G7 Summit Ruled by EU Commission

The G7 Summit is taking place in Quebec under the tutelage of Trudeau.   The purpose of the Summit is to talk about global topics chosen this year by Trudeau to include:  ocean pollution, trade tariffs, and climate change.  The Summit was originally created in 1973 by George Schulz.  It was to be attended by the finance ministers of four countries;  West Germany, UK, US and France.  It has historically evolved to include Canada, Italy, Japan, and Russia, although Russia was expelled in 2014.  

The President’s of these countries basically get together, have some food, meander around the property, and talk.  The only spouse to accompany her husband was Macron’s.  After two days, they go home and nothing changes.  From the perspective of a businessman, it is a huge waste of time.  From the perspective of the various politicians attending it gives them airtime. For Macron, it gives him hug time.

For example, in February 2009, the group of finance ministers met in Rome and pledged to take all necessary steps to stem the financial crisis.  That was the sum total of the meeting.  Seems to me a phone call could have accomplished that at a considerable fraction of the cost.

But it has become a media hype and everyone wears their Sunday best.  Furthering division, the summit conspicuously omits other global countries; Ireland, India, Scotland, The Netherlands, China, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, etc.., etc…  Instead it is more of a good ol’ boy platform wherein tradition is the only rationale.

The end result of this meeting seems to be that Trump and the EU will talk about trade in two weeks. Macron thinks the US should be expelled from future summits.  And as representative for ALL EU countries, Merkel stated that they all agree Russia should remain expelled.  I wonder if the ‘other countries’ were notified of their agreement before or after her statement?

Apparently, the new PM of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, stated that he felt Russia should be reinvited. However, the EU Council President, Donald Tusk, speaking on behalf of Conte said that Italy would toe the line and be a follower, not a leader.  I wonder if Conte is royally miffed!

Why would the EU Commissioner and EU Council President be at the G7?  They are not countries. 

In 1977, the UK PM, James Callahan, made the unilateral decision to henceforth include the EU Council and EU Commission as a part of the summit.  Supposedly, Juncker and Tusk are there as a united front to represent the remaining EU countries that are not invited.  Why?   Why not let sovereign nations speak for themselves?   Because in reality they are not sovereign, their voice is censored.

If the G7 Summit is really about the EU, and given Canada is a parcel of the Queen of England, why would the US or Russia have any desire to participate?  Both Tusk and Juncker are representatives of ‘open society’ and globalization.   They have collectively taken over the Summit which was originated in the US.

After losing a re-election bid in Poland, Tusk became the EU Council President.   He has since been openly accusatory that the current President of Poland and his conservative party are puppets of Putin.  In addition, he claims that the EU values are quite polar opposite from the values of Poland under conservatism and nationalism. In 2017, Juncker initiated an investigation into the President and his Party claiming ‘judicial independence concerns’.  

The bottom line is the fact that according to the EU any country that is not governed by a Socialist Party towing the line of the EU ‘values’, is operating under a fascist government and sanctions will be levied including being stripped of voting rights.

Hungary is also facing potential sanctions by the EU for their stance on conservatism.   Hungary has come under attack for expelling Soros and refusing to bow to the EU demands for African immigrant quotas.

Slovakia is facing condemnation for similar stances.

BREXIT is meaningless as long as Theresa May continues to be a pawn of MI6 and the Merkel.  What is more relevant is the growing number of countries that are standing up to the Royal Arm of the EU Commission and Council who tend to act much like the Wizard of Oz – behind a red curtain.

Which country in the EU will be next?

FACEBOOK’s Whistleblower; Wylie Coyote BLOWS

A Canadian, Christopher Wylie, has come forth as the ‘whistleblower’ behind the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica dispute. His profile is sketchy, interesting, and doesn’t quite make sense…fit:


1) He left school at 16 without graduating. 2) He claims to have worked on the campaign of Liberal would be politician, Michael Ignatieff at 17.   3) Between 18 and 20 he claims to have learned everything he knows under the tutelage of President Obama’s, “National Director of Targeting’ (there is no such agency). 4) Despite having no high school degree, he claims to have gone to the London School of Economics to study law at the age of 20.   5)   He has a Twitter account that states it was opened in 2016, however, it has a handful of ‘tweets’, all of which were produced March 2018.   6)   While in the UK he began working for the Liberal Party in ‘voter targeting’. 7)   With no degrees, he became Director of Research at Cambridge Analytica.   8)   He gave The Guardian information about the alleged data mining in March 2017 – but nothing was said until March 2018.

He is most definitely ‘enjoying’ his recent fame.

So how is it that an obvious pro-Libeal, Obama studded young guy with no education came to be the Director of Research at a very conservative organization?

He claims that his Liberal Democrat friends helped him get the Analytica job in 2013… He claims a personal relationship with Bannon and the Mercers, and yet, he is no one…

The primary funders of Analytica were the Mercers who were also part owners in Breitbart and Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund.   They are decidedly Conservative.

SCL Group, the parent company of Analytica, apparently also had contracts with the British government which expired and were not renewed by Theresa May.   In addition, they had contracts with the US Defense Department, prior to Trump.   They have been used as a propaganda tool by numerous corporations and governments in Africa, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Latin America.

His most recent claim is the notion that BREXIT was corrupted by his company’s meddling.   What he fails to mention is the fact that George Soros was instrumental in funding the anti-BEXIT campaign. So why isn’t Soros being ‘regulated’? 

Soros NGO’s have been a dominant meddler in media spin, propaganda spin, and corruption for decades, and yet an allowance was given within the Liberal Parties across the globe… because he used his data to their benefit. When Trump used the same analytics, suddenly the Wolves cried ‘UNFAIR’.

Why aren’t the UK and US governments being brought under scrutiny for their role in election meddling across the globe?

And why is the word of this one person, a die hard liberal with an agenda to pick, taken as the gospel truth without further evidence gathering? 

And why is it not discussed that all this took lace under the Obama and Cameron administrations?

And given that Facebook was a party to the Liberal agenda of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, in conjunction with Google, why isn’t she held accountable?

What makes this different is the alleged use of Facebook. But Merkel uses Facebook to censor information in Germany?   How is this different?   Facebook censors itself…   and typically conservative news is the victim. So how is this different?

As has been reported by The Guardian, who led the Analytica story, there are many more companies doing the exact same thing for different campaigns across the globe.   Using computer modeling they simply tap into the frustrations of a class of people and use their frustrations to create slogans and content for the politicians to enhance in speeches. Actually, its not that much different than dressing for the part – remember Nixon vs Kennedy?

Obama utilized these tactics to win his election in 2012…   but no one considered it a crime, in fact, he was lauded for his savvy!

Obviously, Wylie Coyote is a hyped front for the more sinister desire to shut down the conservative voice from Facebook, and other social media platforms given that the MSM has already been devoured by the Big Bad Wolf!

Generally something smells because it stinks.

TRADE WAR: TTIP and The Global Agenda

Isolating the UK from trade with Russia and the US means they become a groveling dependent of the EU.

Obama openly declared in 2016 that there was absolutely no way that the US would open trade with the UK because the EU took precedence.

EU Council President, Donald Tusk, believes this is the perfect time to reintroduce TTIP claiming that it will solve all the tariff issues within the EU, UK and US…

TTIP is the largest ever trade initiative ever negotiated or proposed – and its contents are completely ‘classified’ we the public have no right to know what it involves, we are told how great it will be and how economically productive. What we do know comes from leaked documents which establish as a goal, universalism. This would mean that the US would effectively become an EU state subject to EU laws, regulations, banking and insurance restrictions at the discretion of a universal EU appointed Tribunal.

One of the more threatening aspects of TTIP is that it gives corporations power over nations. A corporation could sue a nation for failing to perform according to the corporate standards. As such, nations and their governments would be squeezed out and corporate CEO’s would become absolute powers.

In 1933, Musolini declared that he envisioned a corporatism world in which the state governments ‘serve the corporations’.   Renamed Globalization, the concept was later re-introduced by Democrat, George Ball, who claimed that nation states and sovereignty were obsolete. A founding member of the Bilderberg Group, Ball and Rockefeller have been active proponents of creating this new corporate sovereign rule.

TTIP fills this Communist agenda.

Most of the staid countries within the EU are aligned with the Socialist Party.   A shift by the Eastern Bloc toward a more nationalistic view has been infesting the landscape and disrupting the rule of order.   Alienating the UK from trade partners including Russia and the US would have the effect of hitting them where it most hurts in BREXIT and bringing them to their proverbial knees – once again.

Macron’s “En Marche” party was supposedly inspired by Obama, but that would mean that Obama was more than a puppet. In fact, the corporate elites have been behind Italy’s Five Star Movement as well as En Marche as they devised a methodology of moving from Socialism to Communism through Media propaganda.   Thus the New Centrist, is really Communism in disguise.

Before Macron was a “Centrist” he was a Socialist.   Before Merkel was a Democrat, she was a Socialist.   Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and Switzerland are entirely Socialist.   Giving way to the Rand philosophy of Corporatism is a natural evolution.

In the meantime, Soros has made a fervent call to the EU to regulate social media content, and censor dissenting views… although in his terms it is to “fight populism”.   But wait! The Definition of Populism is: A political philosophy to support the rights and power of the people in their struggle against privilege elite.  

And no one noticed. Censorship on a multinational level is in line with Communism.

BREXIT gave rise to multi-level problems with trade, communism, and the fight against sovereignty.   Trump aggravated the agenda.   Putin was already considered an enemy of the globalization movement when he issued an arrest warrant for Soros and banned all his NGO’s from Russia.

Reeling in each country meant isolating them from trade. Trade was the tool.

So, has Trump inadvertently leaped on the trade band wagon – or is he establishing his own negotiating tactics.

In the end, the script is rather well written.   And the players perfectly cloned. But there are a few good men… and I think I’ll place my trust in them.

The EU: A New Ottoman Empire!

In light of BREXIT and Trump’s stance on the less than transparent UN, Juncker is making a bid to find alternate states to bring under the EU umbrella.

Macedonia:   With a population that is roughly 64% Christian and 33% Muslim, Macedonia is a fitting choice to add to the debt of the EU.   It’s unemployment rate is 27-30% and its poverty rate is in excess of 22%.   It’s newly elected Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev of the Social Democrat Union, is mired in more than a bit of controversy as he was charged with conspiracy with ‘a foreign intelligence service’ in initiating a coup against the previous Prime Minister. His squeaky election win was further underscored by the fact that the previous PM was part of the VMRO-DPMNE Party which is considered ‘nationalist’.

Albania:   Roughly 60% of the population is Muslim.   It has the 10th largest reserves of oil, and is the worlds leading exporter of chromium which is used as an anti-corrosive in steel plating. Albania is considered a prime tourist destination for southern Europeans and US citizens. Unemployment is roughly 15%, it operates a trade deficit of -9.7%. It’s PM, Edi Rama, is a member of the Socialist Party.

Bosnia:   Cited as 51% Muslim, the country is loosely defined as a liberal democracy. Despite this tag, “…the highest political authority in the country is the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the chief executive officer for the international civilian presence in the country and is selected by the European Union. Since 1995, the High Representative has been able to bypass the elected parliamentary assembly, and since 1997 has been able to remove elected officials. The methods selected by the High Representative have been criticized as undemocratic.   International supervision is to end when the country is deemed politically and democratically stable and self-sustaining.

In essence, the country is ruled by the EU.

It’s infrastructure and economy have yet to recover from the Bosnian/Croatian war that ended in 1995. Main industries include steel, coal and iron ore.   Its unemployment rate is near 40%, and it requires IMF loans simply to survive.

Kosovo: Approximately 96% Muslim, Kosovo’s status as a nation is subject to controversy. Like Bosnia, it has yet to sustain itself since the Yugoslavia war that ended in 1995.   Rich in agriculture, the country boasts 53% of its land use for the production of agri-products, and 41% a forestry. The current PM, Ramush Haradinaj, served in the Kosovo war and although he was indicted for war crimes, no charges were implemented.

Montenegro: The newly elected Prime Minister, Dusko Marcovic, is a member of the Democratic Socialists, not unlike Macedonia’s political metamorphosis. A tiny nation that was also created as a result of the Yugoslav war, its main industry is tourism. While in need of major investment within infrastructure to increase the revenue basis of this industry, Montenegro is a recipient of Climate Change funds with the approval of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The Baltic State Region, recognized as developing countries who are at the greatest risk of global warming, have been targeted for Climate Change funding according to the Paris Accord in order to mitigate these potentially catastrophic events…

In essence, all of this means that we have a bunch of Baltic countries whose nominal GDP per capita ranges from a low $3200 to about $6200, whose economies are in desperate need of a boost in monetary investment, preferably free, whose ethnicities are either largely or predominantly Muslim, who belong to the Socialist/Communist leaning political spectrum, and whose land bears fertile usage, wherein a solution was concocted in which a fake moral and ethical agenda of climate change was created, funded with private and global government donated money via the Paris Climate Accord and the UN, that would then be diverted to these economies for rebuilding and infrastructure spending so as to reinvent viable economies to be integrated into the EU, with the ultimate goal of recreating a New Ottomon Empire, which coincidentally was the stated goal of ISIS and Al-Nusra. In the meantime, the citizens of the EU extend welcoming arms unaware that their own ethnicities will soon become the minority and their lives uprooted and displaced. All under the guise of Merkel and Juncker who seemingly are aglaze in a false belief of arrogant power, indoctrinated into trusting that they will be tasked with a leading power role over this New Ottoman Empire, while childishly unaware that they are mere puppets who are ultimately quite expendable…


BREXIT Poll: The Independent

A British media presence which is described as tremendously ‘Liberal’ despite its rather oblique name, The Independent, has conducted its very own poll which has been picked up by the mainstream media in which it claims that over half of the UK now opposes BREXIT.   This same non-Independent routinely teams with Al Jazeera in promoting news briefs and articles. In 2008 it relaunched itself from its status as a ‘Tabloid’ and began attempting to report – actual news.

And this ‘Poll’ is completely – Independent…

Of course its connection to Al Jazeera a Qatari media front, is further supported by the fact that the principle owner of The Independent is Sultan Muhammad Abjljadayel, a Saudi businessman. It is further revealed that Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel works for NCB Capital, the investment banking arm of the National Commercial Bank, which is controlled by the Saudi government and is one of the biggest banks in the Middle East.

Al Jazeera was formed by the former Qatari Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who overthrew his father as Emir, who overthrew his cousin. He attended the Royal British Military Academy, as did his son – who is now the current Emir of Qatar.

As in – All In The Family – Britain first…

The other two owners of the Non-Independent are a Russian father and son team, Lebedev. Alexander Lebedev’s parents were both Russian intelligentisia, and Alexander was former KGB assigned to London. Alexander Lebedev is also part owner of the Russian paper, Novaya Gazeta, which supports Liberalism, an anti-Putin regime, and is affiliated with the New York Times; they have an agreement to publish selected articles translated into Russian.

It would also appear that Lebedev has financial assets in the Ukraine and specifically Crimea which came under attack by former President Yanukovich for allegations of tax evasion prior to the coup.

The other independent news outlet owned by Lebdeved is the London evening Standard, which is billed as a tabloid and is free.

The point? Contrary to the rant of David Cameron claiming that Democracy is at stake when Trump exposes fake journalism, the media is sorely NOT Independent. It has long been exploited and used as a tool to subvert Democracy and to wield a heavy hand in creating a staged world.

The same David Cameron ‘pretended’ to be a conservative until elected whereupon he began to implement his ‘progressive liberal’ positions. The same Cameron whose wealth was hidden in offshore accounts as exposed by the Panama Paper Caper. The same David Cameron who is chairman for The National Citizen Service, an organization created by Cameron while Prime Minister, funded by the UK government, and has been under tremendous criticism since it’s inception as a Big Society format within a purely Socialist ideology that sounds a bit too close to the Soros placard of Open Society…

And so – The Independent poll conducted by the Non-Independent news media has about as much truth to it as the … Mueller hypocrisy…mess.

BREXIT -Burned By Soros


They are out! They are in! They are safe! They are ruined! The pound is up! It is down… It is up – and down and turning all around – Mother May I – Theresa?

Brother. Bother. UK’s Theresa May, Help!

Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the initiation of Article 50 in leaving the EU. The government is appealing. The people’s vote doesn’t count. And a stalled process only makes the entire fiasco a mockery of justice, and The People.

So who is behind this stall? Mz Gina Miller – an investment manager, Deir Dos Santos – a hairdresser, and the People’s Challenge group, set up by Grahame Pigney, an expat living in France, and backed by a crowd-funding campaign. Not exactly a stellar bunch of heavy weights…

Who is Mz Gina Miller? The wife of investment guru Alan Miller who came aboard New Star Hedge Fund and was wooed by Soros. Shortly after Alan’s initiation, Soros was dangling an opportunity – $100 million in investment management potential which would amount to a 40% initial startup investment stake. The fund is based in Bermuda to avoid taxes.  No surprise.  Two years later, in 2003, New Star brought on two former fund managers from Soros Fund Management, Sajid Ramzan and Chris Beton.  I’d say Soros has a say in the fund’s operations. Since their initial founding the fund has reaped billions. Thank you Soros.

Enter BREXIT and A favor deserves A favor.

Soros has been openly opposed to Brexit.  Tapping one of New Star’s partners, Gina Miller, to do his bidding would explain how she could exert the influence she has over the entire judiciary and parliament of the UK despite the fact that she is nobody.

Then there is Grahame Pigney whose LinkedIn site recognizes Gina Miller as an associate. How would he know Gina, he’s an expat living in France?   How can a vote that has been decided by the People – be contested by a couple of wealthy operators?  Lord Thomas who is presiding over the case brought by Miller is a member of the European Law Institute which is considered a Soros Open Society apparatus since its founding. And so the circle is complete.  Soros has organized a fight.

Miller, New Star, Lord Thomas, Grahame Pigney, the entire exploiters of the anti-BREXIT vote, are now attempting to uproot the voters via pressure from Soros.

What say you UK? Who is your Master?

You, The People, have a say, have rights, have the power, if you choose. And like the US, you can rise up against the shadows and just say – NO! Because, our world, our history, and our future are at stake. And that’s worth fighting for!

Deutsche Bank – A Microcosm of the Fall of the EU …

Once again, while our rapt focus has been on the real life drama of Trump vs. Hillary the economy continues to be sidelined. In particular, the performance of our biggest and ‘brightest’ banks.

In 2007, as bank shares began their infamous plummet, Citigroup shares dove from a high of $557 to just $15, Bank of America went from $54 to $3, Deutsche Bank from $160 to $22 and Credit Suisse from $78 to $20, JP Morgan Chase from $52 to $15 and Wells Fargo from $37 to $8.

What is interesting is the performance since then.

Deutsche Bank is in the proverbial twalette. Shares are trading in the $13 range and speculation is that it is sinking much like the Titanic. Gross Revenues are actually up since 2007, but write-offs and expenses are eating up the company. Convicted of LIBOR manipulation, and fined $2.5 billion in 2015, management would seem a bit dicey. Managed by ‘co-CEO’s, Fitschen and Jain’ until 2016, the bank has gone from being the largest foreign exchange dealer in the world as of 2009, to a potential complete cave in 2016. Jain joined as a co-CEO in 2011 while Fitschen became CEO in 2009, the same year Fitschen was being investigated for sales tax evasion… Not a good choice mate.

As co-CEO’s their compensation packages continued to rise as the bank continued to tank. Reaching about 7.5 million euro’s apiece (about $10 million each), employment rose as shares fell, pensions rose as shares fell, and write-offs rose – as shares fell. The new CEO as of this year is a Brit by the name of John Cryan. And anxiety reigns as the bank continues its perilous slide into the abyss.

Wells Fargo. In 2009, Wells Fargo shares tanked from $40 to about $8. However, today the stock trades at $47.90 and has been as high as $57.94. A success story! But greed is greed no matter where you are in the CEO business. John Stumpf, CEO since 2007, has a reported compensation package well over $23 million, which is 473 times the median wage, the bank has been mired in a number of lawsuits including discrimination, tax avoidance, political activism, making loans to unqualified individuals, etc…

And while revenue continues to rise and CEO compensation and incentive packages increase annually, employee benefits have tanked with a tremendous portion of employees making just $15 per hour.

That being said, why is one powerhouse failing and the other skyrocketing?

Deutsche Bank is linked heavily to European countries whose EU contribution is significantly less than their expenditures: Greece, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, and Czech Republic. These countries borrow and spend upwards of 6 times their contributions to the union. It is a farcical game of pockets or find the ball beneath the cups when the ball isn’t even there, because slight of hand magic has removed it from the table completely.

Deutsche Bank is simply a microcosm of what is happening to the EU.

Of 28 countries, including the UK, contributing to the EU Commission, 19 countries (68%) operate each and every year in the red. In essence, France, Italy and Germany will now be tasked with propping up the entire European Union given BREXIT.

Credit Suisse, another European banking powerhouse once traded at $80 per share. It fell to $20 at the peak of the crisis… and has continued to fall since – standing at just $11.60 per share today.

So while the massive immigration of refugees is credited with the coming fall of Europe, the fact is, they are simply the icing, the fall had already started and has been steadily gaining momentum. The impact? A devastating ripple…  This is not a coincidence, it is well planned and a shift is in the making – will it be the new and improved Ottoman Empire?  Or something else, something beyond our imagination.  Something good?  Something evil?

And while France and Germany have seemingly been the main targets of ISIS ( no coincidence), I imagine Italy will find itself the next victim.  Bringing down the support system and infiltrating it with chaos is – the Art of War.  As in – Buyer Beware…

BREXIT: Who is Next

While the media exploits the fear of British expatriates living in Spain, France and Portugal, the truth is far far less intimidating. The fact is, expatriates are creating revenue, they own businesses, they own property and these EU countries reap the benefits of their investment in the economy. International law protects them in the event that a government might attempt to alter the rules of engagement, and their incentive is quite nil.

In fact, Spain and Portugal have historically generously opened their arms to expatriates from everywhere, including the US, offering the same easy transition and assistance. For years, the aura, the beaches, the lifestyle, the stress-free environment of these countries has called to foreigners and they have come eager to acclimate and set-up shop. Tourism is healthy, refugee influx is light, and while crime is an issue in Barcelona and Madrid, it fades dramatically in smaller towns and villages. Although the State Department has issued warnings about the crime rates in Spain, a quick statistical check indicates that the US surpasses their murder rate 5:1, their rape rate 8:1, violent crime 9:1, and total crimes in the US were 85% higher than Spain.

Does that mean the State department should issue a warning for foreigners coming to the US?

While EU expatriates are assured of their status and their rights, incoming expatriates may not have the same rights which should become a negotiation between the respective countries governments going forward.

And despite all this being made clear months ago, despite all the assurances, the media would like to provoke tension and fear with a story of one families fear. Stoking the embers so as to invoke a full fledged fire. In fact, the stories of expatriates is quite the opposite, life has been grand in Spain and Portugal, and returning the the strife and chaos of London simply isn’t an option, nor is it a goal.

The larger issue is the rumbling of EU collapse as other wealthy countries advocate for their freedom. Freedom from what? From a corrupted Commission government that has no transparency, stifling expenses, unaccounted wages, and demands that are not representative of the people, but instead are representative of the Commission. A Commission that needs the wealthy countries to prop up their livelihood and justify their existence – a two government system requiring higher taxation to support.

Not only does the Commission gain it’s livelihood and income from membership taxation, but from excise taxes. Those taxes would not be imposed on countries leaving the EU, and thus their ability to be more competitive in trade negotiations is the attraction, leaving the remaining EU countries scrambling.

While the UK currently has a negative trade balance with their top exports being cars, oil and gold, that VAT tax becomes a hot issue as it is no longer a necessary prop for the Commission. The UK’s major export partners include the US, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France. Obviously, the US is not a part of the EU, but then neither is Switzerland an EU member, and only a part of The Netherlands is a member.

Although the initial impact on the UK will be rooted in more fear than fact, the larger agenda of what is being manipulated to be the new EU, becomes a more interesting question. And Germany most certainly has the most to lose, the largest economy, and largest import of refugees.

I’d be watching Germany.  Not because they have any intention of Germexit, but because they have to ante more and more to cover the refugees, and now the lost revenue of the UK.

BREXIT – A Win For Soros!

Everyone is thinking that the people out-maneuvered Soros with Brexit… Think again.

Soros stockpiled gold and sold stocks – as in, he knew the outcome and is profiting once again. Soros had an agenda against Cameron for years, and perhaps the Panama Paper Caper was targeting Cameron more than Putin as the media bahhhed like sheep. It would be rather short-sighted to think Soros didn’t know that Cameron was in the Panama Papers. The idea that Soros plan backfired is preposterous. “Never underestimate one’s enemy…” The Art of War. Soros wanted Cameron out, how better than to mask the true agenda of Brexit, all the while banking on a ‘Leave’ vote.

It is no different than the Soros Master Manipulator urging the EU to not take in refugees – and then urging them to take in millions more – all the while hedging his bet with Erdogan. The mantra? “Do what I do, not what I say!”

While Germany grapples with the blackmail of Turkey’s EU membership, more and more Germanic countries want out. The result? The EU will become the new Muslim Nation joining hands with the Middle East to create the Ottoman Empire – once again.

Cameron had one last chance to save face and he failed, he knew it, and his role in the World Order has now been vanquished. But he also knows too much, and that puts him at risk for becoming a statistic of suicide…

Propaganda Due. An organization that ruled Italy and parts of Europe for thirty years after WWII. They used terrorist tactics including assassinations, kidnappings, paramilitary operations (NATO), and economic sanctions to get what they wanted. Civilians were targeted so as to create a sense of urgency and the need for more control for safety and security. Following the merging of the Clandestine Committee of the Western Union (CCWU) and NATO in 1949, their power and operations escalated to the nth degree, morphing into what is now referred to as the “shadow government”.

It involved intelligence divisions of every major country, was connected to the Mafia, the CIA, multiple governments and hundreds if not thousands of politicians. Central to its cabal, it was rooted in the Masonic Temple and dabbled inside the Vatican, the extent of which is ‘not available’. They ruled with an iron fist.

The strategy was to create false tensions within countries, generate the threat of war, denounce peaceable citizens as rebels and unpatriotic terrorists, escalate protests with ‘provocateurs’, so as to destabilize a country and send it into chaos. Why? Because – peace is considered a threat to the dominance of western power structures. The idea is that the only way to maintain dominance is to rule by instilling fear.

Does this all sound familiar, because it should – it is the exact template that we have been subjected to for fifteen years, since 9-11. It is a global elite that is not bound by law, order, or budgets. Ron Paul refers to the funds used in these strategies as the CIA black budgets wherein no accounting is ever administered, the money is available, it is funneled, and all trace is wiped clean.

Back to Brexit. Soros lost confidence in Cameron. Dividing the EU is basic military – divide and conquer. Cameron became the scapegoat, and the UK has been manipulated once again.

Did Soros hedge against the Pound along with his ante up of gold and divesture of stocks? Probably, he’s not one to miss a good laugh at the idiocy of the game all the while raking in more money. While the financial fallout to the EU Commission will not be pretty as they struggle to deal with the refugees, all the while losing the annual ante from the UK, which amounted to a hefty 13 billion Euro as of 2015. How can the EU fill that financial void? Of course – enter Turkey.

It’s called – The Strategy of Tension

Republicans Supporting Hillary

Republicans supporting Hillary?     That’s heinous – and it defiles the Republican Party!  It only seems to support the notion that the Good Ole Boys are a club that will do anything to maintain power and the gender identity has been crossed. The Boys aren’t for their party – they are for the Cabal; Bush, McCain, Romney, Kagan, the list is growing and the allegiance is obvious – it isn’t the party, it isn’t the ideologies, it is the Cabal. Which only emphasizes the people, the citizens who are not represented, we are ruled like slaves.

So if the Republican Party backs a Democrat for President, does that mean that the Republican Party has officially been corrupted by the shadow power structure?   Have they succumbed, or was this where they existed all the time?  Has the party system been a joke?  Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Is it any different than the church changing it’s views to align with the liberal views of homosexuality?   No. It is a line that you either have – or you don’t. Just make a statement and stick to it, abide by it, adhere to the ethic and morality, just take responsibility!!  Help me here!

I have three sons – each completely unique and special for who they are.  I would die for each of them in a second. But I do believe, if you as an organization, whether it be political, environmental, religious, or whatever, and within your framework you have rules that are sacrosanct, you don’t waver. They are the rules. This is what defines who your are, your values and what we can expect you to be!    If you are republican – then you DO NOT back a Democrat unless there is a corrupt agenda that you are attempting to support.  And therein you become quite very – suspect – as a defector, or worse, an outright traitor.

The Trust – goes flamingly out the window in a split second!!

McCain – he is a known crazy who has backed world obliteration. Romney? I actually supported, but have changed my mind from support to absolute fear! Bush – we always knew he was knee deep in the shadows, and so the lies go.

Add to the craziness, and we have Democrats, grown middle aged people staging a ‘sit-in’ on the Congressional floor like they were in college and 18 years old! And we are supposed to respect these people? It is absurd! Did it work in the sixties? NO! So why do these middle aged loons think they will garner respect exposing their vericose veins and pudgy waistlines and too strict suits and pompador hairstyles in a very immature – sit-in?    They each live a mega lifestyle, pay heinous amounts for their mortgage and cars and swimming pools and nannies, live like royalty, and yet they have the audacity to stage a ‘sit-in’ like they are Goldie Hawn on Laugh In!  Ewwwwww….

Ugh. Personally, I find it incredibly embarrassing.

How old are you? What year is this? What degree did you get from college? Protest marches?

And somehow, these grownup politicians think that by staging a ‘sit-in’, they are showing how much better they are than the bombast of Trump? They are showing their superior intellect and advanced degree?

Help me!

And as the media debates what is fair game in advertising for the campaigns – we already know – everything is fair game – because that is the bimbo line drawn years ago. Doesn’t make it right – simply makes it reality. Attacking Trump’s wife is fair game – but attacking Mr. Bill’s lecherous past is somehow not… Attacking Trump’s business dealings is fair game – but attacking Hillary’s bogus foundation – is somehow – not. Attacking Trumps’ appearance is apparently fair game – but it is heinous to attack Hillary and her ‘appearance’.

Hypocrisy is large and in charge. What is fair – in today’s politics – would seem to be – everything. As in – buyer beware.

As in the Brexit campaign, we are seeing a topsy-turvy situation in which the actual truthful outcome is an unknown, and the propaganda is so pervasive no one has any idea why they support one side or the other, they only know what they have been told.

What is clear is that Soros is weighted in Gold. And a Brexit will cause gold to spike – temporarily, and the pound, to spiral, temporarily. But the sentiment of the people will make everything feel a bit off, a bit uneasy, whatever the outcome. And ultimately, that is the agenda. It makes us feel vulnerable, it makes us feel unsteady, it makes us feel anxious. And that is the true Brexit. Not the reality, but the designed.  And then – somehow – everything will fall into place and all will be alright… until the next perceived crisis and we panic!

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love – that you make. And that’s all there is.