ELECTION 2020: Biden Ops Failing – Trump Trumps

The ramp up in fables is common as we approach an election, but the Main Stream are attempting to out do themselves creating complete fabrications based on anonymous sources while disparaging QAnon for being – anonymous.   Biden keeps giving faux teleprompter speeches in which anecdotal stories regarding President Trump and his accomplishments are somehow – Biden’s, and Kamala has suddenly gone AWOL.

All is normal.

Unfortunately, the left has revealed their utter incompetence in understanding what The People want, what The People believe, and where The People want our country to go!   Normally, analytics would provide a clear picture, but the left was so bent on creating their own egocentric basis – they failed to provide anything of substance.

And now they believe that unadulterated lying will somehow pull them out of their proverbial dung-heap!

To Date, Biden has raised roughly $470 million, spent $336 million and with two months left has yet to garner a following at all.   Some interesting contributors to the Biden campaign include:   1.   Bain Capital – founded by Mitt Romney, 2.   Sixteen Thirty Fund – a Dark Money PAC which is closely tied to Arabella Advisors, a firm that advises donors and nonprofits about where to give money and was founded by former Clinton administration appointee Eric Kessler.   3. Democracy PAC – which was launched by Soros in 2019,   4.   Priorities USA – founded by Obama’s press secretary, and 5.   Paloma Partners – funded by Donald Sussman who also founded New China Capital Management LLC, the single largest donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Loss. He also is a board member for Center For American Progress, John Podesta’s unthinkable sinking ship – Molly Brown….   Ok – just kidding. But Sussman serves on the board of directors. It is worthy to note that the Center for American Progress is a registered 501©(3) – which is a designation for an educational or religious organization that may NOT participate in any political agenda…   and 6.   American Bridge 21st Century – headed by David Brock founder of Media Matters, aka Soros.

Despite Biden insisting he would never accept any funding from a PAC – over 57% of his campaign sources are large corporation/PAC’s.   44% of ALL funding for Biden comes from New York, DC and California representing with links to Bill and Hillary, Obama, Kerry, Soros, Al Gore, Podesta, etc…

As the Mainstream touts an America that is corrupt, stupid, worthless, racist, and unqualified to exist on earth, it would appear there have been more than a few backhole attempts to destroy President Trump – and each one has systematically failed.   Pulling out the pinky finger from the dyke, while the idea was to unleash torrents of flood waters to consume all Deplorables in gulag territory, it would appear the flood barely reached past pinky toes… I can still see my manicure…

The latest data regarding unemployment post CoVid indicates a recovery rate of 50% of jobs within a two month span!   The New York Times reports this as ‘a sluggish recovery’.   Of course the true unemployment achieved by President Trump – 3.6% was the lowest since 1968 – but apparently that achievement does not suit the agenda, which requires a constant state of welfare in order to enslave.

The anonymous source for the Atlantic’s recent hit piece on President Trump is so blatantly pathetic, it deserves little attention other than a campaign gripe between the Deplorable McCain who was not a hero of anything and likely the causal point man in the devastation of the Forrestal which killed 133 service men.   The hit will disappear as it fails to find any substance.

A CoVid vaccine from McKesson, a company with no ties to Bill Gates is making news as a possible source of a vaccine by November 1st has likely rankled more than a few pocketbooks.   And as governors and mayors fight to destroy their state and create a slaughter reminiscent of the Great Depression meets Somalia, their re-election becomes more and more remote unless they renounce their abdication from America and re-align with reality.

But the real news coming down the pike of reality includes some unfamiliar names in the Democrat Party suddenly deserting their posts as allegations of pedophilia and child porn fill the airwaves of Conservative sites.   It is only the beginning for these perps – those that prey on the innocent and the vulnerable – this psychosis can not be shuffled under the rug with the rest of the dust bunnies.   It is not partisan, and it needs to be cleansed in politics, Hollywood and Sports where those with the highest $$$$$ share the greatest perversity.

Hollywood is tanking. Sports will soon find themselves in a similar video of one.   And politicians are being pulled off the merry-go-round horses at a quickening speed.

Who will be next?

They know – in their circles where everyone is blackmailed and everyone has something terribly verboten, they could be next.   When cornered, the hyena’s go bat-soup, but all it took was one small boy with a stick on his head to battle the entire mob of shrieking cannibals. Yes – they eat each other.

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  1. If Trump survives the incessant onslaught ( and I sincerely hope and pray he does) there will be a reckoning like no other we have seen. The press, NPR/PBS, politicians of both parties, almost every tv outlet, “religious leaders”, sports teams, etc. …all will face the music.

    We have been fed a constant diet of BS since 2016 (actually well before but I use this date for the current topic) and are not only pushing away from this fetid table but are turning it over.
    OLM: Our Lives Matter

    Thank you, Helena.

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