were not filled, surgeries cancelled, and nurses laid off!   The true crisis in healthcare was actually created by these lockdowns, and CoVid proved to be about 2.5% of what was projected by Bill Gates model – including those that truly died from automobile accidents, heart attacks, annual flu, etc… Oops.

Another rather revealing guidance came from the National Vital Statistics System which gave guidance for doctors on how to fill out death certificates for patients.   “Testing for CoVid is not necessary as long as the doctor assumes that Covid might have played a role in the death.”

The Institute for Health Metrics works in collaboration with WHO and the UN, two very worthless, overrated, overfunded organizations that have well outlived their usefulness. The Director of IHME, Dr. Lincoln Chen, is also President of the China Medical Board of Cambridge that was organized by the Rockefellers in 1914. Chen served as Vice President of the Rockefeller Foundation and represented the Ford Foundation – two very liberal minded organizations that have been loosely associated with the cabal, or the swamp.   Dr Chen’s biography links him further to WHO, Ted Turner, and the Social Science Research Council where he sits on the Board.

The SSRC, another nonprofit making millions in net revenue, was apparently instrumental in convincing FDR to create the Social Security System and ultimately joined forces with the Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations.  And the circle is thus complete and Bill Gates sits on the throne.

All this leads to who can these potential class action citizens – sue?

Suing states that are broke will obviously be a worthless cause of action.   And so, the adage “Follow The Money” seems appropriate. In this case, the money would be Gates Foundation, WHO, and all the foundations and NGO’s sitting on piles and piles of tax free assets that governed beneath Gates and his Foundation to dictate to the Liberal governors how to crash our entire economy … all at once.

5 thoughts on “CoVid 19: Suing Bill Gates For Economic Collapse??

  1. Another article on resmedivir indicates the China has applied for a patent ahead of Gilead. This patent was applied for with timing of the virus release in China. Gilead and Gates are one in the same financially. Gilead has been working on resmedivir since 2016. Connect more dots Helena. Your on to something!

    • The Financial Times reported that the first trial of resmedivir flopped, so it is basically gone, and Gilead shares tumbled after that announcement. All virologists have said that the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be gone or mutated into a weaker virus before ANY vaccine is developed and tested through all 3 phases. The entire vaccine subject is nothing more than a money trail scam, as are all of the common flu vaccines, for the same reason.

  2. If we could only impoverish some of the big money guys we might get somewhere – and I am not just talking about the virus either 😉

    • It isn’t likely that we will improverish them. However, if we could expose them for what they are perhaps the people will begin to listen. Even exposing them will not be easy. Hey, I like the idea of impoverishing and I would be on board.

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