Mueller vs Deutsche Bank and Trump

The latest Mueller/NY Attorney General scandalous investigation is the relationship between Germany’s Deutsche Bank and Trump.  Apparently, Deutsche Bank made ‘loans’ to Trump totaling $2 billion over a period of twenty years, and Trump still owes roughly $360 million or 17% of the total.  Why is this worthy of investigation?   According to the lynch mob, it is because Deutsche Bank made the loans when no other bank would and 15 salesmen were given a tour of Mar a Lago in Florida. Very incriminating…according to the New York Times.

Deutsche Bank has been mired in catastrophic legal issues for over a decade including;  tax evasion, espionage, wire fraud, libor scandal, fraudulent transactions, sale of toxic mortgage securities, violating sanctions and money laundering.

Trump is a ‘client’, borrowed funds, applied the funds to his various business ventures, and made payments.

The NY Attorney General who has announced efforts to join the Mueller investigation is Letitia James, a democrat feminist who claims to be a specialist in ‘predatory lending’. However, her resume would seem to include nothing to that regard with one interesting exception.  In 2016, as New York’s Public Advocate, she attempted to force six financial institutions to end their practice of loaning money to gun manufacturers.   The current Public Advocate is Corey Johnson.

Deutsche Bank is hardly alone in its embroil of scandals.  For example, the list against Citigroup includes;  money laundering, deceiving investors, bond market manipulation, the rearrangement of global capital supply chains benefiting elites and immigrants, Terra securities scandal, theft from client accounts, futures market manipulation…etc – etc – etc.

JP Morgan Chase, the largest capitalized bank in the US has its fair share of controversies and corruption, including;  improper handling of ADR’s, discrimination, Asia corruption, Bernie Madoff fraud, bribery, securities fraud, extremely risky speculative trading, sanction violations, obstruction of justice, manipulation of energy market, breach of contract, etc – etc – etc.

In the last decade there have been 116 lawsuits filed against Wells Fargo.

In essence, it would appear that bank corruption is relatively commonplace and provides a rather lucrative, steady stream of income to the Federal Reserve in the form of fines, fee, and penalties.

In conjunction with the US Department of Justice, the major Plaintiff in lawsuits against banks worldwide is the Federal Reserve.  Suing banks for malfeasance the ‘profit’ is divided among the Federal Reserve and various state and federal agencies.  Typically, New York is involved in the action and thus the recipient of a pool of $$$$.

November 2018, the Federal Reserve portion of a lawsuit against Societe Generale S.A. was $81.3 million out of a total $1.34 billion.

The Federal Reserve is a private enterprise making insanely large profits.  With an Operation expense of roughly $6 billion, it routinely generates income of roughly $88-$100 billion – translating to a profit margin of 93% to 94%.  Excess profits are sent to the US Treasury.

The previous US Secretary of the Treasury was Jack Lew who worked under the Clinton administration as well as the Obama administration.   Between working in those two administrations, Lew was chief operating officer for Citigroup’s Alternative Investments working the Cayman Island, Bermuda and Hong Kong branches.   Of course these branches are notably offshore allowing tax avoidance havens for those who desire to hide wealth.   Coincidence?  Possible. But not likely.

While Lew was still at Citigroup, Obama announced a massive bailout deal for the bank after the stock price collapsed and insolvency was proposed.   Two months later, Lew was appointed to US Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, then White House Chief of Staff and ultimately Secretary of Treasury.

He served a purpose.

What Mueller and Letitia James might not fully understand is the thicket of intertwined exchange of money, laundering, banks, and hidden assets that is historically inherent in the Clinton and Obama administrations.  Over his head, Mueller’s digging might actually let loose the buzzards and locusts from Pandora’s Box.  Only it won’t be Trump that is revealed, it will be The Reptilian Swampers, and Mueller will find that the calling card of the Cabal is Murder by Suicide.

In the meantime, taxpayers of all party affiliations continue to shell out/pay for this vastly expensive investigation that has unveiled – nothing.  Deutsche Bank will be taken down.   During WWII, the bank sided with Hitler and the Nazi’s confiscating jewish owned companies, firing its Jewish Board Members, financing Auschwitz and IG Farben, and supporting Turkey.  Shares of Deutsche Bank currently trade at $9.04.

Socialism In The US House…takes hold

With the Democrat House filing into DC they bring with them a new host of Socialists.  And one might gasp except that in 2010 the Socialist Party released a list of 70 Congressional Democrats who were also members of the Socialist Party of America.   They endorsed none other than John Kerry and Obama.  In the latest election 15 Socialists were elected to office across the US.  While the numbers may seem small from a percentage standpoint, they do reveal an evolution.   The EU Commission is comprised of Socialists, the UN is run by Social Democrats, and still, despite the collapse of Venezuela, the push continues.

In every Socialist state, the first death is that of the Middle Class.   Those who have much, have more, and those who had nothing, have something.   The fact that those who had nothing was a high percentage is what keeps the power operating.  Until it collapses.

And so the question arises, why does it collapse?

Opinion pieces are rampant in this discussion, most recently Bloomberg’s op-ed attempted to sway the discussion of Venezuela, and instead highlight the vast progress and effectiveness of Bolivia’s Socialist President, Morales.    The opinion piece claims there is a right way and a wrong way to do Socialism and lists Venezuela as the wrong way compared to Bolivia as the right way.  Noah Smith, the author of the piece bills himself as a neoliberal on his Twitter status.

But is Bolivia really a ‘right’ way, or is the author simply attempting to validate Socialism?

Bolivia’s President Morales continues to win re-election, not because his policies are good for Bolivia, but because he has given something to a population that had nothing, and virtually eliminated the Middle Class in the process.  He is elected by the poor, the 40% of the population living below poverty line.   Despite being given vast free assistance from Cuba and Brazil, Bolivia continues to rank in the bottom bowels of South America’s economy, ranked just above Venezuela.  Somehow Noah Smith didn’t read that far.

Bloomberg’s, Smith, cites the fact that they have GDP growth… and makes the claim that illiteracy has been eradicated.  Unemployment is made up of unskilled laborers, and skilled workers are in high shortage.  Corruption is rampant, a dictatorial rule is leveraged, while only 40% of the youth population continue school after the 4thgrade, and 20% enter secondary school, UNESCO has declared the country to be wholly literate.   In case you are math challenged, UNESCO warns that the rate can not be higher than 100%…   Unlike Florida which typically allows upwards of 140% of the population to vote.   I digress.

In terms of World Ranking – Bolivia is followed by Zimbabwe.

Not exactly a stellar record to use in support of Socialism.

The splintering and demise of the Republican and Democrat Parties is parlayed.

While Noah Smith argues that Socialism didn’t destroy Venezuela, hyperinflation did, he rather bizarrely refuses to acknowledge what caused ‘hyperinflation’.   It is humorous to note that Venezuela is referred to as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – it followed the exact same ideologies and principles as Morales does now in Bolivia.  The Bolivarian Revolution in 1999 ushered in Chavez as the savior of the Republic.  He vied for ‘socialism or death’.   Chavez government was called the Bolivarian government.  He created a new Constitution – as did Morales.  They support social welfare, social property, communes, universal healthcare, and of course, redistribution of wealth.

The only difference between Bolivia and Venezuela is that Chavez introduced Socialist policies beginning in 1999, Morales took office in 2006, Bolivia simply hasn’t reached the same crescendo – yet.

While the Soviet Union took decades to rise from the ashes of it’s socialist/communist rule instituted by the Bolsheviks, Venezuela and Bolivia don’t have the machismo or brute intellect to know how to recreate failing economics despite being rich in natural resources.  Reading of the demise of Venezuela, it reads as a static version of Bolivia’s current crisis and stagnation – crime rates soaring, riots, protests, inability to redirect industry from oil, vast resources left untapped, education crisis, etc…

Despite Noah Smith attempting to frame Socialism as simply mishandled, he has shown that his own understanding is rather pathetic.    But what he isn’t noticing is the fact that while both ruling parties in the US are crumbling, fracturing, and called out as failures (thank you Romney), the evolution of Socialism historically appears as a saving solution only to completely destroy the country so relegated – from within.

The EU is only now waking up to their own demise promulgated by the Socialist/Communist regimes of Merkel, Macron, and May.  Sweden is Falling faster than the Twin Towers, and Norway is a close second.   But then, that is the plan…

We The People, have that authority.  It is a choice.

The Fall of The Roman Empire – is history repeating?

What caused the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire? And why is it relevant?

Placing a beginning to the decline is difficult, but the actual Fall is said to have occurred around 476 AD.  There are many reasons that contributed to the Fall, but a few notable inferences are worth mentioning, including;  corruption, debauchery, and a decaying army. 

Corruption:  The Emperor had power over all life and death. The Senate had only the authority to counsel the Emperor, but all decisions remained his. As such, a rift of allegiances split the rulers. To protect himself, the Emperor created an elite group of soldiers known as the Praetorian Guard. The Guard grew to such a forceful power of its own that they offered the title and throne to whomever had the money to buy it. No longer was the government a body reigning for the people, the government became it’s own corrupted self consumed entity whose sole purpose was to expand personal wealth. Gluttony and greed became the model as the government was threatened by bankruptcy. The cost of defending the Empire, the failing economics, heavy taxation and high inflation ultimately brought the economy down to nothing. 

A growing government went from 300 full time employees to over 30,000 in just a few years.

Lusting for material pleasure, the flow of gold to the orient to pay for luxury goods led to a shortage of gold to put in Roman coins. Roman currency was devalued to such an extent that a system of bartering returned to one of the greatest civilizations the world had ever known.

Constantly at war, conquering new lands and putting those citizens into poverty caused widespread rebellions. An ever growing military presence was needed to patrol the conquered lands and maintain taxation of non-Romans. The cost of war and the growth of the military burdened an ever depleting budget. The solution was to impose ever increasing taxes which led to even more rebellions.

The skew of wealth and class created a two class system; the elite and the peasants.

Cheap slave labor in turn resulted in the unemployment of the people of Rome who became dependent on hand-outs from the state. The Romans attempted a policy of unrestricted trade but this led to working class Romans being unable to compete with foreign trade. The government was therefore forced to subsidize the working class Romans to make up the differences in prices. This resulted in thousands of Romans choosing just to live on the subsidies and sacrificing their standard of living with an idle life of ease.

As the thousands of unemployed living on government subsidies became bored, this ennui led to civil riots and unrest.  It was because of this ennui that the gladiator games and chariot races were created and funded by the government and the wealthy politicians to quell the unrest. The games were used to murder Christians and other unwanted citizens. The cult was death. If there were not enough criminal elements to be used in the games, the Emperor would order the military to throw citizens from the stands into the arena.  The carnage was incredibly vast.

Decaying Military:

As the government diverted funds to the games, which now accounted for a third of the budget, the military decayed.  They no longer had defensive weapons.  Their leadership was ineffective and corrupt.  The knowledge that the Barbarians gained of Roman warfare and military tactics by serving in the Roman army was eventually turned against the Empire and led to the sack of Rome by the Visigoths.   An ex-army soldier, Alaric, led the invasion. 

Who were these barbarians?

They were the peoples that the Roman Empire had enslaved and conquered.  They were the Visigoths, Arian Christians who compared themselves to Biblical Hebrew people, Huns, a Mongolian and Chinese tribe, and the Vandals, a Germanic tribe.

Ultimately, the aqueducts which supplied Rome with water were destroyed and the people fled.


As power corrupted, debauchery escalated. The elite upper classes felt empowered to partake in immoral and promiscuous behavior including orgies, sexual fetishes, incest, adultery, and bestiality. Tiberius kept groups of young boys to pleasure him. Nero had a male salve castrated so as to take him as his wife. Harems, concubines, vestal virgins, became the norm. The Games would provide an arena for some of the more perverse atrocities of debauchery. And the citizens were drawn into the lewdness as though drugged.

Brothels and forced prostitution thrived and flourished. There were no boundaries, each elite wanting to out-do the previous.

Gambling and drinking became a way of life.

The parallels of the Fall of The Roman Empire to the US are astounding!

*Our government no longer represent the people, instead their actions are for one purpose, individual gain. Greed, corruption, gluttony rule the very fabric of our nation.

*We are at ‘war’ with multiple nations, instilling a military presence when our military continues to be over-budget, mired in waste, and without consequence for its actions.

*Our president is placed in office by a shadow elite who buy the throne.

*The rise of sex trafficking, child sex trafficking and prostitution with political elite involvement and elite entertainer involvement has crumbled the walls of morality and ethics. Virtue is non-existent.

*Law is no more. Order is no more. Chaos is instilled and lauded.

The Roman Empire lasted about 500 years. It was ultimately brought down by General Odoacer, a Germanic Arian Christian, along with his defected soldiers. The Empire split in half, the western half fell, while the eastern half thrived as the Byzantine Empire.

Is history repeating itself?