Republicans Supporting Hillary

Republicans supporting Hillary?     That’s heinous – and it defiles the Republican Party!  It only seems to support the notion that the Good Ole Boys are a club that will do anything to maintain power and the gender identity has been crossed. The Boys aren’t for their party – they are for the Cabal; Bush, McCain, Romney, Kagan, the list is growing and the allegiance is obvious – it isn’t the party, it isn’t the ideologies, it is the Cabal. Which only emphasizes the people, the citizens who are not represented, we are ruled like slaves.

So if the Republican Party backs a Democrat for President, does that mean that the Republican Party has officially been corrupted by the shadow power structure?   Have they succumbed, or was this where they existed all the time?  Has the party system been a joke?  Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Is it any different than the church changing it’s views to align with the liberal views of homosexuality?   No. It is a line that you either have – or you don’t. Just make a statement and stick to it, abide by it, adhere to the ethic and morality, just take responsibility!!  Help me here!

I have three sons – each completely unique and special for who they are.  I would die for each of them in a second. But I do believe, if you as an organization, whether it be political, environmental, religious, or whatever, and within your framework you have rules that are sacrosanct, you don’t waver. They are the rules. This is what defines who your are, your values and what we can expect you to be!    If you are republican – then you DO NOT back a Democrat unless there is a corrupt agenda that you are attempting to support.  And therein you become quite very – suspect – as a defector, or worse, an outright traitor.

The Trust – goes flamingly out the window in a split second!!

McCain – he is a known crazy who has backed world obliteration. Romney? I actually supported, but have changed my mind from support to absolute fear! Bush – we always knew he was knee deep in the shadows, and so the lies go.

Add to the craziness, and we have Democrats, grown middle aged people staging a ‘sit-in’ on the Congressional floor like they were in college and 18 years old! And we are supposed to respect these people? It is absurd! Did it work in the sixties? NO! So why do these middle aged loons think they will garner respect exposing their vericose veins and pudgy waistlines and too strict suits and pompador hairstyles in a very immature – sit-in?    They each live a mega lifestyle, pay heinous amounts for their mortgage and cars and swimming pools and nannies, live like royalty, and yet they have the audacity to stage a ‘sit-in’ like they are Goldie Hawn on Laugh In!  Ewwwwww….

Ugh. Personally, I find it incredibly embarrassing.

How old are you? What year is this? What degree did you get from college? Protest marches?

And somehow, these grownup politicians think that by staging a ‘sit-in’, they are showing how much better they are than the bombast of Trump? They are showing their superior intellect and advanced degree?

Help me!

And as the media debates what is fair game in advertising for the campaigns – we already know – everything is fair game – because that is the bimbo line drawn years ago. Doesn’t make it right – simply makes it reality. Attacking Trump’s wife is fair game – but attacking Mr. Bill’s lecherous past is somehow not… Attacking Trump’s business dealings is fair game – but attacking Hillary’s bogus foundation – is somehow – not. Attacking Trumps’ appearance is apparently fair game – but it is heinous to attack Hillary and her ‘appearance’.

Hypocrisy is large and in charge. What is fair – in today’s politics – would seem to be – everything. As in – buyer beware.

As in the Brexit campaign, we are seeing a topsy-turvy situation in which the actual truthful outcome is an unknown, and the propaganda is so pervasive no one has any idea why they support one side or the other, they only know what they have been told.

What is clear is that Soros is weighted in Gold. And a Brexit will cause gold to spike – temporarily, and the pound, to spiral, temporarily. But the sentiment of the people will make everything feel a bit off, a bit uneasy, whatever the outcome. And ultimately, that is the agenda. It makes us feel vulnerable, it makes us feel unsteady, it makes us feel anxious. And that is the true Brexit. Not the reality, but the designed.  And then – somehow – everything will fall into place and all will be alright… until the next perceived crisis and we panic!

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love – that you make. And that’s all there is.

Trump Trumps

With 16 GOP candidates all vying for the chance to rule the United States, divvying up the poll becomes a sticker shock of sorts. I mean if all were equal, each would share 6% of the votes. So it is not news that the garbage, rageful, potty-mouth vendetta’s should begin early on as vetting is necessary.

It is also important to consider who the pollsters are in these random tallys. For example; the Quinnepiac University Poll – if you haven’t heard of them, you aren’t alone. But they are declaring themselves to be; highly accurate and the gold standard. Their random sampling is of 1000 age 18 and over registered voters. And despite their claims to fame, they have a scanty record of accuracy. Nonetheless, the media likes polls and so they are often cited…paid to cite.

Trump has shown a breakout in the polls, and the low ballers are miffed taking swipes that do nothing to give integrity to their own failing run. What to do, what to do… In classic style reminiscent of the reality Survivor series, elimination of the competition is top priority. So the GOP is ganging up on Trump for only one purpose, to eliminate the one who has the most points. How righteous… And the Games begin!

The intention is to eliminate as many as possible as quickly as possible so as to confuse the polls and delete what people think or want so that the competition is now among the losers that no one really wanted in the first place but that’s all that is left. It’s the political tact to force voters to choose between two evils, instead of values. I do not qualify as a Trump supporter, I have made no choice as yet, I am merely a bystander watching the melee.

One advantage to Trump is simply his team. They are sharp. They turn every bad press to a press – then to a positive press – it’s a win-win situation and the others are way too over-matched to get it. When the other ‘contestants’ rant, their raves look scary because they were supposed to represent a decorum of sorts. Now, we see their true nutty professor self. And it ain’t pretty.

Graham doing some goofball video about cell phones is a loser rhetoric, he’s already on the defensive and he is hardly addressing anything of importance. Not a good sign. His campaign is ummm, misinformed, I’d garner.

But candidates rely on polls in order to determine which side of an issue they stand. If the poll indicates that the American people don’t care, then the candidate stays on the sidelines. Making no comment, the candidate can then come back later and make a stand if the poll changes.  It’s called hypocrisy and deceit.

On the other side of the equation we have Hillary and Bernie. With Hillary gaffs, Hillary lies, and Hillary coldness, her appeal as a woman is lost. She crosses the line of all ethnicities, religions, nonreligions, class, you name it, she makes people cringe. Martin O’Malley has an uphill battle given the Baltimore debacle of inane leadership, not to mention his bizarre claim that global warming led to the formation of ISIS. I mean, if that were the case, then wouldn’t California be an ISIS haven?

So the dog fight has begun and the mud will be by far the worst in history – that’s a fair bet. It’s the perfect time to go on holiday, to have no access to the squabbles and intense verbiage slinging, it’s a good time to just – go away. We still have nearly 18 more months of this and that would be a long, long holiday…

The Hilarious Hillarity of Hillary Clinton

Okay, the conspiracies abound, but what could be the possible reasons for Hillary Clinton’s absolute absence/fear/hiding from the media? Someone that is running for President of the United States, and yet they avoid the media as though they might find out something so completely devastating it would ruin her… Wait, wasn’t that Benghazi?  Or was it the disappearing emails?   Or the Foundation of Frolic?  Or the party princess?  Or the Muslim connection?  or the Fraud? Yawn.

So, what could that something be?

  1. Hillary had recent cosmetic surgery and doesn’t want the press to use that to focus on her ‘age’.

  2. She is a complete stand-in and the real Hillary is ailing in hiding. They are still training her.

  3. She has no idea how to respond to questions for which she hasn’t advance notice in which to have her crew devise an answer.

  4. She has a history of appearing ‘unfriendly’ in which she reveals her true self and her publicists are squelching as much of that as possible.

  5. She is waiting to find out what public opinion polls declare the people want before she creates her speeches to conform to the stats.

None of the above reasons are exactly what one would define as a ‘leader’. But they do define the politics that we have evolved to become, however sad.

Am I a Hillary fan?

Nah, not even close!  I actually do remember feeling sorry for her when the Bill adultery thing came out.  I remember thinking Tammy Wynette, “Stand by your man”. And I actually thought that she showed great integrity. But that was the last time I felt sort of compassion for the woman. Her personna is beyond strict and is well into the arena of very scary!  I know hard core liberals that find her scary.

Recently, I was asking around, testing, I wondered exactly who supported her. Who owned up to liking her was pretty telling. I mean, Shitake Mushrooms! Was I shocked. Really? But it speaks to the integrity of those that don’t care about her incessant lying and vacant accomplishments. Anyway, I do believe that in reality, without voter fixing and voter fraud, she would be given the boot. But, unfortunately reality dictates that our elections are a gross fantasy, ladeled in corruption and spiced with fraud. We know it, we see it, and we simply shrug – everyone’s doing it…

Her only chance of being elected would absolutely require major voter fraud. Followed shortly thereafter by martial law. But that is not beyond potential reality, so be prepared, we only have our selves to answer to for electing the officials we do.

So what is the story behind Hillary? Why is she really hiding?

Perhaps the Hillary camp is hiding to help all the bad press run itself out gambling on the short-term memory loss of the generl public and foreign voters. At any rate, whoever is running the show is making some very bad decisions. Roping off the press and shuttling them along like children or worse, pets, is so tacky as to be at once comical and at once arrogant. She won’t talk unless she knows the entire script. She won’t appear on shows, because she knows it will go off script. She has so much baggage at this point that she is a human hillarity…The Hillarious Hillary.

She needs a giant bubble to separate her from the riff raff of common man. How can she possibly appeal to ordinary folk, when she is deathly afraid of them? It would seem that her staff is sabatoging her campaign, so who are these illustrious good ole ‘folks’:

John Podesta: Founder of, Center for American Progress funded principally by… drum roll ta-da George Soros. Thnk Progress is a journalism outlet for CAP and is part of a group that pressured the IRS to target conservative groups. Could Podesta’s relationship with Lerner become a media target?

Robby Mook: A young upstart with grand ambitions. While his college degree was in the arts and ‘classics’, he was pursued to run Democrat elections beginning in 2004. A bit odd…   But it wasn’t until recently that his style paid off. He struts his pride and wears his ego as he offers his campaign agenda – pacing. Pacing what she says, when, how, to whom… Like fireworks, he opens big, slows, slows, and then plans to build to the climactic end in which she becomes President.

Joel Benenson: A journalist who did polling… including for the unsuccessful 1994 re-election for Mario Cuomo. Not a lot of meat here.

Jim Margolis: Media advisor who worked Obama’s 2008 and 2012 bids.

Jennifer Palmieri: Another Center For American Progress cohort, running the bulls with Soros. She also served as John Edward’s Press Secretary – OUCH, we know that didn’t pan out well…

Huma Abedin: The Muslim Brotherhood wife of the disgraced Weiner whose weiner got caught in the masher. She has no title other than ‘close ally/friend/confidante’. Hmmm.

Phillip Reines: Another player who has no official role other than a hanger onner for over a decade.

Hubby Clinton: A photo op personage, Billy did a photo shoot for Town and Country’s story about the Clinton philanthropy…. maybe they forgot the 9% memo.

Other than the Soros connection, not a lot of meat in the package. While he financially backs the campaign, the actual amount is difficult to pin down given that he has a variety of ‘outlets and charities’ to draw from and compel to donate to the Hillary fund. It is noteworthy to state that George Soros is openly vocal about his hatred for the US, “America is the gravest threat to world freedom”. By deference, that would mean that Hillary’s agenda under the leadership of Soros would be – to bring America to its proverbial knees.

Fair warning.