Republicans Supporting Hillary

Republicans supporting Hillary?     That’s heinous – and it defiles the Republican Party!  It only seems to support the notion that the Good Ole Boys are a club that will do anything to maintain power and the gender identity has been crossed. The Boys aren’t for their party – they are for the Cabal; Bush, McCain, Romney, Kagan, the list is growing and the allegiance is obvious – it isn’t the party, it isn’t the ideologies, it is the Cabal. Which only emphasizes the people, the citizens who are not represented, we are ruled like slaves.

So if the Republican Party backs a Democrat for President, does that mean that the Republican Party has officially been corrupted by the shadow power structure?   Have they succumbed, or was this where they existed all the time?  Has the party system been a joke?  Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Is it any different than the church changing it’s views to align with the liberal views of homosexuality?   No. It is a line that you either have – or you don’t. Just make a statement and stick to it, abide by it, adhere to the ethic and morality, just take responsibility!!  Help me here!

I have three sons – each completely unique and special for who they are.  I would die for each of them in a second. But I do believe, if you as an organization, whether it be political, environmental, religious, or whatever, and within your framework you have rules that are sacrosanct, you don’t waver. They are the rules. This is what defines who your are, your values and what we can expect you to be!    If you are republican – then you DO NOT back a Democrat unless there is a corrupt agenda that you are attempting to support.  And therein you become quite very – suspect – as a defector, or worse, an outright traitor.

The Trust – goes flamingly out the window in a split second!!

McCain – he is a known crazy who has backed world obliteration. Romney? I actually supported, but have changed my mind from support to absolute fear! Bush – we always knew he was knee deep in the shadows, and so the lies go.

Add to the craziness, and we have Democrats, grown middle aged people staging a ‘sit-in’ on the Congressional floor like they were in college and 18 years old! And we are supposed to respect these people? It is absurd! Did it work in the sixties? NO! So why do these middle aged loons think they will garner respect exposing their vericose veins and pudgy waistlines and too strict suits and pompador hairstyles in a very immature – sit-in?    They each live a mega lifestyle, pay heinous amounts for their mortgage and cars and swimming pools and nannies, live like royalty, and yet they have the audacity to stage a ‘sit-in’ like they are Goldie Hawn on Laugh In!  Ewwwwww….

Ugh. Personally, I find it incredibly embarrassing.

How old are you? What year is this? What degree did you get from college? Protest marches?

And somehow, these grownup politicians think that by staging a ‘sit-in’, they are showing how much better they are than the bombast of Trump? They are showing their superior intellect and advanced degree?

Help me!

And as the media debates what is fair game in advertising for the campaigns – we already know – everything is fair game – because that is the bimbo line drawn years ago. Doesn’t make it right – simply makes it reality. Attacking Trump’s wife is fair game – but attacking Mr. Bill’s lecherous past is somehow not… Attacking Trump’s business dealings is fair game – but attacking Hillary’s bogus foundation – is somehow – not. Attacking Trumps’ appearance is apparently fair game – but it is heinous to attack Hillary and her ‘appearance’.

Hypocrisy is large and in charge. What is fair – in today’s politics – would seem to be – everything. As in – buyer beware.

As in the Brexit campaign, we are seeing a topsy-turvy situation in which the actual truthful outcome is an unknown, and the propaganda is so pervasive no one has any idea why they support one side or the other, they only know what they have been told.

What is clear is that Soros is weighted in Gold. And a Brexit will cause gold to spike – temporarily, and the pound, to spiral, temporarily. But the sentiment of the people will make everything feel a bit off, a bit uneasy, whatever the outcome. And ultimately, that is the agenda. It makes us feel vulnerable, it makes us feel unsteady, it makes us feel anxious. And that is the true Brexit. Not the reality, but the designed.  And then – somehow – everything will fall into place and all will be alright… until the next perceived crisis and we panic!

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love – that you make. And that’s all there is.