FACT CHECK Organizations – Liberal, Biased and Comical

A new and improved Fact checking – media bias – organization is making its way around the world of news – creatively calling themselves ‘media bias fact check’.   Organized in 2015, their tag line is ‘the most comprehensive media bias resource’.  The founder/editor Dave Van Zandt states that he uses volunteers to do his bidding and that he has a degree in communications.   Some of his fact checking point pieces link back to PolitiFact, another fact checking media bias organization.   Many, if not most, of these unbiased unaffiliated fact check checkers are hugely biased and left leaning and are promoted by Facebook as the real deal.  

In actuality, they aren’t remotely the real deal, and so incredibly biased it could be comical, except that some people actually believe them.

One of PolitiFacts latest scourge was to call Trump a half-liar because he said the Democrats wanted the wall before he wanted the wall.  According to PolitiFact, not all Democrats wanted the wall, just Hillary, Schumer, and Obama.  Secondly, they didn’t build a wall – they built a fence.   Really!  Therefore, Trump lied.  Really! That is their logic and rationale.

PolitiFact is funded by the uber liberal Knight Foundation, and it’s CEO, Alberto Ibarguen, who are heavy donors to Clinton.  Other liberal donors include, Ford Foundation, Democracy Fund, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Democracy Fund was created by Pierre Omidyar of eBay and donated heavily to Hillary, Obama and Pelosi.  A prevue of their site is much like reading the Washington Post – it is a swarmy replication of anti-Trump, anti-Hannity, pro-Obama cheap-o-meter garbage.

In 2018, The Poynter Institute acquired PolitiFact.    The Poynter Institute receives its funding from Omidyar, Bill and Melinda Gates, Google, Open Society Foundations, National Endowment for Democracy and the Park Foundation.

The National Endowment For Democracy is funded by none other than the US Congress.   The President of NED is Carl Gershman who previously served as Executive Director of Social Democrats USA, and was an officer of the Young Peoples Socialist League.   In 2006, he laughingly stated that he’s not really a Socialist, he’s now a Democrat…

PolitiFact now utilizes a live fact stream whereby they claim the moment a politician makes a statement on television, it is fact checked for being true or false which means a) they have to make an analysis within seconds,  and b) john Q public is immediately streamed a Democrat liberal bias.

While PolitiFact desperately highlights the fact that they won a Pulitzer Prize, a)   The Pulitzer has been discredited routinely for only rewarding liberals – over a 31 year span only 5 conservatives won prizes for commentary,  and b) in order to be considered for the prize, you enter yourself and pay an entry fee.  For example, the current administrator on the board formerly worked for the liberal – New York Times.  Essentially it is much like Hollywood’s Golden Globes, wherein liberal Hollywood honors liberal Hollywood.

So what we have is an unbiased, unaffiliated fact checker organization funded by Socialists, Democrats, and Soros that is promoted as the Real McCoy by Facebook to shut down Trump, bloggers and conservatives as ‘false’ while regurgitating fake news.

Snopes has been around since 1994 and was created by David and Barbara Mikkelson.   It too has claimed to be unbiased, unaffiliated, and just a good ole boy urban legend outfit that happens to be used by MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Snopes was fact checked by Factcheck.org which gave it an A+++.  Factcheck.org is owned by the Annenberg Foundation and was launched by former CNN reporter, Brooks Jackson.  No bias there…   In 2015, Barbara and David Mikkelson went through a very nasty, bitter, scandal fueled divorce in which she claimed that he was spending their ad money like it was jelly beans, hiring prostitutes, and looting the company.  Barbara filed a lawsuit.   He countersued.  David is now sole owner of Snopes has remarried and hired on his staff, Elyssa Young, a former escort and porn actress.  In 2004, Elyssa ran for Hawaii’s 1stCongressional District as a Libertarian and lost flatly.  David has also hired as one of his principle fact checkers, Kim LaCapria, whose former experience includes her own blogosphere site, Vice Vixen, an exploitive site that discussed sex, sex toys, hedonism and fetishes.  She brags that she is high on pot when she writes for Snopes.

Many of the Fact Checking sites are so biased it is absurdity at its finest, or lowest, it is a form of censorship, it is replete with fakery and anonymity.  They are supported and funded by liberal Democrats bent on feeding the public a Mockingbird of information.  Basically, they work for the same liberal media they fact check…  Coockoo… 

The Swamp – Historical Money Lenders

NEWSFLASH:  Former CIA Director likens Trump’s immigration policies to Nazi Germany….  Woah there pardner…   A)  Trump’s immigration policies were actually initiated by Billy Clinton, and B)   General Michael Hayden is mired in controversial corruption regarding warrantless surveillance, numerous criticisms for wasteful expenditures, CIA torture allegations, and for staffer rotations.   Gosh darn, that’s someone worthy of anti-Trump quoting and sentiment…

The stupidity of The Swamp is the fact that they continue to use ignorant members of The Swamp to call out Trump.   They are quickly noted for their ignorance and The Swamp engorges itself on self-destruction.   I am reminded of a children’s book by Eric Carles, The Greedy Python, which depicts the greed of a snake that is so self obsessed he can not differentiate between his prey and his own tail – and so he eats – himself.

That is the argument perpetuated by the Democrats, by Mika Brzenzski who offers no  explanation for her rhetorical rage, except spew.  For Hollywooders who have not even done the most basic of research.   For Accosta, for CNN, for the Washington Post who are busily spewing – and eating their own tail as their greed has no knowledge of truth.

When a former Hollywood icon comes out and disgorges profanity and illicits hate, they don’t seem to understand the depth to which they have fallen down the rabbit hole, and that they are now conversing with the Queen of Hearts.   Outside of Hollywood, they have no insight into the bigotry and depravity they embrace that the rest of the world cringes from in fear.  They haven’t even done their research 101.

And so, their rank stupidity – reigns.   And because they are Hollywood, or elite, or power balls, they have lost all sense of ‘rational man’.

Today, the media ranks the success of a person by the power they wield.   Not by their gifts, their love, their giving, their charity, or their heart – but by their “Power”.   This has become the coveted prize of success!

Even in the world of sex trafficking and porn, the overwhelming definition is in their ‘power’.  Billy Clinton wielded ‘power’ over his women.   Epstein. Weinstein.   Hillary.  Oprah.  The measurement is power.

Power in the Media.

Who controls.

And yet, the people succumb like mice abdicating their very souls to the power because we have been propagandized into believing that power is greater than heart.  It is bigger, better, more!

The media would have us believe that Merkel is one of the most powerful figures in our world.  Bill Gates yields more power…  blahblahblah.   What does that mean?   It means that their goal is to have everyone else submit to them.   It means they have placed themselves into the seat of God and demanded the submission of all humans to serve them as slaves.   It means they have – no soul.

Hollywood thinks they are immune because their money buys them a seat in ‘power’.   But they are even more foregone than they can imagine for they haven’t even the strength to fight, they are weak, they are easily manipulated.   And in the world of the power elite, Hollywood does not realize they are the first to be expendable.   For their ignorance.

In the world of the elite, the likes of De Niro, Streep, Lawrence, Griffin, Cusack, Brezinski, etc… are laughable pawns who will be shucked under the carpet when the Order of Chaos is reigned.   They will have no use.   No intellectual challenge.   A bore.  Easily manipulated.   And yet, somehow, they believe their money will buy them a seat at the table.

We have been truly beguiled by an altered version of history.   We support the evil, and denounce the righteous.   All the while being taught to uphold a people that is rife with secular ideology.   God has spoken time and again .  But we are not listening.   It is time to listen to the true teachings of the Bible.   Who perpetuated God’s wrath time and again?   Who did He seek to teach?  And who failed, time and again?

Hush.  We are not allowed to say.  But if we persist in looking for the truth hidden in our history, the truth rewritten, it will suddenly all make sense. 

Follow The Money…  FYI:  Money Lenders Historically

If they weren’t Jews or Christians – who were they?

Trump Campaign Manager Smeared

Listening to the mainstream media weigh in on the possibility that Trump’s campaign manager is or is not guilty of ‘assault’ on a female reporter and I am actually appalled. While I certainly do not advocate ‘assault’, when the news anchor stated that they were going out to the people to see how they reacted to the allegations, they went to – Hillary…! Hillary! Really? She is now the personna that represents The People!?

Hillary weighing in on potential assault charges with her litany of ‘above the law’ charges that include placing the entire US into a breach of security is like Stalin weighing in on the death penalty…


No bias in that reporting – and when I changed channels, there it was again, the same weighted, biased reporting that sheds so much antagonism among The People. Hillary is NOT our spokesperson thank you!

Did Hillary divorce her infidel husband? Did she fire him from office and house? Did Hillary fire Huma when it was discovered she was affiliated with The Muslim Brotherhood? What is more important?

I have a personal disgust for hypocrisy. It is the Pharisee phenomena that has given Christianity its fault lines that we still try to separate. A Pharisee is a fake, a hypocrite is a fake, Hillary is a fake, and it is this very inauthenticity that has created the climate of aggression that The People are decrying as FOUL!

Given all the lies perpetrated by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Lawyer, First Lady, Secretary of State and Clinton Foundation officer, just imagine how far she will use her power to deceive and divest and destroy if she is elected? It will be Hillary to the ‘nth degree’. Like an earthquake, the magnitude is multiplied infinitely within the nth degree. A 5.0 quake compared to an 8.0 quake is not 3 points greater, it is infinitely more destructive!

That is the Hillary.

Before, After and While Billy was President:

  1. Hillary was tagged with using the FBI and IRS to illegally ‘target political opponents’,
  1. She accepted the multiple sexcapades of her husband and allowed the behavior,
  2. There was ‘travelgate’ chinagate, filegate and pardongate,
  3. The couple were considered to be theiving when they attempted to confiscate furnishings from the White House upon the conclusion of Billy’s second term…,
  4. They were slapped on the wrist for illegally obtaining FBI files on perceived adversaries,
  5. There was no media concern for the fact that Hillary’s right hand – man – Huma Abedin was implicated as affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood,
  6. There were the House of Cards style conspiracy theories of Vince Foster’s death just before he was going to reveal very controversial information…regarding the Clintons.
  7. The now ongoing – Emailgate Scandal
  8. The now ongoing – Benghazi Scandal
  9. The White Water Scandal when she was an attorney
  10. The Chinagate Scandal in which secrets were exchanged for donations to the Clintons.
  11. And the sse of federal funds for travel and entertainment of extended family and friends as well as the promise of jobs and positions…
  12. The impropriety of funds and bribes in the White Water scandal – in which everyone – but the Clintons – served time
  13. The ‘Sniper Fire’ complete lie.
  14. And the missing documents and billings form Hillary’s law firm that were never recovered…that may have proven her fraudulent practices.

The list goes on and on ad nauseum – and yet she has the audacity to judge Trump’s campaign manager for an ‘alleged’ assault.


And still The Cruz attacks Trump instead of Hillary! It is absurd and drags Cruz into the garbage that he claims to detest. Creating – Hypocrisy.

Mr Cruz are you advocating for Hillary? Because I have heard very little from you in that regard, in The Bern regard, and instead, you focus your attention on a fellow. Where is the loyalty? Where is the integrity? Where is heart? Because even if Trump’s campaign manager is implicated, at least Trump gave him the benefit of the doubt, his friendship, his support, his loyalty, his integrity.

And today, in a world gone to chaos – THAT means a LOT!