Planned Parenthood – FOCUS on Reality

What is this support of Planned Parenthood? Where does it come from?  Somehow, the point has become entirely lost!   This is not about std testing or cancer testing, or any other service performed by Planned Parenthood.  This is a straight focus on ONE issue – harvesting of fetus body parts for sale!  Period!

The disgust is not with ‘women’s rights’, it is with the fatalistic, disgusting notion that selling body parts is okay.  Is it okay to harvest adult body parts without consent? What if we start subjecting our elderly to harvesting of their parts when we simply decide we don’t want to care for them any more? They have over-stayed their welcome on this planet and need to do something worthwhile – give us their body parts for “science”. Doesn’t matter if they want to die, because, well, the government says they have over-stayed. It is – time.  And euthanasia dictates…

Far fetched?

Really? All things lead to further allowances, further pushing of boundaries. All we need to see is the euthanasia that has led Norway into a state of murder. Children don’t want the burden of their parents – that’s okay – euthanize!

It’s not about fantasy – it is about having boundaries. Boundaries are necessary in a relationship and they are necessary in a society. Without boundaries, a marriage dissolves into divorce and a society into chaos. Why is it that we can relate to one – and not the other?

They are forever interlinked. Lose one and you lose them all.

Why is continued funding of murder and body part harvesting even considered?  What could possibly be the rationale? A few women protesting the ‘right of women’ to sell the tissue and arms and legs of their aborted fetuses? Do they want a part of the $$$? Is that their motivation? A new industry: get pregnant, sell the aborted fetus, and get pregnant again – it’s a living…

When we declare it a ‘right’ to kill a fetus, is it any different than a right to kill a dog, a cat, a child, a homeless person, an immigrant? Where is the boundary? It is a hazy gray area that has no justification in morality. But if society ‘says’ it’s okay, then the masses flock in agreement without having even the most remote concept of ‘what they are doing’.

Do not judge them for they know not what they do!

But society does know. The media does know. And they attempt to aggressively block this Truth that could be available through ultrasound, through counsel, through compassionate dialogue. Why? Because it does not further the almighty cause of material dollar – a Ferrari, whatever. Because the Truth might cause a percentage, a group that represents $$$ – to change their mind.

Planned Parenthood has been called out – to the forefront – without panties, and they are running in circles, blaming a few, scraping the barrel to clean up the mess and disassociate themselves from anyone who might bring them down further. But they have a staff of idiots, and their response has been feeble, unprofessional, and purely pathetic.

Who supports this ‘charitable organization’ that receives huge federal funding? George Soros, Bloomberg, Mostyn Law Firm, Goldman Investments, Bonanza Oil, Trace Foundation, etc… some oddities include; Monterey Bay Aquarium, Tiff Advisory Services, Museum of Modern Art, Barbara Lee Foundation, etc…

And to clarify! No one objects to the OTHER services performed by Planned Parenthood. The objection is very specific. The objection is a moral one, and the objection is rationally motivated. No one objects to their cancer screenings, their std screenings, their services that have a positive purpose and outcome. The ISSUE – is the illegality of specific procedures. Period! Do not lose sight of the obvious, the focus, and you will come to understand. No one is attacking Planned Parenthood for the value they do have in ‘other’ aspects of their services. This is specific. It is focused. It is heinous.

Address the issue rather the 50 other arguments that have no bearing whatsoever on the allegations.

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