EU Disintegrating. A Soros Legacy?

With the advent of BREXIT and the rumbling of other nations who debate the same strategy in order to alleviate the Power Bloc of the EU on their shoulders, the European Commission has stated that they are going to gobble up 6 Balkan nations:   Serbia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro.

What could possibly go wrong?

There are only nine countries within the EU that have a positive net contribution; Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark UK, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden.   The remaining nineteen countries have a negative ‘net contribution’.   The UK’s contribution was roughly 12%.   Brining in 6 Balkan countries whose economies are growing but have exceptionally high unemployment and extremely low GDP per capita (lower than Turkey) – would not seem a sound business decision. The EU net contribution would be a negative meaning the eight countries would not only be making up for the loss of the UK, they would be footing the bill for an additional six countries.

So why does the EU want to add them as member states?

France has consistently objected. In order to acquiesce that veto, the Commission is looking to ‘modify’ the rules.   To some extent, it appears symbolic more than anything else. A means to give the appearance of a larger EU, a growing EU, with greater power and oversight.   However, larger economies currently within the union are emboldened by BREXIT and rumblings of additional succession include Italy, Spain, and Poland.   Why?   Because the rules have become a corset.

Immigration has certainly been a sticking point, austerity packages are another.   But even the once stable economies of the EU are wobbling. France has undergone a massive downward spiral as a result of the riots and protests that have been ongoing for nearly 18 months. Economic growth for 2019 is looking to come in at 1.2% with projections of greater crashes in 2020 as the impact spirals. How will this impact their ability to fund the negative ‘net contributions’ ?

The entire foundation of the EU has proven a failure.

The European Union was founded just 28 years ago in 1992 by the signing of the Maastricht Treaty initiated by the Netherlands which came into effect in 1993. The original signatories were; West Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg.   The UK joined in 1993 – just over one year after Soros ‘broke the bank of England’.   Was that Soros way of coercing Britain to join?

In 1994 the first EU elections were held ushering in the Socialist Party as the main pillar. The euro was created in 1999 when Germany joined the European Union.

Today, the EU is facing a potential demise parallel to Venezuela only on a larger scale.   Protests are aflame across France and Germany the two main partners that hold the EU together.   Sweden is 3rd world and The Netherlands will soon follow as exodus of their youth has left them with an aging society fueled by untrained, angry immigrants.

Soros, the backbone of the EU is old, and likely suffering from advanced dementia. While he periodically appears on some media platform making a scripted statement, it is highly unlikely that the failures attributed to the US democrats , UK Remainers, and the out of control protests across the EU, are his doing, but rather his son’s, Alexander Soros.

Alexander is no one to mess with, but he not George.

It takes years of cunning to master the manipulation and fraud that George, aka Gyorgy Schwartz, forged.   But given today’s climate, given President Trump, given the wisdom of age worn by Putin and Jinping even, Alexander is no match.   And the latest gaffs and failures are proof positive that the horse has turned into a donkey.

Of course, trying to train a son in the art of world domination is no easy task, and with a father that is most probably mentally incapacitated, Alexander is spinning.

Of course, Alexander is not the only son being groomed, it is likely that Trump Jr. is also being educated in the interim as President Trump knows that this second four years will be his last and a replacement is necessary.

Xi Jinping has one child, a daughter. Unfortunately, her education was attained at the ever Liberal Socialist agenda, Harvard.   Putin has two daughters, neither of which seem to have any desire to engage in their father’s legacy. But it has become an essential ingredient in the near future to find the perfect replacement who can battle the demons, the reptilian forces that would seek to create a Socialist/Communist world.

As such, a President Trump in the forthcoming 2020 election would seem to be the accepted quoi encore and not fait accompli.   And thus the chess game would be – then what.