Ukraine Aide – US $45 Billion For USAID & World Bank

Zelenskyy is in the UK asking Rishi Sunak for Fighter Jets because, well, Ukraine is losing.   Given no one in Ukraine can operate UK, US, or German military hardware, either training would be necessary or pilots and tank commanders would be ‘appropriated’ from said countries in a shadow play.  

Rishi Sunak claims to be a ‘conservative’ yet is more than happy to embrace Zelenskyy both literally and figuratively.   Given his billionaire father-in-law, Narayana Murthy, sits on the boards of the Ford Foundation and the UN Foundation, and was chair of the World Economic Forum, Sunak’s conservatism would seem a defection… or a lie.

It would appear, that Rishi’s appointment to PM of the UK was implemented by UN and WEF allegiances.   Those ‘allegiances’ would also be the one’s telling Sunak what to give Zelenskyy.  

Despite various pundits holding to the concept of Party and what said Party stands for, the entire system is a hoax.   The Likud Party to which Netanyahu belongs is no different.   Too often in these communist liturgies, running as a communist isn’t acceptable, as such the affiliation is deemed ‘independent’ until they take up their gavel and pound the life out of their citizens. Netanyahu included.

Netanyahu, a Secular Jew, is considering sending the Iron Dome to Zelenskyy to support the Nazi’s.  

While the War rages in Ukraine – Zelenskyy thought this would be a good time to go on ‘vacation’ with trips to UK, France, Belgium and possibly Germany.   Obviously his wife needs a new wardrobe…   But Zelenskyy travels quite a bit – showing up for Hollywood award ceremonies, meetings with the US President who doesn’t actually meet anyone, and hosts dozens of Hollywood and Political friends all looking for a reward for their visit to Ukraine.

On Zelenskyy’s list of upcoming travels he includes: India, Romania, Singapore, Brazil, Israel, Philippines, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan…   Impressive!   Equally impressive is how he has been able to avoid/evade being bombed going in and out of Ukraine undetected.

Zelenskyy may be viewed as a ‘legend’ in the history books, but likely not in the light he anticipates.   He will take his place next to Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and Mao as the Marxist Bolshevik Leader who assassinated his people into extinction while reaping vast wealth for himself.

“A ruler who would destroy his country for a photo op, boost his ratings on the blood and suffering of his citizens.” ~ Medvedchuk, Leader of the now banned Party – Opposition Platform.

WHY hasn’t the House stopped the additional Funding Package For Ukraine?

The Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act was issued by The Department of State January 10, 2023,  as an appendage prewritten by Congress before the elections flipped the House last September.   The money goes directly through USAID and is then distributed according to their dictums.

The money is supposed to be transferred to the World Bank with Deloitte auditing the use of the funds.   However, no such audit has ever been presented.   And The World Bank provides no information regarding payments.

However, given that Ukraine has previously denied receiving the sum total issued by any country – that would leave the audit trail in USAID and World Bank. USAID has not provided a report which is a mandate of The Act.

The Act allocates $45 Billion in total as follows:

$9 Billion is for US military support and training costs

$11.88 Billion is to replace weaponry destroyed or lost

$7 billion for European Command

$2.4 Billion for resettlement

$2.5 Billion for refugees

$13.37 Billion for Ukraine’s economy and Budgetary needs

$166 million for USAID fee

$50 million for food

$560 million for the State department’s cut

$1 million fort the WH cut

$7.5 million for oversight of theft

$300 million for advanced nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel

$126.3 million for nuclear security

$6 million for the Inspector General cut

and the option to increase the $9 Billion to $14.5 Billion should someone say so.

The fact that this allocation package does NOT add up to $45 Billion is simply the State Department, The Pentagon, and the Deloitte Accounting methodology doing what they do best – LOSE MONEY!   It’s called Common Core Math…  Just chalk it up to the $1 trillion The Pentagon has LOST.

10 thoughts on “Ukraine Aide – US $45 Billion For USAID & World Bank

  1. I’d be better spent going to Turkey and Syria to help the earthquake victims. Soon, these silly governments are going to give zalensy $1-2 trillion to rebuild his wretched empire.

  2. Today Wed 2/8/23 the Ukraine has lost 50% of 4 brigades in Ugledar. I ‘think’ a brigade is 2000 men. (Pick your Gender!) Anyhow that’s a loss of about 4000. Our tax dollars whether robbed directly from us or printed up by the Fed and given to Zelenski has a good chance of causing the complete disappearance of Ukrainians. Britain has just promised them Eurofighters with missiles that have a range of over 300 km. Tanks are on the way as well.

    Hard to believe Americans are sitting around with thumbs up their arse,,, watching their government start the next world war.
    Next, a likely ‘peace’ keeping Nato/US force seems plausible and then the real games begin! A wet dream for the WEF members with all the killing.

    Maybe that war is why the Federalies are considering a bill to eliminate the income tax and begin a 30% sales tax. No exemptions! That should finish the country off pronto…. which I believe to be the plan.

      • Hi

        Can you point me to it…or better write an update. I can’t get much info in the bills progress. You seem to have good connections. 🙂 Don’t know how I missed it. Read all, (or thought I did) your columns even though I don’t comment on many. Thanks.

          • Thank you ma’am,,, and I might add you covered it well!

            I surely hope people aren’t stupid enough to fall for it but when considering their collective action during the fake virus Plandemic,,, well,,, their isn’t much hope.

  3. Great article as always. If you the time and interest one day you could write about if the world has always been this insane or is the current insanity just sign of the times.

  4. This money never reaches Ukraine. It goes directly to the military industrial complex and laundered into the pockets of politicians along with the globalists for their One World Order government agenda.

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