CIVIL WAR: The US on the Brink – ACT 3

Is WHITE a culture?  

According to the radicalized youth rioters black is a culture, Mexican is a culture, Native American is a culture, and all are victimized by white Nazi, Trump Deplorables.   According to their high school educated selves, white culture exists and is defined as the evil progenitor of genocide, colonization, fear and hatred.


Black is a color – not a culture.   White is a color – not a culture. Yellow …   Red…   And somewhere in the liberalized mainstream enigma that embraces Marxist white professors, all whites should hereafter commit Hari-Kiri suicide because we are all consumption driven, superficial, dead needles on a Christmas tree.   All 209,900,000 of us living in the US.

Black people do not want to be defined by their color, their prison sentences, their poverty, or their hatred, but somehow see fit to label all white people trash.   The meme has become so incredibly bizarre that white women are shaving their heads in defiance as though being bald somehow relieves them of the oppression of their white skin…   Other white people are bowing and scraping the pavement as they apologize for being ‘white’.

And somehow, within this sad phenomena of non-educated citizens, all other cultures outside of ‘white’ are sweet, kind, victimized, productive, and valuable.   Wars and genocide perpetrated by American Indians, Mexicans, Hondurans, Chinese, etc… have been erased.  Clean slate.   Blacks were never slave owners.   And the Mayan Wars that resulted in the death of an entire Mexican civilization and culture 1000 years ago, are forgotten.

WHY?   Because it doesn’t fit the narrative of whiteness warfare.

This is what our teachers and educators have instilled in the uprising youth.   The media fuels the false narratives in order to spike the hatred that was infused relentlessly by a slew of liberal teachers bent on fulfilling the Master Plan Agenda.

Civil War is PLAN C.

In the making for a decade or more, the concept of Civil War is death and destabilization so that a complete power grid can be installed fulfilling the dream of a global Monarchial Totalitarian Regime.

The American Civil War lasted four years and resulted in the death of roughly 2 million out of a population of 31 million.   Perspective. Today that would equate to the death of 20+ million.   But the Civil War wasn’t merely about depopulation, it was about centralizing wealth:   “The war destroyed much of the wealth that had existed in the South. All accumulated investment Confederate bonds was forfeit; most banks and railroads were bankrupt. The income per person in the South dropped to less than 40 percent of that of the North, a condition that lasted until well into the 20th century. Southern influence in the U.S. federal government, previously considered, was greatly diminished until the latter half of the 20th century.”

Who profited from the Civil War? Rockefeller, James Fisk, Jay Gould, Eastman, Chase, Cooke, Stevens, JP Morgan etc…   War Profiteering is a common force behind the instigation of most if not – all, wars.   For example, Diane Feinstein has profited hugely from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars having accumulated a net worth of roughly $100million as a Democrat politician.

At the beginning of the Civil War roughly 400 millionaires were counted. By 1890 that number had increased tenfold to over 4050. The evolution of business changed radically with large corporate entities gaining greater control and small businesses absorbed or destroyed.   Like no other war, this one ushered in the beginning of the corporate takeover of the American people.

And it’s final Act requires another Civil War in order to efficiently and completely takeover and/or destroy small businesses across the country.

Instead of celebrating genocide of white people, young people need to “WOKE” to the fact that their future is being annihilated as they face the status of peasant among the elite – the same elite instigating their ‘culture wars against white people’.   Whites are not their enemy.   Corporate elites – the exact same families that capitalized on the American Civil War – are running the Stage today.

The teachers, educators, and politicians promoting this ignorance are entirely complicit.   They include whites, blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, etc…   Because it is and never was about race, it has always been a pit, a play to own America.


5 thoughts on “CIVIL WAR: The US on the Brink – ACT 3

  1. The whole idea that “white” culture made America great is rubbish. Most of the Poles, Italians and Irish were day labor. The leaders in America were mainly Scottish, English, German and German Jews. Their culture was one of extreme work and more extreme frugality. In 1900, no sensible person would allow their daughter to marry an Italian. In fact, the New York Times said they should be deported. The problem with America is there is no American culture, unless you consider drive through window hamburgers a culture. When Germany was leveled in WW2, Conrad Adenaur ordered all of their old buildings rebuilt. Why? Because he knew Churchill wanted a genocide of German culture because the Brits couldn’t compete with Germany. Germany went, in 70 years, from have a per capita GDP 45% lower than England to 40% higher. This is after LOSING the war.

    • So agree! Blah-blah – every ‘culture’ has some prejudice toward every other culter – as in the Hispanics don’t like much the blacks… Warring Gangs. West Side Story! Great play! My brother was in a stage version. Show me ANY country that doesn’t have racism… per se

  2. Nope – it IS about race. White culture is the ONLY one that creates wealth, creates stability and gicves a hoot about morality, right/wrong and about helping others. Try to deny it all you want, but its true. (((those))) profitting from and pushing for war use race as an invective to spur the POCs into doing (((their))) dirty work for them, but its still about race. (((they))) hate white folk. Period.

  3. i couldn’t add anything,you covered the heart of the problem,money and power. any politician who enters office and some how thru some unknown miracle becomes a millionaire should be fully investigated,but that would be in a perfect world.

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