Bill Gates: The Vaccine Pandemic Epidemic…

As of 2015, there were about 1.56 million nonprofit charities in the US, and 86,000 Foundations.   Total assets held by the charities were $3.67 trillion.   That is accumulated wealth. It represents an increase of 256% since 1998.   Never taxed. Active in lobbying within limits.    

As of 2018, Bill Gates Foundation alone held assets valued at $47.85 billion.

In the early 1800’s Americans had created charities and voluntary associations such as hospitals, orphanages, seminaries, churches, etc…

There are four main Federal Agencies that disburse US tax dollars to NGO’s:   USAID – budget $41 billion, National Endowment for Democracy – budget $168 million, Middle East Partnership Initiative – $7.3 billion (as of 2016) and US Institute of Peace – $38.6 million.   In addition, foreign aid amounts to $40-$50 billion. States also use taxpayer funds to support NGO’s.

In the ordinary world, when an individual donates to a charity it is a tax deduction if the person itemizes. But when taxpayer funds are donated by the federal or state government – no tax deduction is inferred, and taxpayers are not given a choice where or how those dollars are disbursed. It is something like double-dipping.

Shouldn’t taxpayers be given a tax deduction for the charities our Federal and State government – fund?

In 1998, the UN created the UN Foundation – a charity – and simultaneously created the UN Fund for International Partnerships as a sort of ‘coordinating middleman’ because the Foundation was incapable of actually administering its funds. The Foundation partners with UNICEF, CDC, Red Cross, WHO, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.   30% of the funding for the Global Polio Initiative comes from Gates.   We know that Gates is the primary funder of WHO.   So who is running what – why and how?

And as a result, the Gates vaccine for polio was adopted – globally. Qud Pro Quo – or tit-for-tat. According to a, ‘since deleted Market Watch Report from 2019’, the polio vaccine is likely to reach a $1.630 billion revenue source – annually by 2024. Despite the fact that the polio rate in the US is ummm … -0- for the last 40 years, the vaccine is still a recommended childhood prescription to the tune of 4 recommended inoculations.   While the hype would have us believe that the vaccine eliminated all polio in the US as of 1976, the bell curve had plunged to near zero – years before the vaccine.

Natural immunity.

But Gates is NOT natural.   He has 2 very inter-related focus’s; 1. Vaccinate the world for everything so as to make him/me mega $$$$,   and 2. Depopulate the world so the true King can rise to power.

And in this twisted vision, emerges the real Health Crisis. The real Health Emergency.   We are pumping chemicals into the bodies of children whose immunity is still in its growth – for diseases that haven’t existed for decades.

Running out of diseases requires new and worldly diseases – CoVid 19 filled that prescription. Not necessarily through actuality – but with the help of the Friends Gates had bought, it filled a void that Gates needed.

So how does one man control the world’s most respected organizations?

NIH, one of the most respected health organizations in the US is sitting on $110.5 million in undistributed assets. Annual executive payroll is $2.58 million and out of a total revenue of $63.4 million in 2018, it disbursed in the form of US grants per its charitable charter $15 million, the largest recipient of which would seem to be – itself… under the guise of IRS code 170(c)(1) – which references a ‘state academic university’ without referencing the actual university.

I sit at my desk with a spectacular view of Pikes Peak and watch the variety of people responses walk down the sidewalk – and the street – sometimes couples who live in the same household distancing 20’ or more and wonder, “was this just a test to see what could be done in such a relatively short period of time?”   Who were the rebels and who were the lemmings?

And of course, – the now $4 trillion question – why?

How could governors decimate their entire state knowing the fakery?   What kind of person could they be?   Or are they blackmailed? Are children threatened in the blackmail? Or are they really so self consumed that their own perversities are at stake…

Within this – I do believe that President Trump knows far more than we can even imagine.   I think his intentions are honorable.   And I believe that without him we would have succumbed to communism in 2017.   I know that I have no control of what happens, but I also realize that moral, ethical, and verbal support are paramount!   And if we fail these very basic ideologies, we are essentially curling in a ball and doing absolutely – nothing.

Don’t be a caste sheep.   Don’t wait for someone else to lead you.   Trcensorshipump is fighting for our basic Freedoms… are you?

14 thoughts on “Bill Gates: The Vaccine Pandemic Epidemic…

      • I’m not holding my breath for Trump or any bureaucrat to restore my freedoms. That’s for me to do. They’re all beholden to special interest that don’t have my best interest. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are all rolling in their graves. God rest their souls.

        I still like your website, though.

        • I don’t think Trump is beholden to special interests (except for Americans) , he is not a politican and doesn’t need money….

          • I want to believe that. Here’s my question (a few actually).

            The Deep State – is this one entity or competing factions?

            Realistically, the deep state would have to be competing factions in terms of interests and ideologies (internationalist vs. nationalist at the most basic level).

            If this is true, then where does Trump fit in?

            Is he battling the entirety of a vast deep state?

            Was he recruited by a particular faction of the DS to fight another?

            Or did he just step up on his own to clean the mess without any direction?

            I contend Trump was recruited by some entity within the DS in reaction to fight the faction Obama represented during his presidency.

            So who are Trump’s overlords? Kissinger? Pentagon nationalists? Rockefellers (a la Rex Tilerson)? I don’t know.

            I just don’t see him as a white knight or a modern day Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

            But I’ll eat my words. I’d love to see Trump do the following:

            Expose cult of pedos
            Audit the Fed
            Abolish Income tax
            Reduce Military budget by 90% (Russians developed top weapons with a fraction of the bloated budget US has)

            Will he do any of that if he is reelected?

            • Good questions!
              The Deep State is one entity fighting those that oppose it’s ideology. what makes them a hugely viable opponent is because they are not factored, they are an alignment of mafia’s, gangs, politicians, and those who voluntarily sold their proverbial soul for fame and fortune. That is what makes them such a formidable enemy! If they were simple factions like gangs in the 1900’s they could be easily eradicated. But this is a sophisticated conglomerate who rule by force, by blackmail, by corruption, by any means to control the outcome.
              Trump was apparently targeted a couple decades ago as a potential individual whose beliefs questioned this rule of authority. Historically, Hillary stated he would make a great president some day. Before she became the target of his unraveling.
              Yes – he is battling the entirety which is what makes Trump supporters all the more envigorated that he can endure, withstand, and slash thru the demons like a William wallace of lore. He had to be recruited. every Presidential candidate in history is – recruited.
              Of course Trumps’ overlord is not who you mention. Trump is unique and that is what ultimately drew those that are also unique and different from him to want to fight alongside.
              Trump has exposed the peso’s – he has orchestrated hundreds of pedophile takedowns, sex trafficking takedowns – etc… What he does is simply not reported by MSMS, so you need to expand your thought process.
              Abolish income tax – never happen.
              Audit the Fed? That isn’t his job – it is the job of those within agencies.
              Reduce military spending by 90%? Craziness! You compare to a russian state wherein the economy is completely different, wherein the use of funds is different, wherein the aid spending is ridiculous, wherein the NGO’s proliferate? You are not well versed.
              Please understand – Trump is not Sainthood. NO one has been able to do what you demand – ever! However, he is the first to tackle these issues with success!
              Be reasonable – and you will have faith.
              Be a critic – and you will never be satisfied.
              Put these in terms of your home life… how’s that working for you?

              • More questions – help me get better versed.

                –Who do you believe recruited Trump?

                –Obviously I don’t read MSM. I know that in order to find news stories about trafficking busts, one has to go to local news, but what is stopping Trump from shining a light on these via Twitter? So what if the media would twist this – they do with everything else. They managed to convince half the country that he advised drinking lysol when he said it would be interesting to look into disinfectants (clearly hydrogen peroxide) and he most certainly did not recommend drinking it. So they will mince whatever he says. Why not drop a bomb from twitter? A bomb was dropped before the election with pizza gate. Why not just one more bomb? Why does it have to be behind the scenes? You can’t say its because the MSM would misconstrue – they do that with everything. I suppose you could say it would get him killed. I’d like to think he has excellent loyalty from SS.

                – Why not call out the Fed? He did during his campaign? Any serious student of power elite analysis knows that Central Banks are the epitome of crime. Actually, Christ said the love of money is the root of all sin. Who loves money more than Central Banksters? Money creation via forced low interest rates fosters the welfare/warfare state. Without that, very difficult to fund WWI, WWII, and nearly 5 decades of Cold War, not to mention trillions from Pentagon and CIA black budgets. Hey, kill three birds with one stone!

                -Rely on other agencies to audit fed? Who, the DOJ? Mr. “perfect storm of coincidences led to Epstein suicide” AG Barr? Obviously not Lynch or Holder! They foisted Goldman’s losses onto the public! Definitely the SEC! By the way, why do we even still have a stock market if the Fed is going to ultimately buy everything like the Soviet Union did.

                -Why not shrink the military budget? Our country was never meant to be in perpetual warfare. I bring up Russia not as a shining example – but rather as an analogy that with a tighter budget – an entity can still be innovate and develop state of the art defense without spending anywhere near1 trillion. Don’t misconstrue.

                -To be an empire and a Republic is simply impossible. They are antithetical. You know history well enough to realize there is a stark line between the two and the Rubicon is that line. Choose one. Republic or Empire. Jeffersonian Democracy (bill of rights, strict interpretation of Constitution) or Hamilton Counter Revolution (anything goes constitution, banksters gone wild, and perpetual warfare for imperial glory). Jefferson understood that a national bank was a great threat to liberty – precisely why he didn’t want one. We had great economic growth without one. If Trump sided with freedom, that would be one of the top priorities.

                –So who recruited Trump? I’d like an idea. Do they want a real Republic or an Empire?

                Because you asked about my personal life – after enduring a very difficult 9 months – not to mention a power-grab pandemic during my wife’s last trimester – we had a perfectly health beautiful baby outside of the medical system. Our faith in God is stronger than ever.

                • While I do understand you are not looking to be ‘better versed’ and you believe you are somehow ‘playing’ me – I will oblige nonetheless, because the game is insincere, but perhaps I might help others listening to your – ummm – discourse to see the ingenuine aspect of the dialogue.
                  Who recruited Trump? Well you thereby assume he was recruited – which means you believe there is a good and an evil. So I will leave that to you to decipher given I know the answer – for me.
                  Why does it have to be behind the scenes? You betray your non-military heritage. This is a battle. Battles can be lost when not aligning with basic tenets of the Art of War, of intelligence, and of honor.
                  The military budget is a cock stance. It is malehood from the beginning of time. Show me weakness and I will destroy you. It is is the normal thought process and has been forever???
                  everything Trump does is in a few steps before the ‘enemy’. He is ONE man, and you and others are angry because he doesn’t exhibit the power of 1000 men! 10,000 men…
                  Instead, honoring the good he has done would be much more productive – no?
                  Try it some time

                • I am remiss – I am very happy you and your wife have welcomed a healthy beautiful baby!! I love my three sons dearly and cherish telling and retelling their stories over and over – and they indulge me. Midwives are amazing – and not nearly so stressful! – God Bless ~

    • All that because you didn’t respond to the blog post, you didn’t have a commentary of critical thinking – instead you simply levied your opinion of our President. commentary would typically include discussion about the article being presented and then perhaps some thoughts relative to opinion. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many democrats to engage in an actual discussion without immediately throwing out insults that have no basis in fact, but are instead pools of emotion, anger and vent. When called Trump a coward who has done nothing – you realize that is not even a discussion – it is more worthy of CNN. So, let’s start with a pill:

      • 1) I came from LRC blog

        2) I like your analysis – i dont have any critique of it, just critiquing the Trump sycophant crap.

        3) I simply asked you to give me a concrete reason to believe he will restore freedoms. You could have said “he’ll follow through on his withholding funds to WHO” or provide me with evidence of what specifically hes done behind the scenes about trafficking. But I see a lot of promises and little delivery.

        4) instead you took it personal when it was directed towards the president. God forbid a registered independent criticizes the president! Send him to the camp!

        5) I read your bio and thought someone with all that training and discipline has thick skin. Lo and behold your emotions got the best of you.

        Anyone who bashes Trump is automatically on the left? Get out of the false left/right paradigm. The real paradigm is control/freedom.

        I still like your site and will continue to return.

        How’s that for critical thinking 🙂

        • I gave you magapill because it is much more than I could have provided in a response. I took it personally because you gave your criticism with no real backing or supportive argument, no actual discussion, just another spew. I try and incorporate as much statistical and math as I can – because it isn’t opinion. If I didn’t have thick skin, I would not have responded at all. And you are a registered democrat – so yes that puts you on the left.
          All being said – Thank you for returning to my site

  1. I’m looking to be sold on it. What is one thing Trump has done to increase our freedoms? And not “has empowered political correctness” or “has made overt challenges to the deep state.” If he’s playing 4-d chess, when will he strike at their throat? Or is the best we’re going to get “he kept us out of Syria.”? Well his cabinet picks are all deep state, and he could have drained the swamp with the Epstein affair when it went public. I want to believe but by my estimation he’s a coward.

    • OKAY – go right for the belligerence – don’t sugar coat anything! What Trump ‘does’ is largely behind closed doors because should it be fodder for the media, the result would be upended. For example – behind the caustic spew of the Liberal MSMS trump has been fight Child and Sex Trafficking like no other. Because of course, this appendage of disgusting behavior has infiltrated all sorts of peoples – both men and women. In fact, it is an industry that is said to control upwards of 95% of men and women. whether simply thru what you would call ‘soft porn’ to the dark web. It should be the topic of discussion daily. It should be headline news. Hollywood, Politicians, Sports stars, Entertainment et al are supposedly partaking in some fashion. So Trump attacking this could potentially take out hundreds of thousands!!! My personal estimation – is you are a BOT instigator. And that’s okay – because you are still there. SO – do you embrace child trafficking? Hev and you participate in Child or Sex trafficking? Do you watch porn on your computer? So get off your high horse and pay attention to the real tragedies in this world! Or wake up in a communist gulag and wonder what the freak happened…

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