Boris Johnson: King Charles I – treason or hero?

Boris Johnson is now being compared to Charles I who was tried and executed for treason.   Oddly, what the media neglects to understand is that Charles’ ‘treason’ was religiously based during the era in which the Puritans and the Catholics were at odds and Charles lean toward Arminian belief in ‘free will’ and Catholicism was deemed – heretical. 

In essence, Charles came up against his parliament and ultimately imprisoned them given their Puritan views were becoming more and more vehement against Charles religious opinions.   The rumblings of assassination were eminent.  Their rule was dissolved, and Charles presided as Monarch over England, Scotland and Ireland without a parliament for 11 years.

While those opposed to BREXIT are asserting that Boris Johnson is implementing a dictatorship coup, in truth he is fighting for The People who voted for BREXIT and against the insane infighting within a corrupt parliament that has dragged on since 2016 with absolutely no result.

Theresa May’s legacy obliterated, Johnson vowed to uphold the majority vote.   Corbyn and the Soros agenda want a ‘new and improved’ referendum which will likely be rigged.   The obvious question being – why? Why would a new referendum be necessary when there is no allegation of impropriety in the first?

Ultimately, Charles was tried for treason despite the House of Lords objections. The Rump Parliament self declared their power and right to trial and execution.   The charges held Charles acted for his sole purpose in igniting the English Civil War. However, the war was a power play, and the execution of Charles was upheld later to be without merit.

In fact the Rump Parliament, the Puritans, perpetrated ‘a coup’.

If Corbyn and the never BREXITeers were to read the history of Charles I, they might find it necessary to backtrack on their assertion against Johnson given the coup was not invoked by Charles, but by Oliver Cromwell, head of the English Army and a devout Puritan.

Winston Churchill called Cromwell a military dictator. His tolerance of English and Irish Catholics was considered genocidal.

The article in The Guardian by John Rees, completely omits the most relevant frame of the rule of Charles I which was ‘religious freedom’.   He provides a very superfluous narrative recounting a ‘radical mood’ and masses of Londoners.   In fact, the ‘radical mood’ was the Puritans desire to eradicate the Catholics. As in genocide.

Charles I would actually be a somewhat positive declaration in that regard. He advocated to rid his parliament of the radicals, so that his duties as King and warrior could be officiated.

Johnson’s parliament is incompetent. They have demonstrated that fact for the last 3 years.   They are incapable of making a decision with respect to BREXIT and thus have done absolutely nothing during their past three year tenure as a government whose duty is to work for the people.   They have fought, cursed, and been brought to forcible eviction with flailing fists.   The English gentleman – has died.

Instead Rees invokes the claim that businesses demand a deal.  Actually, businesses have already prepped for a no-deal, they’ve had 3 years to do so!

John Rees claims that the Tory-Brexiteers did not vote for a Trump-Johnson no deal.  Which is true.  BREXIT quite simply was a vote to stay or leave the EU.   There was no talk of trade deals, costs, blackmail by the EU Commission, or fees.   That is, until the EU realized they lost and they were up shitake creek!   With 72% turnout, Leave won.   And Remainers act much like Hillary, unable to accept their loss.

With three years now wasted, Boris Johnson is effecting the vote of the people amidst a somewhat convoluted EU Commission attempt to extort money from the UK in an effort to convince them that leaving isn’t worth the cost.  But the people are weary of an ineffectual parliament and want to go on with their lives.

Enter Trump. Trump offers Boris logistical trade deals to help take the smack out of the bite. And the Leavers are hysterical!   Why? Because their argument just tanked. I’m surprised they haven’t called Boris a racist, or Hitler, perhaps that will be their next comical ploy…

In essence, in order for the UK economy to get its footing back, a hard BREXIT is the only way that can be effected. They have floundered in limbo for too long.   With other EU countries flailing miserably in their own economic woes, the EU Commission has lost its position of power. Having rejected every offer brought to the table, they had no intention of ever accepting anything less than a new referendum in which the people voted to stay.

They lost their poker hand and had no more chips.

Know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, and know when to run…

It is time to RUN

9 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: King Charles I – treason or hero?

  1. No allegation of impropriety? It has all been a con. The UK electorate were manipulated with false information and lies.

    Boris Johnson is not fighting for the people; he is in it for himself and the other people who stand to make a load of money. Johnson et al. already made a load on money overnight after the announcement of the EU Referendum.

    Although there was a 72% turnout in the EU referendum the difference in the result was only 4%. A far more important figure, is the amount of people who were who were lied to which is 100% and we are still being lied to.

    Any deal that Trump wants in the UK is certainly not good for the people of this country. There is no doubt about that. It is also a common fact the Johnson is a racist as well as a serial liar.

    You talk about Brexit like it is good thing. There are a lot of people in this country who would disagree with that including a lot of the UK Electorate who now know they were conned into voting for it.

    We have not left the EU yet and there are already people who are unable to get their prescription medicines or have simple surgical procedures performed by their GPs because of “cutbacks” in the NHS. That’s the same NHS that Trump wants and the immoral Johnson is happy for that to happen.

    Brexit and the destruction of NHS are tied into the same parcel and private companies have already leached vast amounts of money from the NHS. There are a lot American companies who want a slice of the NHS. That is something that will be to the detriment of the people of this country. It seems quite likely that will happen as long as we as long as we have the current government.

    Since the EU referendum there has been a great amount of information about the reality of what will transpire as a result of Brexit and none of it is good for ordinary people. It is not just about stinking rich people becoming richer, although that plays a big part; it is also about more power. There are already plans for a power-grab of the devolved nations of the UK.

    As soon as we leave the EU we will no longer be protected by its Human Rights Laws. It has long been the intention of the Tory Government to abolish the UK Human Rights Act. Our rights in UK have slowly but surely been eroded. After Brexit it won’t be so slow.

    • Ronnie is unfortunately like the never Trumpers…ill informed and wed to making England another slave to the EU and Germany…Gee, hasn’t the UK learned anything from trusting Germany to oversee them?

      • I couldn’t agree more. These people repeat and spread the same negative “effects” BREXIT will have. Seems they know the future and the people who want BREXIT don’t. Just like our liberals who disgrace America and moan & lie about our great 🇺🇸President Trump everyday. These people can’t stand to lose. I think in 10 years if not sooner, the people who cried about BREXIT will be surprised how well their country came through this and prospered. God Bless 🇬🇧

    • Ronnie – while I respect your thoughts and opinions, there are a few squabbles I would contest:
      1. NHS is a disaster and has been failing for many years. Their spiral is not US-made, it is UK-made with waiting times, cosmetic surgery getting preferential treatment over children’s diseases, shortages of qualified nurses and doctors, over-taxed with immigrants bringing back diseases that were eradicated, lack of equipment, etc… Private insurance in the UK was thus extended for the wealthier – by a socialist government.
      2. The prescription shortages has little to do with BREXIT, and everything to do with mismanagement:
      3. Trump has no desire to create a US version of NHS, in fact that is exactly what Trump is fighting while the Liberal Socialists are declaring a $40 trillion Medicare For All idiotic staple to follow the failing model of NHS.
      4. Of course there are people that disagree with BREXIT, they voted, and they lost. Whether by 4% or 20% is not relevant.
      What happens after BREXIT is dependent on the UK making trade deals to supplant any deals lost. However, with Germany falling into a recession, they are likely to lead the EU into that pit. Remainers – included.

      • I was stating facts, not my thoughts or opinions Helena.

        I already stated to you a while ago some of the reasons the NHS was in decline. I feel that may have fallen upon stony ground. I never said it was US made, I am well aware of the reasons. Incidentally, I don’t rely on information solely from online sources, I know people in the NHS.

        The Tories have been intent on dismantling the NHS since its inception. New Labour which was not socialist, but right-wing under Tony Blair was highly detrimental to the NHS. Systems were put in place which still causes transference of money from the NHS to privatised companies to this day.

        Diseases of the Victorian era have appeared in this country because of poverty, just the same as crimes from that era have returned e.g. poaching and stealing lead from church roofs, as a result of Tory austerity. There has been no shortage of people who are keen on blaming immigrants for all our problems.

        The main reason there is a shortage of nurses is because of government policies. Link: Nurse Jacqui Berry. ( Like student nurses, the government also get unemployed people to work full time for companies without being paid. It makes it harder for someone to find a proper job when they are too busy working for free.

        There was a man who was laid off from his job in a factory. The owners of the factory had discovered they could get employees from the Jobcentre without having to pay wages. When the newly unemployed worker had to register as unemployed at the Jobcentre, they were very quick finding him a new job. This new job turned out to be his old job. He was expected to do the same job, but without wages.

        When Tory MP Peter Lilley was social services secretary, he embarked on a scheme with the American company Unum to sell health insurance in the UK. The method was to tell people who were sick or injured that they were fit for work and deny them Social Security payments. This created a huge burden on the NHS because of the amount of people whose health deteriorated. The amount of people who ended up with mental health problems, as a result of all this, was immeasurable. Someone I knew who worked at the Jobcentre told me “They keep sending us people who are not well enough to work”.

        The whole idea was to teach people they could not rely on getting state help, even though they had already paid National Insurance to cover themselves against illness and accidents. The same practises are still being carried out but under different guises. People with terminal illnesses are being told to look for work. Even people who are on their death-bed receive letters telling them they are not ill enough to receive any financial help. The examples I am referring to, are people who have always worked and have become ill or had an accident.

        The running down of the NHS is achieved in many ways, but the principle is the same as other services that have been privatised, “defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital.” We have had a similar conversation before.

        BMJ link: No-deal Brexit may worsen drug shortages, pharmacists warn. (

        In point number 3. I don’t know what you are referring to, but if Trump has any involvement in the NHS it will not be good for people of this country. Any changes that Johnson wants to implement are not good for the population of the UK. I said to you a long time ago that when there has been a Labour Government in power I do not remember experiencing any ill effects, but any time the Tories have been in power I have always experienced problems. That is not a biased comment, I am not a Labour supporter and I have never voted for them.

        Since the Thatcherite days the Tories have been asset stripping the UK. Most of our services have been sold off to other countries. Now Johnson and his cronies want sell whatever is left to the USA.

        I had a discussion with an NHS doctor recently regarding GPs being restricted in performing certain minor surgical procedures. The doctor confirmed that the reason behind this was privatisation. Strangely, I could not find any reference to this on the internet about NHS England, but there numerous entries about this in NHS Scotland.

        Before the Scottish Referendum on Independence, Scots were told that if they voted to become independent they would not be able to remain in the EU. Then after the EU referendum, in which Scots voted to remain, they were told they would have to leave anyway. The Scottish electorate had better information on how leaving the EU would affect them and were wise enough to vote against it. Not that it did any good.

        I communicate with people in various countries around the world and what they think is actually happening in the UK is more than just a distortion of the truth. British people who live abroad and get their news from the BBC are being greatly misled. I have completely stopped listening to the BBC news on TV in England because of the lies. I have stopped listening to local radio news because of lies about Scotland. Most of my English friends don’t know what is happening politically in Scotland, the truth is obscured from them. Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have a clue what is happening over the border.

        Most of the newspapers in the UK do not print what is actually happening in this country, so there are people in the UK who are oblivious to the effects of the malpractices of our government. The image that is portrayed to other countries is grossly inaccurate. This is not my opinion, this fact.

        In your point in No. 4 about me mentioning the 4% difference, the reason I said that was because of your statement “With 72% turnout, Leave won. And Remainers act much like Hillary, unable to accept their loss.” It had an implication that there was a larger percentage of people who actually voted leave. That is what our politicians do to slant information.

        Whether the difference was 4% or 20% is very much relevant to millions of people in this country, because it was a lot more than 4% who were manipulated by lies into voting leave. It was a lot more than 4% who were manipulated by fabrications on Facebook. It will be a lot more than 4% whose lives will be adversely affected in the not too distant future.

        I have listened to many discussions on Brexit. Even when people are told what the outcome will be due to specific changes, they remain in denial.

        Brexit the Uncivil war (2019) and Carole Cadwalladr on TED talk are very informative about Brexit.

        I am not pleased with being compared to Hillary Clinton (I assume that’s the Hillary you meant). I voted to remain because I had sufficient insight and knowledge of the politics behind the manoeuvre. To say I am unable to accept my loss is disdainful, although I do not think you actually mean to insult me Helena, but to all the people whose loss will be greater than mine, particularly the people who will lose their livelihoods, it is very insulting. It is not a case of “if” people in this this country will adversely affected, but “when”.

        There is ample evidence that the austerity-induced withdrawal of the welfare state since 2010 is a key driver to understand both, how pressures to hold an EU referendum built up, and why the Leave side won.

        I was not wrong in my rationale to vote remain, because I have already had negative experiences as a result of our imminent departure from Europe. This is only the thin end of the wedge.

        • Ronnie – I hear your passion. While I have not spoken with NHS employees, I have spoken with other Brits quite recently whose views are not the same as yours. Your mention of ‘working for free’ is not exactly forthright. It applies to welfare, to free rent, food, phones, clothes, etc… that has become a staple of corruption and fraud as interview after interview reveal that the concept is flawed. Getting things for nothing. That does not mean every person on welfare is corrupt – it means the system is exceptionally flawed and the work program was a potential means of expelling the corruption. Working 30 hours per week in the US is pittance – most people here work 50-60 hours.
          I read many different news sources, and I always read both sides – liberal and conservative. I read opinions, I research history, and one blog can take me anywhere from 4 hours to a couple days to finalize. I do not – rush.
          I think the BBC is a rag – but then so is DW, WAPO, NYT, NPR, etc… however, I think it important to at least try and understand.
          Tony Blair may have been criticized as a more moderate socialist, but he was still a globalization proponent, he had previously identified as a Trotskyist, a Marxist, and a Socialist.
          Socialism is a power grab, it advocates for policies of overbearing control and has a history of abject failure – Poland, Venezuela most recently.
          As for malpractices of government, the spiral in the US gained incredible traction under Obama’s tenure with the Shadow government, the Cabal, the puppet masters ramping up their agenda quickly and keenly. And yes – money and power – are the absolute end. But welfare spending will not end government corruption, instead it has shown to extend it.
          The world’s ails is volumes and can not be debated in blog responses. But the manipulation in your sphere, my sphere, and globally is only just beginning to unravel – and that unraveling is core to creating a new justice, and a truthful reflection.

          • If I pass on information of a scientific nature to someone and they disagree with me, then it is not actually me they are disagreeing with. It is the scientists they are disagreeing with.

            You could speak to a hundred people from Britain it makes no difference to me what their views are. I am not giving you my views. I am merely passing on factual information to you on matters regarding the NHS, so it is not my opinion you are contesting.

            The link I gave you where the nurse states that student nurses have to work without being paid is not my opinion, though I do have very strong opinions about it.

            The example I gave of the man who was laid off from his job and then sent back there by the Jobcentre did not get any benefits. By refusing to go back his old job and not receive wages, but get unemployment benefit instead is beyond irony. His refusal meant an automatic sanction which meant he got nothing.

            The government spent four years and a huge amount of taxpayer’s money in legal battles to prevent the names of companies and organisations that benefited from slave labour being published. Yes, slave labour. They had jobs for people, but instead of advertising the jobs and paying wages, they took advantage of the Tory scheme and got their labour completely free, it did not cost them a penny. There were more than 500 companies and organisations which also included charities and local government who profited from this free labour.

            “Free rent, food, phones, clothes, etc…” The last time I came across that rhetoric was when The Daily Mail were spouting their usual lies. When they could not get a story about the Syrian refugees that the government sent to the Isle of Bute as a propaganda stunt, they just made one up. You also posted similar information at the time which I spoke to you about.

            The government wastes vast amounts of taxpayer’s money to deny people benefits they are actually entitled to by law. They pay private companies huge amounts to give people pseudo medical examinations to assess their ability to work and at the same time refuse to accept real medical evidence from real doctors. This has wasted a tremendous amount of time for GPs all over the country. The resources of the NHS continue to get attacked from more and more different angles.
            The medical practise I go to if I need to see a doctor will no longer exist in six months’ time. It will not be the only one. I won’t go into details; you can ask your Brit friends that know so much about it.

            The government spend great amounts of money on appealing the result of court cases where people have won their cases after being denied benefits. They have had plans in place to change the appeal system for a while, to make it nigh on impossible for anyone to have a successful appeal. That can’t be implemented at the moment because it is a breach of human rights. After we leave Europe and the Human Rights Act is abolished, there won’t be any barriers.

            The BBC is more than just a rag; it is a propaganda machine of the Tories. A friend brought me a CD from Scotland yesterday which exposes BBC Scotland’s underhand tactics at the instruction of their Westminster overlords.

            When you mentioned Venezuela I automatically thought of John Bolton the “regime changer”. The man who told the UK lies to get us to go to war with Tony Blair the war criminal. The same man who has been interfering in our relationship with Europe.

            When I tell people in other countries what is actually happening in the UK, they thank me for enlightening them with the truth. You argue about it instead Helena.

            So far I have explained various points to you, some of them are unknown to people in this country, and if you don’t wish to accept them it doesn’t really matter.

            I will now express my thoughts instead of merely reporting factual information.

            If you look beyond the politics and view everything from a moralistic angle the view changes dramatically. There are many politicians that I am familiar with in my country who are devoid of the necessary morals to have compassion towards their fellow human beings. Their empathy rating is zero.

            I consider politicians in the same way as famous like film stars or musicians. Would I stand in a bar and have a drink and a chat with them? If the answer is no then it is because I do not like them as a person. It is because I have no respect for them. Often it is because they do not share the same morals or principles as me.

            People like Johnson and Trump; I would not even acknowledge either one of them if I bumped into them in the middle of a desert. They are both narcissists who do not care about anybody except themselves. They do not care in the least if their behaviour or polices bring destruction to the lives of others.

            In my formative years I grew up the philosophy “If you can do someone a good turn, do it. Never do them a bad turn”. That has served me well over the years. I care about my fellow humans. I care about animals. I care about the environment.

            I find it strange when anybody defends Johnson, Trump and their like, they are not good people.

            I notice there are negative comments about me on your blog. I do not suffer fools gladly and I do not waste my time responding to them.

            • Ronnie:
              As you know even science is conjecture, which is why most science is referred to as theory, and why many scientists disagree vehemently. You are passing on some factual information, disbursed with theory –
              I have no idea why my article sparked a debate on a welfare system in the UK that was scrapped in 2015. And the list of companies is available. – 564ish of them.
              The BBC is a propaganda machine of ‘the government’. Just like the NYT and Wapo have been propaganda of the US government for decades. Not sure how that relates to my article either.
              Bolton is interfering with your EU relationship? I’d say the EU was interfering in your relationship, Soros, the Rothschilds, you have missed the agenda.
              Ronnie – we are discussing. If you find that concept untenable, then stop. If you believe everything you say is the only absolute truth, then perhaps – you should stop because ‘discussion’ is a mainstay for those whose minds are open.
              Calling out Trump and Johnson as narcissists is yawningly boring. Every politician by definition is a narcissist, as are entertainers, journalists, as are the wealthy, as are the elite, as are anyone arrogant… which would likely cover roughly 80% of the population of the EU and US. The word is so overused it has lost its meaning.
              It is arrogance that claims anyone who defends Trump and/or Johnson is not a good person… a sad commentary indeed. I defend the man who defends my country from evil and corruption. I defend the man who defends my country against socialism!
              Your moral high ground in labeling anyone who supports Trump as a bad person is truly the hypocrisy – because you are now the judger, the Lord, the narcissist.
              I have tried to maintain decorum in theses last conversations – however you feel bent on the liberal dictum of attack and defile in your argumentative front.
              Personally, I embrace ‘discussion’ and do not alienate anyone from that common courtesy.

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